Wingin Out
301 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
Review №1

Half the chicken in my order was obviously old (cold, hard, and chewy). The other half was a little more fresh but had no sauce on it and was overwhelmingly salty. Gave 2 stars only because the mozzarella sticks were pretty good. Won't order anything from them again. Don't waste your money!

Review №2

Been here a couple times, never had a terrible meal, but not amazing either.Once my wings were totally dry, barely any sauce, but I didn't realize until I got home. Otherwise the wings are good, lots of sauces, nice enough staff. The place itself is kind of gross and the prices are a bit high for what you get, however.

Review №3

Bone-in wings are well worth the wait! The Hot Honey is really great

Review №4

My car's baterry died. I went there to get wings while my bf was googling how to jump a car. The staff offered to help us. They are soooo nice!!!!!!!!

Review №5

A tall gentleman DEMANDED to get my service dog out of the building due to policy of having a leash on a dog... regardless my service dog doesn't require a collar or leash. I presented my FEDERAL FULL ACCESS Card with my dogs name on it and he still refused to accept the FACTS and then told me to leave very rudely and after I was walking out the tall gentleman started putting hands on a young lady because she wasn't wearing a mask. Very unacceptable and nor will I EVER SPEND ANOTHER DOLLAR at this terrible establishment that obviously doesn't care about customer service or the FEDERAL law. WinginOut is hitting rock bottom. Terrible employees.

Review №6

Highly dissatisfied with my $25.00 order, the wings were over cooked and tasteless and the chili cheese fries were under cooked with what appeared to be chili sprinkled across a ocean of cheese.

Review №7

They didn't give me my chicken.

Review №8

So disgusting, I won't come back to him again

Review №9

Order came 1 hour later, item missing

Review №10

Cheap, fast, and delicious wings with tons of sauce options. They have a ton of daily deals too! (Also ngl, it being across from Lion is a dub)

Review №11

A1 Wings and Tendies for a steal

Review №12

Horrible! Got wings with no garlic Parmesan on them! They said can we just bring you sauce our machines are updating! Smh! The sauce smelt like Italian dressing! Never again!

Review №13

THE WORST SERVICE IN TOWN! The delivery driver lied about coming out and delivering the food and once I called them, they did not try to fix it. I tried to be professional but I eventually told them what was up forreal. Long story short, I got my food but I will NEVER and I advise you to NEVER order from them. Thumbs all the way down

Review №14

Ordered via Uber eats... timely delivery and the wings were delicious (Kickin Ranch Flavor)

Review №15

I didn't get my food, someone took it. Most likely the delivery guy deliver the wrong item to the wrong place, since I get an other dude's order. Also, there is a probability the delivery guy delivered to the right place, but someone else just took it. Either way, the delivery guy of the store should pay the responsibility.

Review №16

Not great for me as a vegan. I didn't eat anything, as I can't really eat anything other than maybe their fries. But my friends enjoyed it, and the service was fast!

Review №17

I've been there a few times now for dine in and each time the food was great. My wings were always freshly made and the fries were solid, if unremarkable. I especially like the Buffalo sauces as they have a great Buffalo sauce flavor but it's a teensy bit thicker than the traditional sauce you'd find in Buffalo, NY. I like this. It means the sauce stays on the meat instead of pooling into a liquid mess at the bottom of the container. The blue cheese is on point as well. I can't speak to delivery times or slow service as I have only been there during summer break and during what seems to be off-peak hours. So, given that caveat, I never had to wait an unreasonable amount of time for food. Lastly, I really like the restaurant environment itself. It's kind of divey and rough around the edges. As every last damn business in America becomes a polished, boring, soulless franchise outlet it's nice to eat somewhere that doesn't get everything right. The food is good for a reasonable price. That's good enough for me. They get right the things that matter so they have my vote.

Review №18

Wings are ok but they definitely will try to scam you by making you pay more than the item costs. They know most drunk kids don't really pay attention which is pretty scummy

Review №19

Food is ok just dont order delivery. Food shows up hours late and cold

Review №20

Waited 30 minutes for a small order of wings and fries. Other than that I have no complaints. The food is really good! Just be prepared to wage war on the porcelain throne.

Review №21

Surprisingly delicious wings even tho there are many sketchy person

Review №22

Ordered cheesesticks, onion rings and the 10 piece meal. I got hot wings for half, and the other half plain with hot honey sauce on the side. All of the food was delicious! I hate going to wing places and seeing slimy veins in the chicken, but their wings were cooked perfectly. And the hot honey sauce is freaking delicious!!! I used it on a burger and chicken nuggets. I actually called them to see if they sold the sauce, was a little bummed that they don't...that's how good it is!

Review №23

They charge $13 for pretty bad 10 piece. ^((( poor quality just drunk food for kids leaving lion

Review №24

Except for waiting a bit long.The food is good here.Worth a shot.

Review №25

The restaurant is nasty from inside and the food was horrible

Review №26

They've stepped their game up.

Review №27

Awkward atmosphere I've been to wing stop, buffalo wild wings and they we're great but this place was weird. I ask for extra sauce on my Wings .. nope they we're dry as hell and it took awhile for them so no I would not return

Review №28

I wish i could give no stars. I never really cared for winging out but I get them sometimes when I am desperate for food and nothing else is open. In my past experiences my food has been late and cold or incorrect. However this past weekend was my very last straw with them. I ordered the 8 bone in combo that states it comes with fries, a drink, and 2 sauces. When I had walk-in the cashier already had an attitude which I kinda understood but anyway. I ordered and she explained to me i could have lemon pepper and hot buffalo. Once she rung my order up the price didn't match what i had ordered. When they gave me the food i just had lemon pepper on the wings and charged me a extra 50 for buffalo sauce. Tried to explain to that there sign says that you get two sauces for that price but they were trying to charge me extra. I ended up giving them the extra 50 because it was only 50 cents but its the principle. They think just because its late at night on a weekend they can do anything. When they gave me my order it was still wrong, was cold, etc. Its not worth it. I will never order from here again. Their rude asl

Review №29

Some of the worst service I've ever experienced. I ordered my food 3 hours ago and it was supposed to come 2 hours ago. I've called the store at least 10 times with no answer, and the mailbox is full so I can not even leave a message. I still have no idea if I will ever see those wings. Do NOT EVER order wings from this restaurant.

Review №30

Me and my girlfriend ordered food, which we did not receive. We called several times to try and get a refund for the food, where we were told that the manager wasn't in and to call back later. After several days of calling, once we got to the manager we were told that we couldn't receive a refund because we didn't call soon enough.

Review №31

I've been to Wingin Out at 2AM and I've been there during the day - the food here is incredible. People think it's late-night food, but - even during the day - it's actually delicious. Whether a chicken-wrap or just getting a plate of wings, Wingin Out is a fundamental to being a student at U or I. Definitely recommend.

Review №32

This place is horrible. If you are going to eat wings... ANYWHERE else would be better. It took an hour to get my food when I live down the street, I purchased two 1/2 lb boxes of wings and one box had three wings inside of it. My container of ranch was poured all over both boxes and I did not get one of my drinks. I called the store to ask for a partial refund and I was told that I can either wait again for them to make my food over and deliver it or return the food to get a refund. They would not even give me a partial refund for the mess of food that was delivered to me. Terrible food, terrible service. I will never spend money here again.

Review №33

Delivery took 2 hours, and even then, our order wasn't right. We had to feed our son a different dinner because they didn't arrive until after his bedtime. Very disappointing.

Review №34

Wings are good, but the fries were wet like, as if they've been sitting there and this was a carry out.

Review №35

Great wings and only wings. Went in for a Chicago dog thinking it was still a niros instead I got delicious meaty wings and a great service. I'll be back.

Review №36

Ordered food at 1:30. Waited till 2 and they said it had just gone out for delivery. At 3:30 it still hadn't arrived. I asked for a partial refund since it was so late, they chose to refund me fully instead of delivering my food. So now every other restaurant is closed and I've waited 2 hours and I'm starving. Thanks for nothing.

Review №37

Great place to get wings, besides they're open until 3am on the weekends.

Review №38

Disregarded my door dash order and notified me an hour and a half later, had i known that would be the outcome i would order from more reliable resources which i will be doing in the future

Review №39

Mediocre wings, and no good sauces that are actually spicy. What happened to having the classic cayenne flavor buffalo sauce with a decent amount of heat? To get a slight amount of heat you need to have a mango flavor or an undesirable vague flavor called atomic. Unacceptable.

Review №40

Alright fireee wings. So good, especially after the TRL experience. I would give a full 5 stars but they are a taaad overpriced. Attached is a photo of a post TRL experience in the winging out parking lot enjoying your crispy hot tenders

Review №41

Boneless tenders with honey BBQ were a great choice to wrap up a long night on the U of I campus- I will definitely be going back. Killer milkshakes too, cinnamon toast crunch is my favorite.

Review №42

I had really bad service the other night with one of the deliveries person, a girl if that matters. She kept an additional $8.36 as a tip, and when I called wingin out all I got was that we will talk to the delivery driver and give you a call back. Did I get a call back? NO, I never received one. So hey owner of winging out you can keep that $10 and buy yourself new staff. That's called stealing what they did. You have staff members that steal money from your customers. I wanted you to take that money invest in some business courses. My advice to anyone ordering from them is to give exact change or simply don't even do business with them.

Review №43

Great drunk food and the Korean fire wings are great

Review №44

The quality of the food doesn't even come close to justifying the amount of time you will wait for food and how much it costs. Got hung up on the first and second times we tried to order and then waited upward of 2 hours for the wings to arrive. If you want to sit around hungry for hours, going to the dmv is free and overall a much more pleasant experience.

Review №45

Great place to go if you like wings! Here's a quick tip to get the best out of your experience:Walk in Wingin' Out and pick what size order you want. Their menu is scaled by weight rather than being upfront about how many wings you'll get, so keep in mind that 1 pound should fill an empty stomach nearly to the brim. Once you place your order and pick your sauces (my favorite is peppercorn!), gently place your wallet on the counter and draw blood from the cashier and place it in a vial. Use this to create a makeshift pentagram on the counter, with your wallet in the center. The last step is to pull a single strand of hair out of your head and place it within one of the credit card slots. Light your wallet on fire and watch all of your hard earned money smolder and dissipate before your eyes for one measly serving of wings.Enjoy your life as an impoverished, homeless person with an almost full stomach!

Review №46

I use to work here and never got paid! Went in and manager said they switched ownership so he doesn't know what to do and he's "sorry" that he can't help. Didn't even attempt to help or give me any numbers to call. So now we will see how fast I get paid when my lawyer calls them because I sure didn't work at a crappy place to not get paid!

Review №47

They always forget my ranch and extra wing sauce on delivery. They forgot my celery this time too.

Review №48

Don't bother. Their wings are average but wait time is typically long. Tonight though they lost a customer. My entire order was wrong and when I called to let them know I was informed that they had an emergency and were out of boned wings so they couldn't resend my order. How do you run out of wings when that's your main menu item????Update: I ordered through GrubHub. I reported the issue to them. I'm glad I did. I was told that because I could not receive a new order - because they were out of boned wings I would get a FULL refund. GrubHub spoke to Wingin Out and they were told I would only get $11 back of the $60 I spent. Great customer service right there.

Review №49

Called to place an order and the guy actually told me to go online to place an order. Unbelievable.

Review №50

Never going here again! I ordered wings through the phone about two hours in advance. I placed an order for 15 wings, and made it clear to have them all flappers. The time finally comes and I go into the store, which was blaring music that deafened the ears, and had bass that almost made you feel like you were at a concert, which was not an enjoyable thing to experience while trying to eat. I finally got the wings and took them home because I could not stand being in the facility any longer. Once arriving home, I opened the box in excitement, only to be disappointed! The wing sauce was VERY watery, the wings themselves were dry, the flavor was lacking to say the least, the skin on the wings still had visible hairs on them that you could feel as you were chewing the dried out chicken, and to top it all off, they didn't even give me all flappers as I requested even though it was written down on the receipt! I spent about $15 and I ate a total of three wings before I was disgusted enough to the point where I got up and threw them out.

Review №51

Food was so late, estimated delivery was 60 mins and it came in 90.. so the food was super cold when it got here. wings were still tasty but the mozzarella sticks were packaged underneath the fries so when we took the mozz sticks out they had cardboard from the fry container stuck to them so that was bogus. overall just eat in there

Review №52

Best wings I ever had. Sauce is phenomenal! I always look forward to this place. Boneless by far my favorite

Review №53

They have good food but don't order delivery it takes forever.

Review №54

I worked there and they didnt pay me what they owed me and the manager who was in charge is acting like i only worked 2 shifts when he knows i didnt the new management is nice but im totally gonna sue them

Review №55

Honestly their wings are really bad and the sauce isn't good either. So disappointed in the food

Review №56

Decent wings, they boneless wings are very meaty. Great place to pick up food from for the Superbowl.

Review №57

Winging Out is a poor excuse for a wing shack that has been struggling to stay in business since my freshman year. The wings are ridiculously over priced, and you're stuck waiting half an hour for your order. There is a reason this place is not open during lunch hours. The only people who dare enter the establishment are drunk students wobbling home after a night at Red Lion.If you want good wings, do yourself a favor and go to Wing Stop right down the road.

Review №58

3 stars only because u can tolerate the food when drunk. If you are not drunk do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Review №59

Delivery was over an hour late, food was cold and the order was missing items. Employee lied when I called 3 times asking where my order was. This is barely a functioning restaurant.

Review №60

It's been 3 hours and I still have not gotten my order

Review №61

Tastes pretty bad imo

Review №62

The food is good for when you're in the mood for wings but they made me wait more than 2.5 hrs and the driver called me multiple times because she couldn't find my address.

Review №63

I work at a hospital in champaign IL and put in a order for a bunch of people and one of the 1/2 lbs orders was NOT 1/2 a lbs and were the size of chicken would think that knowing your taking an order to a hospital would make you want to make sure an order is made right! Wont be ordering from here anytime soon

Review №64

Mac'n Cheese Bits! Good selection of sauces for the wings.

Review №65

Terrible experience... I accidentally left my wallet there and when I called the same night that I left it, they told me that they had it. I went back multiple times the following days after the incident and my wallet was no where to be found. The employees and managers were very unhelpful and lead me to believe that one of their employees stole my wallet or that they gave it to the wrong person.

Review №66

Pretty good place with pretty good prices. Try to avoid going during frat/sorority hours to get better food, faster service, and less annoying patrons.

Review №67

WInging our will never get my service againThere a poor example of a food placeThey bring you the wrong orderYou can have that 20.51 I bet ya won't get it next time can guatanteed that one

Review №68

Absolutely Love the food at Wingin out! This is my go-to place whenever I crave wings.

Review №69

The food is usually cold

Review №70

Absolutely worst service imaginable. Waited over 2 HOURS for our food to be delivered. We even called after an hour and they told us the order had just left. Will never eat again.

Review №71

Wingin Out has some of the best wings I've ever tasted. I've been to a bunch of college campuses across the country (visiting various friends), and this one is by far the best. I wish UCONN's Wings Over Storrs tasted like Wingin Out's. They have 16 different flavors to try and you can mix and match them. Bangin. Definitely worth the money, especially after a night of the bars or something to snack on while watching football

Review №72

Wings were great. Amazing fries. Very slow, dirty, unorganized service, and few employees on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Review №73

Love their Insane Buffalo sauce, hottest thing in town!

Review №74

It is always good when I go...Some of the reviews are full of b.s. Every retail/restaurant will run out of something at one time or another...I think maybe next time instead of going through a third party or go yourself..

Review №75

Decent flavor, a absolutely dirty place! The floor is sticky and overall it is not clean.

Review №76

Not too bad, good drunk food but overall you know what you're getting when you go to a chicken wings place, good old greasy food.

Review №77

Worst service I've ever had. Unbelievable. Stay away

Review №78

Prices have gone up, quality has gone down, delivery is always late, dine-in wait is always long. Used to be a fan but I won't be back.

Review №79

Food was terrible. Ordering process was painful. Looong wait.

Review №80

Order is never correct. Once the order didn't come. Called winging out and they said the order would arrive in 20 minutes. Another 40 minutes passed, I contacted grubhub and they said the restaurant said could not get a hold of me and closed for the night.

Review №81

My friend got food poisoning from here

Review №82

They cook trash and I usually eat these trashes

Review №83

Very rude...

Review №84

Decent tender and wings

Review №85

Really great food

Review №86

Worst place can't get it anywhere in Champaign

Review №87

Terrible service

Review №88


Review №89

Terrible service, average wings

Review №90

Worst service possible. I never faced rude employees than this !! I dont know how the manager would react to this. I would never visit this place again and will request my friends not to visit this place !!

Review №91

Wings are good, fries are not good. Prices are OK.

Review №92

My friends ditched me to go there one day, and I did not like how you treated me when I raged on them. Never going again.

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