AJs Fine Foods
7131 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226, United States
Review №1

So happy with the bakery!! Katie made my cake for me, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Couldn't have asked for more! ️

Review №2

Why is it that simply walking in here puts me in a good mood? Maybe it's that the entrance is basically where the flowers are. You walk in and smell the fresh flowers and plants. The selection of beautiful produce and fancy groceries is excellent. AJs has a decent deli, a nice beer and wine section, and you can purchase your beverage and enjoy it right there for a small fee. I don't buy a whole lot here because it's more expensive than other grocery stores, but the variety is worth the trip and occasional splurge.

Review №3

This is a spectacle of culinary glory! I just love going to this store! Great service and nice selection of products. They also have a Bistro, Bakery, Sushi Corner, and Pizza Department. The bakery also offers drinks as well such as coffees, teas, lemonades, sodas, and much more! Specialty pizzas are the bomb! Zach is a great pizza chef and always has a new specialty pizza to try! The sushi is also excellent and tastes like sushi you would get at a high end restaurant! There is an abundance of baked goods, warm meals, and sides that are all very fresh! Great cashiers too such as Mita and Noah!However I would recommend changing the Greek Pasta salad recipe because it tastes really odd.But regardless this is an excellent store with tons to offer! Always can't wait to come!

Review №4

Great grocery store, pretty high end and fancy! I've never actually shopped in the store but I have gotten foods from the deli and bakery area and I love it. They have the most beautiful desserts!! If you have kids watch out, cause they're gonna want everything! There's also hot soups, a salad bar, hot food, sushi area, etc Nice place to grab a quick lunch.

Review №5

Great selection of good quality meats, wines & their Deli is also top notch! their rotisserie chicken is outstanding! If a bottle of $665 wine is your thing, well they have that too! 0.0

Review №6

It can be pricey, but the deli, bakery n meat/seafood is definitely quality food. Also, thier pizza by the slice is absolutely worth trying.

Review №7

What a great store!! Lots of great variety, wonderfill meats, bakery, and a deli. Loved browsing all the great selections

Review №8

Nice humidor, decent selection. Foods are of high quality, always fresh. Helpful associates as well. Always a pleasure!

Review №9

Been a customer for many years. I love the quality of foods available. Friendly and warm employees especially at this location. When in doubt about any product or need a recommendation to pair up food itemsl with or without wines. They are outstanding when it comes to customer service and care. Spills or broken items I seen tooken care of in a timely fashion matter, they give you endless assistance even if your asking a bit too much questions about a product. If they don't know for an item in question they don't give you any false information and they always had lete know if they don't have an answer they don't hesitate to get someone else or a store manager for me. They value their customers and needs so that enjoy their shopping time or if they need anything for the best experience you need from birthdays to the holidays I know I can always count on this store at this location in chandler. And they are so much better then the service I had in Scottsdale. So since I started off going to the Chandler location I'm sticking to that location even if I have a but of a drive. It's worth it going to that location and being treated with respect and not being treated rudely. If you absolutely love AJ's and want full courtesy with respect I suggest this location to the fullest. Job well done to all the employees and the people who hired them. I can't express enough GRATITUDE for them going through any limits to appreciate their customers.

Review №10

It's been a while since we were here. Good place, quite a selection. Fresh food cooked inside and the bakery looked oh my goodness.

Review №11

Love this store so much! Great meats, wines and cheeses! The staff is so super friendly. Also, a GREAT place to find unique gifts!

Review №12

Store was clean, orderly and stocked with everything I went for. Unfortunately, I experienced car troubles in the parking lot when I went to leave. However, there was a very nice employee who came to check on me and my sister numerous times to ensure we were OK and safe, and even offered up his vehicle to jump start ours. Thank you, sir. Great place, great products, and an even better staff.

Review №13

AJs has delicious pizza by the slice, and Greek salad vegetables. Once had their s'mores specialty pizza. Blew my son away, haha. Friendly staff always willing to help.

Review №14

Bought lunch at the deli and sat outside by the fountain... good pizza... the price for the Prime Rib was high but good food over all...

Review №15

If you havent tried Ajs out, I highly recommend you do asap!

Review №16

I love this gourmet grocery store. Want to find that upscale item or impress your guests or family with great food and treats, come to am AJs. Try their Alaskan King Crab Legs. Yummm.

Review №17

Helpful employees, great grocery selections and very clean store.

Review №18

Lori in the floral department is awesome! She worked within the budget I provided and created two beautiful bouquets and boutonnières for the wedding. The flowers were a great match to the Pinterest ideas I shared and surpassed my expectations! We had so many people comment on the bouquets and we told them all where to find you. Thank you Lori and team for making my brother and sister in law so happy on their wonderful day!

Review №19

Tuyet in the sushi area makes the best spider rolls. Amazing!!

Review №20

I love the butcher shop ... produce... and flowers. Pricey but great for specific items

Review №21

Nice place. Why not add some outlets for power.

Review №22

Stopped for lunch, as always, delicious food, great variety and wonderful customer service. I will definitely be returning.

Review №23

Great selection, premium products, great customer service. Also have an excellent bakery, bistro, pizza department, and butcher corner.

Review №24

Very nice selections. Also a great place to pick up something for lunch, like Sushi

Review №25

Always a pleasure to shop at AJ's. Great groceries, fantastic service!

Review №26

Went for bagels this morning for the first time. I honestly think it's the best bagel I've ever had. I'm coming back to try their cooked breakfast soon. While I was there I snapped a picture of their yummy candy.

Review №27

This is the best place to grocery shop. Customer service still matters and they understand that. The staff was great! The selection was very good too. It's also an Arizona company so consider shopping here first!

Review №28

Grill on the patio makes the best food. Try it, lots of options and well priced. You're welcome..

Review №29

Love this store and location Ray Rd in Chandler! You have to try the pizza! Pizza Chef Zach is awesome and makes the best pizzas! They are wood fired brick oven pizzas made to order. The meat lovers is so good with high quality sausage, chunks of real ham and bacon! The meats are so good and lean. Also tried the spinach pizza and the white pizza. Absolutely loved them all. Chef Zach does an amazing job, love the crust and seasoning. This is real pizza! Trust me you will love it!Love the bakery too, the Cannoli Cake is so yummy!And they now have chocolate dipped cannolis!Napoleon is awesome too!The customer service is top notch and a gentleman at this store named Noah who works cashier, stocking and other areas at this store is so courteous and polite! He always goes out of his way to assist you and always has a smile on his face!Wish every store I went to had people like him working there!Update: I had to go back for more pizza!Chef Zach is very creative and makes great pizzas.The dough and crust is awesome and these are hand tossed pizzas. Crust is perfect not too thin and not too thick. Recently had the Italian Beef Pizza that tasted like a Portillo Beef Sandwich with giardenara peppers. It was so good! Also tried the Chicken Pesto and Artichoke pizza- yum!My husband gets just a pepperoni and sausage but it's so much better than the greasy stuff out there because AJs uses high quality meats!Chef Zach also made an Apple Pie pizza and we tried a slice of that too. Wow!!!! It tasted like a rustic apple pie and it was real light and not too sweet! We loved it!

Review №30

While I appreciate all your employees wearing masks for my safety, despite most of its customers that could care less about theirs. It doesn't really help when every single employee in the meat department are not wearing there's. I'll see you when this is ACTUALLY over.

Review №31

Love this store...finally got my Saucy Susan

Review №32

Great place for fresh food.

Review №33

Really good place to find gourmet ingredients. But pricey

Review №34

First let me say this was one of my favorite stores. I shop here at least once a week ,to much my wife's dismay. I love the meat cheese wine choices. I love the bakery selections and deli salads. But today that changed. I went in to the store to order steaks because the meat sale is going on and the quality of the meat I find is excellent. So I ask if I can order and pay head for 60 steaks and the lady said yes. Then one of the men. Opened his pie hole as though he heard the conversation and says well the meat sale will be over then. And I said I am paying now and then he tells her call a manager. Only thing I can say very bad customer service. My wife hates the fact that I spend hundreds of dollars a month there. I think I will be the rethinking my meat purchases and go back to Costco it's cheaper and no BS. Very ️.I want to up date this and let everyone know the manager called the next day and made it right. His name I believe was Cody and it was very appreciated and I will continue to shop here. I like the store so I amGlad they called me and made it right . Thanks AJ's for making it tight.

Review №35

Nice and chill day e under the sided area and the restrooms are very clean and neat. Oh my, I didn't expect the sushi place inside deliciousness...

Review №36

The patio grill is excellent!

Review №37

Love aj's. one of the nicer ones

Review №38

A great place to find uniquely rare items and regular items. Also no other store have I been to that feels like you are walking into a staged department store in the homeowner section. Great experience.

Review №39

I like the outdoor patio area for a quick lunch or sometimes just for coffee in the morning. The coffee itself us not that great although they have a range of coffee products. But the choice of food items make up for this deficiency. In winter, they provide outdoor heaters so it is pleasant to sit for a few minutes after lunch. In summer, it is less pleasant for obvious reasons.

Review №40

AJ's is simply a great store. Best Meat Market, fantastic Produce and great selection.

Review №41

So I used to go here all the time! I have never bought anything from here besides Tea and their to go meals! But you can get their 32 oz iced teas for $1.50 (plus tax) that's soooo inexpensive for tea. And there are so many flavors and you can get an orange in them. Their cookies are wonderful and super chewy! I recommend their butter cookie! Ah so good! Their breakfast burritos are super good too! Everything else for their actual store is out of my price range but one I'll be able to afford all their stuff so I might actually grocery shop there!

Review №42

Staff placed my items in cart after paying. No less than 3 steps out door a jar rolls from AJ's shopping bag onto concrete sidewalk and breaks. Explained what happened to same person who had just taken my money no less than two minutes earlier. No courtesy, had to re-purchase same item.Terrible customer service !

Review №43

Enjoying the pumpkin muffins and the patio!

Review №44

Very good food & someone always there to help

Review №45

The best of most everything.

Review №46

A little congested but 5 for the best cake in town.

Review №47

Never enough people working the deli counter. At least 4 people left the area due to no employee to scoop the eggs.

Review №48

This AJ's Fine Foods is located in a rather fancy plaza. You feel like you are in Italy or something. This place is owned by Basha's. You will get an upscale shopping experience and things are kept very tidy. They also have a great bakery.

Review №49

An elegant store/supermarket. It has bakery inside. Beautiful seatings outside. Fancy decoration.

Review №50

Love love love this store !! They have all the top notch items ! Love coming here to grab a dinner to go as they offer nightly meals that are amazing ! They also have a great salad bar and soups to grab and sit out on the patio and enjoy !

Review №51

What a treasure. Go to place for culinary pampering.

Review №52

Wow! Beautiful store. Fresh meats and seafood. High end groceries . Beautiful produce department with many choices. They even have micro greens. I'll shop here again when my bank account recovers from the first trip. Staff were very helpful. This isn't your typical grocery store . Keep an open mind .

Review №53

Besides loving everything about A J's I was not aware they had a cigar humidor. What else can you ask for. Their liquor selection is GREAT so now you can pair the liquor with a cigar on the spot. Love it

Review №54

Ordered food at the counter today and Desiree went above and beyond assisting me! Thank you!

Review №55

I won't discuss the taste of their cakes , it's beyond discussion . I called twice before I head to that store to make sure that my twins birthday cake will be delivered on an exact day and they said sure !! and when I got there to make the order they told me no and the manager didn't help

Review №56

Walked in to the bakery to order a cake at lunch time and they were slammed. To my surprise I was still helped instantly with a warm smile. Ordered the birthday cake double layer for my daughters 8th birthday. Was able to customize the frosting to pink for no additional charge. It was AMAZING will always order my cakes from here. I tried the tiramisu cake for my sons birthday which was also 10/10.

Review №57

Excellent high quality food and the high prices match the high quality. Its total worth it to me. I have been going here for years for specialty foods or to treat myself.

Review №58

Do NOT go to their bakery! I've given it several chances and each time I was very disappointed. From stale eclairs to this final disappointment.Looking on line at their cakes, I called in and ordered a birthday cake. A variation of their berries and cream cake. I verified the cake had whipped cream frosting and the spelling for the Birthday greeting. When I picked up the cake, it was a plain white brick with about 8 extremely sad looking strawberries on top. The berries were bruised, dented, barely orange not even red, with green tops and very old looking leaves. I almost missed the greeting, as it wasn't written on the cake, but on a white ribbon with gold writing draped across the cake. I was floored! I was told since,I didn't specify to decorate the cake, they didn't do it. I asked,what else one is suppose to add to "I want a birthday cake" to get an edging or a flower or anything! Just a white brick! I made them take off the dead strawberries and write on the cake.The manager seemed to see what I was talking about. You go to a gourmet bakery for a special cake, and they don't even decorate it!! The bakery manager, on the hand, kept saying "Well, you just said write happy birthday." I asked, what else does one say to get a birthday cake that looks like a birthday cake. I told them both to walk into any grocery store and ask for what I did and you will get a beautifully decorated cake.The manager charge me half price for the white brick. Which was a very nice gesture. The strawberries and "cream" cake had very few strawberries in it. Several pieces served had no strawberries at all! The "whippy" frosting tastes like whipped lard and sugar. I haven't had a cake this bland and tasteless in years. That was it's last chance. I will ignore the beautiful LOOKING desserts, because they only look good. I suggest you do the same.

Review №59

Awesome I Love this place

Review №60

Highly recommend this location. I was being indecisive at the bakery and the young gal who was helping me was so sweet and patient. Then went and had sushi made by Tuyet N. and she was extremely helpful even though I was indecisive as usual. She was super friendly and had great positive energy that made my sushi experience truly amazing. I had better service eating sushi here than at high end sushi restaurants that cost more. Truly recommend this location. Please come see Tuyet for your sushi needs. She's so sweet and accommodating. Would give this experience 10 stars if I could.

Review №61

Take the sale signs down when dates end..... flower section rocks

Review №62

Absolutely our favorite place

Review №63

Always enjoy shopping here. Unique variety in every department. Service is Top Shelf.Sharon, the Cellar Master , notifys me when AJ's has purchased small barrel/single barrel batches of premium bourbons and other liquors that limited in supply and normally in high demand. Appreciate her service and AJ's standards in customer service.

Review №64

Great produce and meat but it is expensive....

Review №65

Go for their lunch they load up your plate with lots of food worth the price I got the meal: chicken fried steak with 2 sides green beans and beer battered mushrooms. They change the options every day!

Review №66

My go to place for Friday night charcuterie!

Review №67

Always like this place especially when cooler mornings for sitting out front with my coffee and donut....great selection in their Bakery to choose from.

Review №68

I love this store on the side of the bakery. Everyone working there is super sweet. Love getting fresh meals there! However, every time I check out on the grocery side, something weird happens. I brought my mom in for dessert while she was visiting for Christmas recently and the cashier looked at her and said "My birthday is on 9/11. That's why I'm so screwed up." I'm not the most politically correct person in the world, but is this really how someone should be speaking to customers and not something I want said to my family. NOOOOPE. The bakery side of the store is so normal.. But every time I check out through a regular line, I am almost always uncomfortable with the young men working there.

Review №69

This is our favorite grocery store in tempe. They have a great bakery with an amazing selection of cakes. Groceries are top quality and have great selection of local and organic produce. This is a premium shop and expect to shell out more on your regular stuff

Review №70

Very clean and neat, a wonderful variety of foods.

Review №71

Clean inviting environment. Beautiful selections at the meat, bakery, deli counters. Even the floral department is a joy to visit. Don't miss out on the best grocery shopping experience possible.

Review №72

Great pastry selection

Review №73

Love the fruit tart

Review №74

Good muffins and coffee. Also relaxing to sit outside at the tables. Also good pizza.

Review №75

I bought a rib eye steak today and it was the worst steak I have ever eaten in my life%. It was so tough and was cooked on the grilll. I didn't:t marinate it as thought it would never need it. It was one of your sale steaks. You folks should be ashamed of yourself. All your employees should take one home and try to chew it. You will looses your teeth. It was terrible. It should receive 0 stars.

Review №76

Way overpriced, limited selections. Wish Fry's or a Safeway would replace it. Natural Grocers down the street much better option. Plus all the produce at Natural Grocers is organic and reasonably priced.

Review №77

Always excellent

Review №78

While checking out there was a lovely display of Easter holiday gifts. There was one I thought my daughter might like. I took my phone out to take a picture of it to send to my wife to make sure she had not already gotten it. As I am getting my phone up the guy at the register literally blocks me and says “we don't allow photos in the store - it's a policy.” I looked at him like he had to be kidding as it's 2018 and this is how the world communicates. I asked if he was serious and he dead face went “yes. It's a policy.” Can you imagine the lost business. Do you know how often when shopping I'm like “do you want this one or this one.” Apparently not @ AJs! Top Secret cookie displays and price we don't want leaked! Truly. That might be the silliest policy ever. Makes you wonder what they don't want people mocking them online for....Prices?

Review №79

Always my favorite. I miss Mr. Basha.

Review №80

A little bit dark inside.

Review №81

Love love love this market. A little pricey but worth it. Food is all good. Some of the best meat in town. And their deli section is to die for.

Review №82

Very friendly staff and amazing food options. The bakery is spectacular! The beer selection is fabulous.

Review №83

AJ's Fine Food is known as a popular gourmet food market which is located at Casa Paloma open air shopping mall. This is a place where one can buy ready made food, pastries, cakes, fresh sandwiches, all kinds of drinks, the supermarket stuff, news magazines and much more. At times they have a barbecue service in the outdoor area where people sit and enjoy their food and relax. This may not be a place that people go every day but it is a fun place to go, to meet friends, and to have a bite or a coffee and enjoy.

Review №84

Great meat counter and selection of food and drinks. I love the produce section also

Review №85

Great selection overall, the one thing I will say is that I would recommend that the bar staff (breakfast/bakery/lunch, etc) wear gloves (maybe nose/mouth nets) when getting food for customers. Outside of that no issues.

Review №86

Always so yummy. Great spot but a little pricey!

Review №87

I was impressed withVanessa and BrettThey were so nice and kind and friendlyBig smilesThank you

Review №88


Review №89

One of my fave grocery stores in Chandler. Love their blackberry jasmine ice tea and all their little goodies. Their current manager is awesome. They'd get five stars if some of their workers weren't so grumpy.

Review №90

Excellent gourmet foods selection and quality. A little pricey on some mainstream items but they have good specials

Review №91

Try the warm chocolate chunk s located on the top of the glass bakery counter... decadently amazing!!!

Review №92

AJ's live-up to its name as purveyor of fine food. From bakery goods to fresh and high grade meat products. I always go to buy my grocery products.

Review №93

Outrageously Passionate About All Health. The Previous "BayLess" Chain Of Grocery Stores, Survives Another Terrific Upgrade; Becoming Mr. AJ's. However, Nothing Has Been Sacrificed...Thus, Very Well Rounded.

Review №94

Love the teas and the salads and the specialty dishes they sometimes make! Beautiful location. Eat outside!

Review №95

It was my favorite place to have a coffee after lunch. Todday I bought fresh fruit cheesecake and coffee. Unfortunately, my cheesecake looked good but tasted not fresh: the top layer tasted like the resin. Very disappointing.

Review №96

Always the best quality food and wines! I come here several times a year to pick up specialty items and I always get a Turk ducken!

Review №97

This place is overpriced and has HORRIBLE customer service. Don't waste your time and/or money. If I could've given it 0 stars I would've.

Review №98

I come here almost every morning for the breakfast burritos. Always ready to grab and go if you're in a hurry. On another note, they have a great selection of meats ranging from USDA choice, to Prime. One of the few areas in the valley aside from a local butcher that carries the quality of meat.

Review №99

Remember their meat scandal? Where they lied about the source and overpriced the really crap meat? Well, I am pretty sure this is happening with their produce and fish. Our 'fresh salmon' was given to us completely frozen and we could not eat it that evening. Bought a few potatoes, all destroyed inside. The onions? Not even edible. Two of them, not just one. So gross.

Review №100

Interesting store.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:7131 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226, United States
  • Site:http://www.ajsfinefoods.com/
  • Phone:+1 480-705-0011
  • Bakery
  • Gourmet grocery store
  • Butcher shop
  • Caterer
  • Deli
  • Florist
  • Liquor store
  • Produce market
  • Seafood market
  • Wine store
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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