Butcher Block Meats
4015 S Arizona Ave Ste 11, Chandler, AZ 85248, United States
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I have been going to this butcher for a year now and their meat is always fresh and amazing. This is not supermarket meat!!! If you go try their burgers and sausages they are AWESOME!!!!

Review №2

Pork steaks cut custom for me. Worked out great on my smoker. I have never been unhappy with the meat out of this shop. High quality and friendly staff.

Review №3

We have attempted using this butcher a handful of times over the past month. While the meats we've gotten have mostly been decent, others have lacked. My biggest heart burn was this past weekend when I went in and the staff was not wearing masks and was eating at a prep table immediately behind the display. They did not wash their hands/change gloves prior to packaging my order, and when asked about the masks remarked that they usually wear them. I won't be going back.

Review №4

Large selection of meats and cheeses. Love this place for all my grilling needs!

Review №5

Big thanks to Butcher Block Meats for making our Easter meal memorable. This brisket put many a smile on a my family's faces. I look forward to the next selection...If you are anywhere near the east valley, be sure to drop by BBM's counter to make your next meal a special one! #BrisketBeforeandAfter

Review №6

Love their choice of meats. Everyone there is very friendly and they do an excellent job of cutting and trimming your meat anyway you want.

Review №7

Meats is great, the hours not so much..When it's 115 degrees outside i wants get all my stuff done early in the morning. You might want to consider opening @8am so we shop while it's still not roast your balls hot outside.

Review №8

Really good meat here I love the porterhouse steaks and the fillets. The owner is really nice he always cuts my steak the way I want it, I usually get special order cuts Like Korean style short ribs and thinly slice steak for Philly cheese steak. The girls that work the counter are also very friendly every time I come in

Review №9

Staff is very helpful and accommodating. Example- I called to request some baseball cut sirloins, they cut them up no problem. Handled my request as if I was an A list celebrity.Great selection. I usually go for the porterhouses or a dry aged ribeye but don't ignore their salmon filets. Don't know where they get them but they're huge. Also, their chicken wings are far from puny. If you want to draw some crowds at your 4th of July bbq, you need to get these wings.

Review №10

Seriously amazing meats, made the most delicious prime rib from there tonight and couldn't be happier with the results. Better than what I've gotten at nearly every restaurant in my life. Can't recommend them highly enough and I know where I'll be getting my meat going forward.

Review №11

Butcher Block is always on point. The only place I got to for Pork Shoulder. Great seasoning rubs also and they take reservations for cuts. Always a breeze in and out.

Review №12

Friendly and knowledgably staff. Great selection of fresh and frozen meat products. I visit this location weekly for all of our family's meat. Great business to have in Chandler, AZ!

Review №13

Everything tastes wonderful, you'll never buy meat at the grocery store again.

Review №14

Staff was super cool and helpful and Detroit lions fans! Other than the green bay fan they have working

Review №15

By far the best place around to get beef or any other type of food you want. They have a great selection food. Very friendly staff that know their stuff. The place is very clean. And if you pay cash, you get a discount on your order of $50 +.

Review №16

This place is awesome. I'm from Chicago and there were butcher shops all over that were family owned. There's not too many family owned butcher shops out here. They have very high quality meats and offer excellent customer service. You can also call in and email orders ahead of time. I've had their ribs, ground chuck, chuck roast, ribeyes, New York strips, sirloin steak and filet mignon. It is a little pricey, but when you put that first bite of steak into your mouth, you'll know where that extra money went. It's still way cheaper than what you'd pay at an upscale steakhouse.

Review №17

Natural casing hot dogs odd taste and extremely greasy. Back to Midwestern Meats in Mesa for the best.

Review №18

Didn't know what a large beef rib is (aka DINO RIB or BRONTOSAURUS RIB. EXCUSE MY SELLING.

Review №19

Great meat and fresh! We also buy bones for our dogs which love them! Also try the twice baked potatoes. They are so creamy and great as a side dish. The staff is always friendly and they sell mike's hot honey which I've been wanting to try FOREVER! We've been going there for months and will be returning as often as possible!

Review №20

Where does one start? This place is amazing! We ordered from here for our wedding (before the covid hit), and they helped us with many different cuts of meat and the freshest brats possible. Then, on our big day, they went out of their way to make sure our order was ready first. Incredible service, incredible food! Without them our wedding feast would have been a wedding fast :-).The skirt steak was perfect for Carne Asada. The NY strip was a crowd favorite. The Chicken was tender and delicious. The brats are to die for. I recommend the habanero peach ale brats!Thanks so much to everyone here for all the hard work they put in!

Review №21

We buy most of our meat here. Great quality and prices. Discounts available for cash and bulk purchases.

Review №22

Employees don't wear masks. Meats are great. I saw 2 other customers and they had masks on. I doubt I'll be back, unless they implement masks for the employees.

Review №23

Our favorite!! Best meat in Az

Review №24

I was looking for chicken skin only, so I called multiple butcher shops and this was the only one that would provide it!. Unfortunately I was unable to make it down to pick it up and I'm sure it has been tossed by now. But I give them 5 stars because they were willing to go above and beyond for a "new" customer!.

Review №25

Freshest meat ever. They're real professionals that will know how to prepare your meat. Expect no silver skin or tons of fat with your tenderloin because you won't get any!

Review №26

Great meat.

Review №27

The NY Strip was unbelievable!

Review №28

Great family run business!!

Review №29

Great meat! Highly recommend for special days.

Review №30

Excellent meat and service!

Review №31

The best Vienna Polish Sausage you'll find in the Valley. They also carry the buns & all the fixings to make a true Chicago Dog. A little pricey but worth it. Customer service was great too. I highly recommend the Butcher Block in Chandler.

Review №32

LOVE this place. I'm a novice when it comes to picking and preparing meat. Girl at the counter helped me pick a nice cut of meat based off my wants. Owner/butcher came up front and gave me step by step instructions on prep and cooking. Turned out awesome and I'm a regular customer now. Great meat and knowledgeable, friendly customer service.

Review №33

Having been raised in Omaha, Nebraska I am well aware of good Nebraska beef. When we first came to AZ my first taste of store bought beef was awful. I was so happy to find #1. a butcher shop in Chandler and #2. a shop that carried Nebraska beef. We have bought indvidual meats and the 50# bundles. All are delicious and service is superb. Thank you for being an asset to Chandler and meats.

Review №34

Fantastic butcher! Very friendly and willing to help. They will quickly accommodate your needs and the quality of the meats is top notch.

Review №35

We love Butcher Block Meats! The quality of their meats is outstanding, but more than that, the friendly and helpful staff make this our go to spot for meats in Chandler. They are THE BEST.

Review №36

High quality meat and a great selection.

Review №37

Awesome place, got a few steaks and 4 lbs of meat to make jerky with. They've got a lot of meat and meat accessories, like sauces and rubs, things of the like. They gave me a reusable bag, too!

Review №38

Neighborhood butcher! It's family owned and operated, and the selection is always fantastic. Sure, you are going to pay more for fresh meat, but you can tell the difference between this meat and from the grocery store. The owner has always answered my questions and given some great advice when it comes to smoking meat. We made the best tri-tip with his recipe and technique. This place is also the only place around that had fresh marrow bones for my dogs, so they love it here too!

Review №39

I have known Tim for a couple of years now and I have used his own seasoning for my own meats that I have bought and his seasoning is the best! No other seasoning beats his. I also had a boneless Ribeye that I got from Tim and it was excellent!! Best Ribeye I have ever had! Tim is also very friendly and stands by his work. His shop is very clean and it feels like a home town butcher for how personable he is. You won't be disappointed. Tim is the only butcher shop you will need. I highly recommend anyone to go to his shop for any meat. He's the best in AZ in my opinion

Review №40

Best butcher in Chandler... possibly all of AZ. Awesome selection of high quality products. The staff is terrific and very helpful. Try his house steak seasoning!

Review №41

We bought 2 boneless one pound + T bone steaks, bacon and a twice baked potato for $60. It was a bit spendy!!! The steaks were good and we shared the potato. Being from the midWest, their prices are high for prime beef.

Review №42

Great choice of quality meats at good prices and great customer service too.

Review №43

This place is the best for prime meat. All of their products are fresh and delicious. We will only come here to purchase meat for our family. They also provide excellent customer service. Thank you Butcher Block meats!

Review №44

I have nothing but amazing things to say about this shop! It is so clean and the owner and the staff is so wonderful and very helpful! Quick service and they are always available to answer all of our questions! Will never go anywhere but here to get my meat! This is my second time coming here I live 45 minutes away and have no problem making the drive even tho I have a few butchers that are much closer. Just because they have such amazing service! Their prices are awesome and less that anywhere else I've seen in a long while

Review №45

I buy my dog food here and its super convenient that they already have it pre packaged any way less expensive than raw dog food brands. Everyone is always super friendly and helpful

Review №46

Very convenient location. Easy to get meat quick. We purchase meat here often. Meat is always fresh & delicious. Very helpful with call in orders, cutting meat & answering questions.

Review №47

I visited Butcher Block for the second time today and again had a great experience. I am starting to feed my dogs a semi raw diet so will be visiting them quite frequently. I visited another butcher shop that was about half the distance from my home and their prices were outrageous. Upon entering the store and being the only customer I didn't even get a glance let alone a hello. So I will be sticking with Butcher Block Meats happily and I hope you do too...they are great and extremely friendly and helpful!

Review №48

Some items can be a little pricey for non-organic, but great quality. Love Tim's burgers. selection is good and freshness is much better than any of the local grocery stores.

Review №49

I go to BB exclusively now for all my meat and chicken needs. Great quality... family was surprised we could really tell the difference. Tim and his family/staff are all very friendly and I enjoy the trip when I go in. Guess you could say I'm a huge fan of Tim's meat! ;)

Review №50

Great Quality! Yes a little pricy but you are paying for quality Prime meats. I have been in 3 times so far, the staff is super helpful answering questions and helped me get the size of cut I was looking for on a Pork Shoulder I was smoking the next day. I purchased a Ribeye as well and it was seriously one of the best steaks I have ever prepared. You want cheap, garbage cuts of meat, go to your local big box grocery store! But if you are looking for quality meats to impress guests and family, look no further.

Review №51

First time here and the service and the meat were great. Highly recommend the Andouille sausage and tender Filets!!!

Review №52

This is a real butchers shop, they have everything you need, including the best British Bangers.

Review №53

I've been a customer since day one. Tim and his family are awesome people. I've never had anything bad from here, and I love the personal service!

Review №54

They have great meat, potatoes, and a friendly helpful staff. I would highly recommend this butcher shop for anyone who does not like shopping at big box stores for their meats.

Review №55

We love this place. Super nice people, great products. try the linguisa and the Polish sausage sometime.

Review №56

Terrific, family-owned and -run joint! Customer service is fast, friendly, and knowledgeable, and the meats are OUTSTANDING!

Review №57

We love this place! Buy the twice baked potatoes with your meat purchase, you won't regret it!!!

Review №58

Excellent choice . excellent service! Glad to finally have a good butcher near by

Review №59

The store is very clean, the staff is very pleasant and helpful, the meat is outstanding, and the prices are very reasonable.

Review №60

Tim is the best awesome selection. Go you won't be disappointed

Review №61

Best quality meat in Chandler

Review №62

Great meat and service.

Review №63

Great place, buffalo jerky is the best!

Review №64

The cuts of meat here are really well priced and very fresh.

Review №65

We love and frequent this place 2-3 times a week for fresh meat :)

Review №66

Great selection.

Review №67

Great meats

Review №68

Great selection of meats & cheeses

Review №69

Finest prime ribs in the city

Review №70

Quite expensive for product comparable to any major grocery store.

Review №71

For those hard to find meats

Review №72

Asked for a pound of skirt steak which they sell by the pound was 1.75 pounds which is more than I need it asked if they could cut me a LB she looked at me as if I was stupid and told me "we can't just cut a piece off" hmm really a butcher shop that can't cut meat ...

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Great place!

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  • Address:4015 S Arizona Ave Ste 11, Chandler, AZ 85248, United States
  • Site:http://www.butcherblockmeatsaz.com/
  • Phone:+1 480-426-8080
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