Panera Bread
3991 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85248, United States
Review №1

Always friendly and greet you with a smile even in the drive thru. My sandwich orders are always made fresh. The soups are always delicious. Panera is my go-to when I'm hungry and need something in the right now.

Review №2

Ordered some food not even 20 minutes ago. We received some moldy bread, no big deal. We wanted to call and inform the manager so he could check his product for future customers. Not asking for a refund or even the food to be replaced. Instead of taking my word, he went on to say its just the flower on the bread, its how its baked. (It was green) he didn't seem to believe me, stating all our bread is baked fresh. Insinuating I must be making this up. In his approach to talking with me, he was extremely rude, and unprofessional. Whomever put this gentleman in charge I do sure you re-evaluate his performance.

Review №3

Decent average food. If you're in a hurry it's fine.

Review №4

EXCELLENT: service, food, location. Website: how come cinnamon roll 4-pack isn't listed?

Review №5

The food almost always tastes good, but about 50% of the time we have to correct something on one of our orders. The picture attached is a perfect representation of what to expect: you pay for avocado and get croutons with my particular salad automatically = here is your ONE bite of avocado, but we gave you the whole breadstick to make up for it!!

Review №6

Loving the Panera coffee subscription. Tasty coffee, good service, and whatever I have ordered from this location has been thumbs up so far.

Review №7

I think the food is just OK. But they have a smoking deal for an unlimited coffee subscription. The coffee was good as well.

Review №8

Love the aroma of freshly baked breads everyday.

Review №9

Great!! Always delicious food and kind staff.

Review №10

Ordered three egg and cheese bagels and one egg bacon and cheese bagel, all four had bacon which is a bonus unless you are vegetarian :(

Review №11

Great sandwiches and soups. U pick 2 is real easy.

Review №12

They have amazing breakfast food and coffee! I also got the iced coffee with vanilla and it was just perfect. I highly recommend their croissants with ham and cheese, and all their sandwiches are exceptional. Staff is very friendly too. Fantastic!

Review №13

Remove some of their best selling sandwiches offered

Review №14

There are very helpful to me.

Review №15

Just had a rush order for a box of coffee that I did not order ahead of time. Called while driving to location and expected a no. Not only did the manager on-duty say yes, but she was amazing. I added hot chocolate & cookies last minute and she never missed a beat. This was a serious rush and she was a total professional. That is the service that wins loyal customers for life. Thank you!!!

Review №16

A convenient and healthy option to fast food.

Review №17

Usually enjoy Panera.. but poor experience this time around has me thinking twice about heading back again. 4 cheese grilled cheese was a joke and they forgot my salad. Got all the way home before I found out. Luckily I called and they are mailing a voucher...

Review №18

The problem with this location is that if you complain every time you have bad service, you become the bad guy, I felt I was discriminated by this location perhaps they think they can give 2nd class service to hispanics and it will be ok, I'm very disappointed the way my complaint was managed.I regret not to go back because they have good food

Review №19

Dinner for 2 $20.00 including cookiesMy boyfriend and I decided to try curb side pick up.We ordered Pick 2Dave had Southwest chicken tortilla soup and 1/2 Fuiji Apple Chicken Salad that came with a French baguette. The soup was good, the salad with the apple chips were a hit . Dave is not a fan of apples.I ordered the Baja Mac & Cheese that was amazing. The pasta was just enough, the pesto,, tomatoes andavacado together was something I was not so sure of. YummmmmmmohhhhI had the Apple Chicken salad that was refreshing and light. I also got a French baguette .We added 2 cookiesOrdered online, added our time for pick up, got our order number and a link to let them know we had arrived .We arrived at 6:30pm, young lady brought it out and placed in our back seat.Nice job everyone!!We will back,Paula and Dave

Review №20

My friend liked her food, burger rare and side salad.

Review №21

This store is closer than the one on Gilbert but I usually go to the Gilbert store because I have never had a phone call answered or gotten a correct order at this store. Also, staff doesn't seem to know that breakfast is served until 11 on weekends. Good food but staff is somewhat questionable.

Review №22

They have a variety of ways one can order which include: at the restaurant through a cashier, at the restaurant through an electronic screen (where you place your order tapping the screen, pay and pick up a buzzer so the servers know where you are sitting), drive thru or order online and pick up (they have customers' food waiting in a bag for them in a separate section). So it's very convenient. Despite all of those options I've only used the cashier option and they were very friendly and patient.The pick two is a great deal and the portions are large. I had the chicken noodle soup which was wonderful and just what one needs when not feeling well. It's not too salty and not too bland. My favorite chicken soup in the area and it comes with a sliced baguette piece that is a good size. I like how the baguette is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside the way a baguette is supposed to be.The turkey chili however, was gross and I wish they'd alter this item or take it off the menu. It tasted like beans, ground turkey (very little turkey) in a cup of vinegar. I couldn't eat it and was not happy that I wasted one of my two items on the turkey chili.They have a lot of options for beverages including coffee, various hot and cold teas, soda fountain and juices. I loved their tea variety in particular.The free Wifi doesn't work on my phone so I'm not sure what's going on there but it is frustrating. The other issue I have is the temperature of the restaurant. I went in February and inside Panera it was hotter than Florida in summer. I would definitely eat there again but I might take out next time or go through the drive thru.

Review №23

As you can see from the photo, Panera Bread has a no-nonsense policy when it comes to levitating. Their bread rises, but their customers DO NOT. I like that. There's nothing more distracting than someone bobbing along like a helium balloon when you're noshing down on some sandwichry.

Review №24

Good sandwiches and soups. Pricey however. The last salad I ordered was not anything like what I would imagine a ceaser salad to taste like. Very disappointing. The seasonal menu is great but, once your hooked it goes away until the season comes around again . Will visit again, but will be careful on which salad I order next time.

Review №25

This location always has professional and friendly staff, but they have gotten my order wrong multiple times! They make it up by replacing what was ordered or give a credit with no questions asked, but after the 5th time it gets annoying. Would totally give 5 stars if they ensured what was ordered by customers is correct before giving it to them.

Review №26

I don't know why but anytime I go in after 6:30 pm there aren't many, if any cookies made to buy. We were there at 6:45pm today and there were 3 ginger and 2 other cookies. Anytime we go to the one in Chandler by the mall there are always cookies available and ready.

Review №27

The Greek salad is very good. My wife always gets the Broccoli Cheese soup.

Review №28

You can never lose at Panera! Their food is so good and (seemingly) healthy and fresh. Yum!!!!

Review №29

The food tasted great. I got a medditeran veggie sandwich and it was very filling and appeasing. The service was quick and helpful. My friends got the baja chicken bowl and they loved it as well. They said it was a healthy option that was also very filling. We all got cookies and those were a very nice size for a dessert.

Review №30

Unlimited coffee!

Review №31

Sorry folks but this is not so overpriced. Great venue to hang out in but a 1/2 sandwich and 1/2 soup shouldn't cost $12+ . Not a value any more

Review №32

Great flavour in the chicken noodle soup and mac and cheese. Per J.K

Review №33

Love the food and great service

Review №34

I've a look ways liked the food at this restaurant. The problems is during the summer months, the Interior temperature in this restaurant was too too hot to enjoy eating in the restaurant.Most restaurants understand if the interior temperature is Lower then recommended.... the patrons will eat more, and enjoy their meal.So, after ordering our meals... even while waiting to have the food brought to our table, we all lost our appetites, due to the ambient temperature inside was so HOT, & uncomfortable.

Review №35

Love this place !!! Their soup and muffins are top notch !

Review №36

I always enjoy the friendly staff and cleanliness of the store, and usually the food. However, the food was not as good this time. We had the pairings, I had Turkey BLT and Tomato soup, and my granddaughter had Grilled Cheese and soup. My sandwich was thrown together and the soups were luke warm, at best. Wasn't their best, but I will return.

Review №37

Panera is a great place to go for soup and sandwiches. The free WiFi is always a bonus. A good place to go for a lunch meeting, because they don't mind if you linger.

Review №38

Great fresh bread and stuff. Get there early for sourdough

Review №39

Good food. Cool way to order. Think prices are a little over comparing to others.

Review №40

Coffee and staff are great. We do not like their new menu items. Bagels is only items remining. Get back to basics and lower prices.

Review №41

The way bread should be

Review №42

Went through their drive through today and received half of what I had ordered. I then go in to fix and and they gave me the same thing again. You'll only get half of your $9 bowl of Mac and cheese.

Review №43

10 vegetable soup was great!

Review №44

They ran out of avocado and that made me sad when ordering the green salad.

Review №45

Panera is always good. Clean food good prices and healthy.

Review №46

Clam Chowder was just what I needed today.

Review №47

Good food clean good atmosphere pleasant service and helpful employees

Review №48

I'm a fan of Panera's bread and sandwiches but the vegan broth bowl was great

Review №49

Great food and atmosphere

Review №50

I love the Pick Two. My favorites are the Tomato Soup and the Quinoa Salad. When I'm not eating in or taking it home, I've asked if they would toast my bread and they always have. I love dipping the toasted bread in the Tomato Soup. Love the healthy ingredients!

Review №51

I love coming here! I'm always in the mood for Panera. Food is great, service is great! They have a great selection of salads, soups, sandwiches and more. The employees are well trained in delivering great customer service, great job!:)

Review №52

Great coffee, good location.

Review №53

Enjoyed the soup and sandwich.

Review №54

I like the Pick Two myself. I usually get a Fuji Apple Salad minus the chicken and a cup of soup. Their MAC is good and creamy. They offer Pepsi products. They have fresh bread to go with the soup. Can't wait for Autumn to roll around and get the Autumn Squash soup!

Review №55

Love this place! Love the people that work there! My favorite place to go!

Review №56

When Panera bought controlling interest in Paradise Bakery, I really was sad about the change; still am. While the food is still good, I liked the personal feel of Paradise, walking along the food options while they chatted with me as they prepared my food. Now it feels like any fast-food restaurant. I pay for my food without seeing it, and sometimes it is delivered to my table while I'm still getting my drink. Hardly any personal attention. And the corridor where you go after paying to get to the drink station or to pick up a to-go order is right where the servers pick up the orders from the kitchen. It makes me feel like I'm walking through the kitchen and disturbing the servers. The food is still very good and very healthy. And I like being able to use the app to place a to-go order in a rush. Despite the change, I still go here about once a month.

Review №57

Good when they have what they offer or the menu

Review №58

Healthy eating very clean and nice cervice

Review №59

Awesome food! Very flavorful and terrific service!!

Review №60

Good food-pleasant service

Review №61

My go-to for a quick breakfast and coffee before work. Always quiet and fast service. Yummy food and strong coffee!

Review №62

The associate/worker was rude when I asked if they had a certain sandwich. The item I was looking at looked like it was in a subcatergory of flatbreads so I just asked to make sure. Instead of being snotty and pointing up at the menu and saying “yeah it's there under the sandwich menu” all she had to do was say “yes, we have that sandwich” in a friendly kind tone. Customer service sucked and they should be more conscientious of how they treat customers.

Review №63

I love the turkey cilli soup, grain chicken salad and great tasting coffee. Service is always friendly and fast. I also like that you can get any pastry for ,99 with the purchase of any meal. Awesome food, coffee & service!

Review №64

This Panera never gets my online order correct. There's always a missing side item or the wrong side item or sandwich, so on. They get stars for friendly service, but lose stars for inaccuracy. The actual restaurant is typically popular and crowded, so I always order carryout. Good luck finding a clean table, or a table at all. Food is decent but overpriced.

Review №65

Food is good, but it's a 50/50 chance if your table has been wiped down before you sit at it

Review №66

Worst Panera experience ever! And the manager (Andrew)there is completely unprofessional. They made a mistake and charged me for a can of something instead of the frozen lemonade I ordered. It took 10 minutes for them to get my lemonade to me after I asked how long it would take AND they had me run my card again because the lemonade was 30 cents more! The top of their receipts talk about complete accuracy and how it would be handled. Absolutely this process was not followed tonight. So disappointed!!

Review №67

Love Panera bread!

Review №68

Had Take 2 with Squash Soup & Caesar salad. Not the best meal I've ever had but VERY satisfactory! My husband liked his sandwich, too.

Review №69

This place is the best. Sydney is the best. Everytime we come and she takes our order she is so friendly and helpful. Love all of their soups too and the foccia bread.

Review №70

I love their cinnamon bagels. We're visiting from Minnesota and I hope they have them here. Butter then a generous amount of cream cheese. Yummy!

Review №71

I have always heard good things about Panera and my wife loves Paradise Bakery so we tried this place twice. Did not care for the the presentation or quality of the food either time. I remember after the second time we tried it my wife said "I wish the Paradise Bakery down the road hadn't closed". We will probably not be back.

Review №72

Cozy & warm atmosphere, food was fantastic. & I love that there is a location closer to me than central Phoenix. My fave!

Review №73

Love it

Review №74

Food good but very expensive.

Review №75

One of few sandwiches I crave. I'm really not a sandwich person. Generally I hate them, but Panera nailed the whole experience than topped it off with a delicious meal. My first impression when walking in was just how up to date it all was. Of all restaurants I've been to Panera had by far the best execution of using technology to improve the dining experience. The ordering kiosks were super cool and allowed me (an admittedly picky eater) to make my perfect sandwich with no fuss. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this restaurant.

Review №76

Great food w the pick 2. Creative beverages. Likeable place.

Review №77

I went to Panera on Arizona Ave and German in chandler AZ to get two orders of French onion soup in a Bread bowl and both locations where out of bread bowls this was a wasted trip and waste of gas. How do two locations not have an entry you sell so I'm not satisfied

Review №78

I come to Panera at least two times a week. I recently placed an online order and tried to use a coupon code that I received in the mail for a "buy one you pick two, get one free", the online system would not allow me to use this code. I called the customer service phone number and was told that it wasn't a valid code, that they hadn't sent anything out in the mail. When I asked to speak with her manager she told me there were no managers. Basically there was nothing that she could do. I'm so disappointed in the customer service that I received. This experience is making me second-guess coming to Panera to eat at all.

Review №79

Good food and service.

Review №80

It's OK. I ordered mac and cheese it was portion for a 3 ur old. 3 spoon fool and cost slot for it.

Review №81

Their sandwiches are delicious. The service is fast. They also have yummy pastries.

Review №82

OMG The half sandwich is a joke!!!

Review №83

Exelent food

Review №84

Great fresh food, fast & friendly service.

Review №85

Love the quinoa bowls and the pastries.

Review №86

It's been awhile since eating at a Panera and I used to really enjoy the food. Menu has changed since last visit. The avocado on our sandwiches were partially black, the sandwiches were falling apart and overall unimpressive. We ordered two kids meals and received sides for only one of them. This was a to go order so didn't realize until we reached our picnic destination. The kids Mac n cheese was just ok and my kids only ate a few bites; I didn't care for the flavor. Thankfully, the pastries were good.

Review №87

Great food at moderate prices. Service is outstanding.

Review №88

Spent $8 on breakfast this morning but when i got to my work my sandwhich was put on the wrong bagel....

Review №89

Paneras food quality has been going down in the past years. However, I came to this location and asked for their pick 2 menu, the lady described it, I tried to order, then she said oh that's only for lunch...right now we only have the breakfast menu....I should have known. However, I ordered a steak and egg sandwich, and it was bloody. I mean leaking bloody. I take it back to someone who seemed to be the manager and this person states that the seasoning they use is this color but he can make me another sandwich. So they did made me a cheaper, sandwich. The sandwich was good. But I think they have some work to do in their comminication skills and making properly cooked/appetizing sandwiches.

Review №90

Prices are High, but Service Usually Good. Went thru the drive-thru this morning, had to wait 10 min before reaching the speaker, 30 min total in the d/t. Got home, food was wrong. Went back and got the right sandwich and money back. Mgr was helpful, but not super friendly. I didn't explain the wait time in detail, because as all places w/ drive thru Windows know---You have to put them at the beginning of the d/t if you want accurate wait-times. Replacement food was good, hence the 2nd star.

Review №91

I love healthy drive through, they were fast and efficien, got everything right the first try.

Review №92

Great food, fast service and a friendly staff. Love this place and would highly recommend Panera to everyone.

Review №93

It was a great experience. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming. The staff were great.

Review №94

Yummy food! A little pricey but good.

Review №95

We have gone through the drive thru here twice. While I love that they have a drive thru, my love stops there. They forgot items in our first order. The second time through, I got home to find a hair in my soup.

Review №96

Nice quiet spot for an initial meeting.

Review №97

Nice place, clean. Friendly staff. Expensive food, overly complicated menu.

Review №98

Not quick on the espresso drinks for rapid pickup orders, and there's vomit in the parking lot but the food is a lot better than fast food joints and they have free WiFi. What's with the vomit in the parking lots around here? There was also vomit at the Valero?

Review №99

Much better service that the central Phx location. Better floorplan, too. Javier is the sweetest clerk in the world! The green tea and the breakfast souffles are every bit as good as I remember from bumming around the Paneras in Chicago!

Review №100

Eating at this Panera was a huge disappointment. Panera is a poorly managed chain (as evidenced by this store) and we will NEVER go back to a Panera ever again due to our experience at this location. The only thing I would consider ever ordering again is the green tea, but certainly not the food. First of all, they got rid of over half the menu and made the portion sizes much smaller. For 39$ we should get more than a handful of macaroni, soup, and salad (the tiny cups they gave us were only halfway full). Also, for 39$ the customer service should be better than a taco bell, but it is not. The teenagers working here are rude and careless. The young lady on the drive-through intercom failed to even mention that they were OUT of Panini bread. How do you run out of panini bread when half of your menu is paninis?! The nicer young man at the drive through counter had to explain to us that the panini bread was out and asked what bread they could substitute but this should have been explained immediately by the young woman when I was actually ordering it. Panera is a poorly managed joke. I cannot wait to see Panera go out of business! You would think that regional managers and other higher ups in Panera would look at the pathetic reviews regarding this particular location and actually do something to fix it before they continue to lose more and more customers but it is obvious that they don't care.

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