Jersey Mikes Subs
2780 W Chandler Blvd Suite 3, Chandler, AZ 85224, United States
Review №1

Didn't have the best luck with this specific location when we order online for pickup. Our bread was dried out and Mike's Way was hardly present on our sandwiches. What's most annoying is we ordered a canned natural soda and in the bag we received what looked like a dropped, badly damaged can. We were unable to drink out of it, it was so badly damaged; this should have been thrown out not given to a customer. Last, we ordered two bags of chips and one bag didn't make it into our order. Idk how 2 sandwiches placed online at a slow time of day could go this wrong?

Review №2

On your site you say curbside pickup and you didn't do that for me, I am handicapped, a veteran and health compromised. Your girl on the phone was not very nice. I had to hobble in to pick it up. Very disappointed.

Review №3

The cheesesteaks are awesome. I keep telling myself I'm going to try some of their cold subs but I just can't tear myself away from those delicious cheesesteaks

Review №4

Update as my recent experience was awful:Found plastic in my sandwich. Gluten free sandwich tasted like onions which I didn't order. Chances are that's because they didn't take proper cross-contamination efforts and it touched something from another sandwich. Hopefully I don't get sick. Glad I didn't choke on the plastic at least. Not trying to die like a baby sea turtle. Pictures of plastic attached to reviewGLUTEN FREE SUBS. It's Udi's so don't go crazy, but that's still ill.

Review №5

As a past resident of NJ The decor,makes me reminisce of the shore,and the tasty food. They are better,than any of the sandwich places.I will promote this place.

Review №6

Just left ordered 2 turkey club subs substituted the bacon for turkey but was charged for extra meat and not given any 19.30 for 2 regular subs plus I tipped them 2.30 the girl who made my food was so nice and friendly but the guy over charged me will not go back. Meats are too salty.

Review №7

I have never been to Jersey Mike's before today. I am from the Midwest and we don't have Jersey Mike's there, but as someone who has a gluten allergy I was intrigued by their gluten free sub option and it's been a while since I've had a good gluten free sub. I went in during my lunch break and told the gentleman that I will be needing gluten free sub and that it is an allergy and not a preference. As soon as my order was to be prepared, every surface was sanitized and every employee that handled bread washed their hands and put on new gloves! I was so impressed and so happy they take these things seriously, because Gluten allergy and Celiac disease can be tough to manage if restaurants claim to be "gluten free" but don't actually put in the effort. I will be definitely going back to this location if not for the gluten free options but also because their subs are very tasty!!

Review №8

Always good. Only downside was it was $6 for a scope of tuna in a cup at this location, not sure if it is the same all over.

Review №9

This place is so delicious. Fresh meat, veggies, and bread. The people working are also very polite. Can't say any negatives. Food can be a bit pricey, but I'm always full when leaving so not sure if that can be a real negative.

Review №10

Quick service, the workers are super quick, impressed. No one was dining in so not sure if you can sit.

Review №11

Sandwich was great, clean establishment and friendly staff.

Review №12

They have gluten-free subs!!!!!!! And their meat and cheese are very good quality, so much better than the garbage at Subway. I love this place!

Review №13

Friendly service and the sammy's are good!

Review №14

These are real east coast style subs. Very well made and very satisfying. I really like the chicken cheesesteaks. The Italian sub is a classic. I adore the fact they have gluten free bread.

Review №15

I had the steak and cheese for the first time here!! Absolutely delicious!! A bit big for me but it was perfect and I loved it! Always love every sandwich I've ever had from Jersey Mike's and love it Mike's way!!!!

Review №16

Drive right pass this place. Food is decent at best and service is horrible. I stopped after a late night of work. The employee was chatting with a friend for a while and didn't acknowledge me. About 3 minutes later the friend went outside and I was able to place my order. After getting my sub and setting up to eat, I was told I couldn't eat there since they're closing.

Review №17

Great sandwiches. Fresh ingredients. Fast service.

Review №18

Best subs around. People that work there are great as well.

Review №19

The subs here, especially the number two, bring back memories of the subs I used to make back in the day, when I worked for Hubbard's Cupboard. Enjoy!

Review №20

Super friendly staff and amazing food.

Review №21

The Philly is amazing. Fast and friendly service!

Review №22

Love the fact they freshly slice the meats and make the sandwiches in front of you and staff was very friendly and helpful THANK YOU for a GREAT 1st experience

Review №23

I have Celiac disease and sometimes crave sandwiches that I didn't make myself (they taste better that way, it's true)There are precious few places I can actually order a sandwich and feel safe eating it. It was great to see the team behind the counter seamlessly change gloves and equipment to ensure my safety, without any eye rolls too.It's also great to see them offer sodas without high fructose corn syrup, and gluten free cookies as well so I can enjoy an entire sub sandwich meal all the way through. Love this place!!

Review №24

Good food, good service, but pricey.

Review №25

Good turkey sandwich. Fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Friendly staff.

Review №26

Good food. Terrible service.The food was good. I had the regular sized Italian sandwich. The portion and amount of meat was plenty. I would order a mini next time.The inside of the store was for the most part clean.The employees service was terrible. Most of them seemed high and were not the most friendly. The guy who I am assuming was the manager was friendly, but the rest were not. The guy at the register was the least friendly and seemed confused. Asked for a drink and chips. He didn't ring the drink, and seemed as if I didn't ask for it. The most interesting part was the machine asked for a tip. First, not sure why they deserve a tip just to make a sandwich with no table service, and second the service was terrible.I would return to Jersey Mike's but not this location.

Review №27

The best subs around... And great staff.

Review №28

Better quality meat and cheese. Sandwiches and salads are tasty. Not a big portion for the price. Will run you a few dollars more than regular sub places. Limited choices for kids meals.

Review №29

Used to eat at this location every Sunday with my family. They changed owner or management a year or 2 ago. Since then The quality is bad the music is way to loud and the staff isn't as friendly

Review №30

Great sandwiches and they're well made by the staff. I like their hot sandwiches with pastrami and steak being my favorites.

Review №31

The food seems to be of the higher quality that one would expect from Jersey Mike's, but the customer service experience is routinely pretty bad here. Employees rarely greet you, usually are off doing other things and don't communicate with each other. Expect to pay attention and assert yourself when ordering so that you get the right thing. There's also usually a weird smell, maybe coming from the bathrooms? I think I'm done coming here.

Review №32

Yes, I like it. Fresh subs with bread that does not turn to mush before you can finish it. Good variety of hot and cold sandwiches. They are a national chain, but better than other nationals like Subway.

Review №33

It used to be a great place and a delicious sub. One of the staff members could have cared less about making a sloppy sub. When I asked for a new sub roll, it waa cut the roll so thin at the bottom that I didn't think it would hold the weight of sandwich, Zach asked me why? How could he miss the obvious? He changed it out reluctantly, never made eye contact and continued to ask the other people behind me what their sub order was after he cut the meat for my order sandwich. He was sloppy with cutting the meat, cheese, and throwing the veggies on the sub, so sloppy. Total lack of taking proud in your work. When I see Zack in the shop, I turn and leave.

Review №34

The white guy with brown hair tries to pressure patrons into tipping. Although, he does nothing to earn a tip. The blonde guy does all the work. To the owner of this establishment; I'm not going back because I feel pressured to tip. Brown hair makes a point of highlighting the screen that allows you to tip on the POS machine. I paid cash the next time and he held back my sub until my cash was clearly tucked away in my bag.

Review №35

Unfortunately they're not very good with the phone's. Called multiple times with no answer.

Review №36

Great for people with Celiac. They cleaned everything and the sandwichs are great

Review №37

Do not ever go to this location. After spending 10 minutes waiting with almost no one in the store and no greeting from any of the employees, I watched an employee come in on shift, check in at the register to start his shift, then put on his hat and apron in front of me and ask me what I wanted him to make for me. No washing of hands, adjusting his hat with his hands all in his hair, and he wanted to pull things out of the deli fridge! I love Jersey Mike's subs, but this store has the worst, slowest, unfriendly employees every time I go in there...

Review №38

I am a member of their email club, and have been enjoying Jersey Mike's Subs for years. When my employer laid me off, I did not have a way of altering the email address associated with my profile since I was laid off within a week of my birthday. The manager at Jersey Mikes on Chandler Boulevard was willing to honor my birthday special with my drivers license and made me feel like a valued customer. With sandwiches of your quality, and clearly superior customer service, I have no idea how any of the other sandwich shops are even staying in business. You guys are the best hands down. Thank you!

Review №39

Good sandwiches as always, terrible customer service. Been to this location twice. Employees always seem annoyed and slam things around when making the sandwiches. No one greets you when you come in. Very strange customer service, nothing like my hometown experience with jersey mikes spending most of my life living in NJ.

Review №40

Great food friendly service

Review №41

I like their subs and service was decent

Review №42

Delicious food and friendly service. Their philly's are great!

Review №43

One of the best sandwiches I've tried. Great location, only negative the staff are miserable.

Review №44

Bad food

Review №45

Love there sandwichs

Review №46

The sandwiches were right on spot the number 8 was fantastic the customer service was great the sandwiches were ready when I got there in and out thank you

Review №47

Jersey Mike's Sub is delicious. Being from NY, you want a good Italian sub. mmmmmmmmmm, this is the place.

Review №48

Being from the Point Pleasant, the home of Jersey Mike's. This store is alright, they are friendly ish. Let's say it's not point pleasant. But obvy. We're in AZ and they fill the void. Just wish they could pack on the meat and have a softer roll.

Review №49

There are better sub places but thats my opinion.

Review №50

Love this place great food at a good price and always fresh thanks Bill!

Review №51

Everything was just ok. The service was not great. We kind of got the impression the staff didn't want to be there and they were not happy to see us. I'll take Firehouse or jimmy johns over this place.

Review №52

Friendly staff and the sandwiches are always delicious!!

Review №53

Great sandwiches, service here well below level of 6 others we've visited in last year.

Review №54

Nice location, standard subs, good value

Review №55

Closed before closing time.

Review №56

Never answer their phone! Love the food but any location offers the same. This location never answers its phone. Very inconvenient considering it takes FOREVER for them to make a hot sandwich. Seems as if it's run by teenagers and not very professionally.

Review №57

They put a lot of vinegar in my sandwich, so I don't taste the cold cuts. I like vinegar and oil, but this was too much

Review №58

Food was great and service was quick, accurate

Review №59

It seems the regulars got treated well, but unfortunately my experience was at the other end of the spectrum. Even after trelling my server, Mark, this was my first visit to a Jersey Mikes, he was curt & my questions or requests were met with the attitude you'd expect from a teen who was separated from a video game.Good customer service should be given to everyone... even Mediocre subs taste good, when served with a good attitude

Review №60

Great food and quick service

Review №61

Worst Jersey Mike's ever. Waited for 10 minutes in line and never got asked what I wanted to order. Just walked out. The employees there were to concerned about online orders and had about 6 customers waiting inline to order.

Review №62

It works

Review №63

Inaccurate menu and sandwich makers failed to follow direction.

Review №64

The food was ok, but I could've fed my whole family of 8 for the price I paid for 3 of us. Way to expensive!!!

Review №65

Woman that was working was on point. Asked the guy who made our sandwiches what they were and he said "I don't know what they are" she also asked him for the ticket for the order. He said "I don't have it". Must suck to have to carry that guy through a shift. My food was drenched in sauce, basically a soup sandwich. My wife got the first cheese steak I've ever seen with no peppers or onions on it. I think there was one sliver of vegetable. $23 for a soggy giant sub and a regular with half the ingredients.

Review №66

Luv their sandwiches

Review №67

Cory, the manager, was rude and condescending. I went in to pick up an order I phoned in 20 minutes earlier. Was told they didn't have it and I would have to get in line and order it again. Manager yelled on my way out that I must have called another store. I called this store.

Review №68

I like the fresh cut meat

Review №69

Fast and friendly service. I'm here probably twice a month and have never had an issue!

Review №70

I really like their subs, but eating at this location today was a sub par experience (and I have eaten at this location in the past, this was my worst experience). The staff was confused and showed little interest in trying to get things right on our order and other orders we witnessed. The service was slow, the bathroom was dirty and out of paper towels. It was just a very disappointing experience. The only saving grace was that the food is good.

Review №71

They allowed some self entitled lady to just jump in front of me and than she pulled the whole “my coupons expired” bit and had the audacity to say, “you guys should just use it since I had to wait so long.” Are you kidding me, she walked in 2 mins after me, waited for 10 seconds and then got 3 orders taken care of before my 1. What terrible service to allow customers to do that to others that are patiently waiting.

Review №72

Stop asking if people wants mikes way. And then say "Its mikes way but with....." IDGAF. Make it my way! Good sandwiches. But I only go with coupons.

Review №73

This is one of the best sub shops in Phoenix. Not amazing but good bread, good meats and fixens. Much better than the sub chain claiming to be gourmet. Get their Italian sub grilled is my favorite.

Review №74

Good food and friendly service..

Review №75

Stopped in here today (7/29) around 11:15. Stood in line for a while and then someone (scruffy blondish hair) came to take our order. I was ordering two giant subs, one mini, and a kids meal which I think is a totally reasonable order. My husband and son were sitting at a table near by so they wouldn't have to wait in line with me. When the guy is taking my order he doesn't let me finish and when I say, "oh, one more still" he replies "oh God" with a ton of attitude. I was going to just let this slide since I already had spent time waiting in line. He wrote down the order for the last sandwich and then says, "I was going to help the rest of the line but not now" (again, full of attitude). He walked away and I thought about what I wanted to do because I hate being rude or confrontational. I then stepped up and said, "Excuse me, sir. You can just cross out my order. The attitude was not needed" to which he responded, "okay" and I turned around to leave, recounting what happened to my husband as we walked out the door. I've been to this location before but usually go to one closer to my home in Gilbert. I will never ever ever come back here. That was seriously the rudest anyone has ever been to me in a customer service setting.

Review №76

Good sandwiches. Slow service.

Review №77

Honestly best place to eat! The shift lead Isaiah Hernandez is the nicest employee and makes the best sandwiches, and always with a smile(:

Review №78

The best sub place around.

Review №79

If you want a salad, order a sandwich from this place.Over priced 5" sub that is 80% salad.Just a small amount of meat and bread accompany the lettuce, tomato and onions.Over $7 for a 5" salad, outrageous.

Review №80

My Favorite Subs!!

Review №81

Bomb amazing sandwiches and subs love this place!!

Review №82

Good place for a good sub

Review №83

The food is usually very good. Don't hold your breath if you pre-order online, you'll be waiting anyway when you show up at the scheduled pick up time.

Review №84

Excellent sandwiches!

Review №85

Fast service. Friendly staff

Review №86

Great subs! I'll definitely go back again and again.

Review №87

Great subs. Meat is freshly sliced right on the sandwich. Be sure to order "Mikes Way"

Review №88

Over priced and very confused employees

Review №89

Good food. Love the Big Kahuna #56

Review №90

Amazing subs

Review №91

This place is super fresh and great subs. They are expensive though.

Review №92

Makes me feel right at home :)

Review №93

Good food fast!

Review №94

Very expensive especially for gluten free options

Review №95

Good sandwich but too expensive would not recommend because of price

Review №96

Always good

Review №97

Disappointed - wrong bread used and customer service was lacking

Review №98

Great sandwiches

Review №99

We came in 10 minutes before they closed and we treated very poorly. Our sandwiches were done 3 minutes before 9:00.

Review №100

Always a great experience

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  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
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