Pastries N Chaat
3450 W Chandler Blvd #9, Chandler, AZ 85226, United States
Review №1

I had batata puri, pav bhaji, egg puff and kathi roll. The restaurant is terrible for dine in. Tables are not clean, staff is not good, not maintained at all. Being a north indian person none of dishes tasted like they could have. Out of all only batata puri was something that had a little taste. Others all didn't had much taste in it. Everything was drenched in oil.Not recommend

Review №2

Some items are unique like puffs, pastries and rolls make me visit this place. But lower rating is for below reasons:1. Dishonor many offers we receive over texts. Chandler location does this commonly to refuse offers bluntly even we receive texts where as phoenix location accept it. Offer clearly says its valid in Chandler and Phoenix both.2. Spice level is by default spicy for Zero spice level. Kids CANNOT eat their biryani or curries.3. Price is higher in terms of quantity delivered, when they dont accept offers too.4. Cake order person charges extra for birthday cake than the original price if we ask them to make the cake exactly as in menu items. They sometimes say anything outside menu or additional props will cost and sometimes they say specific color and design will cost extra.

Review №3

The prices are as per taste. They serve hygenic food. The only thing I didn't like the front desk person not wearing mask

Review №4

Good indian food and authentic. We spent 7 years in Asia and the food here is quality. The prices are decent and atmosphere is very nice.

Review №5

Management does not update if it's Dine in or not . It clearly says green check mark Dine in allowed but then suddenly they refused to let me Dine in. Such a hasstle for a customer to look for a place to eat food after they have ordered. Atleast update the damn website / maps so ppl know if it's Dine in or Not. Ridiculous. Really bad management . Food and quality is getting bad also compared to 6 months ago.

Review №6

The food and service were ahead of my expectations. I really liked the atmosphere of this restaurant. Awesome restaurant to take my family out for lunch.

Review №7

Love this place. I was bored of Indian buffet and the bland Americanized Indian food. My taste buds we're begging for something flavorful, masaledaar and feed my craving for spices. The appetizers and rolls are amazing. The new Andhra paneer was awesome! Service was decent, reasonabld prices and pretty good ambience!

Review №8

Very good food, had good spice levels and freshness. Very friendly modern and clean.

Review №9

Mango lassi was too sour. Samosa chat was good. Chicken puffs were dry. Over priced

Review №10

Great dosa deals on Thursdays!

Review №11

Friday Buffet was very good. All the chicken varieties and chicken Biryani were up to mark. Curd rice was also tasty. I felt that everything was freshly cooked with high quality ingredients.

Review №12

Friday lunch buffet was delicious. Food was fresh and it includes goat Haleem as well.

Review №13

Service is too slow. It's hard to find a clean table to sit down and eat. Food is good but doesn't cut it because of the price, ambiance and poor service

Review №14

My husband and I enjoyed our first visit here. The food was great and so was the service . The host /manager came by to talk to us and gave us background on the food and how to mix and eat it.Perfect spot for a quick, delicious Indian meal. Very casual atmosphere.We would definitely come back.

Review №15

I finally got around to writing this review, after having visited this place so many times till date. While the name of restaurant indicates a place that primarily serves Indian snacks and quick bites, I have mostly had dinner here. My favorite items here are the dum biriyanis (I have tried both goat and chicken served with raita, and I like both), pepper chicken, Andhra chicken, and their katti rolls (paneer or chicken). I have also had the samosa and chaat here, but I usually prefer to have their main entree items here, as they have a little more variety than their snacks. This place has never disappointed me with their quality of food, the taste or their prices. Their portions are generous, and the five star rewards make it even more affordable. Highly recommended! :-)

Review №16

Kathi roll was terrible. May be covid has dropped the quality.

Review №17

Absolutely amazing place. The cashier Mohnish was so gracious and friendly. The food is so flavorful, delicious. Best samosas I've had since samosa house la. & they have excellent prices! This place is way better then a lot of restaurants in L.A. I'm super impressed! Highly recommend!!

Review №18

I have had worst experience on food order.

Review №19

Friday lunch buffet was really goo. Vegetarian was very fresh and delectable. The desert was especially very tasty.

Review №20

Biriyani used to be good and tasty. Past Couple of times we felt biriyani was too spicy. We could not even bare the spicy ness. Felt like chili powder were added directly to increase the spice level and we were not able to eat at all.

Review №21

Chicken was dry and not fresh... Waited for 30 mins for a dish that needs about 15 mins...Was expecting a tasty and fresh meal...but it was completely the opposite.

Review №22

Nice ambiance.. tasty food.. good service in quick time.. price is the best part.. when you are all by yourself or a group.. it's a good option!!

Review №23

Diarrhea-Inducing Biryani!I ordered chicken dum Biryani at this restaurant, and I had to rush to use their restroom even before I was done eating half of it.To take the adventure to the next level, they didn't have tissue rolls in their toilet (how could they even clear state inspections with such gross restrooms?!!). If you like such embarrassing thrills in your life, go eat at this place by all means!!I wish we are at the next door Pieology pizzeria, where we were originally headed, before getting emotionally driven to our soul food; or a short drive to Chennai Fusion from here wouldn't have been be a bad idea either.

Review №24

My wife and I love this place! The food is so tasty and doesn't cost a fortune. The interior is nicely decorated too. The Samosa Chaat, Chili Gobi, and Paneer Tikka Masala are our favorites! Actually everything is great here, from the thalis to the biryanis. I really like the paneer pizza, when I feel like eating one of my top two favorite foods, Italian and Indian, the Pizzas here bridge the gap!

Review №25

Coming from Mumbai which is home to one of the best places to have Indian Street Food, I have to admit that i actually liked the chaat served by "Pastries N Chaat". I am an absolute chaat lover and the fact that it was less than a couple of miles away from the hotel where i was staying only added to the excitement. Coming to the restaurant, it has a nice and cosy atmosphere with good ambience. I tried almost all of their chaat items (Vegetarian) and you will end up liking most of them. My personal favorite was Vada Pav and Dahi Puri. Pav Bhaji and Pani Puri is also decent. In terms of price, it is pretty economical i must say.

Review №26

It's an amazing place for food and good service awesome

Review №27

Food was not that delicious.. it's fine for quick eat..

Review №28

Not a great place to have your evening chat. The place is not friendly. The food is ok, but the employee are sometime very harsh at the customers. They do not value customer and treat them with respect. So I hate to visit them again and I won't recommend to anyone.

Review №29

It's good if you like Indian food. Not the greatest but good for the money. Desert selection is in point!

Review №30

I would never go in there again. We are vegetarian, ordered panner kati roll & they gave me chicken kati roll.This is the second time they are messing up my order.

Review №31

There service is poor and slow. If you order anything, they take forever to prepare it.

Review №32

Sat night around 6 pm, called about 5 times for carry out order..never picked/cut off. So went to store, wait for about 20 min (didnt seem to be busy) & the guy hand me over my stuff & moved his way. Poor customer service !

Review №33

This was a wonderful place! Everyone was very friendly and I came in towards the end of the lunch shift! I had the samosa and goat tikka. The goat was plentiful and just the right amount of heat! It came with a wonderful salad of onions to cool down the spice along with rice and bread! The samosa was awesome! I ended up getting some black forest cake too, but haven't tried it yet. Knowing how good the rest of my meal was I can only assume it will be amazing! If I didn't live 1000 miles away I'd come here all the time.

Review №34

Food was okay. Service took a long time. Tea took 1 hour to come after they opened. Good paneer 65. Chaat wasn't available after we went at 4:30. Chicken wasn't boneless even though we expected it.

Review №35

Chicken 65 briyani (special) - the best in Arizona (Chandler branch is better than Tempe). All food over here is delicious with nice standard. Good ambience and service

Review №36

We ordered Apollo fish, found that only two pieces had fish and remaining everything was just flour.I have picture proof but I couldn't able to post it here.

Review №37

Puffs and paav bhaji are so good.. tried chicken Biryani wasn't that good...

Review №38

Copy pasting from Yelp and these guys promptly came back there thanking for the suggestion.They had great taste when they started out. Off-late, their taste needs to be improved. Indian food especially, is well cooked. Last time I tasted their Veg Biriyani, it had raw spices that frustrates us than let us enjoy the taste. Otherwise their Chaat items are good. If they work on the finishing up - a little bit, they should be one of the good ones in the city.Edit - Their rewards/points program is not all that great.

Review №39

Love the chicken biryani!

Review №40

Would definitely don't recommend.. lot of decrease in food taste..ordered for a nee receipe biriyani % of the bowl was with just masala ..and remaining portion is just the rice.. seriously is this what a biriyani is...they let my expectations down..

Review №41

Delicious food. Simply loved it. Good environment.Message for the owner:I read 'WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO?' on your website and I could relate that to my experience at your restaurant. Great job.I am sure your place will get more and more busy, please make sure you maintain the quality/quantity of food, cleanliness and good service.

Review №42

Always mess up to-go orders.

Review №43

Not a bad place... service is reasonably fast and menu is good... food is reasonable.. iliked the samosas they have. I also tried the biryani but its just OK

Review №44

Food is okay but anytime we take a to go order they don't provide you with all the items ordered.Make sure you check the package before you leave.

Review №45

Good restaurant....

Review №46

Perfect place for food. I had best experience with cake, cake was delicious, taste perfect. I wanna order again and again..

Review №47

First time eating here was great. The guy worker treated us nicely and served us. Food spicy but was good.

Review №48


Review №49

Good food good restaurant but the worst employees you can find out there's no customer service skills at all. I ordered the food for my parents anniversary party .. I called them a day ahead and I ordered a eggless cake and a Paneer 65.. They took down. My order and then I went the next day to pick up my order and instead making me paneer 65 he made me chicken 65 and I am vegetarian I ask him that I ordered a paneer 65 he said no you ordered chicken 65 and this is what you have a take because I cannot change it I told him I never ate a chicken in my life why should I take a chicken and why would I order a chicken I'm a vegetarian but he won't listen to me he was just arguing with me without providing any customer service then I had to make a big deal and loud my voice so everybody can hear it and finally One employee from inside came outside And said they will fix it But at that time he was too late. By the time I was leaving the restaurant this employee on the register who took the order said do not come back here .I will be going to my lawyer and filing a lawsuit against them ...

Review №50

Quality of food is really bad. Please avoid this place at any cost. Always lack flavor , one in Tempe seems to be really good

Review №51

Come here almost every weekend. Great authentic taste. Biryani would be spicy for most people so ask them to turn it down a little if you can't handle it. Chaats are the best in AZ. Ambiance is decent

Review №52

Paneer biryani had like literally 2 pieces with no rice,just the masala. We got 4 of them and all of us fell sick for the Thanksgiving!

Review №53

Very bad service. The biriyani is good on some days to be honest but bad most of the days. They should think about replacing the guy on the counter and get two good people to work for them. Number one he is harsh lacks knowledge to treat customers especially Indians and number two he waits until the last moment too tell yippy he doesn't have something available. Hope three management will take into consideration this review and improve. I will retreat or change this review when I see the guy on the counter is gone.ThanksRam

Review №54

On Saturday afternoon picked up food and once home noticed that Jalebi was totally frozen, even though they confirmed it was fresh before buying. When called to ask they recommend to microwave and admitted it was prepared on Monday, and offered to refund. What a waste!

Review №55

Tasty pastries and deserts. Other snacks are good too. Overall a good place to get some Indian snacks and food.Pricing is fair.

Review №56

Best Biriyanis and Fast food.. Authentic Indian cakes.

Review №57

I just went with my family to eat there. The waiting time for taking order was too long. The tables were not clean and I told them to clean it. The chat and other stuff we order was not up to the quality. The mint chutney was stale and tasted like a bitter herb. I went to this place second time and did not get good customer service and food quality. Won't come here again.

Review №58

I dont know about the biryani that has mixed review but chat items specially the 'DAHI BATTATA' is awesome with impressive authentic desi taste..good luck to the team

Review №59

Excellent food, great thali for lunch.

Review №60

Nothing great. Spicy and over priced

Review №61

Indian fast food place. Good for a quick bite. Limited menu.

Review №62

Great first time. Mohnish was very patient and explained how the special menu worked. I'm not new to Indian food..its in my top 3 things to eat.. but each restaurant has its differences so it was nice of him to explain. He came to our table to ensure it was clean and then when the food was delivered he explained what the curries were. All without asking.They were out of chai which I guess is complimentary and once it's gone it's gone.. bummer. I would have preferred not to only have an option of soda, so that would me my true feedback. I am not a soda drinker but I had no choice but to drink it.. boo.I ordered the paneer tikka masala. The sauce was great and I love the amount of onions in it.. but wished for more paneer.. I also ordered samosas based on his recommendation and they were good.

Review №63

The chicken biryani is not even hot. Probably I believe they have kept the biryani more than the expiry time. Disappointed with the food quality.

Review №64

Inexpensive food and wonderful flavor. I will definitely come back.

Review №65

Fabulous Indian food. Chaat is a form of Indian street food. Very light and friendly on the stomach. Subba is very friendly and helpful. They also have a great selection of Indian pasties you must try.

Review №66

Decent food (once u get it)but worst service. Only one guy around to take order, deliver food , pick up phone and do everything. Usually run out of most popular item on weekends. Takes long time to take and deliver order.

Review №67

Good food and service

Review №68

This place used to be my favorite for biriyani until recently. I was disappointed the last two times I got biriyani. Not the same taste anymore. I was packed spoiled food the last time I got biriyani. Had to take it back for a refund. One time, raita was completely frozen indicating it was made a long time ago. I probably wont go there anymore unless the management makes an attempt to show that their taste is back to original.

Review №69

PNC sells the Best Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani In the Valley..Always got fresh Biriyani same consistency and taste.

Review №70

Very good food everything is delicious i suggest must try .!

Review №71

Well priced Indian food. Delicious. Fun café atmosphere. The Chicken Tika Masala is creamy and delicious.

Review №72

Good food very tasty and decently priced

Review №73

Delicious Indian food

Review №74

Let me start my review by saying i spent close to $500(even more - i literally calculated from my bank a/c just for this) in the past couple of months here. Me and my friend are that frequent to this place! And this is what happened to us the other day!! We went to this restaurant to redeem our offer of buy 2, get 1 biryani free, and when asked the front desk person (THE TALL RUDE GUY), he said even though the offer says 3rd biryani is free, its only a max of $10 off (even if all the 3 biryani's cost 12.99 each), I just said, then you should have mentioned $10 off instead of 3rd biryani free.. that's it and we were about to order anyway... saying that was my SIN!! This guy started saying "BE GRATEFUL WE ARE GIVING THAT DISCOUNT OF $10 OFF INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING" - I mean, seriously !!? Then I asked, are you giving a donation to us? His reply was "We are giving these discounts to attract customers, so BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU ARE GETTING THAT $10 OFF WHICH IS ALMOST 50% OFF INSTEAD OF ASKING ABOUT IT"!!! I was so shocked with his behavior that I said I am done and we immediately walked out of this restaurant.. seriously?? this is how you treat your customers?? When we met the owner once, he was really nice, we wanted to talk to him directly to tell about this incident!! With this guy there, I AM NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!!! YOU LOST A CUSTOMER WHO SO FREQUENTLY VISITED YOUR RESTAURANT, AND TILL NOW, I WAS SUGGESTING MY FRIENDS TO GO OVER THERE, NOW DO YOU THINK I AM EVER GONNA RECOMMEND TO ANYONE? Really "WOW" for the SERVICE!!!!!!!!

Review №75

Horrible. Utterly uncomfortable. One of the men that worked there was highly rude and he seemed irritated. Kinda seemed racist because he showing partiality with his ppl. Food was somewhat cold so it wasn't exactly appeasing. Price is right but their not tight.

Review №76

Most food items are not fresh.Taste is ok but food is re-heated and served.people from India will be able to spot it since its their home food.Paneer(cottage cheese) items are not fresh..paneer is hard.when asked to make any item spicy, we get it sweet or normal. I wish they did a better job..I believe its a small correction..and they can do a better job.

Review №77

Don't buy Goat Biryani here, the goat meat is weird. We ordered 6pm Sunday and got home 6:30 opened Biryani and it was horrible the meat was small burned pieces of bad cuts of goat meat.

Review №78

Wow yummy place too snack on loved the Chai very nice environment. Definitely recommend to go there

Review №79

Traditional indian style food in chandler. This is my go to place whenever i feel like eating Indian food.

Review №80

Ordered eggless butterscotch cake, it was so good. One of the best cake I ever ate.

Review №81

Pretty good food at a reasonable price

Review №82

Place is clean and tidy ,, I ordered veg Thali curry was OK but the portion of roti and rice too little ,, taste was not impressive at all ,, it is not a place I would go back

Review №83

Good and tasty

Review №84

Delicious and spicy food with lots of varieties. Good service and great ambiance.

Review №85

That was some real good Pani Puri. Great paneer masala! It was just really good.

Review №86

Great service and food?

Review №87

Deep flavors make the food absolutely delectable!

Review №88

Nothing personal, felt the service could have been better. Taste wise, it was more miss than hit. We had couple of chats which was not that great. The paneer tikka special was not that amazing, though the rice was flavourful. The mirchi bajji was filled with more batter than mirchi.

Review №89

Poor quality food with less quantiry and bad service.

Review №90

Yummy food. Great service!

Review №91

Horrible to go operations. If you can't handle to go then don't do it!

Review №92

Wow delicious chicken kati roll

Review №93

Had chicken biryani.Quality and taste are good.

Review №94

Found hair in the biryani! the meat was dry there is no ways the biryani could hv been so dry at 11:15 am ! I went on sunday as soon as they opened! Pretty surethe biryani was a day old.

Review №95

Ordered chicken boneless biryani and the taste was really good... I will be back here again..

Review №96

I ordered vijayawada biriyani to go. Opened the box and smells bad. They serve the food even rotten :(

Review №97

I ordered catering services for my son's 2nd birthday. Food was amazing.. Chicken Biryani and Chicken Sukha were top of the list. Price is decent and quantity of the food is adequate. Every guest enjoyed and appreciated the food. Chef Andan was really pleased to talk with and he delivered what he promised.Let me tell you about Pastry Cake. The best cake i ever had in my life. I used to like pastries back in india but i never tested this type of pastry cake in my life. We ordered a full sheet for just 50 guests and cake vanished at the end of the party. I had to preserve it for my self for next day.I really liked about the whole experience, i would order and recommend to my friends.PnC is the best indian restaurant in Phoenix. Keep rocking and keep up with the great food and quality.

Review №98

I wasn't impressed with their Indian food. They had a big selection of sweets though.

Review №99

Biryani is just ok. Has more space to improve.

Review №100

Non veg food is good..not the place to eat veg food though...veg also tastes like non veg only...once they packed chicken tikka instead of paneer tikka when I ordered to go..

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