Chompies Restaurant, Deli, and Bakery
3481 W Frye Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226, United States
Review №1

Another amazing meal at my favorite New York restaurant, deli and bakery in AZ. This time I chowed down on the most amazing Yummy Stuffed French Toast!!! It was so delicious. The outside was so delicately crispy and the middle so creamy. Oh and don't forget to get EXTRA whipped cream. To take home I got an order of the fabulous potato salad and a bowl of vegan pea soup. I'm still not convinced that there isn't some ham in there 'cause it sure taste like it!!! It is THAT good. Joy was a joy as always (THANK know what for [check the eyebrows and the head nod]). So yummy!!! Make it your destination.

Review №2

I was with my mom taking her to her appointment and we were a little early. It was after lunch so we were hungry and needed to find a place to eat. Chompie's Restaurant happened bro be just around the corner. The moment we walked in I felt like I was living back east.As far as the food, it was delicious! The presentation was exceptional and the portions were very generous! The bottom line, the next time I'm in the area I would definitely visit this establishment again!

Review №3

Food. Excellent, management was quick to assist in service. Great place to experience New York style in Arizona. Tell all my friends and people visiting Arizona. I Work at the airport. Steve M

Review №4

Good job at social distancing and cleaning. Also have an outdoor patio. Food always delicious and great service

Review №5

Best traditional NY deli style pastrami and bakery goods you will find in the East Valley.

Review №6

AMAZING PEOPLE , amazing service and food! To top it all off, the very nice lady, I think her name is "Debra?" She seemed to be the boss for swing shift on Saterday. Gave myself and boyfrind free cookies in light of this being my first time there.THANK YOU FOR THIS DELIGHTFUL VISIT.

Review №7

There is a reason they were on Man vs Food. Incredible bakery! Flavorful meat in their amazing sliders! A must try

Review №8

Wedding CookiesNeed I say anything else? Just go!They have other yummy stuff but I can't get past their wedding cookies.

Review №9

Unfortunately I was unable to put 0 stars but......WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED .Sarah seemed to have multiple personalities exotically near the tip. All of a sudden she seemed to have been very happy near the end and trying to be nice , which she was trying to hard. In the beginning she was being very rude throwing Straws talking sarcastically and talking rudely , and on top of it Sarah never came back with the our change . In fact she just left and we never saw her again . Food is 2 stars service is -5 . Over all one of the worst places to go if you want good service

Review №10

The staff was amazing , my first time there. They provided a great customer experience. I got the pastrami sandwich, one of the best I've ever had. The meat will seasoned just right and plenty of it. I had to get a half a sandwich, because a whole sandwich would be just too much to eat in one meal. Plan to return to get another sandwich. French fries we're also very good. They had a ton of pastries and sweets to choose from. Recommend this place very much.

Review №11

I want to go back and try everything! The desert counter is remarkable! We got turkey and pastrami sandwiches. They are huge and so good. It is all about the meat there. It was great! The matzo ball soup was delicious.

Review №12

I usually like chomping not today. Waitress left us for way to long. No refills on drinks until finally after we were done. And chicken on salad was extra crunchy that could not eat. So sad to see service and food not up to usual standards.

Review №13

Great selection of just about everything. Snacking, dining, taking stuff home...there are plenty of options. Their low carb/ high protein bagels LOOK delicious, but if your thinking of taking a bag home...and have never tried a low carb and try one in the store. Definitely NOT for everyone's palette.

Review №14

The food is amazing I always had take out brought to me in the office. When I visited the location personally I was appalled by the cleanliness of the locations. This one is one of the cleaner options. I'm still concerned...

Review №15

Great food, authentic New York bagels. Italian cookies. Yummy

Review №16

Called at 315 pm and ordered one sandwich and two salads for pickup at 4 pm. Got there two minutes to four ...not ready. Sat outside for fifteen min..then has to go inside .still doing salads and told me dressing for asian salad not made um why do you have it on menu? Why didn't someone tell me? Had to wait 20 min for this order poor service clown car in there one responsible .this place sucks. Used to be good but has gone downhill. go to Scottsdale one..avoid this one at all costs

Review №17

Delicious breakfast and pastries for great prices!! Darryl I believe was our server today for breakfast and he was very kind and courteous. He made sure we had what we needed! I would definitely recommend this place!! Thank you Darryl for the great service!

Review №18

I worked there personally terrible new management. Night manager is sexist. Bugs everywhere. Cooks drop food and continue to cook it. New management flirts with health inspector to try and pass and still failed. Food is sub-par when made correctly. I feel bad for these customers they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. The only great people were the servers and the second in charge manager. Other than that terrible place. I will never go there EVER AGAIN. The woman running this store also runs the Scottsdale location so I will not be going to any of the other restaurants

Review №19

The food was fabulously delicious as always. I belive it was better than the scottsdale location. Our server was very nice, thank you chompies.

Review №20

The staff is friendly and greeted us right away. Great guest service and they have my favorite Lox bagel! I brought someone who had never been and the waitress talked him through the menu. Also she got us to go refills!

Review №21

Doylen was the cutest server ever. She was having a rough day but was still extremely productive and helpful.

Review №22

Ghost town and very reduced menu available!! Not all items listed online are available currently. I have posted the front and back of the current 1 page menu & Family style menu also. Food is still delicious, just not all that it used to be.

Review №23

I called in an order for curbside pickup at the Chandler location and was very disappointed. When I arrived I texted the number on the sign and got no response. After 10 minutes I went inside. There was no one around to help. Finally a waitress came around the corner and directed me to the deli area where I waited some more. Someone came over after a few minutes and my order was all wrong. I was charged for two sides of fries I did not order. Was also charged extra for a side that was part of the meal. My sandwich was missing the sauce that should have been included. I also ordered three cookies and they were not in my order. Overall terrible experience.

Review №24

For $9.80 I got 4 ya 4 rainbow cookies...seriously? And they tasted like they had been froze. Just saying....I'm from Brooklyn...we got fresh there.

Review №25

Best bagels in Phoenix. We tried other places, and they aren't even close. Food reminds me of New York. Yum!!!

Review №26

This was my first time at the Chompie's on Frye Road. I called ahead to get information on their Rosh Hashanah menu and was advised to place an order ahead of time to pick up on Saturday. I ordered a few items for pickup that day and also called an hour prior to going to the store Saturday to confirm my order would be ready. The woman I spoke with was rude on the phone and hurried me off the line. When I showed up to the restaurant I was told they did not have my order. An employee with blue hair came to the register and had a VERY bad attitude, she started reading me all of the orders they were preparing just to convey the point they did not receive my order. They were unable to make the cake I originally ordered but got together the rest of my order. I felt the need to leave this review because I was disappointed by the poor customer service in general at this location. The cashier was kind and apologized which is the reason why I am not giving this review 0 stars.Update: Management has addressed this issue and expressed sincere apologies for the poor customer service I received. The food is always good at Chompie's so do not let my review deter you from stopping by for something to eat.

Review №27

I love breakfast anytime. Well cooked, delicious home fries, wonderful bread. I'll definitely be back. Also nice to sit in booths inside and relax!

Review №28

Really good food. Big portion size sandwiches. Good variety. However. Cheese is extra(many different options of cheese). Biggest lunch for 1... With extras(sweet potato fries yum), soda, & tip $30.

Review №29

Great deli food. Excellent service. Save room for dessert!

Review №30

Great food. Sticky table. Hair in my Bloody Mary. I'm blonde and it was black, so no, it wasn't mine.

Review №31

This gem has some incredible and tasty menu options. Staff if prompt and friendly and the desserts are so delicious

Review №32

Disappointing. Ordered 2 individual turkey dinners as curbside pickup. Got home, no stuffing, no cranberry relish as advertised.

Review №33

We went there today at 2:00p.m. shift change .I don't know ,but we got the worst service ever ,waited to be seated , then we waited forever for our waiter, Finally got our drinks ,and waited for lunch menus ,after givin breakfast menu's, we have been going there for" years",there was no-one in the restaurant so that was not an excuse. We got up and left.Needless to say we were hungry and disappointed.

Review №34

Food was not as good as I remember. Service good. Coffee good. Food so so.

Review №35

Breakfast skin bagel great flavor. Fruit perfectly ripe. Staff is friendly and helpful. Will come back again.

Review №36

Chompies has all the foods that I grew up with and they're delicious.

Review №37

We ordered off the keto-friendly menu for pick-up. In the last few months, I've used a lot of curbside services and they have theirs set up really, really well. Best curbside experience! The low carb burgers were large and very tasty. The bread was pretty outstanding. It was a bit chewy, but very bread like in all other aspects.

Review №38

It's OK is perfect. The other locations I have been to are somehow better. I feel that at this location I'm always waiting a little longer for a table, the food comes much longer than expected (we waited 40 minutes for a sandwich and bowl of soup) and the crew is just less friendly...

Review №39

Food was good, sat in the back with a kid a few table down, he was yelling out at the top of his lungs, but we were done at that time so we left, staff was great.

Review №40

Great food wonderful staff and dining. Makes me feel like food from home, NY.

Review №41

Curbside pickup works fast and very safe.

Review №42

The food is always amazing! The Eggs Benedict is so delicious!

Review №43

Great food and service!

Review №44

Bill of fare is really tasteful,and very apealing, take out item from the bakery section was stale,but mgmt apoligized,and made good.

Review №45

The breakfasts here are phenomenal! Veggie cream cheese on a double-toasted bagel with the Baja Omelet, yum!

Review №46

Service was awesome food is always good and place is always clean but it was kinda warm inside needs AC adjustment

Review №47

1st time here, the waitress was great. The soup, pastrami sandwich with a miniature potato salad and a miniature cannoli came to $32 with tip! The sandwich with coleslaw was on the bottom so you could not pick it up because it was soggy. I will come back. No structure in the sandwich, but the flavor in the medium temperature soup was great.

Review №48

We were in the area and when we searched restaurants near us, this one came up. Sounded interesting, so we stopped in for a late lunch. When you first enter, there is a bakery sections that will make your mouth water! Lots of fresh baked goods to choose from! We actually purchased a banana nut loaf. We consumed it the following day. It was tasty, but I like my recipe better!

Review №49

Always amazed. Great food and service.

Review №50

It was not particularly busy this evening. We were seated by the kitchen. There was apparently some confusion over who's section we were in, because every server that went by for the next 10 minutes told us that someone would be right with us even though our server had already greeted us and taken our drink order, which wasn't a big deal, but was perhaps a sign of things to come. After taking our order, our server vanished. The promised pickles never materialized. It took about 45 minutes for our food to come out. My dinner included a salad to come out first, but it didn't arrive until I asked for it to be made "to go" for me because we were nearly done with dinner by the time our server returned to check on us. Eventually, someone stopped by to tell us that there was a problem of some kind in the kitchen with our dinner. I'm not sure who it was because he never introduced himself. Unfortunately, my companion's dinner was deep fried and was apparently sitting and waiting for mine, because his was very greasy and soggy. One of my sides was scorching hot and the other (mashed potatoes) was cold. The entree was one that I've enjoyed here before and it wasn't up to par, either. We ended up catching another server to get our tab because our server never returned, which also meant no drink refills during our dinner. Part of the tab was comped, which was nice, but both of our meals ended up being very disappointing, not to mention the fact that it took over 90 minutes to get our meal and pay our tab. On the plus side, I enjoyed my salad the next day and it was actually very good.

Review №51

Great food, great people, feels like Grandma's.

Review №52

Always great food, and I'll be happy to update this to 5 stars when things get back to normal, but please stop 'offering' curbside pickup if it's not available. I've ordered to-go 3 times, texted the number from the curbside pickup spot, and all 3 times have waited 15 minutes with no one coming outside and then had to go pick up my cold food from the counter.

Review №53

First time there and it was so great! They had keto bread and bagels. I had a breakfast sandwich on a keto bagel and I felt like it was a cheat meal, but totally within my net carbs! Very generous portions, especially on the kid's meals. My son is a bottomless pit, and I was shocked when he couldn't finish his meal.

Review №54

Awesome bagel selection, cream cheese, and the discount table of sweets was awesome. Friendly service

Review №55

Who doesn't love some Chompies?! The breakfast is filled with comfort food items. The sandwiches are huge! Two people couple easily split one of their sandwiches. The bagels are fantastic as are all the different smears. The pastries are hit or miss. Some I love. Others look better Thant why taste. Their freshly baked bread is always a hit. Take a loaf to go!

Review №56

I'm originally from the NY metropolitan area and Chompies takes me back with authentic Jewish deli foods and bakery. Love their pickles!

Review №57

Slow service here. No sense of urgency, not apologetic.

Review №58

We love the consistency of this restaurant. We will be back

Review №59

Finally a good bagel!! As an NJ transplant, it's impossible to beat these bagels!

Review №60

Best local discovery. Came here with my little brother because on Monday we go out to eat together and I must say, best random pick. The menu is huge. So much good stuff. We had a hard time choosing but we ordered breakfast. I had the early riser with corned beef hash. If there's corned beef hash on the menu, I order that; no matter what it is. Cooked to perfection with crispy edges on a fried egg between an everything bagel; delicious. My brother got the Baja omelette and it looked so good. I'm glad we came. Can't wait to stop by and try a sandwich.Don't forget to ask for some pickles!! 6/10 would recommend.Oh! Man vs Food filmed a challenge here so you know it's worth the visit.

Review №61

Great food and service. Excellent deli try it you will not be disappointed!

Review №62

Service is always great. I will say that i enjoyed The old menu better than the new oneHope they change it soon.

Review №63

Always love it. Key word ALWAYS.

Review №64

I purchased a breakfast sandwich and only received one piece of bacon. Pathetic. Even McDonald's gives you more bacon on their breakfast sandwiches.

Review №65

Chompies is so tasty. They have a great rewards program so every time you purchase use your cell phone number and you get points. I love their Cobb salad It is so good. And of course their bagels rock.

Review №66

Good food had the Sourdough Pattymelt with fries

Review №67

It was ok. The food wasn't as hot as it should have been. But we are in a strange time. So it was a bit awkward. I'm sure things will get better.

Review №68

Delicious! Great food. Great service. Great Lox.

Review №69

What can you say about Chompie's other than it is a GREAT place to eat. Have been going to both the Mesa and Awhatukee location for years and I live their offerings each and every time. You can't beat their lox and bagels and the Mimosa's arent' shabby either. NOM NOM NOM!

Review №70

Great portions. Service was ok. Taste was really good. Lots of food options.

Review №71

Darryl gave us great service to go along with good food

Review №72

Great food and Jackie is A super wait person.

Review №73

Great place to eat, as the menu is so varied. There is now Keto friendly items on the menu. Meat sandwiches are always piled high and are very tasty. Servers are friendly and personable. Plenty of dessert foods available for the asking.

Review №74

First time eating out in Arizona, was looking for a breakfast place,never heard of this place. Oh my GOODNESS. It was AMAZING. I got the champagne mimosa, wow, it was lovely. And while you're waiting, they bring you cake. Holy MOLY it was a scrumptious cake. I got the bobka coated french toast and shelled out bagels filled with egg and such. MONSTROUS servings I couldn't believe it. It was so delicious, I went to the bakery and had to bring some things home! Such a delight, the service was nice too. A great introduction to Arionza for me :) (Yes I know Chompies is from new york haha)

Review №75

Food is decent but the employees are lazy and rude. To me that makes or breaks the experience...and there are too many other restaurants with polite staff willing to help customers. Won't be returning, it's a shame.

Review №76

Service is horrible. Waiters take too long to even serve drinks at a time where the restaurant is empty.

Review №77

I was very impressed by the level of sanitation they are doing in between diners, even the walls! The food, as always, is great!

Review №78

Food is amazing, Service is Wonderful and Atmosphere is fun!The Corned Beef Hash is so darn good and authentic! Its like Im in the Bronx, minus the mugging on the subway!Our server, Lindsey is so sweet, makes us feel like family.The decor is fun and takes you back to NYC, with Wendy and Don welcoming to their dining table!Cannot wait tp come back for some fresh pickles, Corned Beef and a welcoming smile.

Review №79

Chompies is ALWAYS great! Grest food and staff! This was my first time trying chompies french toast and i loved the batter!

Review №80

Delicious, very friendly and nice staff!

Review №81

Great food. Jewish food. New York food. Great Greek salad. Black and white cookies, bagels, etc., etc.

Review №82

Best experience. Rivaled only by the food!!!!

Review №83

As usual, food was delicious. 4 stars because our drink service was slow. In fact, I was about to get my own refill from the bar. Otherwise, great time... ;)

Review №84

Terrible service tonight. Took over 45 min to get our food. Restaurant was half empty dont understand!!

Review №85

The food was very good. Possibly the best grilled cheese I've ever had. Reasonable prices and a massive selection, with a comprehensive deli counter as well as dinning area. The staff are friendly and attentive; a great choice for an informal meal.

Review №86

Kind of conflicted on this review of deli counter take-out. On one hand, cookies were fantastic. Got some of their fun, colorful butter cookies and their black and whites. We all enjoyed them. But the wait to order at the counter in the morning was more than 5 minutes. That's not a long time, but I was the only one there, and who can wait that long in the am? There was literally nobody at the counter. A server who noticed me had to go find someone. And the cookies are expensive. Delicious, but not convinced that it's worth the wait or price.

Review №87

This place is delicious! Good Service(shout out to Joy) the classic sliders are awesome! Make sure you order extra gravy. My new favorite in Phoenix!!!

Review №88

Very slow service, most of our groups order was incorrect. We received salt, pepper, jellies and others after most of our meal was completed.

Review №89

Excellent service. Our Waitress Dolyn was a joy. Finally got a good Rueben. Still needs more kraut.....less meat, more kraut and a HUGE dill pickle, just sayin'

Review №90

Great Grubhub service!

Review №91

Food was not very good. Had BLT sandwich and it was ok. Had chicken noodle soup. NO chicken, just broth, celery, carrots and a few noodles.

Review №92

As always the food is fresh and the matzo ball soup is healing.

Review №93

I've tried this location 2 times in the last year and each time it was the same experience. They're slow, unorganized and this time I actually saw the cook and server arguing over completing my order.Very unprofessional

Review №94

Great food, great service. We have visited 3 times and the experience is always good. We usually have sandwiches or the breakfast.

Review №95

Best authentic deli for sure!

Review №96

This place claims to be a New York deli. It's as close as we've found out here but it ain't no NY deli. Soup was cold and knish was greasy. However the pastrami was very good and my wife liked the bagel and lox.

Review №97

Everytime I come here it's a great experience. Food is amazing, service is great, and the atmosphere awesome

Review №98

Great surprise! Friendly service and great food, thank you! We will be back next time we're in the area.

Review №99

Our visit was a little iffy. Waitress was obviously untrained and overwhelmed. Soup was served cold! A real no no. Rye bread was stale. Impossible but true. Poor management. Food was good but service was very poor.

Review №100

Walking into Chompie's made me feel like I was walking into a deli in New York City. Being from the East Coast I've spent loads of time in NYC and this place feels it was plucked straight from the Bronx! The full size sandwiches are HUGE, I know how to pack it down and I only was able to eat half of one. I'm okay with that because I was able to savor the other half later, and it was delicious!

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  • Address:3481 W Frye Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226, United States
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  • Phone:+1 480-398-3008
  • Bakery
  • Bagel shop
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  • Deli
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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