Kung Fu Tea
707 S 6th St Suite 107, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
Review №1

Every time I order bubble tea here, I get attitude from the workers. I don't know why, but I wish they were more welcoming and nice. It's always the same cashier we get and I don't know if she is like this to only non-Asians. Hopefully that's not the case. Other than that, the milk tea is good but if you want amazing bubble tea and pastries go to Teamoji! They have great customer service and good bubble tea too! 100% recommend it!

Review №2

Just stumbled upon this place... it is amazing. Everything tastes very very good. Everything is also very customizable, from drinks to sushi!

Review №3

The tea is really good and the place is very nice to work/study in. It is quiet and it is possible to see the people crossing by the huge window they have. If you are a graduate student or someone who enjoy to study/work outside, this is a very nice option. Also, there you can hangout and play some games they have for costumers

Review №4

As best as usual. This is my favorite bubble tea place on campus. Even after I graduated, I always stop by this shop for one or two milk tea whenever I visit the town. The shop also has a wide variety of choices besides milk tea like yogurt, milk shake, smoothies. It also serves foods like sushi bowl, takoyaki, etc... explore by yourself and go to the website for the menu. If you drive, parking can be tricky sometimes. The shop is located on a one way street, so just drive forward if you can't find a parking lot because you will find plenty ahead.

Review №5

I like the food but I planned to work there on my laptop for the afternoon. They told me there was wifi before I ordered. Then the wifi didn't work at all and they told me my laptop wasn't working and refused to check. I would at least appreciate someone checking if the wifi works . So in this sense customer service is bad. But if you just plan to eat place is fine . Next time I will try the wifi before ordering.

Review №6

Best bubble tea on campus. Their sushi burritos are also very

Review №7

Love it, the Boba is great and there drinks i will be ordering there food next time.

Review №8

My friend did not like it. I thought it was pretty good but yeah.

Review №9

The prices are great. I would come here for their fruit drinks, but unfortunately I am not a fan of their milk based options.

Review №10

A better spot for bubble tea on campus offering both bubble tea and poke. Plenty of space to eat and lounge. Games are available to pass time and large tables for groups. Expect a 5+ minute wait during peak times.

Review №11

Tea was excellent will definitely go back.

Review №12

First poke bowl experience and I absolutely loved it! I didn't know how I'd feel about poke bowls but this was SO good! You can build your own so you get to make it exactly how you like. I got the shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, pineapple, avocado, and cucumber in mine with eel sauce and spicy mayo and loved itttt!

Review №13

Excellent place to studying and having fun. The manager is so nice. Really recommend to all of you.

Review №14

Their Kung-Fu tea is my favorite. You can customize all teas with add-ins (bubbles, etc) and can decide the amount of ice and sugar. Prices are reasonable. Their sushi burritos are fun and customizable, they're about the size of two regular sushi rolls. It comes with miso soup and is the perfect lunch portion. Nice atmosphere and not usually a long wait.

Review №15

The boba tea was very good. The food is moderately priced and tastes well enough. This is a great gathering spot for campus groups and is already used as such by a few. Great atmosphere and sure to be a good time!

Review №16

Kung Fu Tea is delicious. When I moved to town, I was hoping I'd find a good place to get my boba fix, and this is just it. Their winter melon milk tea with boba is my favorite and the poke bowls are delicious, too. Whenever I've decided to be adventurous and choose a different drink, the staff are super knowledgeable and give great suggestions. Really great study space, too!

Review №17

Great ambience and fun atmosphere. Perfect vibes for a college campus and a great hangout place for people. The Boba is great and they customize standard orders. Gyoza and shrimp teriyaki is also amazing here!

Review №18

You can customize the sweetness level and amount of ice in your drink, which I love. They also have sushi burritos and poke bowls, as well as little starters like takoyaki and popcorn chicken. I wasn't expecting much from the food, but it was actually really good! There's also plenty of space with huge tables for big groups. Love this place!

Review №19

Very great place to grab a drink or a quick bite with friends. They also have some board game so pwoplw can hangout with friends

Review №20

Beverages: Tea, coffee, seasonal menu all are pretty good year-roundFood: Poke bowl is awful , sushi rolls and chicken cutlets are decent though

Review №21

Poke bowls are fresh and the boba tea is really good, but the amount of the plastic used is sad. There should absolutely be a dine-in option other than plastic without a lid. Or at the very least something compostable.

Review №22

They have a new reward program for downloading the app. The posters say that upon your first visit and downloading the app, you will receive a free drink. I asked about this at the counter and none of the employees knew what I was talking about. I directed them to the massive poster at the front and they then began to try and dismiss me/ tell me things that weren't on the poster. The boss then came in and proceeded to yell at me, telling me that this promotion was not on the poster and not part of the campaign at all. I was very confused and upset upon getting treated like this for inquiring about an advertising they have. Would not go here. Not good people.

Review №23

I've been to plenty of Kung Fu tea and this actually stood out a bit. Tea was as you would expect, but their expanded menu options were quite exciting. The only knock was that the music was exceedingly loud. I get that it wants to be hip with the kids, but I could barely hear my friend, and we were in a bit of a corner too.

Review №24

Been here since they opened. I love it. We lived 40mins away and don't mind driving here just to get boba tea and go home.

Review №25

A very fun spot with a really chill vibe! The tea is great and completely customizable, and they also serve food as well. The walls are big chalkboards that you can write on if you so choose, and there's plenty of tabletop games you can play with your friends while you hang out here. A great concept with fantastic execution.

Review №26

I had the Oolong milk tea, I liked it.

Review №27

Their service is very fast, even during lunchtime, and they have a great selection of flavors of bubble tea. Also, the people I assume to own the place are very friendly to their customers and they even know I prefer extra boba in my bubble tea!

Review №28

Sushi. M F Burrito. It was amazing. I cannot day enough how great the sushi burrito was. Really hit the spot. I had been craving it since I walked past the day before and saw the sign. I was obsessed. I had to find it the following night. We walked the same way and ran Right into it. Met all my expectations and then some. Amazing!

Review №29

Haven't tried much of the food, but the drinks are pretty good. My current favorite is the strawberry milk slush (perfect for anyone who loves super sweet, fruity drinks). The best part of this establishment is the large spaces and tables they have for large parties and the games they have for people to play. I've had good times here for one-on-ones as well as with groups of up to 12 people.

Review №30

Good place for a group of friend hang out. Drinks are great. Boba are excellent cooked.

Review №31

Probably the best Boba or freeze place on campus. Amazing drinks, food, and atmosphere. Highly suggest getting the freezes!

Review №32

They make the best poke bowl EVER!!!

Review №33

Good place to get some reasonably priced sushi. Good food in general. Although most people just come for the bubble tea

Review №34

The quality of the bubble tea and food here is excellent, better than all the other places in town I have tried. The tapioca/boba is perfectly soft and chewy, and I like that they use non-dairy milk for the lactose intolerant. I have had the crispy squid and the poke bowl, and both were delicious. The crispy squid was cooked perfectly and squid tasted quite fresh, for being a restaurant in the middle of Illinois. All the ingredients in my poke bowl tasted fresh and delicious as well.The atmosphere is nice, a relaxed lounge style but is noisy with many people inside talking and playing games. I love that they are open much later than other places.I am taking off one star because it is a little too pricey. They charge 50 cents extra for "standard" additions to the milk tea, including the tapioca balls. IMO this should come with the milk tea, not for an additional price. The large size milk tea is not actually that much more than the medium size, and they charge 75 cents more. The food is also a little bit overpriced as well, with the crispy squid pieces coming out to about $1 per piece. If you want additional ingredients for your poke bowl, they charge $1-$2 more per topping - which you only get a little bit of!However, in the end I can't complain about the prices too much because the food quality seems to be good. I just wish that it was a little more affordable so I can come more often!

Review №35

Fresh sushi for poke and burritos or rolls. Great strawberry milk tea slush.

Review №36

Pretty much everything is delicious! I love the sushi burrito

Review №37

This place is what you'd expect from a standard KFT. Drinks are 4-6 dollars depending on size and toppings. Everything here is pretty good. Nothing is bland or oversweetened. You can taste the tea and boba quality is decent.

Review №38

My go-to Boba place on campus. Their poke bowl is pretty good too. The big tables are great for medium to large groups so it's great for RSO meetups.

Review №39

They make a mighty fine eel bowl!

Review №40

The best place around Champaign/Urbana to get bubble tea!!! Nice people too!

Review №41

The poke bowls here are delicious! Our whole family loves this place!

Review №42

The poke bowls are great but a little expensive, though the boba tea is cheap compared to other places nearby.

Review №43

I went to kft to satisfy my boba craving and in the end it was pretty good. The boba was chewy in texture and had a sweet taste to it. But if you are not craving boba, they have poké bowls too,which are not bad also. Overall I give it a 8/8.

Review №44

There are many bubble tea/boba places on campus, but this one is special. It has this bright, colorful vibe that the lights and music really bring to life. This place is LONG! Don't let the small store front decide you. Oh, the also have sushi and other Asian snacks ;). Lovely place to visit, definitely put on your UIUC bucket.

Review №45

This place is great. Best boba I've ever had. I like the mango slush. The food options are limited for me (I don't eat raw food), but the teriyaki chicken and miso soup are both good. The environment inside is great. They have games you can play there, and some large tables if you have a big group (usually filled though). My family likes to play Jenga when we're there. We tried going last week and it was closed for renovations. I'm hoping it opens back up soon.

Review №46

Good food but very disappointed with its manager. I brought a poke bowl and a cup of milk tea to go. When the worker done packing my stuffs, I am going to get a straw. Suddenly the milk tea and tea miso soup fall from the bag and split to everywhere. When I ask them are they going to make another one for me since I have not even touched the bag, they respond that I need to lineup and pay again.

Review №47

Friendly staff, amazing food and drinks. The poke bowl tasted fresh and great.

Review №48

Very cool place. We just grabbed a couple teas, which were great but the food looked and smelled awesome. Plan on returning to try the food.

Review №49

The boba here is delicious, and the ambience is cozy. Quite surprisingly for a tea house, the entrées are equally appetizing.

Review №50

I heard they got in trouble with the health department. Soooooo, I am not sure. When we went it seemed clean and well maintained

Review №51

Good portions, never busy, food is always ready in a reasonable amount of time. Have yet to be disappointed.

Review №52

Seems to be a very lively place where people can hang out. Pretty noisy though and near the back of the place there are bright flashing lights that change color. Not a good place to study if that was what you were considering. I ordered a popcorn chicken, not in the mood for tea, and it was good, but judging by the stuff sprinkled on it and the taste, I'm now worried it was sprinkled with MSG. I don't know for sure, but now I'm very paranoid.

Review №53

Good place to chill, work. Small meals. Has vegetarian food options

Review №54

Best bubble tea and poke bowl in town!

Review №55

I was initially excited to eat here, per the suggestion of someone who frequented the restaurant. However, when I began eating part of my order (fried calamary) I realized that it had been terribly overcooked. It took a better part of 3 minutes to chew a single bite. I walked back to the counter, showed them the food and expressed that it was overcooked. She told me that it was "because of the salt and pepper" and that it was always cooked like this. I asked for something else. She refused. Finally, after a little back and forth, she said that they would remake it, but it would be the same.With my back slightly turned, and as I began to walk away I saw her speak to one of her co-workers (in a language that I could not understand) and laugh. When she noticed that I had seen her, her laugh abruptly stoped and her smile quickly left. How rude!!The sad thing is that she was right. The second order was as disappointing as the first. I just took a bite and chewed for 2.5 minutes this time, instead of 3.

Review №56

Horrible customer experience with their manager. I made a simple mistake with my order, I ordered a Logan Jojube Tea, Hot. But the person ordered it for wanted it cold, so I requested if they could switch it for a cold version of the tea. The staff at the register was polite and told me yes and remade me another tea, but when the manager handed me the tea he screamed at me in front of everyone and said "NEXT TIME ORDER RIGHT TEA, WE MAKE GOOD ORDER. YOU HAVE TO PAY AGAIN"I explained it was a simple error and the lady at the register was nice, but he wasn't. Shame, you shouldn't yell or try to argue with your customers. If he had an issue he coulda politely said "Next time make sure your order is set and correct before you order, we don't want to waste materials" etc.

Review №57

Best milktea !

Review №58

Boba here is pretty good. Usually just go with the Kung Fu milk tea. Have also had the oolong milk tea which is also good. Boba has nice texture. Their unagi don was not bad. Popcorn chicken could've been better: expensive for size and weirdly sweet.

Review №59

Tea is great and it is nice that the place offer board games as well. Although the place can be a bit loud at times

Review №60

Great place! Really good, consistent bubble tea. It's made with an electric shaker, not with a hand shaker like other places, so it's always the same texture, flavor, etc. My favorite tea is the Taro Green Milk Tea with Boba. Oreo Wow Milk is great, too. This place has the lowest prices of Bubble Tea on the UIUC campus, and the quality is great.The atmosphere is lounge-y, hang out with your friends, play a game of UNO or Jenga type of place. It's very fresh and modern. The staff is always super nice.They also have food, but I cannot review it since I have not tried it yet.Once in a while, the music is a bit too loud, but I have sensitive ears, and this is not a place where you come to study.

Review №61

Best value for bubble tea on campus. I love their shaking machine for the teas!

Review №62

Best bubble tea on campus also Sierra is a wonderful worker praise be to her

Review №63

Drinks are made with actual fruit

Review №64

Cant get enough poke bowls

Review №65

Good stuff, would like to visit again in the near future.

Review №66

UIUC already has a ton of bubble tea places but I think this one is my new favorite. I went in today (as far as I know they just opened) with three friends and the place was decently crowded.. The place currently has 10% off for their grand opening special so definitely take advantage of it. The variety is awesome and they have more topping choices than any other place on campus.Atmosphere: 5/5The decor is awesome and they have a lot of space/tables. The tables are sturdy and come in all sizes and there are a lot of places to sit. The walls are cloud patterned and look really nice. They have a back wall that is actually a chalk board and there are some cute drawings on it already. The service area is clean and orderly; they had a wide variety of machines behind the counter that were used (including a shaking one that I've never seen before that looked awesome.)Food: ?/5I haven't tried the food yet but a friend who tried their poke bowl told me that it's good quality and worth the price.Drinks: 5/5The drink I got was really good-- it wasn't overly sweet like a lot of drinks are on campus and I think their system of full/less/half sweet is pretty accurate. The variety of toppings you can get (taro, herbal jelly, popping bubbles, etc) was top notch. They also didn't skimp on the service size like some places do when you choose to not get ice. I ordered a strawberry lemonade green tea and it was good, I could tell that the had actual strawberries in it as opposed to just powder. I also tried the Oolong milk tea and it was really good as well. I'd recommend giving the herbal jellies a try-- I've never had them before but it tasted really good in the Oolong milk tea.Price: 5/5The drinks are cheaper than any other place on campus for boba.Service: 3/5 -> 4/5 (Bumped up a point because this is their grand opening.)The girl running the register seemed a little flustered and I had to repeat my order several times to her. However, the staff was really polite and I'm sure that with more time, they'll get into the swing of things.Overall: 5/5 I almost never hand out 5/5s but I think this place is great. I was worried that it wouldn't live up to the hype of the NYC/Chicago shops but I think it's great. The owners clearly put a lot of thought into the design and operation of the store and I will definitely be coming here often. :) Give it a try! You won't regret it.

Review №67

Beautiful interior decoration and high-quality tea! It's unfortunate it's so expensive...

Review №68

Good place to taste chinese style tea and snack

Review №69

Good Boba

Review №70

Average tea, open until late so good to stay when weather is bad

Review №71

Very authentic bubble tea!

Review №72

Good food, like the customizability

Review №73

Excellent Boba Tea here

Review №74

Best place to hang on green that i know of.

Review №75


Review №76

Trendy, relaxed, and well serviced Cafe with amazing milk tea

Review №77

Always delicious, prompt, and courteous

Review №78

It's not the greatest for how much it costs.

Review №79

Good tea

Review №80

Deep was very helpful

Review №81

Service and food was great3

Review №82

Really good food and tea but it is a bit expensive

Review №83

Love the variety

Review №84

Not bad

Review №85

Price, flavor and space 5/5

Review №86

So many choices

Review №87

Good bubble tea but kind of noisy

Review №88

Decent but expensive.

Review №89

Love there service

Review №90

Chill and good evironment

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  • Address:707 S 6th St Suite 107, Champaign, IL 61820, United States
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  • Phone:+1 217-552-1668
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Beverage distributor
  • Cafe
  • Bubble tea store
  • Sushi restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–10PM
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  • Friday:11:30AM–10PM
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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