625 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
Review №1

Cheap food and service at this spot is very good. Nice place to meet and catch up with family. Bring your hunger - portions are large.

Review №2

Great and simple burgers. Freshly prepared. I tried the signature burger and it was really tasty, but a bit small, so you'll have to order 2 of those, if that's your lunch. The spicy chicken sandwich was really juicy and tender, I would recommend this for anyone who loves the McDonald's buttermilk crispy chicken burgers, it's kind of spicer version of that.Cons. They don't have meal combo deals, which includes drink and fries, so you have to separately order each add on item to make it a meal.

Review №3

Burgers are OK. Average or slightly above average at most (but the bun tastes worse than your local Burger King lol Seriously.). Wings are terrible. The chicken skins were unchewable... like tires (note that I am not particularly picky on food). I am in my 20s with healthy teeth lol. Probably I won't order here again unless they publish some kind of discount coupons again. Well, I can say for sure that I am not ordering their wings. The place is aiming for broke U of I students. If this level of food was competing against restaurants outside of campus town, the store would close down within months.

Review №4

Probably one of the worst places I've eaten at. For an almost $6 chicken sandwich, you would think it would have been a better experience, but the chicken was not very crispy, was a very strange color, and smelled and tasted weird as well. I felt sick after eating some of it. Fries were bland and not that great either. On top of that, sauces are extra $$. Overpriced, overrated, poor quality food.

Review №5

Wings 4/5. Properly cooked. Sauce was ok.Hotdogs: 5/5. ExcellentFries: 3/5. Not really crispy and too much of the shotty nacho cheese. Made the fries quite soggyNot pictured Milkshake: 1/5. Definitely made with powder mix. Tasted basically like water. Would not recommend the milkshake

Review №6

Eaten here multiple times. Everything I've had has been amazing and their price vs. quality of food can't be found anywhere else. Their Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich rivals Watson's at half the price (sorry Watson's, I still love you). Chicken tenders are amazing and I'm pretty sure they make their own buffalo sauce in house. My friend said their Chicago dog was the best she's had in town. I still haven't tried one of their burgers yet because the chicken sandwiches are so good. I'm also pretty sure that despite sounding like a chain restaurant that they are locally owned. Definitely a place to check out in CU.

Review №7

Took way too long for a burger. Legit 25 minute experience at a takeout restaurant. There were only around 5 people in the entire restaurant, idk why it could take this long. Food wasn't even good, bruh

Review №8

I've ordered from here twice & it's been great both times! What I like about this place is that they make fresh burger patties, the buns are fresh, the condiments are fresh, & it's not greasy. This is definitely my go-to burger joint for now on. Please keep up the good work!

Review №9

Quite a lovely place. Good customer service and an overall happy environment to cheer me up during exams. I had the mac n cheese and it was quite lovely. Sorry I was super hungry, so excuse some missing details on it.

Review №10

Food is decent, service is terrible. Called ahead, was told 10-15 minutes, waited an additional 15 on top of that and there was one man running around frantically while two others (without masks!) just sat on their computers.

Review №11

Place could be much cleaner. Corners not clean. I think someone threw out their toilet paper in the trash. Yuck.Burger took a little while, but it was good. Very much like a home style. Lean, not oily (maybe a little dry but great flavour), good meat.

Review №12

The fries were depressing.. small and soggy. The burger wasnt amazing either. Even with the hooked deal it still wasnt worth it.

Review №13

I've been to this place twice and their burgers are pretty good. But the star of the show, in my opinion, is the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. It's huge and super crunchy and spicy, great flavoring, and served with bread and butter pickles to balance it out and what I think is a brioche bun. It's a great sandwich for less than six bucks. Their mac is good too, like a combo of mac n cheese and macaroni salad. Definitely reccomend!

Review №14

Quality restaurant at campus town that gives you a better alternative to generic fast food. Their burgers and sandwiches are amazing and the scenery is amazing. Only downside is the wait and sometimes they our out of certain things.

Review №15

This is a good place to drop by for a burger. It's totally worth trying as their burgers are one of a kind. They seem to listen to their customers so far as seen by other reviews. I tried a Signature Burger. I'm not really into burgers but this tasted amazing. It looked clean and not greasy which is good imo. Just hopped the burger/s were a bit bigger. Tasted really good, especially with the Howdy sauce (definitely worth trying). The interior of this place looks good and overall, there really isn't anything on the downside. One thing for sure, more locations would be wonderful.

Review №16

I love this place. The hot chick sandwich is the best in town. Their milkshakes are great for reliving my stress during long school days.

Review №17

!Edited towards the end after second visit!Had the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.It was clean (not greasy) and not heavy which I liked. However...the 'slaw, although very nice, overshadows the chicken, which has very little flavor.Please look up a Nashville hot chicken recipe. This was not hot at all. Nashville hot is famous for being SUPER HOT and flavorful. This chicken needs help.. otherwise it needs a name change.Im sure that real Nashville hot chicken will be a huge hit on campus if this is changed.UPDATE: I added a star because they did up their spice game and toned down the Cole slaw amount on the sandwich. You can ask for extra spicy which is very cool. Thank you!

Review №18

Cheap burgers and fries. Serves beyond meat burgers. Clean interior. The hot Nashville chicken sandwich is to die for and comparable to the twice as expensive version at Watsons. Comes in medium and extra spicy. Extra spicy packs real heat. Delicious!

Review №19

Definitely a go to spot for a quick burger lunch between two classes. I paid $7 for burger and fries. So worthy, haha! It is just a block from the union. Clean restaurant, quick service, nice people. The burger is nice but not greasy. I don't feel guilty eating it. :D

Review №20

I ordered the Tex-Mex burger with fries. Service was quick, the fries and burger were hot and well-seasoned, and the restaurant was clean. Overall, a great place for a quick weekday lunch at a reasonable price.

Review №21

Dropped in for lunch on a weekday a few weeks after they opened. There was a line about 8 deep but it moved pretty fast. There was a Hooked deal advertising 2 signature or classic burgers for $6 so I decided to go with that and had one of each. After a surprisingly short wait my order came up. Both my burgers were excellent, hand made patties cooked to a juicy medium with the barest hint of pink, exactly how i like my burgers. Everything was really fresh and tasted great. They use a potato bread bun, which was a nice touch. Another review mentioned the burgers are on the small side and they are, but for the regular price of only $4 dollars a burger they beat anything that fast food joints offer at the same price point hands down. Friendly quick service, nice clean interior and kitchen, good food for not a lot of money.... I'll be back for sure!

Review №22

I got the Hot chicken sandwich and fries. Their menu says that the chicken is tossed in chili oil, but I honestly couldn't tell. The texture of the chicken was good, but there was an excess of breading. The brioche bun was very good. The hot chicken sandwich is served with a sweet chili slaw that was by far the overwhelming flavor. The slaw was overly sweet, with none of the promised chili flavor. The fries were disappointing to say the least. The serving was small for two dollars and change, and they were soggy and cold. The service was very friendly and very quick. The design of the restaurant itself is very nice.

Review №23

Probably the best burgers you could get the fastest on campus. The burgers are juicy and the menu is simple. Get a Signature Burger with an extra patty and extra sauce! Also enjoyed the Hawaiian burger. Try to get their BOGO deal on Hooked before 8pm!

Review №24

UPDATE: they fixed their menu! They actually include everything listed with the chicken sandwich, as well as lowered the prices all around. The chicken sandwich is great now, tho the fries still are pretty bad regardless of the price drop. Overall would recommend, just skip the fries. Both the burgers and chicken sandwiches are good.

Review №25

This is the craziest burger joint! I love it so much, it's different and it's super super healthy and tasty. If you like spicy food try the hot chic sandwich!

Review №26

Like their chicken sandwichs, very unique, a southern style hot fried chicken with the best pickle I ever had. The cheese burger is also very nice, glad that I could found some quality burger that made from fresh patty in town. Highly recommend

Review №27

The signature burger was good, but it was quite small for the price in my opinion. I personally wasn't a fan of the style of fries. The place is pretty clean and the service was quick. I'm not sure why there aren't prices on the menu. It's currently limited. Ultimately, I think it's too expensive for what you get.

Review №28

The 6 dollars combo meal is a perfect steal I really enjoy their signature burgers, they even have beyond burgers for vegetarians.

Review №29

The energy at this place was buzzin'! It was loud, but the acoustics allowed for you to easily hear everyone at your table. What a fun and place to eat at with friends!!! Plus the Food was not that expensive and delicious, I can see this place it's soon to become a hot spot one campus.

Review №30

So much reminds me of shake shack, it is indeed a better choice for burger. same quality, cost 1/3 less than shake shack, its complete worth it!!!!

Review №31

Everything we ate here was DELICIOUS! The best burger shop on campus! Blow McDonald's burgers across the street out of water.

Review №32

Absolutely the best burger in town! Love it so much! It's healthy and delicious!

Review №33

‪ ‭ ‫ ‫ ‎ ‫ ‌ ‏ ⁠ ‌ ‪ ‬ ‏ ‍ ‎ ‭ ‌ ‪ ‬ ‪ ‎ environment is good, the dishes is great! A super favorite store

Review №34

GREAT chicken sandwiches, nice clean restaurant

Review №35

Very bland food. Ordered a hot chicken sandwich because I enjoy spicy food. There was nothing spicy about the sandwich I ate, and the pickle was not what I was expecting. Fries were also flavorless. Everything had great texture, but could use more seasoning or something. Food was well-priced, did not order a drink. Might be back for a burger, but I don't have high hopes until changes are made.

Review №36

Very good burgers at a very reasonable price. Portion sizes are small, I could easily eat 2 of their burgers without breaking a sweat.

Review №37

If a quick, tasty as well as reasonably priced to-go meal is what you are looking for, this is the place to go.We stopped here by lunch yesterday with couple friends. By the time we got there, queue was way out of door, but luckily it didn't take long to get to our order.We tried two items on the menu1. Signature Burger2. Fried Chicken SandwichWith the burger, we can really tell the patty was made out of fresh beef. It is juicy while having that earthy flavor lingering around as come back taste. And i do like the fact where it wasn't covered with a whole lot of seasonings. There is a drawback at which the size of the burger is bit small, and you might have to order an extra menu item such as hot dog or even two burger to be filled if you are a guzzler, but considering the price point it was at, I think I cannot knock off stars for this.The Bun on the Chicken Sandwich worths to be noticed. It is extremely fluffy and buttery. The chicken is covered with herbal flavor and the outer crust is crunchy. The house is getting creative on their slaws. As oppose to creamy slaw, it's a sweet sour type of slaw which brushes the grease on your pallet from the chicken and balance the whole sandwich really well.Again, in general, it is a good destination for a quick grab-and- go meal on campus, it meets expectations at the price given.

Review №38

Howdy is a gem in UIUC. I didn't expected burger to be this delicious in our campus town. I was coming back to Champaign for a visit. This burger place is new and I'm pretty surprise. Wish it was there back in my undergrad time.

Review №39

Great place for a healthy and amazing meal.

Review №40

Food was fine, smaller proportion from the Hawaiian burger.

Review №41

This restaurant is no where near a four star establishment. The chicken was slightly over cooked and their "house sauce" is not even remotely unique. The fries were fresh but they lacked any flavor whatsoever. They also were not seasoned. They didn't even have any condiments near the tables and no soda fountain so you had to ask for water. As for the decor, it could be considered aesthetically pleasing however it was completely dysfunctional. I went with two other friends and we could barely fit all our food on the table and eat in a comfortable manner. I honestly believe that nothing good can come out of this location as the last place was also similarly disappointing.

Review №42

Food is good but pricey. Hamburgers are slightly larger than the size of a slider from White Castle or Crystals.

Review №43

I really love their burgers. They kinda remind me of in-n-out! Definitely one of my favorite places on campus to eat at!

Review №44

Over priced small portions not ideal

Review №45

Even though the servings are a bit small when compared to other restaurants on Green, the burgers and milkshakes taste great.

Review №46

Great modern look inside and very clean! Great food for a better price!!

Review №47

Good place to hang out

Review №48

Tried the Chicken Sandwich, it was sooooo tasty. 100% would recommend!

Review №49

This place is so extremely underwhelming, the food was just not good, and neither were the portions. The reviews here must be AstroTurfed because it was anything but what the 5 star reviews say, look at all the accounts with one or two reviews and all the upvotes they get. This place has some sort of business relationship with teamojis, and what would you know, that's the only other place these fake accounts have reviewed

Review №50

Great serving and good environment!

Review №51

Good burger for a cheap price.

Review №52

Worst hotdog and fries that I have ever had. The fries were cold and stiff, the hotdogs were grey and cold, bun was stale. I threw all of my food away.

Review №53

Chicken burger was bomb.

Review №54

Worst burger I ever tried

Review №55

Delicious food cozy environment and thoughtful service! Dub this place!

Review №56

Great chicken sandwiches, good service.

Review №57

It's really really good

Review №58

Friendly and nice,but quite expensive

Review №59

Good place

Review №60

Best burger in town!

Review №61

Best burger in town!

Review №62

Delicious Burgers!

Review №63

Good food

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:625 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
  • Phone:+1 217-607-1548
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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