Walmart Neighborhood Market
1900 E Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85225, United States
Review №1

Great all in one place to shop. On my visit to Arizona I stopped in thereOne stop shopping from alcohol to milk, from cereal to breads cakes meats and cold cuts. Just a big supermarket that has everything. Very impressed , wish they had one in New York

Review №2

Easy to buy and select goods

Review №3

Located right down the street so it's okay in a pinch but man I definitely prefer to avoid this place. Shelves sometimes empty, no one at the deli (if you can call it that) and some sketchy characters shop there. I'd rather go to Fry's or Safeway, tbh.

Review №4

What csn i say? For a Walmart this place aint too bad.

Review №5

Very Good customer service experience!! African American Female very helpful with information and things needed. Employees Very respectfully and extremely helpful. They do things the Sam Walton Way at that store.

Review №6

Hard to find items. Traffic is bad.A few nice employees.A few that give you a 1000 yard stare if you ask a question.

Review №7

I got a pickup order from here a few times & the staff are always really friendly.

Review №8

Last night you were a bit back up on the grocery delivery to the cars. It's to be expected during the times we are all facing right now. I really want to commend Robert who was apologetic, keeping customers updated and handling our groceries with care as he packed them in car after car in this Arizona heat. Please recognize Robert for his outstanding customer service skills. It's folks like Robert who keep me coming back!

Review №9

A bit more expensive than a regular Wal-Mart but easy to maneuver and very convienient.

Review №10

Close to home, great prices on their store brand items. We still have to shop elsewhere for a lot of the food we buy.

Review №11

It is always clean here, all of the employees are friendly and they are very quick with the online grocery pick up.

Review №12

They have a wonderful store looks really nice inside an excellent customer service

Review №13

Ez in and out style Walmart, everything is easy to find and people are always friendly.

Review №14

Not as busy as Walmart. A lot of self check lanes. Most associates are friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №15

The courtesy clerk outside, she was so polite!

Review №16

Quick run in for the essential food items, with out the madness of the super Walmart

Review №17

So convenient. The parking lot is not a maze and every parking spot is close to the door.

Review №18

Its a small Walmart. Not the best selection.

Review №19

Everything I needed was in stock. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №20

The store is clean. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №21

What an absolute pleasure it is to shop at this Walmart Neighborhood Market. All of the employees are very friendly, helpful and courteous.The store is immaculate...and I mean immaculate! Floors, shelves, checkout stations and all departments are spotless. Shelves are neat and orderly with product always faced. The pharmacy, which I use regularly, is also excellent. Even the parking lot is clean and the shopping carts are always rounded up.I've shopped at quite a few Walmart stores all over the country, let me tell you that this one is the best!! Big shout out and thank you to management and the crew for doing it right!!Additionally...the other day I saw Rosendo Gutierrez (store manager) in the parking lot picking up trash. I always see him working and performing duties just like his employees. I notice that Rosendo appears to have a great rapport with his staff and is certainly setting a fine example of how a manager should be!!

Review №22

Very helpful service desk

Review №23

Fast and easy to shop here.

Review №24

Its a walmart. Not a supercenter. It has the stuff you need.

Review №25

Great easy fast shopping . nice helpful employees.

Review №26

Completely worthless. Changing store hours by the day. Not for covid but to save money on staff!! They are basically using Covid as an excuse. Limiting people to 12 hours a day only increases exposure to covid.

Review №27

Fresh produces, easy acess.

Review №28

Normally a great location but one customer service person is a rude ..wants to argue over sending money... I use the service 4 times per month & this person wants to question me like I'm an idiot.. I use the express option to avoid all the hassles but this woman wants a piece of paper filled out.. EVERY time she is at the desk I end up.having to go somewhere else Because of her...

Review №29

Clean place..no problems

Review №30

Get my diabetic supplies there since other Ramsay's are always out of stock

Review №31

Love the selections they offer

Review №32

Dirty.. unorganized..lots of empty shelves

Review №33

The employees here are great. Thank you for everyone's hard work right now also.

Review №34

Very clean, speedy service, great customer service!! On top of all that, they had the correct formula for my daughter who is special needs and an open heart surgery patient!! Thanks guys!!

Review №35

I can get products in and out real quick without long lines of waiting.

Review №36

Because my gift cards did not work

Review №37

Clean, well lit, aisles are generally clear. It doesn't have the product selection of a super store, but it seems to have the essentials. Parking lot is easy to get in and out of, too.

Review №38

Rude employees absolutely no customer service skills whatsoever

Review №39

Found much of what I was looking for got a few more things.

Review №40

They are very fast working people and very nice when they see you

Review №41

Easy in and out. Love to shop here.

Review №42

Frist time five star. Then after I go there every time it fell pretty small. Nice place to get something then go like a snack.

Review №43

Good experiences

Review №44

Love this store! Been shopping here since they opened. Always clean and everyone is so friendly!!

Review №45

So I will be honest...I have a strong and deep hatred for Walmart. You can always expect a busy parking lot, packed store, utterly useless staff and questionable fellow customers. However, this neighborhood market is easily accessible, fairly quite and has helpful staff! It's an anomaly of sorts. And I LOVE the grocery pickup service! Have used it many times and the personal shoppers that bring out your groceries are very friendly. Cannot recommend the grocery pickup enough for busy moms like myself.

Review №46

Bath room sink needs to stay on longer so people can wash their hands, and the blow dryer for hands dose not put enough air to dry my hands.

Review №47

Really like going to this Wal-Mart... It is not as big as other Wal-Mart stores but I find all the things that I need easily.... I just could not find yogurt today.....

Review №48

Home town grocery store experience!

Review №49

Half a Walmart what a waste!

Review №50

If you need to get few groceries I would recommend this store over a full-sized Walmart. It's easy to navigate and they have installed several new self checkout registers that are quick and easy. Their only weakness at this location is the small and limited deli counter. Otherwise, this place is great.

Review №51

This is a clean well stocked store. I ordered deli meat and the worker behind the counter was a perfectionist. He was cleaning the machine when i arrived. He said it would be a couple of minutes while he finished if i didn't mind waiting.he was pleasant and listened to my order. I ordered the deli meat shaved. This worker was so different from other stores deli counters, i only wish I had his name to refer to he was the best. We were there on May 27 around 4:30. My order was correct and when he spoke to me he made eye contact. At the Chandler Blvd store across from Chandler Fashion Center, the workers at the deli department couldn't have cared less about my order or greeting me. He looked over my head and I had to repeat my order twice and the guy STILL GOT IT WRONG. My deli business just went to the Chandler Blvd and Cooper rd location.

Review №52

It was great! They still had toilet paper!

Review №53

Ordered online and said was going to be available on Thursday...after said Friday... couldn't pick up till Saturday and when got to the store they could not find the package... finally found it Sunday morning and as we was there they didn't do what was supposed to be done and had a attitude while doing it

Review №54

I am so disappointed. This is the second time that I've ordered groceries from this Walmart and then they let me have something I don't want to substitutes. If they're going to advertise that they have something then they need to have it. Very disappointing w.order groceries from hrocertt again

Review №55

This Walmart is super clean, and very well organized. I found what I was looking for right away.

Review №56

Quick and easy

Review №57

Nice, quiet market; all the Walmart grocery items without the Super Center madness.

Review №58

Received Walmart to Walmart and paid APS bill. Quick and easy

Review №59

Quick easy cheaper then other walmarts. Staff is friendly for the most part .

Review №60

Friendly staff and courteous and fast service. Always have what I need!!

Review №61

This was a lovely Walmart, I didnt get the usual ominous feeling that I might get stabbed. I will go out of my way to go to this one.

Review №62

I was just in the store kids running all over the place no regard for spacing. Out front no controling incoming customers. Personally I got push out of the way because i stopped at the line on the sidewalk.

Review №63

Store was pretty much wiped out but did pick up a few things

Review №64

Best market place I been to. Glad I live just down the road a bit.Cindi is my favorite Cashier!I enjoy shopping when she is working. She has always made a point to say hello and smile!My dog Hero likes her a lot also!

Review №65

One of the few Wal Marts that you have a smaller likelihood of being shot.

Review №66

Neighborhood markets are okay. But I like the supercenters better.

Review №67

Always greeted with a smile ,green grocer Jesus is some one you you should know . Helpful and knowledgeable. Clerks are cheerful , and there are free hugs.

Review №68

The grocery pickup here is GREAT! They are always on time, and rarely if ever out of items, and if they are out, and you don't like the substitution, they DON'T charge you for it anyway like the Supercenter on AZ Ave has done to us multiple times. The associates are always great, we've picked up on weekends and weekdays both and they're all always very friendly and efficient, often they're arriving outside the exact same time I am! Great time saver. Can't say enough good things, thank you!

Review №69

We used to love this store it is small but they carry a lot. The reason I stopped going is there produce was rotten before you even get it home. It is still super convient to shop a condensed version of a big box store. The location is great and they have a walkway so your kids don't have to walk behind cars.

Review №70

The stock people suck, alot of items that I wanted I could not get off the shelves because the way that the shelves where stacked and most of the frozen food items that I wanted were badly damaged and not something that I would buying that condition. Other than thar everyone else was very nice and helpful

Review №71

Lots of empty shelves. Plus, it was super cold inside.

Review №72

Love getting my Groceries at this store.

Review №73

Very convenient

Review №74

Always great to go to this store in and out super fast . Love it

Review №75

LOVE the CONVENIENCE of a small grocery store, Especially when that store is Walmart!

Review №76

I really like this store, shopping here is easy especially when a scooter is available... for the handicapThe employees are ready to accommodate me in every way that is possible. It has clean shelves and those shelves are fully stocked. The manager is doing a great job, as there is little turnover.

Review №77

Always find what I need, but service help hard to find.

Review №78

In and out, like the neighborhood Walmart better than the super Walmart

Review №79

The store is always clean and the staff is friendly.

Review №80

I bought something that I decided I didn't want to get because of the price and Justin the CSM was rude told me he could not return it because customer service was closed, come back then.I work in retail and never have I spoken to a customer that way.Been shopping here for years... Use to be a good store. I'll take my business closer to my home instead of going out of my way to what use to be my favorite store.

Review №81

I love this Walmart but when they don't open on time and I'm in a hurry it kinda puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Review №82

Always out of everything, things they should not run out of, that I pick up ev, , ery two weeks through grocery pickup. This wk out of Great Value 1 gallon 2% Milk, GV 2% 48 oz cottage cheese, Chicken Jerkey Sweet potato dog treats, GV Frozen Lasagna Dinner, Pedigree Beef Dents Stix. I think it is time to start going back to Fryes. Out of several things Every single timed I shop here, not even worth 1 Star!!!!!

Review №83

Walmart got it right when they came up with this concept - a smaller, more accessible place to get everyday groceries at a fantastic price, without requiring a seemingly endless walk through myriad isles to get to the desired areas of the grocery store. Their produce section also looks fresher and better stocked than just about all of the Walmart super centers I have visited. Parking is much easier too; as fewer people go here, it does not require a struggle to find decent, close-in parking. The service was spot on as well in this location. Good prices and good experience here.

Review №84

Quick trip. I don't go here very often so finding things was fun.All in all the store was clean & in order. The people were nice too.

Review №85

A nice store to shop in nor like the super Wal-Mart's. Good prices and hard working cashier's. I do think they should have a bagger one person can't handle a $200 order and.bag it in 20 bags

Review №86

Love this place

Review №87

Great service

Review №88

Very small but clean, friendly, and a decent selection for a tiny market. SmallMart gets an unprecedented 4 (great for groceries but anything else fuhgettaboutit

Review №89

Always pleasant staff and quick service

Review №90

Came around 11:30 and all doors were locked

Review №91

This is my neighborhood grocery. We have gotten to know the employees who are all very friendly, funny, and helpful.

Review №92

This asssshole location has these stupid concrete dividers in the Walmart grocery pickup lanes which you can't see after sundown. I turned in and hit my tire on it and now I'm stuck here waiting for road side with a flat tire on my new range rover. I would avoid coming to this stupid Walmart!!!

Review №93

So I am not a Walmart fan at all. However this is not your typical Walmart the staff is great it is always clean and the food always seems fresher than I have come to expect from Walmarts.There is no bakery but they have fairly fresh bread still I guess from another nearby store. They don't have a lot of the things I would want in a neighborhood grocery store due to their size but I think due to their size they actually care a lot more. If you are good with the main brands of things and Walmart brand then you will be very happy.Would get 5 stars but it's still a Walmart.

Review №94

Online order pickup is around the west side of the building. The employees are helpful and friendly.

Review №95

I love the smaller neighborhood market

Review №96

One of the best Walmart stores I've been to across the US. Very clean. Helpful staff. Decent prices. Note, this is not a "super" Walmart, so the selections, though vast, are not as large as they could be.

Review №97

The employees are very judgmental. That's all I've got to say.

Review №98

I'm surrounded by Wally World super stores, but drive miles out of my way to do my food shopping here. Nice clean store with a good supply of essentials. Friendly staff. Low employee turnover, so after a while you know them by sight and they know you. Very friendly place unlike shopping at their freak-show super stores.

Review №99

Always fast and friendly

Review №100

Really great smiles on the workers faces and a plus when you offer my youngest a Walmart sticker and she goes from sad face to happy face, makes my day so much better.

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  • Address:1900 E Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85225, United States
  • Site:https://www.walmart.com/store/4324-chandler-az
  • Phone:+1 480-448-4322
  • Deli
  • Supermarket
  • Department store
  • Discount store
  • Discount supermarket
  • Grocery store
  • Produce market
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–10PM
  • Saturday:7AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Check cashing:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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