Spookys Swirls
3029 N Alma School Rd #117, Chandler, AZ 85224, United States
Review №1

My sister and I love this place!!!! She cannot have gluten and it is our sister date place! Their coffee cake is to die for!!!! I can have gluten but I enjoy their delicious treat just as much if not more than any other bakery. And also their meet and greets (pre-covid) like hello!? Best place ever!

Review №2

Really cool place with EXCELLENT customer service. All items are gluten free and I enjoyed most of them; some were a little off, in my opinion, from a flavor standpoint, but I appreciate that everything is gluten free. The cupcakes are wonderful. A much needed place here in the valley! I look forward to all the delicious things to come from this new bakery!

Review №3

Loved this place! The bites were both cute and delicious. All the frosting had some form of fun flavoring so it wasn't just iced. Service was quick with a movie showing to watch. My only critique was I wish they were opened till 2 on weekends for those who do work. The ever changing pastries is fun too, but having a few staples or daily type would be nice. If I want a specific baked good I'd have to keep calling for what's on display. Which may not be possible when the item is available due to job/school schedules. Maybe they could post on Twitter or facebook what's available per week or daily to help customer.

Review №4

This place was eerily cool! All the amazing movie props and delicious sweets were killer! The girls up front were freakishly friendly. We looked around, had snacks and coffee, good enough to die for! We played several rounds of their very creative Horror Guess-Who Game... Definitely going back for another spooky time & sweet treat!

Review №5

If you're a fan of anything horror or looking for a GLUTEN FREE bakery, this is it! We spent more time there then we expected to. Everything we tried was fantastic. Even if you're not looking for gluten free baked goods. Their offering will please anyone. The owners are friendly and super nice. Plenty of seating and parking. We can't wait to go back on our yearly AZ trip.

Review №6

Great themed bakery with a really interesting movie prop collection. If they didnt tell us explicitly, I wouldn't have even noticed they were gluten free. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming.

Review №7

I was hesitant since it was gluten free, but had to check it out due to the horror theme. After buying some treats and trying them out, I would not have known it was gluten free. The flavor was great and the cupcake I had was moist on the inside and not over sweet. As for the store itself it is awesome if you are a horror fan and the customer service is top notch. Planning on ordering a birthday cake for my daughter. Even though I live in the West Valley, I will be back.

Review №8

Great! My daughter's dream place as she is gotten free and loves everything "spooky" .... Staff is so so nice. Just a great place to hang out. The pastries don't taste gluten free at all! Anyone can go in and just enjoy!

Review №9

Awesome place, worth the visit. Everyone was really friendly and they had a good amount of baked goods to choose from. Went for the grand opening and will definitely visit again. Tasty food and a fun place to look around in. Many items to see but he are a few.

Review №10

Spookys always has something different and delicious on hand. Gluten free is amazing here. The decor is so much fun, and the staff always friendly and helpful.

Review №11

Absolutely adore this place. It's really cute inside and the workers are super helpful and friendly. Cinnamon rolls are tasty and I cannot recommend the coffee enough! You can hang out inside while they play movies too! My sister, who has a gluten allergy, loved the pastries as well. Definitely coming back as often as I can!

Review №12

So pleased to find this local gluten-free bakery. The owners were very friendly and the food was excellent. Thank you for making such delicious and fun treats! This place is just terrific!

Review №13

My absolute favorite shop!!! Tons of amazing stuff to look at and the BEST gluten free bakery items. The cinnamon rolls are to die for.

Review №14

Been here several times. Love the environment and the food is top notch.They had a great grand opening.

Review №15

Fun place to visit and I really like the theme for a bakery! I walked in and Beetlejuice was playing on the tv which was great! I got a rice crispy treat called Cereal Killer and a Vampy Vanilla cupcake. The cupcake was not too sweet and had somewhat of a cornbread texture to it. The buttercream icing was very sweet. There are a lot of things to see, and I had a good time looking around.

Review №16

I've been coming to Spooky's ever since they opened and every visit is the best. Since Google only allows me to give 5 stars, let me give 10 stars since that is what the fine folks at Spooky's have earned . The sweets are always delicious and it's not hard not to grab some more to go. You have a customer in me for life and I will definitely be back .

Review №17

We love this place! The crew is amazing, the desserts are remarkable and on top of that. The gallery is always a plus. Amazing place!

Review №18

Everything is absolutely delicious, unique, and GF!

Review №19

So fun and so yummy! The owners, bakers, and employees are so friendly. They are up front and excited to talk to the costumers. They like to share their excitement about their baking techniques and creativity. We loved the Dark Forest Wolf!! It is made with hazelnut mousse that they make by roasting and grinding their own hazelnuts!! We also tried the Puffy Cupcake. Their white cake is so good, and the white chocolate covered marshmallow on top is amazing! Everything is so fresh. We will definitely be back!!

Review №20

Just a word of advice. Don't fight with people leaving bad reviews. This is what they want, it makes you look bad. Just graciously except what they say even if it's not true. Criticism is what builds businesses sometimes. Except it, see where the customer is coming from and if you can do anything to remedy the complaint then do. Like for example get gluten certified, no big deal. If you don't except bad reviews then you won't grow, this is one of the components to a business failing. Listen to everyone, not just the people leaving lovely reviews

Review №21

I have gluten allergies and am SO thankful that Spooky's is in my neighborhood.The spookys swirls cinnamon buns are my all time fav!The treats are deliscious and the environment is very unique. There are horror and sci-fi movie props in the place. They also theme the desserts similarly! Super creative! I hope to put in an order to have them make my birthday cake!

Review №22

OMG! I love it! I even started a Spooky's Swirls You Tube channel to do reviews on them

Review №23

I recently learned I have to avoid gluten & it has been a major adjustment. I was so excited to read about this place & to top it off it is a Horror theme!!! (I love horror!) Really enjoyed looking through all the props and whatnot... and the food was a nice surprise for a newbie.

Review №24

Not only is the food great but they are also super friendly. Throw in a bunch of cool movie props and you have the best gluten free bakery in Phoenix.

Review №25

What a wonderful, unique, and delightful gluten free bakery.

Review №26

Super awesome spot! Come in and check out the horror mayhem and spooky sweets!

Review №27

Amazing gf carrot cake and cinnamon rolls grandkids loved their cupcake too we will definitely be back ..., staff was so friendly and understanding .

Review №28

The cupcakes and cookies are very good! The collection of horror props is fun to look at. The staff is extremely friendly. It was a positive experience and I plan to return.

Review №29

Go here now. The BEST cinnamon roll I've ever had and I travel the world for work and try the gluten free cinnamon roll in every town. Everything is priced very well!

Review №30

UpdateYou have been closed since March. That's how.

Review №31

I LOVE this place! They have some of the BEST GF items I have ever had!(I've been GF for about 4 years now and it's hard to find things that taste similar to items you've been so use to and you cannot tell that any of their items are GF. Love that!) The bakery/museum is horror based. So you can get a spooky bakery item then walk around and see the props from some popular scary movies. I can't wait to see what they do for Halloween

Review №32

Been here a few times now, kids love it, great for gluten free

Review №33

The food here is AMAZING and GLUTEN FREE!!!! Absolutely delicious and we will be back!

Review №34

You'd never know it's all gluten free! The spooky swirl was awesome and so were the cupcakes! We'll be back!

Review №35

Very cool place to go for some good bake stuff and for all the horror movies too the museum was awesome so was the cinnamon me and my boyfriend shared so good

Review №36

Cool little cafe if you can't eat gluten. Couldn't even tell it was GF which is pretty amazing. The props gallary is neat aswell. Highly recommended.

Review №37

Good but definitely not great...yet. maybe with time? Their coffee cake was the bomb. But everything else we had was "meh". The place definitely felt like the bakery was an after thought to the "museum" of horror/sifi props they had. We got most of what they had in the case cause quite frankly they barely had a selection at the time. 3 type of cupcakes, something I assume was a truffle of sorts, coffee cake, brownie, something that was called a "cake bite" and then small little cheese cake. We ended up getting 2 of the 3 cupcakes to try. One was a cotton candy one, suppose to be themed from IT, but the decorations honestly fell so flat. (Really the decoration on everything was really disappointing especially for a place that is themed for oddities) but the cotton candy icing was surprisingly balanced. Not to sweet, good flavor and smooth. But the cake, though I understand gluten free goods are much more dense than a typical sponge cake. They were much like a corn bread muffin. The vanilla base to the cotton candy was good despite the textural issues I had with the cupcake. We also got a pin head themed cupcake, both the frosting and the chocolate base to it was just garbage. Same issue with texture, but the flavor on both the frosting and cupcake was not right at all. The decoration was not of pin head but looked more like a mace weapon. But again they had so many missed opportunities with their decoration. The other things we got were "bite sized" treats to try. One being something called the "shark bite" it looked like a shark head. It was what I can assume was an attempt at chocolate truffle coated in colored melting chocolates to give the impression of a shark head. It being called a shark bite and not looking like a bite both me and those with me expected this chocolate truffle to have a raspberry filling or something to create like an "ooze" or a "bleed" effect. But nope another missed opportunity. I found it rather too sweet. But the rest of my group enjoyed it. It was far to hard to bite into too in my opinion. We also had a chocolate walnut brownie. Crumbly and to me tasted if cardboard but the kids in my group seemed to enjoy it. The coffee cake however, I was worried after trying the other things. Thinking coffee cake is generally a dryer cake anyways, now made gluten free was going to be just going to be ineatable but to my delightful surprise it was soft and delicious. Right amount of cinnamon and sweet had a nice crumble on top and a small amount of cream cheese frosting on top to balance. Definitely something I'd rebuy. Everyone found something there they liked but everyone in my group agreed the lack of the implied gimmicks for the decoration of the baked goods and the taste of them are not worth what they charge for them. Plus their selection case is so small. I'm taking like half the size of the case Starbucks has in width and only has 2 or 3 shelfs with the bottom shelf half being taken up by drink bottles. The cake bites, one of the cupcakes and the small for two round cake they had in the case were all the same cake as well. All were the "pin head cake" so the same product made 3 different sizes basicly took up half of their selection at the time we went. I am hopeful that because they just opened, they will improve with their selections and overall taste/texture and design of their baked goods. I will be interested to see their progression. Also I would like to note they have a sign by their register that states they are not a certified gluten free bakery, not sure why they advertises them selves as a gluten free bakery but have not gotten the certification. So if you are a sufferer from celiac disease I would be cautious as their might be some risk of cross contamination some where along the production line, either with the ingredients they use or the baking process itself. So just keep that in mind.

Review №38

Incredible, treats are to die for.. the owners are fabulous you'll love it for sure

Review №39

Took 1hour and 30 minutes to get a cupcake I do not recommend

Review №40

Very tasty baked goods, great people as well spread the word about this place

Review №41

Place is great. For the guy who gave it one star turn your Google notifications off!

Review №42

Really good gluten free goodies

Review №43

Place is really tasty.

Review №44

This place is amazing!!!

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