607 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
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Had a simple order of a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich and they gave me a veggie breakfast sandwich. This place is lower than McDonald's.

Review №2

I love coffee but man am I addicted

Review №3

One of the worst Dunkin' Employee experiences my wife and I have ever experienced. Poor customer service and the cafe was completely empty at the time. Very rude and unhelpful.

Review №4

Beyond sausage breakfast sandwiches, yum!

Review №5

Good food, great service. The donuts and coffee are out of this world

Review №6

They made my food good.

Review №7

Quick service unless you go in between 2 to 5 pm

Review №8

I love this Dunkin Donuts. I enjoy coming in here not only for the great prices and amazing coffee, but for the service. The workers always make me feel special and ask about my day. Despite being extremely busy, they are friendly, kind, and efficient. They manage to keep the line moving while still providing individualized, great service. In particular, Rizwana has improved my experience here for the past three years. Whenever I come in, she goes out of her way to make my coffee perfectly even though it is sort of a high maintenance order, and she always smiles. This is my favorite coffee place!

Review №9

I don't know why people complain so much about the staff here. They're so nice and extremely quick on their feet even when the line is outside the door. I'm there almost everyday and I see how people don't take their receipts after the cashier tells them to so they don't know their number when it's called and then they're on their phones not paying attention and when they finally look up annoyed that they don't have their drink, someone else who also didn't take their receipt has already taken their drink or the staff has called out their order a few times, but they're not paying attention. And then people start getting impatient and rude, I've even seen one guy try to snatch a drink out of a workers hand because his number had already been called but he wasn't paying attention and he said “he didn't have time for this” and tried to take someone else's drink out of the hand of the staff member.Just being a customer in there from 1-6 is super overwhelming so I could only imagine what it's like for the three staff members that are trying to do a million things at once and then dealing with the people giving them an attitude. So yeah if they aren't super enthusiastic or engage in a long conversation with you when they take your order, it's not personal, they just have all these people in a small space, not paying attention, giving them an attitude, and then a bunch of other people impatient in line.It doesn't cost a thing to just be polite, take your receipt, and not have your nose in your phone while you're waiting for your drink. Rizwana is always so sweet, if you just smile or even say hello or ask her how her day is, she's super nice. I know people say she's mean or has an attitude, but that isn't true, she's just another person stressed out with a bunch of snarky college students so I don't blame her if she keeps her head down and just takes orders and does her job to make the line go faster because if she didn't do that, people would still complain. The other two women are really sweet as well and extremely patient when people give them a hard time. Just be nice, it doesn't take much to do that.

Review №10

The classic go-to cheap coffee place on campus.

Review №11

Poor customer service

Review №12

It's a Dunkin; they're very standard. The people who work there are five-star worthy though. They take and make order quickly.

Review №13

There are other places on Campus that have good hot chocolate, but I make it a point to come to this specific Dunkin Donuts because they have the nicest people working. Rizwana, along with Kamini and Surekha (I hope I wrote the names correctly) are always nice, hospitable, and caring. I am always impressed with their ability to work efficiently and get the orders to customers as quickly as possible, even when the line is to the door (which is most days when school is in session). If you want a friendly service, this is your Dunkin!

Review №14

I'll start off by saying that I've been a regular at this dunkin for nearly 2 years now. The staff that used to be here was amazing (Joyce, Bishnu, Luke?). They knew me as a regular and often had my order ready by the time I was at the register. Nothing that I expected but I, at the minimum, was always welcomed, the establishment was always clean, and I felt comfortable sitting there and doing work with friends. This was a sentiment shared by me and most other patrons.Fast forward to a few months ago when the staff changed (other than Joyce, whose last day was yesterday). Ever since then, the quality of service of this establishment has plummeted. The staff is not nearly as friendly, the tables are wiped down a lot less, and I am often greeted with cold, gruffness at the register. Is that annoying? Yes. Is it a deal breaker? Not really, I can still do work and the coffee is still a dollar.However, I come to Dunkin today and find that most of the tables are dirty and sticky from coffee stains. I proceeded to ask one of the staff members if they could wipe down the table I was sitting at. I was not rude, I was not demanding. It was simply a request. From there, instead of wiping it down, one of the staff members (Rizwana) handed me a paper towel. Pretty rude and inappropriate, but I left it at that. I asked for some water to wipe it down and did it myself.Fast forward 30 minutes and Rizwana asks me to come talk to her. She starts scolding me and telling me how its a busy day and that she had to eat her lunch behind the counter. That it wouldn't make sense for her to be able to wipe down the tables as its a busy day. And finally ended it by adding that I should go elsewhere if the tables are too dirty. Wow. SO uncalled for and disrespectful considering I showed no hostility and have been a welcomed guest for literally years. It is not my responsibility to make sure the staff does their job and it is so unreasonable for me to be talked to with such contempt for making a sensible request from a staff member.I cannot fathom why the staff is so impatient and rude (specifically Rizwana) but I know for a fact that this sentiment is not shared by me alone. It really is making me consider taking my business elsewhere.

Review №15

Takes so long nowadays to get a cup of coffee. I've been waiting 25 minutes. New ownership needs to get straightened out soon. Not sure if I'll continue to get a coffee every morning

Review №16

I would go back to this Dunkin

Review №17

Usually pretty crowded, but otherwise quick and cheap.The staff is quite friendly to the regulars, preparing their coffee as soon as they enter, as well as occasionally giving them a munchkin or two for free. Every time I've been there it has been clean and well kept, even the bathrooms.

Review №18

The employees seemed unhappy and were rude. They didn't even get my order right, never coming back to this location :(

Review №19

Usually like dunkin but the service was horrible today! They forgot my bacon on my bacon egg and cheese croissant!!!!

Review №20

Remarkable service! Vishnu (spelling?) knows all of his regular customers' names and orders. Super nice person and fast at making drinks. He's the reason my whole lab is loyal to this Dunkin.

Review №21

Yes, it's a Dunkin' Donuts but I'm giving it 5 stars because the guy who is always working there is an awesome dude and because there isn't anywhere else on campus to get a donut!

Review №22

Typical Dunkin store. Best deal 1$ large Cold Coffee/ Tea 2PM - 6PM

Review №23

Always a warm place. The Manager named Bishnu is a sweetheart and the entire crew is extremely courteous

Review №24

Nothing really special about this place. Just what you would expect from your standard Dunkin Donuts. Staff is friendly and chill. Can get a little packed but if you want cheap coffee. This is a solid place to get it.

Review №25

They have hooked offer to get 2 donuts for a dollar. Many a times, they don't even have more than 3-4 donuts. What's up with that?

Review №26

I'm 100% positive these people never smile

Review №27

The place is quite small but the line always moves quite quickly and I've always received good customer service.

Review №28

If you're used to getting dunkin donuts coffee at home, this place is just as good or even better. There's fast service and everyone working there is a bro.

Review №29

I switch between Sbucks & DD quite often. I love DD iced coffee but, for some reason this location's Iced Coffee tastes quite watered down, and just isn't enjoyable. I don't know why, but there is a large difference in taste between here and Neil St. The service is great and very speedy though, so I gave some stars for that reason. *I am only writing this review concerning Iced Coffee*

Review №30

Excellent service

Review №31

Why does this place not have an option of a cake dought with sprinkles. It's always a glazed yeast donught with sprinkles. They dont have a really good option of droughts at least ones that are my faves. Dont ever get a iced coffee from here. They never tast really good, they are never mixed well and just tast like watered down coffee with ice in it. There frappes are not very good either. There sandwiches are little over priced for the quality, you want a flat sandwich with barely much on it then this is your place. Again tho why no cake doughnuts with icing and loaded sprinkles on it. It's not hard to make.

Review №32

Five stars for the Bangladeshi guy who works there!!

Review №33

I go here for Bishnu (Nepalese guy who works there). Great personality, great coffee and donuts. Can't complain.

Review №34

Rude staff and poor service

Review №35

Not only a highly efficient and well run restaurant, but also perhaps the best place to get coffee and bagels in Champaign! Exceptionally nice crew, especially Bishnu, Thiziri, and Zaheya!

Review №36

Convenient location on Green Street. Service was marginal. Quality of coffee in donut same as other Dunkin Donuts

Review №37

With other quality drink shops in town, this isn't entirely the best. However, it's cheap and quick. So, I tend to stop in here when I'm in a rush.

Review №38

Staff was so kind! Quality of product is of a good caliber.

Review №39

Dunkin' Donuts? More like dunkin' these nuts!

Review №40

Bishnu is the man, as are the rest of the crew. I've gone every day for months, and they make some A1 coffee. If you're deprived of sleep and would love the occasional fat ass coffee, and have a soul, hit up the boys.

Review №41

Long line after 2pm. Everyone wanna have 99cents coffee.

Review №42

Rude lady. Service was fast and prompt just could do without the dirty looks.

Review №43

Amazing staff! Say hi to Bishnu (he works there, Indian guy!).

Review №44

It's one of the more mediocre Dunkin Donuts. But hey, you can't beat a 99¢ large iced coffee during happy hour.

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Review №46

Fast and cheap coffee.

Review №47

A good ol' Dunkin Donuts

Review №48

Good employees

Review №49

The selection of donuts was underwhelming, and the staff had such low energy.

Review №50

Happy hour for small drinks all for a dollar, but the guy working here is bad

Review №51

Bishnu, the person, is very diligent and kind

Review №52

Great service

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Review №54

Just a regular DD shop

Review №55

Fast service

Review №56

Just wish it was a bit bigger inside.

Review №57

Students friendly

Review №58

Typical DD food. Staff personnel were unprofessional.

Review №59

Jumped to help us with our last minute 10 dozen donut order, but pricing for donuts is just too high per dozen to make this a regular stop.

Review №60

Plain but cheap

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Review №62

They cheated on price twice when i checked out

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  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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