Kneaders Bakery & Cafe
1090 W Queen Creek Rd, Chandler, AZ 85248, United States
Review №1

We love Kneaders. Of course there are those amazing desserts (eclairs, chocolate mousse cake, croissants of all kinds, and on and on) - and those amazing home made artisan breads, really good salads and sandwiches - but also they are great people. Lately we have gone in there quite a bit as my daughter is doing school online, and we are showing our house to sell. They have great WiFi, and we love to hang there while she does her school work.

Review №2

I love this place! I normally come to get lunch as their bacon avocado sandwich is the most delicious thing ever, but I always end up getting sooo many other things. They have cookies, and cupcakes and desserts and the cutest things that you can buy for your house and as gifts.I also love that they have breakfast and if you are wondering, their bacon is amazing!!

Review №3

Absolutely phenomenal!! Love everything they have bit my favorite has to be the Turkey Bacon Club!! Customer service at this location goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy and satisfied. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Review №4

One of their smoothies was so good that it reminded me of a smoothie that I normally get from Jamba Juice( my favorite place to get drinks) but it still had a stronger orange taste. I also got one of their cookies and it was soft and had a nice decor on top. I love their deserts and smoothies.

Review №5

Sarah is awesome! Great customer service with a smile. Delicious pastries! I had the breakfast combo with the American Omelet and oatmeal. They had no problem with adding brown sugar to it. My iced vanilla latte was delicious and quickly served. Clean and well lit place. I can't wait to return for the fresh baked goods and customer service!!

Review №6

The facility was clean, and the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Unfortunately the sandwich didn't impress me much. A couple of pieces of basil in a whole sandwich does not warrant having pesto in the name. I liked the way the chicken was crumbled. I just wish there was more.

Review №7

I placed an online order last week for curbside pickup. The order was supposed to be ready at 5:22pm.I texted the curbside number at 5:21 when I arrived, and the message stated the order would be out shortly.At 5:32 I called because it wasn't out yet, and the staff member said it would be right out. My order wasn't brought to my car until 5:50.I waited for almost thirty minutes for the curbside order to be brought out. I should have just gone through the drive through.When I first arrived, one couple left. It didn't look like anyone else went in or even went through the drive through the whole time I waited.I will not be returning to Kneaders.

Review №8

I decided on Kneaders to cater my wedding. It started off with bad communication, but they did right by me, got the order correct, delivered on time, and even gave us bonus chocolate chip cookies as a gift which were perfectly delicious. Great experience with Kneaders. Thank you!

Review №9

Great smoothies .. and a great meeting place for old friends. I love there cranberry turkey croissants!

Review №10

A much better version of Panera Bread. The salads and sandwiches are excellent - fresh and flavorful. Great service by folks that always smile and make you feel welcome. I use their catering services for business lunches, too. They are one of the best options I've provided my customers. I highly recommend this place!

Review №11

I went in there for the first time on Thursday. A young guy was behind the counter wearing gloves and he was just finishing up with an order. I ordered two sugar cookies and he took my cash, gave me my change and then went over and took my two cookies out of the case with the same gloves he was using to take peoples money. I understand mistakes happen, but manager and owners need to pay more attention to what their employees are doing because some young kids, not all, just don't care. Mistakes like these could easily cost someone their life.

Review №12

Love the chicken salad. Love sourdough sandwiches..Always busy for Breakfast ..very friendly

Review №13

I love Kneaders, the chicken ham and cheese is SO good, not to mention all their tasty treats. Staff is always friendly and atmosphere is great, highly recommended. UPDATE: I still love them, they deliver now so it's even better! I get them at least once a month. Thank you so much Kneaders!!!

Review №14

First time there & had to try the french toast! It's as good as the pics portray it! Love the caramel sauce to top it! I'm in heaven! Definitely a must try!

Review №15

They have amazing, high quality food here! The manager is always great to chat with and is very welcoming.

Review №16

A very basic menu item, very dry and bland. Then to top it off, it was smashed beyond recognition.

Review №17

Upon entering the door shut on my footToe is swollen stillThe soup not very goodGirl forgot my crousantsDidn't realize till I got home as it was, a take out order.Chicken salad sandwich was good.

Review №18

A bit unorganized the day before Thanksgiving. My order was wrong, I had to go back in to get it corrected.

Review №19

Tasty and healthy food. My family really enjoyed our food here. It looked great and tasted even better. Eventhough they advertise as a bakery their is much more on ther menu to be appreciated. We well definitely be returning to try more they have to offer.

Review №20

Not thrilled. Placed an online order and was told my food would be ready by 12:23. I texted when I arrived and gave my info and 4 mins later someone came out and asked for the same info I texted. Its now 1235 and I still have no food. Guess I'm going inside. Whats the point of curbside?

Review №21

Place is great. cake is a A+!! Sandwiches need a little something otherwise 4stars

Review №22

Excellent food, clean atmosphere and a very friendly staff

Review №23

Just love the coffee. If you're not had it you have to give it a try

Review №24

Just YUM! Granted, Ive only explored a couple things here but it is freaking delicious! And last time I went through the drive thru, already 4 or 5 cars deep & I was super surprised at how quickly I was able to order & get served without any compromise on the quality of the food! Even after driving back to work & getting back to my desk, everything was still warm & tasty. Highly recommend the fancy grilled cheese, tomato soup & roasted red pepper soup. Oh & the homemade croissants, oh geeze, they are soooo good! Everyone is super nice there & they have some really cute little impulse buy stuff inside. You can also get stuff gift wrapped after you buy it.Its just a home-style, "fast" but not too fast, comfy food kinda restaurant & I love it & highly recommend!If you enjoyed this review or found it helpful, please give it a LIKE!

Review №25

Umm yes please I love this place, it's cute, homey, and inviting, it's visually stimulating, and then best bread and desserts to indulgePlenty of seating and the little things for sale are a conversation started with anyone your standing next to if your social

Review №26

Love the atmosphere and fresh food.

Review №27

Loved it!! Had the Greek omelet and a chocolate croissant...yumyum

Review №28

First time going here and I was a wonderful experience. Everything is so cute !! It's dessert heaven !! So many options and they are too pretty to eat lol I would def be back . The food is delicious as well ️

Review №29

Great service and excellent sandwiches. A typical lunch goes for about $12. You will have to wait right next to the dessert display and you will be very tempted as the desserts excellent as well.

Review №30

Never really crowded, you should always have a chance to get in and out fairly quickly.The pastries are amazing and quite filling. Definitely great for a morning commute or an evening indulgence.Had the turkey, ham, and beef club. It was soooooo good! The bread was soft and the ingredients were fresh.Also, check out the specialty coffee drinks...pretty good!

Review №31

Had the pesto chicken panini for lunch the other day and loved it. Everything was fresh, flavorful, and well balanced. The bread really stood out to me, grilled to perfection.The staff here was wonderful. Positive, personable, kind, and attentive. The way they interact with one another shows an impressive amount of solidarity and camaraderie, something you don't see much of these days. Management is doing an admirable job of creating positive culture behind the counter, which translates to an excellent customer experience. I wish more businesses could figure it out.

Review №32

This good is healthy and awesome! Love this place!

Review №33

Love Kneaders & Love this location! I had their sourdough pancakes this morning .. they were amazing!! Perfect way to start my hectic day! Always greeted with a smile and great service!

Review №34

Irish stew was good as was the sandwich. Salad on the other hand had partially frozen lettuce on both..the first one and the replacement. We didn't have time to stay for any more substitutions so we just left. First time at this location.

Review №35

Very fresh ingredients. Amazing bread! Lots of selections to customize your meal. Desserts look like I won't be starting my diet anytime soon.

Review №36

First time. Bought a fresh country white bread. It was for a dinner with company. We all loved it. Will return.

Review №37

Always great food and friendly service

Review №38

Extremely slow service! Maybe 10 customers in the store but took over 30 minutes to get 2 orders of turkey, avocado, bacon sandwiches. Either they need to hire more people or figure out a way to get orders out more quickly!

Review №39

Really good soup and sandwiches. Pastries galore. Nice and quiet toward the end of the day.

Review №40

Good food, friendly staff.

Review №41

Great place to grab lunch or breakfast. Food made fresh. Desserts are amazing.

Review №42

Tasty, terrific food. Friendly employees. Very clean restaurant. Service was a bit slow, but totally justified (they were a little understaffed for a super busy lunch rush). Will definitely return for the Chicken Ala Mondo salad!

Review №43

I went for breakfast and got the bacon, egg, and cheese croissant which was very delicious. I've also ordered the Turkey avocado blt which is a really good anytime sandwich. The customer service was exceptional and my cashier, Kate, was amazing.

Review №44

The employees are always friendly and helpful. The food is always the same quality as the visit before, yummy and fairly priced.

Review №45

Great food including pastries and desserts. Their espresso machine has been broken for several weeks which is a bummer if you want a caffeinated drink besides normal drip coffee or tea. Hopefully it gets fixed or replaced soon.

Review №46

The chicken salad was bad, obviously too old.

Review №47

By far the best soup and sandwich shop in the area. Excellent brownies/pastries as well. Staff is extraordinarily nice too. I could not recommend this place enough!

Review №48

Food was great, carried out. Still...I ordered the take-out the day before, and I still had to wait 30 mins past the time I chose to pick up. It was the lunch hour, and I could tell they were understaffed. All in all, I'll be back but I'll order at the cashier next time

Review №49

Went there for a breakfast. Like the place. Food is good and the place is nice. Will do it again.

Review №50

Excellent fresh food! It seems a little pricey but well worth it. Ive never tasted anything I didn't like from Kneaders.

Review №51

Quick and friendly service! I love the fresh quality of food

Review №52

We went here for Saturday lunch located in ocotillo plaza. Ordered pesto chicken panini sandwich, iced latte, iced tea, fruit tarts, chicken salad croissant sandwich. My favorite was the fruit tarts and the iced drinks. Liked the interiors was very refreshing and bright. Croissant sandwich was good, pesto chicken sandwich could have been better. I will come back to try more of their other dessert baked items and sandwiches.

Review №53

I fell in love with Kneaders for breakfast, but their lunch is amazing! The turkey club is my absolute favorite sandwich. The line gets a little long around lunch time, but you get your food quickly. I will also mention that my picky eater loves the grilled cheese and French toast.P.s. the German chocolate brownie is to die for!We'll be back!#LFTHX #kneaderschandler #sandwiches

Review №54

Great food. Coffee could be better. Served way too hot and always tastes burned.

Review №55

I love the croissant sandwiches. And the chocolate domes are such a treat. I don't get there often enough to try other tempers on the menu. Also since I often have a dog in the car, I usually drive thru and not visually tempted!

Review №56

Great bakery with a large menu of tasty food. This was my first time to visit. I picked the cinnamon roll which was absolutely delicious. Their breakfast and lunch menu items look delicious and I will definitely be back for future visits.

Review №57

Pretty good service but the menu does not include the topping for the sandwhiches. But other than that the food was a 5 star quality and there were many options.

Review №58

Great food, gifts and people as always! I tried their eclairs today. Yummy!

Review №59

Great place to eat

Review №60

Only went here for Chandler cars and coffee event. I'll try the food next time then up my grade.

Review №61

I only got a cup of coffee during this visit. Coffee was good. I noticed the menu seemed a bit expensive for what they served.

Review №62

Super friendly young man. Suggested thier sweet pumkin bread which is amazing! I ordered the Thai Chicken Salad. I will definitely be going back

Review №63

Always a delight. Stellar service, with a smile. Love this place. Reminds me of my Southern and Midwest roots, a slice of home.

Review №64

Love the food...atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable bit expensive

Review №65

Communication, communication. Prices and available culinary offerings are not always posted. You have to ask for what you need/want.

Review №66

Awesome soups and they have a great selection of oatmeal.

Review №67

It was my first visit, but definitely not my last. From the time I stepped inside the staff was friendly, courteous and extremely helpful. Food was excellent.

Review №68

Good food and good selections

Review №69

And so sorry Panera, but this BLOWS it out of the water! I can definitely say Kneaders may be on the pricier side in comparison, but WELL worth it, and honestly, there isn't much of a comparison when the quality & flavor is outstanding of a difference! I copied the order requested for my companion pickup & had the turkey, bacon avocado on focaccia..

Review №70

Kneaders has the best service and delicious salads, especially the Thai Chicken salad. Not spicy at all. Desserts are great, too!!

Review №71

Delicious BLT with avocado

Review №72

Food was great and employees were friendly. Ordered the thai chicken salad fresh non-processed chicken was used.

Review №73

My Wife love there salads l like there sandwiches there dessert ar

Review №74

We love the super good Food and the Bread is Amaizing.Always nice to be there.

Review №75

Excellent bakery and awesome fresh salads and sandwhiches. Always enjoy trips to Kneaders

Review №76

Best pancakes and french toast ever.

Review №77

Awesome breads and a yummy chocolate fudge brownie!!!

Review №78

Love this place. Wonderful smells of the season.

Review №79

Moderately ok. Overpriced, but good sandwich. Cookies and pretzel sticks were lackluster.

Review №80

The Kneaders on Alma School and Queen Creek has the best customer service. The employees are very nice. Their food is awesome.

Review №81

Smells GREAT when you walk in the door. Service is fast, friendly and knowledgeable. Food tates so good it's amazing. I love this place. And did I mention the freebies?

Review №82

Nothing extraordinary. The eclair was stale.

Review №83

I am always on the hunt for good coffee so this is strictly a review on their coffee. I ordered a caramel macchiato and wow I immediately needed a visit to the dentist. I am so bummed by how incredibly sweet the drink was. I was only able to take one sip of it and it cost me almost 4$ to boot so it's safe to say I was so bummed by my first experience at this place. Awesome staff though, they were super friendly! I will try again, just not the sugar water coffee drinks

Review №84

Friendly service every time. The food is amazingly good & fresh. My go to is the Turkey Cranberry Sunflower salad but the Reuben is surprisingly yummy too. For breakfast, the Irish Oatmeal and Greek Omelet.

Review №85

Excellent food as always! Oatmeal with fruit was good. Croissant with bacon egg and cheese was great. Greek omelet also tasty.

Review №86

Always delicious!! Great sandwiches, salads, French toast and desserts. Go in for a salad and treat yourself to a chocolate bomb!!! Nice ambiance. You can also shop in their wonderful gift section and they can make you up a special gift with wrappings and all!

Review №87

Sandwiches and soup are great and the service from the employees are even better! If you are looking for a nice and quiet place to enjoy great food and a good talk then look no further!

Review №88

Tried a sandwich and drink here and it was amazingly fresh and delicious. Love coming here for the convenience, great service and yummy pastries and entrees they have. Never disappointed with my choice. Also love how they have a full service breakfast menu as well as a quick option as well.

Review №89

I recently moved and wanted to start getting to know where the places I normally eat are in my new area of Chandler. The service and quality of food has been consistently great every location I visit. Still love the breakfast options the best!!

Review №90

Great place! Awesome food and very friendly service. Also they have very healthy options.

Review №91

I love Kneaders and this location in particular. They are Lways so chipper and kind and want to help. I love their quality of their food and pastries. Also the little things they sell inside are so cute! I've been going here for over 6 months for lunch throughout the week and I highly recommend.

Review №92

Great food, I've been to a few locations though and it seems like their order process is too complicated for the employee or maybe they just don't receive enough training. The first time they told me they didn't think they had chicken salad even though it was clearly on the menu, this time they gave me a chicken cranberry sandwich that had almost no meat on it when I ordered chicken salad and she clearly repeated my order back to me...

Review №93

It's nice to have a bakery down the street. The baked goods are better than what you get from a grocery store. The food offerings are good. They use good products, but really don't know how to make an omelette. It's more of a scramble.

Review №94

We buy cookies from Kneader's every year for a fund raiser for PCH. 12 dozen. Always good. Work with us on price, as we give them away. Supportive staff, great location.

Review №95

Kneaders is always a stop for us whenever we're up in the Phoenix area from Sierra Vista! My husband and I just enjoyed the best Mexican Omelette we've ever had and their pastries and bread is unsurpassed! We just wish Kneaders would come to Sierra Vista or Ft. Huachuca!! Merry Christmas! ️

Review №96

Great food, timeliness, and customer service! Great for a quiet and tasty lunch date!

Review №97

Editing my original post of five stars because the employee today did such a poor job packing the brownies I ordered. I was not watching her pack and out of the 12 pieces only 6 were good. The rest she had just chucked the crumbling bits and pieces into the box. Sad to give a bad review because their food is tasty.

Review №98

Possibly my favorite place to eat in the valley. This locarion tends to be better than the one by the temple as if your not mormon there you get stared at like your a black man in a all white town. Extremely uncomfortable. I wasnt the only one to take notice.

Review №99

Used to like the desserts at Kneaders, but just paid $4.30 for the smallest size of cheesecake, the cake on display was bigger. Go to Cheesecake Factory for an adult size. No more Kneaders.

Review №100

As usual Kneaders was always good. Had to try salad with a great dressing. I'll be going back again soon.

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