2033 N Prospect Ave, Champaign, IL 61822, United States
Review №1

I was glad to see that Wendy's is not letting their customers down. The fact that they were the only restaurant open after 11:00 pm was amazing. The drive thru attendant, Manual was great. Very upbeat and pleasant to hear on the intercom system. Kudos to Wendy's corporation for making a wish decision to be open.

Review №2

This location used to be on point. After the location down the road closed, it went down hill fast. I am certain the other location merged their bad management and workstaff into this one and ruined the quality. Not only will they refuse to honor coupons, but you will receive under cooked food and stale fries. Stay clear and eat somewhere else.

Review №3

At first i would have given a 1 star... Completely jacked my order up.. But a guy marshal... Replaced my whole order and made things better

Review №4

I was charged incorrectly for my food, they forgot to give me straws, the lady taking my order was very rude and I had to wait in line for 20 minutes to ask about the incorrect charge. They also did not give me a receipt. Their entire staff told me that I was wrong and that it was my fault. The manager ended up apologizing so that was the only positive part of this situation. I'm not at all the type to leave reviews, especially bad ones but I would give them 0 stars if I could.

Review №5

I hate leaving bad reviews, but this Wendy's definitely deserves one. I waited 30 minutes for my family's food and was charged incorrectly for my order. I contacted Wendy's corporate to let them know about this and to ask for a refund for food I didn't receive, and I heard nothing back. I was forwarded to the GM responsible for this restaurant and was never called back. I will not go back to Wendy's because of this terrible experience from store to corporate. I get it, sometimes unexpected problems happen, but how this was handled was unacceptable.2 stars because I eventually got my food and the manager's son, who was learning the cash register, did an excellent job.

Review №6

New store vary nice set up

Review №7

They are great servers. I tried the bacon fries for the first time... Wow... Half a hog... toooo much bacon.

Review №8

This windy service was so great made me feel like Dave Thomas himself was in the back preparing my food

Review №9

Good service quality and good chicken nuggets

Review №10

I love Wendy's. I get their 4 for $4, and it is so worth only $4. It's a good amount of food for a low price. Also the staff are nice, they can be slow, but that's when they are training a new employee.

Review №11

The food we ordered was VERY fresh.

Review №12

Got the four for four and the fries tasted a little stale! Nuggets hot as could be but that Jr Bacon was on point.

Review №13

Worst meal and order accuracy I have ever witnessed.

Review №14

Good food.. Good prices

Review №15

Ordered through the app. The 50 nuggets that were ordered as regular, turned out to be spicy, never received the pub fries, and baked potato was burnt. Seemed like the first mobile order they received.

Review №16

Paid it forward...first time happening at Wendy's! Service was awesome!

Review №17

Great service, friendly staff and order accuracy. Fresh, hot food!

Review №18

Quick and fast nice. Thanks for the hot food. That was fast. .

Review №19

Very disappointed couldn't get are order right. There bacon burger was a big disappointment. It's a glorified double hamburger, no lettuce, tomato or special sauce. Better deal is the 4 for$4. That's the best deal all around.

Review №20

I had the chicken Cesar salad it was very good. Would love it if they had a chef salad.

Review №21

Screwed up 2 of my three sandwiches, have me spicy nuggets instead of regular nuggets, completely forgot 1 of my 3 drinks, and for some strange reason all three of our fries tasted like they had been doused in pepper

Review №22

The absolute worst service we've ever experienced at Wendy's. Two customers in front of us at the register and the staff was getting their orders wrong and forgetting to give customers their drink cups. One employee was on her phone and swearing at the person on her call. The cashier was having personal conversations with multiple customers while we were patiently waiting to have our order taken. As we were ready to give our order the cashier stepped away from the register to continue conversation with another customer without acknowledging us at all. No other staff stepped in. Kitchen staff had apparently made an error on someone's order. We walked out without ordering. Why give them the opportunity to get our orders wrong too? We drove to Freddy's down the street and had an excellent experience.

Review №23

The employee at the drive-up window did not have his mask on appropriately he did not announce the drinks appropriately and when there was no spoon for spoons available for the frosty he did not offering additional straw, in the midst of this pandenI would not go back to this.

Review №24

The new interior is terrible, very cold, spartan, like a Walmart of fast food. I also don't like the need to give your name to get your food, and having your name yelled out over all the sterile tile.

Review №25

I usually like Wendy's. One of the few places that still have Diet Dr Pepper! The lady that took our drive thru order definitely did not seem happy waiting for the kids to pick. The Biggie Bag was kind of disappointing. A Jr Bacon Cheeseburger is better than the burger I got in it.

Review №26

Wendy's used to be my favourite burger until they changed their dill pickles.The pickles taste more like cucumbers than dill pickles. They taste like cheapCucumbers that are almost pickeled,gross, I don't like cucumbers. Very disappointed.

Review №27

I have historically loved Wendy's, but this one has gone down hill. Had to wait quite some time for a simple order (cheeseburger, hamburger, and fries). Saw multiple (3+) other orders come out wrong.Also, it just feels older and not as clean as other places. Kids enjoyed the food, and the staff were polite.

Review №28

Had not been to a Wendy's in Years And my family decided to try out their 4 for $4 menu- a great deal! We were pleasantly suprised...the service was great! We had to wait a bit for our food but it came out hot and fresh!!! We will go back again for sure!!!

Review №29

Service was bad and I managed to get food poisoning. Quality from this restaurant has really taken a nosedive, which is disappointing because this use to be a good place to eat.

Review №30

They have amazing lemonade

Review №31

I asked for my meal to be made fresh. Meaning a nice hot juicy burger. Hot and crispy fries. Hot and crispy chicken nuggets. None of it was appetizing. My granddaughters didn't even finish their nuggets!!! And they love nuggets. The patty on my jr. burger didn't even look like real meat. The patty was pale, like it sat in water or was steamed instead of actually cooked on a stove. I don't think I will be going back for a while.

Review №32

I got a different burger then I ordered

Review №33

They were really nice and polite, but they gave me a small fry instead of a large and didnt ask me if I wanted it to go so I didnt get a bag.

Review №34

Had a horrible experience!!!! Went through the drive-thru and the drinks were terrible. The CO2 needed to be changed. I went inside two different times to get new sodas. When I told them they needed to change their Co2, they looked at me like I was stupid. I went back to the car, then checked my bag to make sure I had the correct food. NOPE! Go back inside a third time to get my order corrected. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and they gave me a grilled chicken wrap instead. The staff wasn't apologetic. I won't be coming back to this location. The employees need training in customer service.

Review №35

I got my food quick and the staff was nice

Review №36

The location seemed like staff was managed by average hourly employees and lacked a real management staff. Wait time was beyond normal fast food delivery. Cleanliness of the indoor dining was subpar.

Review №37

The slowest service I have experienced in recent memory. Friendly staff and very accommodating, but something is not working well behind the front counter. More than 25 minutes from arrival to receiving my take out order. And the order did not include any special requests.

Review №38

I will not eat there

Review №39

I wouldnt even give 1 star if i didnt have to. I went in at 8:30pm and was going there for the 1.99 kids meal they have but after i finished my order and paid i realized the kids meal was $4 so i asked why it was $4 because the sign said a dollar 99 kids menus after 4 p.m. he then asked the manager who turned his head and said its only 4 to 8 and then turned back around and walked away none of the signs say anything about 8 p.m. and instead of being a manager he just avoided the situation. The service was extremely poor and slow the food was okay I guess but the fries were cold and the cashier was putting them in the package with no gloves on after he had been touching everybody's money at the cash register gross

Review №40

Yummy Chili drink machine is out of order though.

Review №41

Best service. The staff was friendly the food was good .

Review №42

Arguably one of the best burgers I experienced as far fast food franchises go.

Review №43

The food was good, but how can a manager let them run out of diet coke at 1pm on a Friday...

Review №44

After preparing my food for dine in they sent my food on the counter without a tray and it's sat there for about 7 minutes.

Review №45

Feb 17, 2019No toilet paper in the restroom. No soap in the restroom. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to eat here and not think about that. I guess I'm glad that I use the bathroom before I went to go to buy food. I wish they would wash their hands and maybe have toilet paper in the bathroom.... good GodAlways love Wendy's. Fresh burgers, good french fries. The shakes are awesome, they have good salads that my mom even likes. They have chicken, baked potatoes, a fairly extensive menu really for a fast food place. It's my first choice if I want a hamburger, unfortunately ours went out of business years ago.

Review №46

Food is always good and fairly timely, but I think they need better employee training... or better hiring. Always polite, but often dumb as a rock.

Review №47

Forgot part of our order but staff was nice

Review №48

This place is a disaster. It needs a turn over badly; new management, new employees , and better training. I understand it's a Saturday and its lunch hour so of course its busy. But what have went on today I'd be embarrassed to work there. Food not being served on trays instead they sit the food on bags and had several food orders laying on counters for at least the 6 minutes I waited in line. All left to get cold and all the orders needed were frys. What's sad is the manager was at the fry station. They were mixing people orders up and instead of throwing the orders out that were messed up they gave them right back out to the drive through !. Employees in the back were touching chicken nuggets with their hands and no gloves on! I honestly cant believe it. How Is this place in business? Is this place family owned or corporate? The lady that is the manager on duty today just let this place run down the drain. The lobby looked horrible I had to clean off my table before I could even eat. Then I go to use the restroom and there is no tissue!!! You all should be ashamed of yourself.

Review №49

Went thru the drive thru this evening. Was very nice staff. Very friendly

Review №50

Decent food, good value, very un-warm, un-inviting dining room

Review №51

Very quiet and comfortable lobby. Recommend for anyone needing a sit down fast food place for lunch.

Review №52

It was delicious

Review №53

Great customer service and the food was fantastic!

Review №54

Somewhat slow service and seems to ALWAYS be busy, but then again most things on Prospect are. However, my order has never been wrong so I'll give them 4 stars for that.

Review №55

Been a long time to see a neat and clean Wendy's. One employee was cleaning right after patrons left.

Review №56

Overall good service and clean. Not the fastest, but still a good place for a meal

Review №57

Worst Wendy's in the area. Service is always horribly slow so I stopped going to this one for years. I thought I'd try it again, ordered the same thing I always order from the Urbana location (one of their salads). After a ridiculous long wait, I received my order and noticed I was charged full price (which I ordered) but only given a half portion. When I asked to speak to the manager to ask for a refund, she said instead she'd just give me a free salad next time I came in, which I accepted since I was in a hurry. She wrote on my receipt and I left. About an hour later I ended up with food poisoning, clearly from the salad. I went back to talk to the manager again, explaining how the salad made me sick and wanted a refund, expecting a FULL refund. The manager offered no apology, just opened the draw and gave me $2 (barely the price difference between the two sizes) and walked away. Stay away from this place, it's always had a bad reputation and it has not gotten any better.

Review №58

I didn't think it possible to get everything in my order wrong. instead of getting my sandwich without onions it was plain. I recieved fries instead of a baked potato. didnt receive my Frosty. and how are they out of Coke? just a bad day for them I suppose.

Review №59

I go here often. This time was particularly bad. Aside from having bad service, cold food, being asked by an employee to get up so they could clean the chairs, they were completely out of all coke products on a Saturday at lunch time. It seems like this store goes down hill every so often and gets really bad, then they will bring in a fixer and it is fantastic again....for a little while. Health inspector may want to check it out.

Review №60

Don't go here. Find a wet loaf of bread on the side of the road and eat that before you go here. They'd probably give you that instead of what you ordered anyway.

Review №61

Came to Wendy's tonight for dinner I order food for me and my kids. My kids got there food but I had to go back through to get my food because they forget it. Got some of my food they still forgot my fries.

Review №62

Gave me a root beer that was clear, no syrup. Nicely pointed it out. Girl working window told me "it's root beer." DMV has better customer service.

Review №63

We waited 10 min for our order of 2 baked potatoes and then they told us it would be another 45 min. we asked for our money back it was ridiculous and irresponsible and that was at 7:00pm so no sense for that at all

Review №64

It wasn't the best Wendy's I've been to but it wasn't the worst either.

Review №65

Service is fast and accurate. I usually use coupons when I go to Wendy's and this location always knows how to process them. At the other locations it usually takes 5 minutes and 3 employees to figure out how to process the coupons. Can't beat the Jr. Bacon cheeseburger. The soda fountain is usually not working optimally though. It's usually either out of ice or the syrup to water mix isn't right.

Review №66

Staff was friendly and service was ok, it was busy, but it was if you inconvenienced them I was in the drive through and asked for ketchup and was told they different have any.really?

Review №67

The door handles were so dirty I didnt want to order food because I'd have to use my hands to eat my food

Review №68

Delicious food and fast service.

Review №69

Excellent service quality food

Review №70

Staff was on top of things. Clean.

Review №71

It's hard to write an original review of a Wendy's since it's, you know, a Wendy's but this one is good with great service. I don't know that anyone has ever decided to go to Wendy's based off a Google review but here we are

Review №72

Very friendly! Clean and easy access. Worth driving the extra two blocks off the interstate past a couple other places for the helpful and friendly service.

Review №73

Yummy food and fast service!

Review №74

Easily the worst and slowest fast food service in Champaign. Waited 5 min for my order to be taken and another 5 for the guy to take my money. Meanwhile there is a line of 3 cars behind me and he still hasn't taken any of their order. This has happened the last 3 times I came to this location and I will never do business here again. The management here should be ashamed.

Review №75

For the price the jbc meal is a surprisingly good value. You can't beat $5 for a meal and since the burger is smaller than the regular burgers I consider it diet food. As for that location, they have never screwed up an order, they have always been good with the customers, it's clean and the coke machine rocks.

Review №76

It's good but please stop playing country music

Review №77

Great food fast service

Review №78

Good food. Wendy's has the best chicken nuggets of the fast food restaurants in my opinion!

Review №79

We go in everytime because the drive thru is usually busy or inaccurate, but the inside is just as bad. Poor management, staff sitting in dining room,or playing around behind the counter,rude when they finally do take your order, and the soda machine is always out of soda!

Review №80

Good food and customer service

Review №81

Food is always good and service is always quick but this employee that took my order was so rude name of the employee (erica)

Review №82

Yes came to get the buy one spicy chicken sandwich get one free and everything was fresh the manager is very friendly and made sure I was a happy customer when I left I gave 5 stars because every time I go my food is always fresh.

Review №83

I love their frosties

Review №84

Great customer service and food is fantastic as always

Review №85

Love the food, always fresh and so that's definitely something to consider. Everybody loves their Wendy's so be patient, because that JBC is wicked fine. The employees there are all really great and always make it a pleasure.

Review №86

It's pretty good fast food. I don't always eat Wendy's but when I do I'm never disappointed.

Review №87

Contr mysic and god vurger

Review №88

This is my favorite fast food restaurant. I go here whenever I don't want to spend too much money, but still have good food

Review №89

Food pretty good

Review №90

I give it one more star for the new salads. The are as good as some sit down restaurants for a less money. I always liked the Frosteys. Everything else is okay.

Review №91

The staff here is slower than, well, anyone who isn't on drugs or hungover. Never in my life have I ever had to wait 15 minutes in a drive thru line when only two other people were ahead of me. That was insane.

Review №92

Food was timely and fresh. Customer service had suggestions, it was a positive experience.

Review №93

Food nice and fresh

Review №94

I watched as the employee in the back was handling all the food, without gloves. Chicken, fries, burgers. And not one employee or manager told him to put gloves on.

Review №95

That double stack four for four was good

Review №96

Tonight the drive through was extremely slow. Eventually got my food. Order was correct and hot.

Review №97

They have great burgers...but these poor guys always seem to be short staffed!!! Hopefully that'll change soon!!!

Review №98

We stopped for something quick on our trip and the drive through was slower than ever! There was one girl working it seemed like.

Review №99

NEGATIVE 100 STARSObvious they hire the usual open mouth breathers who barley speak English ( mubbling ghetto speak) and all move slower than glaciers. I hope the franchise owner understands just how awful this branch is.I understand good help is hard to find but these 3-toed sloths that work there have got to go. Hire Mexicans or Asians already.BTW.....The drive up window service is the crown jewel in this operation!!Stay away from this den of morons.

Review №100

Place is just OK. Woman behind counter was not friendly. Food came up fast enough and seemed to be warm enough. Dining room could have been cleaner. Men's room could have been much cleaner. Fair value for price paid.

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:2033 N Prospect Ave, Champaign, IL 61822, United States
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  • Phone:+1 217-355-9484
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–12AM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–12AM
  • Friday:6:30AM–12AM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–12AM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–12AM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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