2110 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85224, United States
Review №1

The food is good, but they have lessened the meat on their sandwiches. And they have increase their prices and have not updated the drive-thru menu. I was shocked to find out the two beef and Cheddar's, fries and a drink with $15...

Review №2

Wow, the boss was there working on the front line on a Saturday. As a worker I respected a boss that worked with me. The food, it's the best

Review №3

Mediocre food with mediocre service and waited a good 25min for it, but honestly I wasn't expecting anything great I was in an Arby's for Christ sakes I am clearly not making good choices in my life.Covid19, please take me in your sweet and sensual imbrace, so I may drift blissfully into violent coughing fits, burning hot fever, literally drowning in my own fluids and the inevitable cardiac arrest. 5 star service boys and girls

Review №4

This is a really good Arby's. Everything is always fresh. Management staff is always in a good mood and very attentive.IF YOU HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF BY OTHER ARBY'S LOCATIONS BE SURE TO GIVE THIS ONE A TRY. It's worth it.

Review №5

Between the readily available coupons and the “menu specials” there's almost always a deal to be had here. We've been to this location dozens of times and never had a complaint or any kind of negative experience. Staff is always polite, store is always clean, food is always good. What else can you ask for?

Review №6

We've been eating here about once a week for the last couple of months. We have not had a bad sandwich yet. Polite staff and quick turn around.

Review №7

I liked Arby's. Brisket Sandwich Curly Fries. 2 Arby's. Beef with Cheese. Sprite, Coke. Everything was great. Nice Staff.

Review №8

The Greek and Turkey pita are good. The pita is a little too thick for me.

Review №9

Staff was friendly and nice. They were great! Their was almost no meat in the smokehouse combo and reuben, and the 2 beef and cheddars. Went there because they bring the meats but no meat was there. I spent $40 that I could've spent $20 for at McDonald's. I recommend going to the the alma school and queen creek location because there's at least meat in your sandwiches. Had to remove bread and make 2 sandwiches 1 to equal 1 sandwich. If I could call my credit card company and say I was robbed, I would.

Review №10

I am so sorry but my Rueben had no thousand island on it, and no extra in the bag. WHY? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. PLEASE GIVE OUT THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING, AND AT LEAST PUT SOME ON THE RUEBEN

Review №11

Good food service not great

Review №12

I went to claim the free gyro after I played the Arby's game.. to be honest it tasted very well, and I wished I clicked a picture.. very friendly staff

Review №13

This one is pretty clean and nice staff

Review №14

I love Arby's market fresh sandwiches and the kids meals for the kids Fast. Easy. Healthier options than other fast food.

Review №15

Oh my God, Sandwiches are Delicious, Thank you and Great Service.

Review №16

Had a coupon. Prices still kinda high. But I wanted a drink. Great food. Something new. Tried the (-G)yros! Had 1 Roast beef, one Greek. With arby's sauce? Mmm-mmmmmm!!

Review №17

I went in last week and I had to Greet the crew...They weren't very friendly. I thought it was strange.. then again today, same. No sense of urgency. The store was nice and clean. The food was good. I will return again. No real complaint. I just want to see if they actually smile.

Review №18

I placed my order. I didn't get my drink so I had to ask for it. Then I had to ask for a lid and straw. I got my order and the food was decent. I had to go back to the front and ask for the rootbeer float that I didn't get. They gave it to me with no soon or straw to drink it with and it was coke not rootbeer. While I was there another customer came up and had a hair in the food. The lobby was also extremely dirty. The other employees were talking about the manager and how his order was wrong and laughed about it. They didn't care about who was around.

Review №19

Horrible customer service. One of our sandwiches was wrong. Gave me very little a ajou sauces. Asked for ketchup and arby sauce they just gave us Arby's sauce oh and as well are large fries was only filled up halfway. Was going to talk to the manager until I saw his attitude as well when the worker went up to him. Smh in all honesty they should be ashamed of themselves.

Review №20

Mozzarella sticks were kinda old tasting but other than that over all was great.

Review №21

Arby's has always done a top job with their service.

Review №22

Ordered beef and cheddar, after I got meal, no cheddar!!!! Fries stale!!! Shocked soda was drinkable....

Review №23

Ok, it isn't a fish place and I had a fish sandwich... not a good play. Keep to the roast beef and maybe you'll do better.

Review №24

I've gone to this location for years. A few months ago I had a really bad experience with an employee and swore I was never going back. Today when I decided to go give them another try, the woman at the ddrive thru was super nice, told me I would need to pull up and wait a few minutes because I got a large family meal. I ended up having to wait longer than expected but when she brought out my meal she had a free chocolate shake for me to apologize for the longer wait. The food was good the food was great. Thanks

Review №25

Could have been presented better

Review №26

Went through the drive thru and service was quick and food was delicious, I'll return

Review №27

Food tasted good, shakes taste great, however we went thru drive thru and ordered one size beef n cheddars and got the smaller size. Then charged two different shake prices, but got the same... so just a little indifferent. Talked to the main manager and she offered to make it right! This is only why they get 3 stars. Our return visit will determine the loss of stars or gain

Review №28

The sandwich is bigger than McDonald's, but the lettuce in the sandwich needs to go sour taste. You should keep it simple tarter, fish and cheese. Presentation was aweful obviously workers either too busy or not happy.

Review №29

Convenient. Tight by our house.

Review №30

Great service and great food

Review №31

Terrible customer service from a woman named celeste i asked for extra arby sauce "she said only 1 per sandwhich" i said ok may i get 1 for each of my potatoe cakes bc i do not use ketchup she said NO only for sandwhiches. I said fine i do not wish to purchases the potatoes cakes. She then proceeds to have an attitude an say would u b happy if i gave u 6 extra. I said i only need 2 1 for each potatoe cake. Like really this current world situation got ppl in a bad funk.. then she brought my order out to me and handed it to me with an attitude. Like wow. I hope no one elses has to deal with what i had to.

Review №32

Food is good, but I usually try to have a coupon whenever I come. I like the regular roast beef sandwiches and sliders. The fish sandwiches used to be better, but they are still good. Love the curly fries.

Review №33

Friendly crew, order was quick and correct and the tables at least appeared cleaned.

Review №34

Service is aways friendly and quick.Food is always fresh. They have the meats!

Review №35

Would have been 5 stars but cashier/shift lead seemed to have an attitude with me.

Review №36

They get the orders right... And don't worry about the time as other restaurants do and nice too with a smile...

Review №37

Forgot parts of the order. Other than that it was okay

Review №38

We enjoyed our meal very well. We don't go to Arby's often but it's usually pretty good when we do.

Review №39

Very good service. Friendly and courteous.

Review №40

Great service & wonderful food! This time I went through the "Drive-thru" and as always, AMAZING!

Review №41

Quick drive through but good hot food still.

Review №42

Quick service. Staff was nicer than your typical fast food restaurant!

Review №43

Great food great service only in drive thru from young lady Celeste! Very polite! I have noticed inside is very clean in evening! I will not do lunch too much ppl!! But front girl with attitude and biting her nails should be doing dishes!! Always get excellenct service, accurate orders, and well-prepared food here. Celeste is awesome. Always get excellenct service, accurate orders, and well-prepared food here. Celeste is awesome. The young man in back making sandwiches is amazing he rocks!!

Review №44

Good food good value. Was hungry but didn't want anything heavy. They had two fish sandwiches for $5.00. Ordered two made one sandwich. Good food good value. Plus one of the managers was from Georgia and that's where I just moved from.

Review №45

I always enjoy the food but the prices have gone up higher than my blood pressure.

Review №46

What can I say their food says it all I LOVE Arbys

Review №47

Never had or will have an problem at Arby's. Food just keep getting better

Review №48

Trevor was working the drive thru and was very nice and friendly! Great service and my food was great.

Review №49

The staff is always pleasant and the food is good.

Review №50

Great food great service only in drive thru from young lady Celeste! Very polite! I have noticed inside is very clean in evening! I will not do lunch too much ppl!! But front girl with attitude and biting her nails should be doing dishes!! The young man in back making sandwiches is amazing he rocks!!

Review №51

I normally do not dine in at fast food restaurants. I am glad I did this time. The food was fresh and they marked down the price on a large order just for the heck of it and gave us drinks on the house.

Review №52

Great roast beef sandwiches..must have arby sauce

Review №53

Had the traditional style Gyros. It was great as usual. My secret diet sin is Arby's apple turnovers.

Review №54

Great jalapenos sliders and now Hawaiian sliders too. The best of the fast food places.

Review №55

Typical Arbys food. I like the cheese stix.

Review №56

I often use coupons and get the "2 for $7 deal" on the double beef sandwiches, love it that they load it up so high with sliced beef

Review №57

Always get excellenct service, accurate orders, and well-prepared food here. Celeste is awesome

Review №58

Roast beef was dry and crumbly. It was so dry they couldn't even slice it.

Review №59

Good food good service clean store clean bathroom stocked ketchup and arby sauce no complaints

Review №60

I love their Italians with curly fries and the diet dr. Pepper diet keeps the pounds off and I love the taste of the Italian good food

Review №61

Expensive without coupons, and not sure of nutritional quality, but I like the dipped beef,not so much any of the deserts. Also outside lights were off so almost did not stop at the place.

Review №62

Got a coupon for a free birthday sandwich. Had not been in this location in a long time. For fast food place, interior was updated and very clean. Sandwich was good, curly fries a must. Recommend.

Review №63

Just decent comfort food, if I could I would go there every day

Review №64

When going back to street my car found potholes. was told this may be self storage and anazon trucks parjed in lot, but i was trying to get to street without going accross highway to get home. may skip going to all the businesses. apple pie desert tasted like plastic.

Review №65

Not one of those places where you rush to revisit. Really under staffed which causes confusion and long wait times. Should not be that hard to make a beef and cheddar sandwich!

Review №66

The beer braised beef sandwich was very good.

Review №67

The server was really good! Very concerned with providing excellent service. I enjoyed my meal and will probably go back again.

Review №68

Used to love this location but am officially turned off. Was the worst cashier experience I've ever had. Walked in the door with my family of 5 and she quickly glanced over her shoulder at us with her back to us and proceeded to write whatever she was writing. Stood right in front of her at the counter with her back still turned mind you there was 3 children with us so it's not like we were super quiet and she didnt notice us. Ignored us again and walked over to the fryer and went right back to her paperwork. We talked about a coke float amongst ourselves and that's when she finally turned around and acknowledged us only to say there soda machine was out of order, fyi the soda machine worked fine just were out of coke. Which means 5 less drinks were sold which would have been more money in Arby's pocket. Then said what can I get you? Still no greeting or smile. We placed our rather large order and got no confirmation back about what we ordered. Once our food was ready we quickly discovered that we had 4 bacon beef n' cheddars when we only wanted 2. Which could have been avoided if our order was repeated back to us. All in all Briana is a terrible cashier. The only good thing was the food.

Review №69

Defenatly the cleanest restaurant in been in ever. Friendly staff and the food was good.

Review №70

Always like the classic roast beef sandwich.

Review №71

They usually manage to mess up our order. This time our order was correct, however, we got charged for someone else's. They did refund us, but honestly, I don't have much faith in the next time.

Review №72

Very nice people. Good food. Wish i could say the portions were big but its all weighed out. Expect to pay $10-15 per person conservatively. J. ;-)

Review №73

I love there Italian sandwich. And there roast beef .

Review №74

Their Italian sub is delicious

Review №75

I love Arbys...

Review №76

Good food and great service! Highly recommended place

Review №77

Great location and cool atmosphere.Food quality was great.

Review №78

The GM is very friendly. She took the time to listen to my 5 year old son who loves Arby's and wanted to tell her about it. He can be very long winded and she didn't seem annoyed at all and didn't rush him. She made him feel like his opinion really mattered and treated him like a real customer. I was very impressed.

Review №79

Arby's... they have the meat... for sandwiches. LOL Very good service, good food.

Review №80

I waited 50 minutes for my order when I was the only customer in the dining area and there were 4 employees!

Review №81

The curly fries were very greasy. The atmosphere wasnt so hot because they were cleaning the floors with bleach during operating hours. It smelled bad. The regular roast beef sandwich was very tasty.

Review №82

They have the slowest service! I was so disappointed sitting there waiting too long for some simple sandwiches. There were a few of us waiting in the drive through, and the speed just didn't seem right to me. Way too slow

Review №83

Love the gyros and the salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. To die for!

Review №84


Review №85

Good roast beef and onions rings

Review №86

Very reasonable pricewise!!

Review №87

I love the sliders they have there! The buffalo ones ESPECIALLY! The restaurant itself is a bit older but the food was great. (EDIT: THESE PEOPLE DIDNT ANSWER THE DRIVE THRU @ 7:25PM N THEY CLOSED AT 9:00PM. THERE WAS NO NOTICE THAT THE DRIVE THRU WAS CLOSED, BROKEN, ETC..)

Review №88

Good food, horrible management. My favorite lady of 14 years apparently was fired from this place! Will loose a bunch of the people that come to this location just for service from people like her!

Review №89

Get the roast beef with cheddar, curly fries and Arby sauce. Yummy!

Review №90

Sliders are bomb! So good! Customer service was very good. Great food!

Review №91

Had the loaded Italian good but a little pricey

Review №92

Besides the Beef and Cheddar, Arby's has a real good Italian Sub. I've had it a number of times and never disappointed. They put a lot of ingredients on it. Good tasting.

Review №93

Good place for a quick RB sandwich on the run.

Review №94

Food was delicious. Arbys is always expensive. However there sauce is amazing. Service was pretty good. However they seemed under staffed. No sauce in the sauce pump machine. It's pretty clean inside.

Review №95

Average place to eat. We went through drive thru and was at a good place. The employee was friendly.

Review №96

Large drive thru order was correct and I did not get any attitude from the drive thru attendant. We'll be back.

Review №97

Good food but high prices

Review №98

I have to say first off that the food was really good, the problem was the A/C was out, the poor workers were very hot and uncomfortable. The bathrooms are terrible, old outdated and tiles falling off the walls

Review №99

The 2 for 5 special right now is very delicious the especially the fish is the very good and the service was excellent.

Review №100

Like always very good.

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