Chens Chinese Bistro
990 E Riggs Rd, Chandler, AZ 85249, United States
Review №1

This place is clearly one of the most pleasant place in the region. Anytime I come there I am so pleased. They maintain their very high level service and the topmost level of meals they serve. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

Review №2

Local family owned. Good service and tasty authentic Chinese food. Bright clean dining room.

Review №3

The best Chinese restaurant in town. Professional, courteous and clean. One trial will convince you how amazing this place is.

Review №4

Chen's is AIWAYS super fine!! Thank you so much for being there.

Review №5

Orange Tofu was excellent. Was here at lunch, good, reasonably priced food and friendly service. Two more excellent meals since then. Love this place!

Review №6

Much better than I expected best wonton soup I've had in all of Phoenix by far! General Tou's chicken was outfreakenstanding!

Review №7

What's the joke! This place. They don't have any eat in service only to go. They don't even include the soup and or salad in to go meals which they force you to take. Lost my business.

Review №8

Always good food! Huge portions. Highly recommend

Review №9

Service was quick for the place being empty. Staff was friendly and efficient. Food was fresh and delicious. Chicken was very tender and flavorful. A little out of the way though.

Review №10

So happy to go there on a Monday at 6pm and seeing it EMPTY! I prefer not to be around people, but I should've read the signs differently... thanks Chens for giving all of us food poisoning! Thanks for not cleaning the floors or windows or doors. Really, keep it empty so I can continue to get first class service from the owner/cook smoking a cigarette out front upon arrival! Pretty good noodles though, so two stars...

Review №11

I am from the east cost and when I moved here 3 years ago I could find any good Chinese food. Until I found Chen's there food is amazing!!!! I drive 46 miles round trip for this food that is how good it is!!! Service is great & fast and I've never had an order that wasn't right and you cannot beat the prices or the portion sizes they are HUGE!!!!! I would love to see a location in Mesa

Review №12

Best Chinese in Arizona! The staff is wonderful too! Great local dive restaurant!

Review №13

Ordered the sweet & sour pork and it was bad, no taste, bland , just uneatable . Not a lot of chicken in the almond chicken, but that tasted pretty good. Egg rolls were the best thing we got.

Review №14

Clean environment with friendly staff.We had a group of 8 which they accommodated well with a large round table.Food was good nothing amazing but all dishes we tried were good.They must filter their water as it was pretty good and thirst quenching which is a rare find in the Phoenix area.

Review №15

It's just really poor. I've ordered here about 4 times now.. i thought I'd give it a go as I'm really into Asian cuisine. Each of the 4 times I've ordered the same meal which was packed differently, charged different prices and also had complete different flavours, my beef in black bean was bland, very oily and had zero taste of black bean sauce.. second time was very tasty and awesome and the last 2 times were a complete disaster. The customer service was far from pleasant, the restaurant is in a serious need for a renovation and the food is below average. I had mixed feelings about this place and I have serious doubts. I don't recommend this place to anyone, I stupidly wont be going again anytime soon, for anyone wanting some good Chinese I get it! But don't go here.Customer service: 2/10Food: 2/10

Review №16

Great food! We like getting take out. Dining in is ok, service is ok but not amazing when dining in. Overall we really like the ribs appetizer, chow mein and many of their main dishes are great too. Never disappointed with the food.

Review №17

Very nice eating place. Very good food. Not a lot of noise. Will be back for sure.

Review №18

Three must trys 1. House Fried Rice 2. Hot and Sour soup 3. Sizzling Rice soup. Service is average nothing special.

Review №19

Chen's food is always good. Love the House Fried Rice. The lunch Daly specials can not be beat.

Review №20

Chen's Chinese Bistro is a great restaurant! The restaurant was neat and clean. The staff are very friendly and the vegetarian options are excellent!

Review №21

Great food, low price

Review №22

BEST chinese food in south Chandler. Their combo fried rice is delicious. So much meat in it, not little pieces, but full shrimp and big slices of beef and chicken. Never had a bad meal here.

Review №23

Good food and great service. They were great about eating family style and sharing entrees.

Review №24

Food is great, nice people.. only problem is they say 20 minutes for pick up and they mean 30 minutes. But when you come late they call you and call you.

Review №25

We ordered take out. We ordered the family dinner for 14.95 a piece. We also ordered 2 sides of barbecue pork. Worst dinner ever. We hardly ate anything. For 70.00 we threw down the holeNever again

Review №26

Great food. The lady at the desk during lunch is extremely nice and remembers me every time I go there. I usually go during lunch and the lady gives me free soup sometimes.

Review №27

Always great food and plenty of it.Their coconut shrimp is delicious must say. I always order their ribs as their delious as well.For something different we tried their “orange beef” was good and different than the normal.I say go to their reflexology spa right next to frys gas station than go have lunch or dinner.

Review №28

If you like salt this is your place. Not sure why they make the food with so much sodium that it drowns out the taste. It's an insult to customers to do that. We have taste buds.The Sichuan chicken looked good but it was not spicy but boy did they throw a salt shaker in the liquid brown sauce of unknown origin. What a waste of food. And they added a ton of onions. People don't actually like to eat thick chunks of onions, it's just a filler ingredient.The dumplings tasted and felt microwaved. They were soft and chewy. They were also very salty. The pot stickers were supposed to be filled with vegetables and chicken but there were no vegetables and the “chicken” tasted like pork. The dumpling sauce was good.I was expecting the fried rice to be amazing based on the reviews but it was lackluster. It had no flavor, had extremely large slices of chicken and I didn't taste any egg. Lots of bean sprouts, peas and carrots. The rice was mushy. Another disappointing pick.The hot and sour soup was the only good thing we had though it wasn't very spicy the way hot and sour is supposed to be. It's called hot for a reason. They did provide a large portion so kudos for that.The mu shoo chicken itself was okay but not great. The pancakes were too thick and had an odd taste— they were not thin and light the way they should be. The worst part was the plum sauce. It should be sweet but nope, it was salty because everything here is salty apparently. How they can mess up plum sauce is beyond me.They get two stars because they were nice, provided hot mustard on request and the soup was good.To summarize: the food was not worth the drive and the cook uses way too much salt for the food to be edible. Thumbs down from me.

Review №29

Chen's is a great place their food never fails to satisfy!

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Review №31

Stopped in for Hot and Sour Soup. My husband tried the Seafood was a meal. Really good.

Review №32

It was just ok. Not great. Food was better than the service

Review №33

Love Chen's! They have the best Chinese food. Their prices are great and you get so much food.

Review №34

Great food , friendly atmosphere, and beautiful table settings.

Review №35

Best Chinese around Chandler area highly suggest the house rice and orange chicken mmmmm... And ragoons

Review №36

Okay...I eat a LOT of places.Today I had what may be the best orange chicken I have ever had in my life from the Chen's bistro lunch special menu.Great prices on all the lunch specials, everything comes with an eggroll, a Rangoon, a little salad, and a cup of soup.Their carry-out prices are very good as well.Highly recommended.

Review №37

Excellent food and generous portions!

Review №38

Best Sizzling Rice soup in Town, as is the House Fried Rice. Yumm

Review №39

Broken serving bowls used to serve rice. The chicken breasts are processed and we're rubbery.The sauce was good.Bathrooms were filthy and grimy.

Review №40

Good food good people

Review №41

Don't waste you time or effort going here. I walked in with my family and wasn't even greeted I was pointed at and told to sit where I wanted. Then waited 10 minutes for someone to bring us menus. An older couple walked in and was immediately seated given a menu brought drinks and order taken in less than five minutes. All the time while the waitress was looking at me and my family. I wasn't an elderly family like the rest of their two couples that was there but damn what horrible service and horrible people. If I could shut this place down I would. Btw I have been a chef for 22 years and never have I seen such blatant disregard of a customer.

Review №42

Good value, good flavors, although I think it would be better if they held back a little on the salt

Review №43

The quality was good, the quantity was good and the service was good.... What's not to like. Recommended!

Review №44

My fortune cookie didn't have a fortune in it............. I've never had that happen before in my life. What does it mean....?

Review №45

Just ordered General's Chicken & Orange Chicken with fried rice, extra soy sauce & spicy mustard for $24 delivery + tip . We got very poor quality of both (delivered in 15min) vs the quoted 25min. No fried rice, 2 fortune cookies, 2 single packs of soy sauce & no house spicy mustard (as promised). If you want outstandingly better Chinese food (comparatively speaking)... 2 words "Panda Express" and half the cost. What a total waste of time & $$$.

Review №46

Really great food and the people that work here are so nice!

Review №47

The sizzling rice soup is the best in the area. IMO.

Review №48

Clean large open dining room. Great helpful staff. Lots of affordable options. Chen's is a throwback family restaurant. Family style servings and great sides. You get crunchy strips and sweet and sour at your table. So everyone will find something they like. The hot and sour soup is the best I have had in years. The Egg rolls are cabbage based, with a thicker outside. The Crab puffs are addicting. They have the traditional options as well as some house options. The Honey chicken is to die for. The chicken is tender inside, crunchy outside, with honey drizzle. I suggest the brown rice with this dish. Pairs Great with teriyaki chicken or Genral Tao chicken. Great for couples dining or having a bigger gathering. They have large tables available if you need to host a large group. I suggest the lunch specials til 1pm. or family deal until close. The bathrooms are super clean. And it's easy to find on Riggs and McQueen. Same building as Dunkin Donuts and the Gym. Parking can be tricky during busy gym hours, but if you don't mind walking a bit, there is a lot of parking in the middle of business park. A side note, you will have leftovers and the food reheats very well, which makes this the perfect dinner out on a budget place.

Review №49

Excellent place for lunch fast and good

Review №50

The service was excellent, the employees were really nice and went well above and beyond what they had to. The food was excellent. There was not a single item of food that was not liked by myself or my family. Great food and great atmosphere.

Review №51

Angel blossoms are some of the best I have ever had! Honey walnut shrimp is amazing! Portions are large and everything is delicious !!! It's our favorite go to place! Highly recommend!!!

Review №52

We got there within a few minutes of closing time. The lady was still very pleasant and took our take out order promptly. Brought our food home and it was still super hot and yummy

Review №53

Great ambiance coupled with the best Chinese food ever! The luncheon menu is fantastic!

Review №54

It was really good

Review №55

The food was awesome and the prices were great. This restaurant makes quality sauces for it's food I know because I am a connaseur of Chinese food. I lived in New York for almost 30 years and loved China town there.

Review №56

Love the cheap lunch specials. Service is fast and portions are huge.

Review №57

I love the curry surprise here. We eat here just about every month, good soup good food and reasonable prices.

Review №58

Great selection, good food and service.

Review №59

Very fresh and delicious food.

Review №60

AMAZING!! This place is absolutely delicious! We tried the orange chicken, friend rice and Sichuan chicken and everything was fantastic! This will definitely be our go to place for Chinese food!

Review №61

Love the sizzling rice soup also the fried rice and specially the company I had it was my daughter Kathy and then we went shopping it was fun nice evening love you Kathy

Review №62

Good food & great service

Review №63

Great service and food!

Review №64

Not sure why anyone would give this a 4 star. It is bland American Chinese food. shrimp and lobster sauce was bland, as was moo shoo pork. need a lot of mustard and spice

Review №65

I was surprised by this restaurant. It sits in an unassuming strip mall location. Very good food and service. Will return soon.

Review №66

Great food and very friendly, quick service. Our order was carried out, so I can't speak about the waiting staff. We had egg rolls, fried shrimp, Orange Chicken and Honey Sesame Chicken. This is ranks with the best of each of those dishes we've had.

Review №67

Very good food. we drive a few extra mile to go there and it is worthed.

Review №68

Love this place! They sure as hell, cook some good food and the portions are big enough for 2 people or left overs for later highly recommend if u haven't been here to give them a shot

Review №69

Food is good and the place is clean!

Review №70

Loved it ..... Food was delicious. Five stars. W. LeSueur.

Review №71

Worst Chinese food Iv ever had!! Run away fast as you can

Review №72

A family favorite, I had cashew chicken and beef with broccoli ... great!

Review №73

Good food, fresh cooked

Review №74

Great takeout

Review №75

Not real impressed with quality and atmosphere. Owner had child running around restaurant also?n

Review №76

Always great service & food!

Review №77

They use MSG, so ask them not to add any. Other than that good food, good prices.

Review №78

Good food, nice service.

Review №79

Always get more food than I can eat an it's always great tasting.

Review №80

Finally a place to like here. Salt and pepper shrimp delish!

Review №81

The best Chinese restaurant around and wonderful service and the friendliest staff

Review №82

The food is good and reasonably priced.

Review №83

Love the Mongolian beef and egg drop soup

Review №84

Best Chinese food in chandler

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Review №87

Best Chinese food in South Chandler. Ask Brenda for Singapore Fried Noodles

Review №88

Thanks Chen's

Review №89

We visit Chen's every so often. Like their chicken and chicken chow mein.

Review №90

Food is delicious and very healthy!!!!!

Review №91

Good service, good food

Review №92

Great food

Review №93

Great food!

Review №94

Big portions, decent prices and the food was good. Only complaint is there wasn't much meat in my chicken dish.

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Review №96

Great Chinese food

Review №97

Is good.

Review №98

It's nothing special

Review №99

Frequent this place! Lunch specials $6.95 includes salad, egg drop soup and egg roll.

Review №100

One word - awesome!

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