Bosa Donuts
4015 S Arizona Ave #1, Chandler, AZ 85248, United States
Review №1

Doughnuts are great, but coffee is not so good and breakfast sandwich is just ok.

Review №2

Bought a Thai Tea and a good inch from the top was empty. Have been to 6 other Bosas that dont do this, Its always filled up to the top. Rep claimed that's how she was taught. No regular chocolate glazed donuts so I bought a regular glazed and it is stale. Will not be coming back

Review №3

Good donuts and they remember us. Only reason they didn't get there 5th star is because they won't put 4 dozen donut holes in a box. The bag isn't big enough and they have to smash them in. Not employee's fault; it's the owners direction. The staff is super friendly. Could use a little more glaze but that's a personal preference. We go every Sunday after church. It's a family tradition we have had with the kids forever.

Review №4

I love coming here for they're sandwiches and donuts and the manager is really nice and timely but when she's not there the customer service quality drops a few stars. I said thank you to the girl that made my sandwich and all I got was a dirty look with no acknowledgement. I'd get it if it was busy but I was the only customer so that's why I gave it 3 stars. Sorry Bosa

Review №5

More epic yummyness. Always @bosa donut. Nice post it notes on viewing glass of donuts. Lol nice ! Excellent sandwiches & smoothies. If you are thinking of eating here? Just DO IT!!!

Review №6

We just spent $23 all in for 2 breakfast sandwiches that were absolutely disgusting!!! They never follow instructions. Absolutely no flavor at all! Management needs to do something at the AZ Ave location or they will lose business. I called and the kid that answered the phone, didn't have a care in the world at all!!! This happened last week but we decided to give them a second try. Waste of money and they wouldn't even refund! Disappointing to say the least!!!

Review №7

Never been here b4. Was suggested by a friend and we were not dissapointed.

Review №8

Fresh every morning, had a breakfast sandwich...was a little plain without sauce. We were in a hurry, so next time I will take time to add it or ask the options to add to the sausage, egg croissant.

Review №9

Great deals on donuts and good taste. Kids ask for every week

Review №10

Donuts and coffee 7 days a week, and i've never had a bad visit!! they're consistently awesome!

Review №11

Very good donuts at reasonable prices. The apple fritter is phenomenal, and the buttermilk donut is dialed in.

Review №12

Very nice cashier. Excellent donuts.

Review №13

I've never had such an issue with Bosa. I normally love their food. Just got home and open my breakfast sandwich to see a large sandwich bun with a half a slice of ham and a slice of cheese, for $5 and not close to my ham and egg on a bagel. I called just to make make them aware and I was hung up on twice. I will not be going back to this this specific Bosa again.

Review №14

Great donuts! I set them down at work and 5 minutes later they were all gone! I think my guys liked them as well!

Review №15

Best doughnuts around. We visit this place weekly. They are fast and friendly!

Review №16

The donuts are so good but the place need a good cleaning i wouldn't eat inside the sitting area

Review №17

Service was ok..... THE WORST THAI ICED TEA I HAVE EVER HAD! I mean it will make you gag! I don't know if the tea was old or what because they gave me warm mushy boba too that melted in my drink. I'm horrified I paid $6 for this..... will never support these people again.

Review №18

Love the donuts! BUT it seems every time we go to get our favorite donuts they're always out. Most of the time we end up getting something else, they're good to but everyone's favorite is mine too.

Review №19

Staffs is rude and very lazy. See them talking in the back and leaving the booths and table so dirty with crumbles.

Review №20

Of all the Bosa's I've been to in the east valley this is by far the best! Friendly crew even when they are busy and we can sit inside!

Review №21

Donuts are always fresh and very good.Clean building.

Review №22

Great donuts and lightning fast service. They are setup very well for social distance with lines makes on the floor and barriers and the cashier wiping down pens and in a mask. Only improvement would be to have the rest of the staff in masks too.

Review №23

Good donuts great staff

Review №24

The service was to my liking. They gave what I asked for with a nice attitude.

Review №25

Clean, courteous, awesome selection of pastries and drinks. They take coupons also.

Review №26

Been coming here ever since it opened. The owner, she's so pleasant and is incredible at remembering faces. I'll always come here for the service and prices. The freshness counts.

Review №27

Freshest donuts around. Made in house daily!! That chain from Massachusetts don't do that! Anyhoot, I like the buttermilk bars and the donut holes. As the sign says, please don't tap on the glass. Donuts are fragile and scare easily.

Review №28

Great donuts, decent coffee, and pretty quick

Review №29

Very large, well run franchise.

Review №30

Friendly service and delicious doughnuts.

Review №31

Friendly staff, great selection.

Review №32

Good donuts.. need more donut holes

Review №33

Love Boston donuts

Review №34

Got a free half dozen donuts with a coupon and purchase of a dozen, at the time their selection was limited but I was there in the afternoon, I recommend it

Review №35

Good coffee, great donuts

Review №36

I love Bosa Donuts! We get them at work every so often. It is a little bit of a team building thing. Good food brings people together! We normally get a wide range of donut types. Their Apple fritters are awesome!!

Review №37

Delicious fresh donuts and great coffee. Very reasonably priced too!

Review №38

Love the donuts here. Pretty nice size and an unbeatable price.

Review №39

Awesome if you like donuts this is the spot!

Review №40

Best doughnuts in Arizona. Our server Jessica was super nice and funny. The Thai Ice Tea was awsone.

Review №41

Soggy donuts and customer service representative was in a hurry

Review №42

These donuts are literally AMAZING! One bite and you can never go back to regular donuts!

Review №43

Im not sure if all Bosa makes their donuts the same way, but this location is far my favorite! Great customer service!

Review №44

There's a reason they are always opening up a new location... when it comes to donuts Bosa is the best in the valley! You'll never find any other brand of donuts in our office.

Review №45

The donuts are ok. Being a fairly local place I was expecting really great donuts but they really taste pretty much similar to what you would get in a grocery store bakery. The decor was kind of old feeling.

Review №46

Birthday boy wants get him Bosa!!

Review №47

If you are ever in Arizona and you want the best glazed buttermilk doughnut in the u.s. you get it here. Haven't found a better buttermilk doughnut anywhere. A close second is Lehi bakery in Utah.

Review №48

Good selection for the timer of night and a little scary for a person to work there alone at night

Review №49

Awesome place you have to go there to find out enjoy

Review №50

The very best donuts ever!!!! They are perfect

Review №51

What can you say? Decadent donuts! The best around. This is a convenient location. Lots of parking. You can sit inside, boba teas and other drinks, roomy, clean. Super friendly staff here.

Review №52

They have amazing breakfast food and coffee! Got the iced coffee with vanilla and it was just perfect. I highly recommend the croissant with ham and cheese. Staff is very friendly.

Review №53

Mmmm good!

Review №54

Our family's favorite donuts! They have great coffee as well! Good seating inside for a quick sit down.

Review №55

Love me some bosa... always fresh

Review №56

This place has the best doughnuts and wonderful employees. I have no idea how they can keep smiling after an afternoon of the Hamilton brats streaming in from across the street!

Review №57

It smells sooooo good when you walk into the door there is just tooo much to choose from

Review №58

The donuts and smoothies there are too good to be true. I wish I could have a Bosa Donuts at my home

Review №59

This place has a modern industrial design and the service is fast. They have value prices with great customer service. Plenty of seating to enjoy your donut or boba smoothie!

Review №60

Treat your coworkers. Best doughnuts in PHX area.

Review №61

Beat around. Service could be nicer. But it's the doughnuts that count right?

Review №62

Our favorite donut shop , the apple fritter is amazing !!!

Review №63

Who doesn't love bosa!! Always a crowd but worth the wait in line.

Review №64

We've been to Bosa 3 times this week on our visit to AZ! So good! Donuts, croissants and bagels are all great.

Review №65

Donuts are ok and there is a fair assortment to pick from. But nothing the other donut house don't offer. Looks clean, the help is friendly enough. The prices are too high for what they give you.

Review №66

Not bad but they used to be great.

Review №67

Got a nice coupon so came in with it - Awesome help in the morning and awesome food, 5 star Donut joint

Review №68

Breakfast croissants are awesome and the service is also awesome!

Review №69

Different kinds of donuts made there. Smoothies and coffee drinks.

Review №70

My personal favorite is the coffee. Donuts are great but the donut holes will have you addicted. Great tasting donuts and a lot of flavors too. They have a larger location and cleaner than our local Dunkin Donuts and they have better variety. Service is pretty fast.

Review №71

My daughter and I enjoyed a coffee, good donut, and a tasty breakfast sandwich on a buttery croissant.

Review №72

Love Bosa. Going to really miss it as I'm on a diet.

Review №73

Bosa is always our first choice for donuts. I think I've bought from almost every location in the east valley and I've never been disappointed. Always friendly help and a great selection of donuts no matter what time the craving hits.

Review №74

Even though it's advertised as “24/7 go-to for donuts...” they ARE NOT open 24/7. It's 1am on a Sunday night & I just drove all the way there to find they are CLOSED!

Review №75

Stale doughnuts! "Best doughnuts in AZ" is a bold statement and it was far from the best!

Review №76

I love this Donut Shop. Great people, friendly smiles, always ready to serve. Love the coffee as well!

Review №77

Donuts are great. Service at Ocotillo location sucks, but the Val Vista location is great

Review №78

Friday morning 7:30 in the morning line out the door everybody ordering two dozen at a time donuts are delicious coffee is good breakfast sandwiches leave something to be desired go for the donuts a+

Review №79

Love Bosas donuts!

Review №80

I walked 6.41 miles today for a Bosa donut, because they're that good. This morning, I purchased a diverse array of the sweet deep-fried treats to go. When I arrived home, I portioned each donut into several bite sized segments, so everyone could get a sampling.The apple fritter was crispy on the outside with a fluffy interior. Probably the best I've had. The bear-claw was off the chain, with an apple filling. The cinnamon rolls were large, and were pretty good, but the tractor wheel ones were unbelievable.After completing my tasting course, I estimated the consumed calories to be approx 800, so I set off of a journey to burn it off. A 6.41 mile jog/walk took care of my little indiscretion, plus a a smidge more. I don't get sweet treats often, and Bosa was well worth it.

Review №81

Honestly the best donuts, a little expensive but worth it. I worked at Bashas - not a tidy bakery.

Review №82

Good doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches.

Review №83

Great service, plenty to choose from.

Review №84

I don't get why people like this place. The donuts are greasy and taste kind of burnt. It's not horrible, just not good. If you are in a difficult situation and need donuts, it is better than WinCo, about the same as QuikTrip, and no where as good as Basha's.

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Review №86

The gentleman who served me was very friendly and outgoing. My wife love the donut holes along with excellent customer service you can't beat that!

Review №87

With coupons from the mail, it is a good deal for a dozen and a half donuts.

Review №88

These donuts are old. Who ever is giving this place 5 stars is lying. I'm tired of bringing my kids here only to get these sweaty, 2 day old donuts. Highly disappointed. I do not recommend this place!

Review №89

Donuts are great but the donut holes will have you addicted. I try to buy them every Monday for my employees and they can't stop eating them. My personal favorite is the coffee. There are some bad reviews on it but if you like a good black coffee, can't go wrong. Even late at night I'll stop for one. I'm a Starbucks fan but sometimes I want an old fashioned regular brewed coffee.

Review №90

Great place for donuts and coffee. Staff is super. Selection of donuts is unbelievable.

Review №91

My kids love bosa donuts they are fresh when we go in the morning

Review №92

Fast, friendly & ready to assist customers. The place could do with better cleaning/up-keep, though.

Review №93

Fantastic donuts and staff.

Review №94

The best donuts!!

Review №95

Very busy but still gave top notch service. Large selection of donuts that are outstanding and priced right. Enjoy

Review №96

Good donuts and coffee. Great service.

Review №97

Best sour donuts ever! The others are also very fresh and taste great!

Review №98

Amazing & Fresh! Please check out the Groupon. If your like me you're always looking for a great deal.

Review №99

Clean, good selection of donuts and other items. We always get a small coffee and old fashion unglazed donut.

Review №100

Good donuts and locally owned business.

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