Panera Bread
1903 Convenience Pl, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
Review №1

I never leave reviews except just for this I'm going to because it happens every time but every single year I get a hot chocolate from here forgetting for some reason how they make the hot chocolate here and it's always the same just tastes like warmed up milk, unlike the other Panera where the hot chocolate actually tastes like hot chocolate so I'm not sure what that's about but I would look into that. Other than that everything else is fine it's just that every year it's the same thing with the hot chocolate ️

Review №2

Nice service, good food. I got a steak and cheese bagel Togo and not much steak on it. Suflet was really good!

Review №3

I've always had very good service at this Panera. The food is always delicious, & the staff do a nice job of keeping the place clean, especially during the pandemic.

Review №4

I ordered curbside. When I checked the order there were no bakery items. They were out. The manager was very nice and offered some substitutes. However when I got home I discovered that there was no baguette for the soup and the salad was missing chicken even though the order and receipt say otherwise. Since this is the second time this has happened I recommend going in to order or maybe use the drive through. Their curbside service needs a lot of work

Review №5

Nice place with great food and big seating area, and enough parking space. Only one complaint, I ordered Rapid Pick-up, for dozen bagels, which should be very easy to fulfill, If, one of the staff could bother enough to get the bagels from the rack to the paper bag. Sadly, no one bothers. Have to wait for 15 min, literally with bagels in front of me, to get my order.

Review №6

Cafe food and the feeling at this place is super good. Visited on Fri I believe. The bill won't shock you. Makes me feel like I am back in Sacramento.

Review №7

Fine scene for delicious cafe food. Food was so fresh. I had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here. Prices are fair.

Review №8

Best Panera in USA. Food is amazing and service and employees so friendly.

Review №9

The kiosk got my sandwich order wrong. Staff seemed lethargic. Good food, though.

Review №10

Always fresh good food. Staff is always polite.

Review №11

Good service. Full precautions due to Covid-19

Review №12

Chaotic, disorganized, sloooowww. Comical! Waited 10 min for bagel and coffee. When I inquired about my order, which I placed on a kiosk inside store, I was told I was supposed to pick up my order in the drive thru! Lol. In that time two customers came in with problems with their drive thru orders!

Review №13

Bacon Turkey Bravo and Kids Mac for my daughter are our go to meals!

Review №14

Good food and customer service.

Review №15

Just dashed over to Panera across the street from our motel to pick up a sandwich and a salad. It wasn't ready on time and we got drenched runningback to the room. There were NO napkins and nothing to eat with - fork and knife would have been nice. The motel office - in another building - was kind enough to help us. We are wet and cold.

Review №16

I love Panera bread and come here a lot. The location is fairly new and the staff is great. However, be careful about coming for dinner. This particular location is often out of some bread, soup, and almost all pastries by then. The menu becomes very limited. I've never experienced the same at the Panera on Green Street.

Review №17

Great food, staff clearly under pressure

Review №18

My salad was just oj

Review №19

They where out of both things we attempted to order.

Review №20

Very disappointed again with this location. I went through drive thru- which was not busy, lit was also not full- I asked for 2 bowls of soup and a you pick two. They read the order back correctly. I went to window and the cashier said two cups of soup. I corrected her, she nodded and read the rest of the order. I asked are you sure there are 2 bowls of soup she looked up at someone and said yes. Surprise- the order was wrong. This is an ongoing theme and pretty ridiculous. No accountability from management or the team.

Review №21

Coffee was luke warm; however it was 4:40 pm. Service was not very friendly.

Review №22

I like this panera bread since the staff is friendly and helpful and it is located in very convenient place for me, however whenever I buy bagels from this store, bagels are not evenly sileced. Top part is very thin and naturally bottom part is very thick. This happened again this morning when I bought a dozen bagels. All of them were sliced perfectly uneven. So before you have your bagel sliced ask for whether the slicer is adjusted for even cut. I have tried to reach manager over the phone to explain that they need to adjust their slicer but nobody picks up or returns my phone calls.

Review №23

Just tried to order soup and a sandwich from Panera through Grub Hub...sounds so good tonight with the rain and all..well my order was cancelled because the driver at Panera was ill. I was told by the manager at Panera that they do not use Grub Hub drivers..only their shady..I won't eat there again.

Review №24

Looked online 2 order food when we got there....and they didn't have what my kids wanted. Apparently discontinued. Need to change online menu. Also crew was standing around talking while I was waiting to place order.

Review №25

The food tonight was fine. Most of the time the food is more or less good, but I've had a fee bad experiences. Usually it's with the drive thru when my issued arise. Still overall not the worst choice in food. Breakfast is the other iffy topic, because it's like nobody knows when it starts and ends and half the time I get told to pull forward and wait an extra 10 minutes for my food even when nobody is behind me.

Review №26

Very inviting place. Had a nice business meeting here. Highly recommend.

Review №27

I have to be honest, its always something wrong with this location. Either they run out of something or they are slow on the register. Walked in recently, waited a few minutes and walked out because nobody was in sight. Most other locations i never have a problem with. Might call it quits with this spot

Review №28

Food good service could use a little work

Review №29

Person out side begging for money. Inside empty, no greetings from employees.

Review №30

Love the corn chowder and the turkey/cheese was just right. Quick and tasty. What more do you expect? (Okay, maybe less money, and the alternative is Mickey Ds. No thanks)!

Review №31

Sign says they close at 930. They said they close at 9. Website says 930. They weren't sure they could fill my Order since they were closing in 6 minutes. Really? So do you close at 930?? 900? Or Functionally 830?? Come on. And the kiosk don't work either. Waste of my time driving here.

Review №32

Wonderful restaurant! I love the food and the environment! Not quite as good as the Panera on Kirby, but still a wonderful place!

Review №33

Their salad is great. Will definitely come back to this place again.

Review №34

This amazing employee named Jay helped me today & was extremely kind !! Would highly recommend !!

Review №35

I love Panera. Generally always a sure, positive experience. The night I was there for a warm beverage was the exception. Lots of workers walking around, only a couple actually seemed to be working on orders. Waited 15 min for a latte after placing at the "fast kiosk" and had to leave. Checking now to see if they refunded me the cost. No "fast" at that kiosk that night. Unfortunate.

Review №36

Dinner in service during Covid is not the best

Review №37

Absolutely LOVE the Chicken and Wild Rice soup in the head on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! Great service!

Review №38

Kinda weird that the only way to order is thru a usually not working touch screen computer ugh (P.I.T.A.)

Review №39

Iced coffee was just the ticket. Foods looked fresh and yummy. Fairly priced. I would go back.

Review №40

I loved it. Had 10 veggie soup and loved it. The pastries are wonderful and the prices weren't outrageous. Really enjoyed it.

Review №41

Be very careful if you use your debit card in the drive thru. my card was kept for several minutes and I know why today - I was charged TWICE for my purchase. When I spoke to the manager earlier today, she was rude and insisted I needed to bring in the receipt to the store (I live 30 min away). it's very clear on my on line bank account 2 separate charges were made for the same amount.

Review №42

It's a Panera! Very good food, good service! If you're on this side of town, check it out!

Review №43

Good lunch!

Review №44

Every time I've been here lately, I have a terrible experience.I'm just going to tell you about today alone.I go through the drive through and get a meal for my husband and I. Two you pick twos.I get home, there's no avocado on my salad (which has avocados on it), there's chicken on it when I specifically asked for no chicken (this is the second time in a row of this happening and it's happened loads of other times too), we get no bread with our meals, I ask for an extra dressing and get 2 different dressings. 1 that was right, the other wasn't, the 2 cups of soup are barely even half full and placed in the bag on their sides.I've been trying to call to speak to a manager for the last half hour and get no one.This is terrible terrible service and practice for a place that charges an insane amount of cheap food.Panera was already expensive and around a year ago, they raised their prices again. (For salad, soup and sandwiches. 3 of the cheapest things you can make)Being 30$ for both of us to eat, you'd think they would take more pride in their food. Especially since it's literally throwing together salads or sandwiches or scooping soup into a cup....

Review №45

Not a huge fan of the Mediterranean grain bowl. It had way too much hummus in it. But their soups, salads, and sandwiches are always on point. Kids meals are a little expensive for what you get. I miss the soba noodle bowls that were offered last winter, would like to see those back.

Review №46

Its always a great experience, food is always favorite place to go.

Review №47

I love their Turkey sandwiches and the broccoli and cheddar soup!

Review №48

Great soup and sandwiches, especially the Onion . Going to try the Mac and Cheese next and the Steak and white Cheddar next.

Review №49

This location seems to be experiencing management issues. The quality and consistency of the food seems to have dropped at this location in the past 2 months. They often ring the buzzer before your food is ready forcing you to you wait at the counter, or forget to buzz you and yell your name instead.

Review №50

I recently visited Panera Bread at this location a few weeks ago to study and grab something to eat. I had a bread bowl chicken noodle soup && lemonade. Surprisingly my food came out super quick and was very good. The store was super clean, including bathrooms. And the staff was super super nice and helpful!

Review №51

Customer service was lacking.

Review №52

Great food but pricey

Review №53

Good food at a decent price.

Review №54

Conveniently located close to the mall, this is a great place for getting a healthy bite. Food is fresh and not too processed, which is what we expect from a Panera. This facility has a large seating area, a drive through, as well as a outside seating area open when weather is favorable.Parking can be a little tricky during peak hours but there is large parking area in the adjoining block.I just wish that they had low-salt options. The breads have salt, combined with very salty soups, it is really jarring.

Review №55

I love Panera Bread. There are many salad, sandwich, soup, drink and bread options. They have a wide selection of bakery items too. Most menu meals can be customized as well. The bathrooms are clean and the restaurant itself has a modern design and is clean. Outdoor seating is also available, along with FREE WIFI. All bakery items also have the amount of calories present with the price, and if your order on the kiosk, the calories of all menu items are in plain sight. The food tastes good and is good quality. Breakfast options include yogurt, fruit cups, and oatmeal. Lunch or dinner options include a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. Mac and cheese is also available for the kids. Souffles are exclusively available in the morning hours, although all other items are available throughout the day. Delivery and a rewards program are offered by Panera too, along with order online and pick up options. Great for a quick lunch break!

Review №56

I'm in all of them regularly between Peoria and Champaign

Review №57

Very friendly staff and modern location, enjoyed my meal

Review №58

Good spot to eat. They have great food when it made correctly. Had ran into a couple bad orders. The management Handel it greatly and I'm still coming back for more.

Review №59

Healthy eating and great meals, people friendly

Review №60

Nice place to study

Review №61

Awesome staff. Thanks you guys!

Review №62

Soup was barely warm but tasty. They were out of bread for French onion, coffee was out. It looked pretty busy maybe earlier, junk on the floor, dirty bathroom. Dishes were piling up. Might want to try the other location.

Review №63

I had a coffee and bagel but my European card didn't work. They gave it to me anyway. Great service, I'll be back with a working card!!!

Review №64

Nice decor and quick service

Review №65

Most slovenly Panera. I have Panera rewards fob and go frequently at home and on travel. Today on travel. Slow service, slow-moving cashier. Floors behind counter dirty and covered with trash, including discarded plastic gloves. Bathroom had broken tp dispenser and flushing toilet was splashing water from bowl up on the seat. Good thing I had my Lysol pocket sprayer to clean seat before using.

Review №66

Awesome food but some of the staff were not real friendly today & the cashier had no clue what Baja Mac & Cheese was

Review №67

Its a very busy pretentious place. The restrooms are blocked by the fountain drink machine which can cause some ackward moments while trying to get your cup filled with a beverage.

Review №68

Nice sandwich shop with extensive selection of salads, soups, and sandwiches. Fresh baked bread and cookies. Booths could be more comfortable.

Review №69

Had chili was very good, service ok, prices ok.

Review №70

Love Panera bread sandwiches and soups! Parking lot is always packed! Just wish it was a little cheaper, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Review №71

Seems like the Neil street branch has gone from average to worse, can't seem to get orders right and are rude when you point it out. Luckily! We have options, I will be trying out the Kirby street branch and I am quite hopeful that they will at least get my orders right.

Review №72

Good soups; good prices

Review №73

What happened to your quality menu. Soup was not fully cooked. The only constant menu item is the baggett bread. Will go elsewhere.

Review №74

Expensive and less filling. It's a snack place to eat food is mediocre

Review №75

They get the stars because of their products but there is always something wrong at this location, I have had to wait long periods of time for hot coffee or for cream and sugar and the cashiers don't seem to care about it. There is a girl that works lunch shifts cleaning the tables and taking care of the dishes she's a hard worker and the times that something is missing is when she is not there.

Review №76

Great rewards prepared fresh

Review №77

Panera has such good food. End of statement.

Review №78

Overall a decent place. Usually more busy than their other locations. If your're looking for a place to study, this is not it. Almost always louder than both the Kirby and Green street locations. Food is about on par with the other locations, but it's much farther away from many residential areas, so it may be less convenient. During the day its common for the dining room to be messy, coffee to be cold, and bathrooms to be out of tp or paper towel. I would suggest another location.

Review №79

Overall terrible. Long wait, cold food, incomplete food order. Dining room and restroom dirty. Not sure why this place is still open. This is first and last visit.

Review №80

The Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, OMGOODNESS! I simply can not get enough along with the sandwiches. I am from Chicago and I ABSOLUTELY loved this place.

Review №81

Good food, even picky kids enjoyed it.

Review №82

Iced coffee is excellent. Pricier but I like their food and they seem to treat their staff well

Review №83

I have a love hate relationship with this panera. I LOVE the food, but sometimes I hate the service. I get it mostly delivered at work and sometimes the delivery takes an hour and sometimes only 15 minutes. We never know how to plan. The delivery drivers are WONDERFULLY FRIENDLY and always super kind.

Review №84

Went here for the first time in several months. Robert took my order only after I asked him if he were ready. He seemed boarder line hostile. Mumbled the total of my order, gave me my change in one handful, didn't even try to count it back. No "Thank you", no "drop dead on your way out"....... nothing. Pretty much the same thing when I went to the other window to pick up my order.Perhaps the manager should speak to his workers and tell them they are selling more than just coffee, sandwiches and soup.

Review №85

Was sold out of what I wanted, but ok otherwise

Review №86

Not the best Panera in town but still pretty alright.

Review №87

They had listed pumpkin muffin on website. When i got my order I paid for it was my bag and they charged me for item.

Review №88

Tasty food, friendly and fast service!

Review №89

This was the worst Panera I've ever visited... and I absolutely love Panera. First off, it took 3 different people and 3 different tries to take our order. When we finally got the food (seemed longer than any other time), the macaroni and cheese had water inside the shells. The panini wasn't a panini, and I'm fairly certain it never saw the inside of a press. And it all came together when I was halfway done with my sandwich and bit into a piece of uncooked chicken. So there you have it folks...

Review №90

Just went to redeem a birthday pastry and got the brownie. It was delicious and decadent. I finished it over 3 days it was so rich!

Review №91

Little pricey but really good muffins

Review №92

I like how Panera tricks people into thinking it's healthy. It isn't. But darn it... Those bread bowls are delicious.

Review №93

Ordered an Asian sesame chicken salad it came with no dressing and without a baguette.

Review №94

All natural oatmeal delicious!!!

Review №95

Awesome location and the staff is usually pretty efficient. Can't give the full 5 stars as they have gotten my orders wrong on a few occasions. Would still recommend.

Review №96

I recommend the southwest salad. It was delicious and the half order was sufficient for me.

Review №97

I love Panera Bread! I love the food. The coffee is my favorite, so is their green tea, and I love the atmosphere. I enjoy sitting by the fireplace and sipping a cup of something warm and yummy during the winter, and by the window to people watch while munching on a salad in the summer.

Review №98

This place is by far the worst panera I've ever been to. Long wait, incorrect orders, drive thru broken half the time.

Review №99

Most of the time they get my order right, but never my breakfast. Ordered ham egg and cheese sandwich with scrambled eggs got a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. And also my oatmeal was unfinished. I love the oatmeal with strawberries pecans and cinnamon crunch, except they forgot to put the cinnamon crunch, the best part! They need to get the breakfast orsers thing right. But the manager did try to fix it.

Review №100

Food was very good and reasonably priced.Very nice Staff.

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  • Kids' menu:Yes
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