Chipotle Mexican Grill
528 E Green St Ste 101, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
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I've ordered several times from this location, and the flavor is always inconsistent. The fajita veggies are never cooked, and I had to leave a review this time because my burrito bowl was unbelievably salty. From the first bite, I could just taste the salt, and it progressively got worse, to the point that my tongue became numb because it was so salty. I couldn't identify the source, or else I would have just avoided it next time.I'm giving 2 stars because the service is at least very fast and efficient, and everyone was friendly.Go to the Anthony Dr location if you want anything edible. The Green St location is not worth the time or money.

Review №2

I love Chipotle so much I mix Doritos with mine

Review №3

The service is always impeccable! There is a specific team lead employee thats always doing and excellent job!

Review №4

Can you please get the order right! The second time in a short period you do not give a beverage to the delivery person. Please do it better. It's really frustrating because I cannot do anything to fix it right away.

Review №5

The bowls are fing decent no doubt

Review №6

Going to chipotle is like wining the trifecta of food poisoning, ecoli, salmonella and Clostridium perfringens. Like covid 19, some maybe most might survive this but for myself with medical issues it would prolly kill me and for what, A bad burrito?

Review №7

I go to chipotle regularly wherever I am but this store. Since past year and a half I have moved to campus, this store is usually always out of guac.

Review №8

Firstly, Chipotle by itself is a great fast food joint! The portion of food will easily fill your stomach! Also, the staff at Chipotle are extremely courteous and friendly! A huge thumbs up to this place! I love it!

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Review №10

After ordering 4 menu items off the iPhone app, they forgot to make a whole burrito. This has happened twice.Only had good experiences at the physical location though.

Review №11

Beware! Chipotle is one of my favorite restaurants and I have been to numerous locations throughout the US. However, I was extremely disappointed when I visited the location on Green St. at UIUC because the portion sizes were ridiculously small. I have not encountered this situation at any other locations. The UIUC Chipotle should have been embarrassed to take our money! We will definitely not be returning to this location again. I rarely write reviews, but Chipotle management is robbing people at this location and I wanted to warn people of the situation.

Review №12

Loved this place in the past, came for lunch all the time, but starting this semester they have drastically cut down portion sizes. Employees said this was ordered by management. If I'm only getting 2/3 the food I used to get I expect to only be paying 2/3 the price. This is not a company-wide policy, this is specific to the management at this location. I guess if you want Chipotle now you should go to the one on Prospect if you want a decent meal. Stinks that I have to find a new lunch place after all these years, but I'm not paying the same amount for way less food. The entire reason I came here was that it was a good deal, if I'm paying that much for that little I'd rather go to a better place.

Review №13

Not the first time receiving wrong order with wrong name on it, legendary QC

Review №14

I love chipotle and I go to school at UIUC so I like to eat chipotle a lot before I study or whatever. But every single time I go in there is a 100% chance that there is an item that I want that they have “run out of”. This is no exaggeration. Even at an hour and a half before closing. I just went again today and it was the chips this time. Last time it was white rice. The sequence never ends. Don't understand why they just decide to keep running out without changing their inventory.

Review №15

Terrible experience with online order through Watch out for the hidden service fee, which is just to use their online ordering system-- this same system also crashed and I was unable to find my order when the delivery was missing items.

Review №16

My girls enjoyed very much. Service could have been better tho

Review №17

Really good tacos and friendly staff :)

Review №18

Do not go during lunch or dinner time. Absolutely hectic and the workers don't know how to handle themselves. I went and my burrito was made so poorly, I may as well have gotten it from tacobell. They give you less food in your burrito, because they don't know how to wrap one, and its easier for them. If I am paying $11 for my meal, I expect much higher quality.

Review №19

I eat here at least once a week, staff is friendly and the food is good and the dining area is clean.

Review №20

I think that they really care customers' feedback! So great experience!

Review №21

Really good casual fast food restaurant! Love it

Review №22

Quick service over here. Lines are always long but it'll keep chugging along. The people working there are great and friendly. A bowl is about $7 with chicken. This is my go to as you can also order it with a free tortilla, if you didn't know that.

Review №23

It's chipotle, so the good flavor is universal. however, the portion sizes are offensively small. back at my home chipotle, i used to be able to get two meals out of a bowl. here, i can only get one and am left hungry. also don't bother coming here after 9pm—you'll just be getting the dregs of the ingredients and they often have completely run out of some. unfortunately, they get away with this simply due to the proximity to campus. if you can go to the one off-campus instead, definitely do.

Review №24

Regular Chipotle. Good seating with a view of green Street on the second floor. A bit light on the meat compared to other locations.

Review №25

I got my online order messed up, they put cheese on it instead of guacamole as I ordered. Also they forget to drain tomatoes before put in my burrito makes it fill with salty water, nasty. Terrible management.

Review №26

Great food and service at an affordable price.

Review №27

They really skimp on the rice, give you like half of what they should

Review №28

The employees can be careless with cross-contamination. They unsafely handles meat over two vegetarian burritos. When a chunk landed on one, Instead of asking if it was cool with me or even discarding the burrito, the worker just wiped it off without a word. Some of the items, such as the sour cream, had pieces of other food items. This is the first time I didn't leave a tip at a Chipotle outlet. While I understand that the job is difficult, the safety of the consumer was not a priority, and I could not support this with a tip.

Review №29

Worst service, the manager yelled at customers

Review №30

Love the burritos here and the views from the top floor.

Review №31

When ever I come and ask for a bowel. The person barely puts enough spoonful of any of the chooses. I ask for more and the put a corner of rice into the bowel. I am very upset. I feel like I wasted my money on this chipotle. I was given the amount of a small child.

Review №32

Nice, cozy location near campus. Love the upper level seating because it's much quieter. Fast, efficient servers. Great food.

Review №33

In my 4 years of attending this university I have not yet received an online order at the promised time. Shoot for about 30 mins AFTER the promised time to have about a 50% chance of your order being ready.

Review №34

Its chipotle, no complaints here. One time when I ordered a quesarrito and a burrito "for my friend" (really both for myself in the same meal [yes, I am overweight. yes, I know it's a lot of calories. no, I don't really care]) they didnt blink an eye, even though they definitely knew it was a two burrito-one guy order. Props to the amazing staff

Review №35

A manager at this location demonstrated laziness and poor judgement. I received a reward on the Chipotle app for free chips. The app did not allow me to add the reward when I made the order. Management did not honor the reward because it wasn't used on the app. They didn't have the decency to come out of the back office either. This clearly was not the fault of the customer.

Review №36

Food was cold

Review №37

Nice Mexican food. I would like to eat it more than once a week

Review №38

Great food for the price, filling portions.

Review №39

Service and quality aren't very consistent but most of the time the employees are working hard to accommodate the large amount of students that come in and I haven't really had a bad experience. Sometimes the food is not that warm or they skimp on meat but otherwise this is a quality Chipotle.

Review №40

A little too salty

Review №41

Food was made quickly and is fresh

Review №42

They have some slow service and the portion size is very inconsistent.

Review №43

Long wait kinda stingy with the amount of food they put but its chipotle so its worth it

Review №44

The food is good but I think some of their workers need retraining

Review №45

A chapotle is a chapotle is a chapotle really but this one is usually pretty good and if you know the guys there they might give you a bit extra but they can also sometimes be stingy, that is normal on college campuses, the issue is there is not that much seating on the first floor, while they have a second floor that might cause issues for some people who can't make it up the stairway. But the building size makes sense considering how well located to campus it is, so 11/10 on the location.

Review №46

I love how you get to make your bowl, burrito, taco, etc.. it is so nice bc we are all picky! The chips are delicious little surprise. We like to frequent this place about once a week.

Review №47

Normally a great place, however lately it has become shoddy on Green Street in Champaign, IL. They've been skimping customers on portion sizes, such as giving barely any chicken into a burrito bowl.

Review №48

Typical Chipotle which are generally good in my opinion. Staff were efficient and friendly. Also nice seating area upstairs. Most of their menu is vegan except for the obvious meat and dairy items.

Review №49

Lines are always long but you know what you came for. I've been here many times and always been satisfied with the food I got.

Review №50

Just your normal Chipotle. I recommend the bowls- tastes like a good burrito, but not messy

Review №51

Really nice chipotle restaurant, fast and polite service, and lots of seating.

Review №52

Tasty place with good environment for a casual dinner

Review №53

Chipolte is always good here, can get a bit busy near lunchtime after classes end. Rarely have a bad order at this chipolte. Upstairs seating is cool to look over intersection of 6th and green

Review №54

The burrito bowl taste great, but it isn't filling. It is also really busy there too.

Review №55

Food is alright. Service sucks, especially during rush time.Maybe hire line people who are friendlier under pressure.

Review №56

Very good and surprisingly quick even with the large line

Review №57

I loved the fact that they have sofritas made of tofu, so my meal had some proteins instead of being just vegetables

Review №58

Portion sizes could be bigger but otherwise a normal tasting Chipotle

Review №59

Very nice location with a good variety of Mexican food. Would recommend their tacos

Review №60

Slow service and small portions of food ( chicken)

Review №61

This chipotle is always fast and accurate. Sometimes the second floor isn't cleaned as often as it needs to be.

Review №62

They always get the online order wrong !

Review №63

The food is good but the service is not so great. One server had an attitude because I asked for extra sour cream

Review №64

I know most of the employees and customers are students but the service gets worst and worst every time I go here.

Review №65

Gave me barely any rice, then when I asked for more rice they gave me maybe 1/4 of a spoon more and sassed me.

Review №66

Solid Chipotle place. Great staff, fast. But very poor burrito folding skills. Luckily I got a bowl, but my friends burrito was falling apart

Review №67

Food With Integrity

Review №68

Speedy service, good food, ingredient amounts may vary by the time you go there. I typically receive more at night.

Review №69

Tiny portions and slow service.

Review №70

The food is great!!

Review №71

Not as good as Qdoba, but still pretty decent. If they weren't so expensive it'd be better but oh well, I don't mind going somewhere else

Review №72

Most consistent with quality of food I've ever seen. This location is the most impressive chipotle ive ever been to. And the staff is great, especially ryan! Super welcoming!

Review №73

Nice and affordable healthy foodBut little crowd in the afternoon.

Review №74

This place is for college students since the price is reasonable and food is okay.

Review №75

Really really good burrito! The chips and salsa were great also. Fast and friendly service except the price was a little to high.

Review №76

$12 burritos with a teaspoon of meat.

Review №77

A good chipotle restaurant. Staff are quick. Enough space and the portions are also good. Could get busy around noon and evening.

Review №78

Good but not great. Food quality & amount vary based on time. You may get over cooked meat with undercooked rice during lunch/dinner hours. The bathroom on 2nd floor is horrible. Avoid it.

Review №79

High quality food. No question about it. Out side of the occasional large line, I've never been dissatisfied with Chipotle.

Review №80

Friendly staff and fast service

Review №81

Staff is great.

Review №82

Delicious, quick, and great view of campus from the 2nd floor.

Review №83

Simply delicious food and great value for money. 2 people could be fed with 1 burrito bowl. Ingredients are also fresh and bring out the flavor. Usually gets crowded and seating is hard to find, most people take out.

Review №84

I love the food here. Lines can get long during peak hours, but the staff work efficiently to serve the customers as fast as possible.

Review №85

Unsafe food handling. And they were completely out of corn at 3pm on several separate occasions

Review №86

Nice option to eat healthy outside

Review №87

Guac is expensive af

Review №88

Good, moderately priced food. Friendly staff. Cute girls

Review №89

Nice place and easy access from campus. Usually staffs are nice but since there are many part time staffs they don't care much about the customer!

Review №90

Chipotle is the best. This store is veteran. Well oiled machine. Cranks through customers quickly.

Review №91

The place is weird. Tiny, not very comfortable. But the food is amazing and the price is quite fair.

Review №92

Portions are significantly smaller than other locations. Burrito was 80% rice and the rice was hard. Chips were stale and unsalted. I would recommend visiting the Prospect location if you have the means.

Review №93

Delicious as always. Chipotle seems to have consistent quality regardless of location.

Review №94

Food is always fresh due to the large influx of students that are always there. Lines can be long at times, order online ahead of time! Never had any issues here.

Review №95

Good food, good price, terrible atmosphere. I found the restaurant very dirty and non-hygienic. Lights were burnt out or missing, the bathroom looked like it hadn't been cleaned in days, the dining area floor was covered in discarded napkins and food, trash bins were overflowing and nearly every open table was dirty. Even for a college student I found it too dirty to want to return in the near future.

Review №96

Typical Chipotle. Many other better Mexican restaurants in the area hat aren't so mexi-american chains.

Review №97

Good service. A little light on portions

Review №98

Not great customer service. Fast, but they didn't put salsa in with the chips and salsa I paid extra for. Also wanted to dine in but every open table was dirty so I ate in my car. Overall, will avoid this location in the future.

Review №99

It's just like any Chipotle, but is usually very busy and loud. Had to wait 20 minutes in line not happy.

Review №100

Chorizo burritos taste good! A good place for a quick bite.

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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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