WinCo Foods
222 W Willis Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286, United States
Review №1

Great value. Friendly employees. Always clean store. You bag your own groceries. Not a huge deli but enough to get what you need. Great bulk buy area. No credit cards but takes debit. If you like to save this is the store for you. Good quality meats and good frozen and pantry section as well.

Review №2

Although they didn't have the variety of Hint I wanted, they were so helpful. I had called ahead and asked if they stocked the brand only. Took the time to look, told me where I'd find it. Got there and they took the time to confirm the flavor I wanted wasn't available. Every interaction was pleasant and professional. Store was clean, organized. Great experience!

Review №3

They have very good selections. WinCo tends to carry more & different varieties of products. There's a large meat department. Also, if you're into bulk items then you are sure to be pleased. Two things to now: they don't often have sales on soda pop, and remember that you bag your own groceries.

Review №4

My first experience was about a month ago. WinCo is awesome!! I love the price comparisons... My roommates and I had such a fun time there... It was like we were on a field trip! It was a first for all 3 of us! I love that WinCo is employee owned. That is unheard of! I had no idea that they would have candy all over the store. My roommates went berserk! It was hilarious!! I took lots of pictures. The bulk foods are really amazing!! I could not believe the amount of them. It really is an awesome place! I seriously plan to be working there soon. Seriously...

Review №5

Ugh, the worst! no social distancing, no masks, the food is mediocre at best. An awful experience all around!

Review №6

I love WinCo. But especially this store. I live on the other side of town but travel over there to get fresh sushi. Those sushi chefs are always friendly and very gracious when you buy their food. The sushi is better than many restaurants. And I just noticed yesterday when I was there that they have $5 sushi Wednesday. I will have to check on that.

Review №7

Clean and well stocked. Dismayed at the patrons without masks. Wish they had hand baskets, since they were not sterilising their carts. Please step up your game Winco. Wish they would open a store in Tucson anyway.

Review №8

Generally a fan of WinCo. They keep prices low, produce quality is generally good and the bulk produce selection is unmatched. This WinCo is no exception. Clean store, good variety and when you can get a hold of one, helpful employees. Definitely holds its own among daily need store brands.

Review №9

A typical Winco. Lower prices on most items than other grocery store. Clean. A little to basic for me than other store amenities, but a typical Winco.

Review №10

This store has a massive selection for great prices. My fiance used to go to Walmart all the time. Ever since my first time taking her there, and more specifically, her seeing the total for our groceries, she has been hooked.They do not have too many specialty items or brands, so if you're looking for an uncommon ingredient for a exotic dish or isolated diet, it's unlikely they will have it.That being said, hey do have a pretty wide array of products. They will have everything on your typical grocery store shopping list and then some.

Review №11

This is a great store for what it is. Not a huge selection, but very good quality produce and deli. I also enjoy the baked goods and even fresh sushi made on site! The beer and booze prices are excellent here! But the ral thing I've noticed is that the staff is always friendly and helpful. Love this place. :)

Review №12

I love this, Winco! The staff is amiable. My only issue is a recent Crab purchase that had a foul smell,slime,tiny bugs, and eggs. I called for a refund and never heard back. I live almost an hour out. It was pointless to make that drive for a healthier pack if that was even feasible.

Review №13

Great products quality, great prices and great customer service. I recently moved from San Diego county and I love this shopping store.

Review №14

Winco foods is one of our favorite grocery stores. They're prices are great and they have an amazing bulk foods section. We go there when we have the opportunity. It is approximately 24 miles one way from our home.

Review №15

This is the first and only grocery store I have ever seen that has such a wide variety of commonly used products and also rare and unique items that are usually only sold in specific regions. The everyday prices were incredible to see. I have paid to have memberships with Costco, Sam's Club and also BJ's in the past to try and get discount pricing on bulk purchases and with Winco I purchase only what I actually want without having to purchase bulk and received prices that were better then anything I could have hoped for.The variety of products, to only purchase what you actually want and at the same time also being able to skip all of the excess Packaging which is so much better for the environment. Honestly I can not imagine wanting something and not finding it there. You can make you own peanut butter, Avocado oil, etc. They even have a section for pet food. I am hooked. Happy Shopping!

Review №16

Always seem to have what I need, at a good price. Having charged up riding carts is very helpful to me.

Review №17

The prices are always competitive and I can usually find what I need or decent alternatives.

Review №18

WinCo is a great store to go to. It is convenient and often offers great deals on usually purchased items. Alcohol is almost always cheaper here. It is 24/7 which is convenient when you work a weird schedule like I do sometimes. I do not give a 5/5 because sometimes the workers are not the friendliest. Fry's is most often cheaper when you calculate out the total but WinCo offers a clean and less busy environment. Would recommend for almost anyone.

Review №19

Prices can't be beat. Everytime I am in there, it seems like I find something new and interesting. Checkout clerks are always nice and polite.

Review №20

Winco's the BEST! Always clean, inside & parking lot! Brand names, generic, bulk foods & deli, too! All at the lowest prices in town! EMPLOYEE OWNED! #perfectplaceforsaving

Review №21

Easy drive, helpful staff, cheap prices on some premium (grass-fed) beef, and cheap as all heck liquor.

Review №22

Boy I sure wish you would get some BEEF RIBS in haven't been able to get them since July

Review №23

Fresh Produce and a large variety of items, most are 99 cent's but there are some that are 1.99 and up but it's a fun place to shop

Review №24

The store is always clean and the employees are friendly and helpful whenever I need assistance. When I am checking out the cashiers always ask if I found everything that I was looking for and do I need stamps or ice.

Review №25

My very first time there, awesome!! Oh I'm from Mississippi, just stopping thru!

Review №26

I love this store the staff are always friendly & helpful with exceptional prices from dairy to frozen to meats & produce I especially like their bulk items.

Review №27

Clean, organized, and prices are competitive if I am not mistaken, it is employee owned - so power to the people!

Review №28

First time there. I was thrilled with their bulk food offerings. I have been looking for Amaranth whole grain for three years here in AZ with no luck until today. Also found my favorite candy bar, UNO, at Winco that I had searched for 3 years here in AZ! I am a very happy camper!!!

Review №29

Very easy to navigate and friendly workers. Just bring extra people to help bag :).

Review №30

Though the variety is lacking in the Fresh Veggies sections, the bulk isles are varied. This location also has a Sushi counter - Big Plus!!!

Review №31

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE WINco! It was my first time there, yes I was a WINco virgin.This store is big, clean, well lit, organized.

Review №32

No mask==no hassles. Several other maskless shoppers shopped unmolested. Member/owner, Dakota in produce was extremely helpful and respectful to me.

Review №33

Find awesome selection of meat (steaks, chicken, hamburger, turkey meat) really like the bulk self serve area, so much to choose from. Good prices.

Review №34

I Love WinCo! I work graveyard so shopping at odd times like 2am is very important and convenient for me. Prices are incredibly low but quality is never sacrificed. Store is always clean, employees are always helpful and friendly. Thank you!

Review №35

Great store to shop. Good deals

Review №36

This one is THE BEST because they have the sushi!!! Also really clean.

Review №37

Very clean and always with great prices!! Would recommend WinCo as my go-to store!

Review №38

Low prices with decent selection. We enjoyed shopping here and found most of what we wanted.

Review №39

Got a lot of sales on fruit and vegetables. Brisket and chicken on sale too. Can't wait to come back.

Review №40

Friendly and cheaper than Walmart nearby. Never super crowded either.

Review №41

Store was very clean and well stocked with meats, toiletries and disinfectants. Prices were still reasonable. Altho the cashiers were a little on the not so friendly side we had a good shopping experience

Review №42

Out of 5 grocery stores I've visited during the pandemic, this is the only one where numerous staff refuse to wear masks properly. They leave their noses uncovered. Masks are useless when they aren't covering the nose. I have asked 3 of them to fix it and one of them told me she refused to spend money on the masks. She also complained her mask fogged up her glasses (maybe if she bought a few then she could find one that fits properly) and that it was the one her work gave her, and she refuses to wear masks when she's not at work. I reminded her people are dying but clearly she doesn't care. I have called the store twice to ask them to remind their staff to wear masks and both times the staff and manager were understanding and kind. However, I will be driving out of my way to avoid this store, I'm very thankful there are two other WinCos nearby.

Review №43

Clean, well stocked, always friendly staff. Food prices are very good, comparable to another big box, less friendly or clean, blue-themed store. Great butcher section!

Review №44

Best stocked, cleanest grocery store in Chandler I won't buy my meat anywhere else, always fresh and cold.

Review №45

This is a really well kept Winco.

Review №46

First time, definitely wont be my last. It was super late and I needed to get a grocery item. Winco was on my way home and had exactly what I needed and then some. At first it was a little intimidating. I expected a simple store but got the Narnia of grocery stores. The employees were super chipper for it being around midnight, and very helpful as well. Honestly, if it wasn't so far from me I'd be there daily.

Review №47

Good selection of produce and essential household items.

Review №48

I was very disappointed in the bulk items. Nuts and chocolates are not fresh.

Review №49

Winco in Chandler is an amazing store. They keep the store stocked and clean. Even during the most difficult of times they were there keeping food ready to go. It was a nice feeling to go somewhere like that because you can see they care.

Review №50

First time there and I loved it! Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Going back!

Review №51

Winco has become my favorite grocery store. The prices are very good and I really enjoy the bulk items, especially the coffee. There is something assessible and utilitarian about the store asthetic and layout that I also enjoy.

Review №52

Good prices, decent selection, good for families or couples, open in the early morning when it is cooler... Been shopping here since the building was built, biked here to get groceries when necessary

Review №53

Always find what I need, from lactose free yogurt to sushi, all at a better than competitive price. And perhaps what I love best of all, no mask gestapos posted at the entrance to make you feel uncomfortable as you enter, the way Walmart and TJ Maxx do. Yet, the carts are being sprayed with disinfectant and a sign is posted that masks are required. We adults can read and follow city ordinances.

Review №54

Superbad-good place to shop. Wander in a daze as you avoid eye contact with the salt-of-the-earth people who shop here. No charge for bags, do it yourself though. Loiter by the meat case to meet the next special whatshis/hername. Happy hunting.

Review №55

I looooveeee winco️ We didn't have any in Colorado and honestly had never even heard of it until I saw it on a YouTube channel. I LOVE the bulk bins, they are SO FUN! Makes my 24 yr old heart happy... and I'm not sure why. I feel happy walking around winco, it's often very peaceful to me they have AMAZING prices on just about everything!! Such an affordable place to shop and I will HAPPILY drive the ten miles to get to the store.

Review №56

I love shopping at the Chandler WinCo. I've been shopping there for a couple of years and it's always clean and the employees are helpful and nice.

Review №57

I love the low prices here at WinCo. Who doesn't like to save money. Always love how clean the stores are also

Review №58

Only store in chandler open 24 hrs with affordable prices

Review №59

Always great prices and no big crowds

Review №60

I couldn't love this place more. I love the employees. I love the nice wide isles. And amazing prices too!!!

Review №61

They have really good produce, good social distance signage.But cashier unable to process Samsung pay eventhough manager said to works. Held up the line it was embarrassing. Technically out dated. We should be able to pay with our phones and not our cards.

Review №62

Shocked to find much lower prices than comparable items at Walmart, as well as a kinder attitude.

Review №63

I have been a costumer at least location for years, and was excited to see late night shopping available again. However, none of the employees were practicing social distancing. I saw at least 10 while there bunched in different areas. The cashier didn't wear a mask, and no plexiglass at the register that was open. Virus numbers are on the rise in the area. If this store can't be bothered to take it seriously I will do my shopping elsewhere. What a shame.

Review №64

They are great!! Save money, they are very friendly. Excellent service!

Review №65

I have been shopping with WinCo since 2007. I thought I was a valued customer. My experience yesterday proved otherwise. Did you know that unlike Fry's, Basha's, Safeway, Walmart, Sprouts, and Costco, WinCo has no curbside pick up option? This means their mask policy is more of a suggestion since they will allow anyone in without one who claims to have a medical condition. COVID-19 has been active in the country for half a year now and they have not bothered to step up and protect the communities they serve like other grocery stores have. I have a compromised immune system from chemotherapy. I have had others shop for me since the pandemic hit America as my oncologist suggested I avoid being in public. I was put in a situation yesterday where I had to go into the store and was mortified to watch the assistant manager navigate a group of non-mask wearers from one kiosk to another because they didn't have a card to pay for their items and the kiosk they picked was for cards only. She also did not clean the original kiosk they were using, even though they present higher risk of infecting others due to their lack of face coverings. They had their masks dangling around their necks though, and pulled them up to cover their faces when they THOUGHT they were going to be asked to wear them. When I expressed my concerns about this behavior to the assistant manager, Ally, she dismissed my concerns immediately and cut me off to give me the WinCo script about not being able to confirm if people have a medical condition or not. I worked at a hospital before I started chemo. I know the HIPPA laws. She did not have an ounce of empathy for someone like me who is in danger of dying when in public even before covid-19. I called corporate to express my disappointment in Ally and the WinCo policy. The woman I spoke with, Kylie, was just as dismissive and was even rude to me because I asked her to stop interrupting me while I explained my concerns. She couldn't even empathize with my unique situation and validate that my fear of less than safe practices in their store could lead to my death is justified. I still have not heard from the store manager, Mark. I called WinCo three times this morning since 8am, it is now 10, and the employees screened my calls and refused to direct me to anyone but Ally, the assistant manager I had the initial negative interaction with. This was poorly handled at every level and I am immensely disappointed in WinCo as a company. I will never shop there again and I encourage anyone who is suffering from an immunodeficiency or knows someone who is suffering from an immunodeficiency to avoid WinCo, as their policy puts the comfort of the few over the lives of the many.

Review №66

Store was clean and well stocked.

Review №67

Seems that shoppers are observing COVID guidance. The store is clean and the produce is as good as any other store though a lot cheaper

Review №68

WinCo is one of the places we go to shop when we wind up in the Phoenix Valley because of the selection and the prices. Many food items we can't get at Walmart, or Safeway, or Basha's, we can usually find at Winco. Especially the giant bag of peach rings and the variety of candies in bulk. The only thing is, you have to be up on competitors pricing because we made the mistake of buying a large pack of Cottonelle toilet paper at Winco, and then found it was $2 cheaper at Walmart. But most of the time the prices are very competitive.

Review №69

I love winco. A great mix of bulk, meats and other groceries. Good prices and convenient

Review №70

Well laid out. Great prices, great sushi. Helpful and friendly staff.

Review №71

Prices are good. Some of the produce is aged... The people there are always pleasant.

Review №72

I love that store thy always have great prices

Review №73

WinCo is a top quality grocery chain with quality products, service, and prices. I am a retired semi truck driver from Idaho and always shopped at WinCo. I loved the bulk foods! You're missing out if you don't try WinCo!!!

Review №74

Well stocked, friendly employees, clean store.

Review №75

Went for the first time. The store was clean and well stocked. Not the variety like Fry's but a notch better than Walmart. I give it one star because they do not advertise up front they don't accept credit cards for payment. The check out was where I found out. Also prices can be better at Frys with their club card. Any savings is because like Walmart you bag your own groceries. So they have you do their job and where is the savings in that?

Review №76

Great option for sufficient bulk purchases. They keep it very tidy and organised. Really great to have an alternate next to Walmart.

Review №77

I love Winco! I am able to get more groceries here than with other grocers. I wish there were more locations!

Review №78

Went for beef to smoke. Small selection available, but very good quality and price. Picked up a few extras while there.

Review №79

The bulk section is always filled with the things one needs. Even treats for the dog!

Review №80

I usually shop here once or twice a week. Always stocked and clean.

Review №81

Great grocery store, low prices and comparable to Fry's market place for selection. Also feels good shopping there since employee owned.

Review №82

Winco is my favorite grocery store.

Review №83

For the first time in a long time I was able to buy disinfectant at a reasonable price, they also have a great selection of liquor and wine

Review №84

Love WinCo great selection,fresh sushi now and good deli and great prices

Review №85

Went shopping during my lunch hour. Waited in line for 10 minutes. I start pushing my basket up to start putting my stuff on the belt and the cashier tells me she's closed. I went to another cashier. She also told me she was closed. Wasted a good part of my lunch hour. Never again.

Review №86

I love WINCO its my favorite grocery store. So clean and organized.

Review №87

By far the best Winco ever! Well kept, clean, friendly, and larger than any other in 4 states! Thank you!

Review №88

Love the store. Can find most of my staples and love the bulk section offerings.

Review №89

Great people, always willing to help find items you can't find. Sushi is great.

Review №90

If you haven't already been there, you are missing a great shopping experience!

Review №91

We love winco my fiance and her mother both work there and its always a good time to go shopping, so many great sales

Review №92

If you're missing anything for your feast today, WinCo has it

Review №93

Always love WinCo great place to shop

Review №94

This store is set up differently than the Winco in Mesa that I usually go to, but it didn't take long to find what I was after and there was no wait to check-out.

Review №95

This store has good prices

Review №96

Love bulk foods area is getting back to normal

Review №97

Great place! Good prices! Local produce.

Review №98

Not happy that the usually WinCo brand 3lb ground beef is now 2.5 and the same price.

Review №99

Always good prices and clean!

Review №100

The sushi bar is my favorite! Plus they are clean, well organized, and the prices are very competitive.

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  • Address:222 W Willis Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286, United States
  • Site:http://wincofoods.com/
  • Phone:+1 623-463-8661
  • Deli
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  • Butcher shop
  • Supermarket
  • Discount supermarket
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
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  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Check cashing:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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