Casa Maria Mexican Restaurant
691 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225, United States
Review №1

Our experience at Casa Maria was a mixture of handmade deliciousness and utter disappointment.The good: We we served fresh pressed tortillas, 6 flavors of taco fillings (beef, pork, shrimp and chicken), the rice & beans were standard, a chile relleno in a red chile sauce with very little of the fluffy coating we all have come to expect of them. The chips were fresh, but lacked salt, the salsa was a watered down chile sauce and not the typical vegetable salsa we are used to, but it was flavorful. The Mexican sodas were served with a nice frosty mug and the service was attentive.The bad: I purchased Local Flavor certificate back in 2019 that was hood for $30 in food, the certificate didn't expire until December of 2020. When I went to use the certificate I was told that they no longer accept them. This was a shock to us, as we have attempted at least three times prior to come to the restaurant, but they were always closed. With covid their hours were even more restricted. The waitress said that the owner and Local Flavor had a falling out and she'd get in trouble for accepting the certificate for our meal. I didn't want to get her in trouble and as my wife and I were the only customers this was a very awkward interaction. I paid the full bill and a 20% tip, and we left. I followed up with Local Flavor and they apologized for the inconvenience with a refund of my certificate.

Review №2

Will return at least once a week!!! I was beyond impressed! Everyone is so welcoming! Service is fast and great! Buffet was hot and fresh. It's very AUTHENTIC Mexican Food. Price is unbeatable! I honestly can't believe this place isn't filled to capacity! I don't think enough people know about it. THIS PLACE IS A MUST TRY!

Review №3

Very comfortable setting, great staff, clean and the food was AMAZING!! We just noticed this little place a few weeks ago and decided to try it. I'm very pleased we did!! Definitely will come back!

Review №4

Love the decor inside!Complementary chips and salsa.The nachos were good! The cheese is like from the gas station cheese dispenser but that is my favorite. Also I love how they cut up the jalapeños and pico and etc really small. I also added carne asada and it was delicious. It was abit spicy but good.I also got a carne asada taco with cheese, onions, pico & lettuce on it. It was good. Got flour tortilla.I also got a grilled chicken taco with corn tortilla. Not as great as the carne asada. It felt kinda dry. Needed like a sauce.My brother said the tacos tasted spicy. I don't know cause the nachos were already spicy so couldn't really taste the tacos that well lol.My brother got the California burrito. He liked it.It was nice and clean inside.

Review №5

Very good Mexican food in chandler. Guacamole is excellent and the queso fundido as well. Hard shell shredded beef tacos were good as well as the carne asada and carnitas tacos. Definitely worth a visit. Took a little while for the food to come out. So if in a hurry come another time because it is worth it.

Review №6

Came back two days in a row. Ordered through DoorDash last night and loved dinner. We went back this morning for breakfast. Menudo and chile relleno along with a Queso fundido. Highly recommend this place if you want great tasting food.

Review №7

I had the the Barbacoa burrito and it tasted really good. The salsa was probably one of the best I've had in the valley. It tasted fresh and had a nice kick to it without being too hot. This was my first visit but will definitely be coming here again to try their lunch buffet.

Review №8

Buy nothing but Al pastor tacos for $1. Seriously don't buy anything else

Review №9

Very nice make you fill like home

Review №10

You literally cannot beat this place. It's quickly becoming my new favorite place. The margaritas are the best for $5! Food was amazing, best prices in town. Shrimp fantastic. Everything felt fresh and was not greesy - so good we came back the next morning! Don't wait on coming here!

Review №11

I ordered five of the $1 tacos and got food poison. Puked all night . I will never return.

Review №12

Fabulous Elote (Mexican Corn), really authentic salsa, great service!

Review №13

Ordered a carne asada burrito only that it tastes like machaca (dried beef jerky) and never saw one junk of asada meat. Asked if this was the right burrito and she said yes. Asked if cooked over mesquite she said yes and I told her it taste like it was boiled. Tortilla was all burnt. Just bad all around. Paid 11.85 for a boiled beef jerky.

Review №14

Don't buy the Groupon they sell it but don't accept it. Service is slow and inattentive. Food was decent but not a large variety of options on the menu.

Review №15

Was eager to try this place and bought a Groupon when I checked to see if I could use it for takeout or they would extend it they told me they do not except it then why the hell was it offered on Groupon

Review №16

It was a little slow, but I don't mind. Very nice people and good food

Review №17

Server Maria recommended shrimp tacos so I tried a few as well as a shredded beef taco with rice/beans. Excellent food and authentic. I also had chips/salsa and everything was perfect. Complements to the chef Marcos and I will be back very soon

Review №18

Unfriendly and unprofessional staff. DO NOT waste you're time going here to eat. Also would not accept our Groupon. I would give this place a 0 star rating if I could. I will never be back and will highly recommend to take your business to a restaurant who wants it and wants you to have a good experience.

Review №19

Sssoooo good! Love the street tacos and fresh chips... So bomb!

Review №20

We bought a $15 Groupon for $30 of food. The restaurant was completely empty. We were the only people walking into the restaurant. They greeted us by letting us know that they would not be accepting our Groupon coupon. Regardless of the coupon we probably would have spent $70+ dollars. So to turn us away over a Groupon is crazy to me. Especially because I work in the restaurant business. We will never be back and do not recommend this business.

Review №21

Quaint and cozy place. Excellent service! Stopped in to see if they served chilaquiles w/red sauce... AND they did. Everything was very good.

Review №22

Absolutely delicious. This was the first Mexican restaurant that is as authentic and good as some of the ones back home in California. When I walked in, I was skeptical, but don't let that scare you. Great service and BOMB food

Review №23

The best street tacos in Chandler, and delicious house made hot sauces.

Review №24

Bought the local flavor coupon and boy was it worth it. I got the 3 combo deal and the stuff the use on the taquitoes and tacos is amazing. I also ordered the chocolate flan and it was the best flan I ever had. The guacamole is also high quality fresh and so good!! Definitely recommend! Will be back anytime we have a craving for Mexican food!!! The place also is very clean and the food is very fresh!

Review №25

Great service and delicious food! $5 margaritas every day, very authentic place.

Review №26

Good posole and Micheladas. Al pastor tacos was good as well.

Review №27

The food is very inconsistent here.The first time I went it was ok. Waited about a month went back and the meat was very dry and some of the food tasted like dish soap and chemicals. Not going back

Review №28

The tacos were very good. Homemade tortillas.

Review №29

Good place to go with your family and friends.My baby enjoined the rice and beans.Verry good food makes you feel like home cooked meals

Review №30

Simple fresh authentic Mexican food in the heart of Chandler. It's family-owned and family run! I found my new favorite Mexican restaurant. Chips salsa bean dip fresh handmade tortillas and five dollar mango or lime margaritas all day! Can't wait to come back.

Review №31

The food is really good and the staff is really friendly.

Review №32

Great homemade Mexican food at it's finest, the Restaurant carries on the old style and authentic traditionally carved from history, great Mexican food and Has a very nice atmosphere to it almost made me feel right at home! with the decor being very inviting and well detailed.

Review №33

Very clean restaurant, food is excellent and service great

Review №34

Not real crazy about flavor. Hard to find

Review №35

Where do i start?!.... Ok the good: Micheladas were good(Only reason i gave it the two stars). The Bad: We ordered queso fundido(to come out first) shrimp cocktail, 2 shredded beef tacos, carne asada burrito.... Queso came out, was not melted all the way, you can still see the shredded cheese they used. Two sets of customers walked after this and ordered.... 45mins later!!! we still had not got the rest of the food but the customers that walked in after had already received their food!!! I had to walk up and ask where our food was, NO empathy what so ever and was told "yeah its almost ready" we FINALLY get our food and the food did not taste very good, we just took it to go.... Tacos were ok. THEN we get the bill, it was 42.00, we go to pay and they print out another bill and that one was 58.00....i question it and the owners( believe thats who they were, there the whole time we were there) says: Oh your first one didnt have the drinks....Really? So needless to say that we will not return ever again. And one last thing, i have family that have visited and they as well have had a bad experience.

Review №36

Good food, nice people. No music.Great location would like to see a happy hour with drinks and appetizers some music

Review №37

Maria's is very clean. And very tasty food. I really like thus little place.

Review №38

This place was so good! We were actually looking for another restaurant but saw this one and gave it a try. The inside is SO cute and our server Candy was So kind and really helpful!!! They gave us extra chips and salsa and the food was made so quickly! I ordered a carne Asada taco and shrimp taco with rice and beans with a bottled coke and it was so yummy!!! Thanks so much we love it here!

Review №39

Very clean. Friendly service, great chips and salsa, hoping the food us just as taste! New favorite place

Review №40

Good, but not great, and definitely not as good as some of the other places just nearby. Staff is SUPER friendly though, and they do have hard drinks, which some of the other places don't. But, unless they had some really serious drink specials, I'd probably go to one of the other nearby spots.

Review №41

Love this little place. It has a very comfy feel to it! Best barbacoa in the valley hands down!

Review №42

Great Authentic food

Review №43

Absolutely disgusting. The salsa and garnish was old and tasted stale. Ordered a taco and it was frozen cold.on the inside. The lady proceeded to say it was due to the potatoes. That's absolute lie. The cóctel de camarón was old and stale as well. The service was horrible it took over 10mins to try to get anyonews attention mind you there were only 2 other ppl in there besides us. Never again will we go there.

Review №44

The food is absolutely delicious. We leave here nice and full also happy lol the little candies they give you when you get your check are so cute

Review №45

Server was kind, but was a bit lost. Other than that, this place was fantastic!

Review №46

They make a good effort but it's not quite there...

Review №47

Husband and myself use to come have breakfast here on Sundays. The food started to change and new management came in and took over. It was the same so we haven't been back in about 5 months.

Review №48

Awesome! Customer Service! Great Food! Clean & Cute!

Review №49

Overall great first impression! Delicious food and great service. I highly recommend everyone to come and try it. You won't be disappointed!

Review №50

Its good but not really authentic mexican food taste,its more for americans or mexican americans taste.

Review №51

Very colorful place, friendly greeting and very good food. Great chips and salsa.

Review №52

The food was so good!

Review №53

Very good, chilled Colorado Hugh Chuck's of meat yummy.

Review №54

Very friendly service and great food. Have not been there since they changed mangement and this always concerns me. Hopefully the food doesn't change.

Review №55

Food was pretty decent but I've had much better. My taco didn't even look like a taco but it was more of a burrito. The salsa they give you is horrible and the bean dip isn't great. Service is verrry slow. I ordered an iced tea, around lunch time period, and they said we will get it. Later, I asked for it again and he said he was going to get it. People who came in after me got all of their drinks. I finished my food, without any drinks or offering of water. I nearly choked on my food a couple of times. When I left I told the manager and he said that they had to make the tea and asked I if I wanted the tea cause it was really. I'm like, really? I already ate. They never offered me water. It would have been nice to know that they didn't have any tea. Should have been said in the beginning.

Review №56

Gorditas! Also, great guac, elote, chips and salsa (very mild but tasty and fresh). My gf said it was the best chili relleno she's ever had. Excellent service, warm environment. A bit pricey but I felt good with it.

Review №57

First time there tonight. Will definitely go back. The green enchilada sauce was delicious!! Lots of good food.

Review №58

Not impressed. This restaurant tries to be show off as being fresh and flavorful, but everything just comes off as weak. We began our meal by trying the chips. The red salsa was...odd. I cant even describe the taste but the texture was that of sour cream. The green wasn't bad, but you did have to load up your chip with the stuff to get any discernible flavor.Then came the entree. I ordered the Carnita plate and was greeted by a dry pile of pork. It's one of my favorite dishes to have at a Mexican restaurant and when it comes to you dry and tasteless its a real kick to the entire experience. The waiter asked if I wanted the green sauce and red sauce, and when I tried it on my Carnita I found it to be just as watery and bland as the salsa. The rice was dry and the beans were a paste just slapped onto the plate. I found myself drinking a lot of water just to wash everything down.This restaurant tries to be flashy by claiming to be fresh in its cooking, but they fall short by not adding any spice to their food.

Review №59

I guess I have been living on American Mexican food to long. It was ok, but not what I'm used to. I wish them well. May God bless them.

Review №60

Wonderful, fresh and so good. Excellent food, prices and the people are so friendly....i have to come back often ; )

Review №61

Food was delicious and service is was great my new spot for hanging out and relaxing

Review №62

Fresh made tortillas, delicious meat, been here a few times and have enjoyed everything.

Review №63

Great prices. I mean great prices... 2 tacos / tostada's for like $3. Authentic food! My new favorite place

Review №64

I've been here a few times already, and the service and food is excellent... The atmosphere is very comphy and clean...i will definitely be back...i reccomend the Chile Verde and barbacoa.... Awsome awesome place to eat!!!!

Review №65

Absolutely amazing game here from local flavor the good was worth the price shrimp was huge tasted great I befall rate 5 stars

Review №66

Really good food at a good price

Review №67

Very clean! The food is absolutely home made! The hand made tortillas were outstanding!

Review №68

Small and cozy with very attentive service. The food is worth the wait.

Review №69

Not a very sanitized place. When they make Menudo. They don't let it cool down, they place ice on top then they place it in the freezer. Smells like raw food and it stinks and the Menudo don't taste like it should. Very deluded. Bad service, seen the man arguing with his wife out loud in front of customers and employees. When it comes to business it should be professionalism. Not a place for me and my kids.

Review №70

My carne asada fries were suppose to have melted shredded cheese (as stated on the menu), they had nacho cheese and way too much of it. It made my fries soggy. I only came here because of a groupon but will not be attending again.

Review №71

Its a nice small family run buisness. Everything tasted fresh and was very filling. The server Luis was helpful the many times I've went there.

Review №72

I like their food. It reminds me of home food, it was fresh and tasty

Review №73

It is not a good place to eat no flavor to the food. Morenos is 10 times better

Review №74

Was not satisfied at all. Went in on a Sunday afternoon, there was maybe 8 people total and there was no organization at all. Servers going around not knowing what table's food was who's. Took too long to get chips and salsa to start with. We asked for refill of chips and never got them. Also when servers brought our food, they had no table side mannerism and just dropped the plates at our tables. Was not a satisfactory first visit.

Review №75

I got the Carne Asada Nachos they were good but it took a long time for the food to come to our table. They didn't initially provide silverware and they didn't refill the chips and salsa. Staff also forgot to add certain toppings to my family's orders. I could also see other people sitting near us who were still waiting for their food despite coming in before us. They also had to retake our order at the end of the meal because they needed to redo the bill and they didn't get it right the first time. I respect the owner for sitting down with us and listening to our concerns but I hope they improve and maybe consider hiring a front-of-house manger.

Review №76

Went the extra mile to make me fried shrimp tacos food was great

Review №77

1st time visiting and will definitely be back. We travel a lot and this is one of the best experiences we have had. The homeade corn tortillas are to die for. The carnitas....omg amazing! You can tell it's family owned and they all work there. The food was amazing and we were so happy to experience it! Thank you to the owners! You are doing an amazing job!

Review №78

Amazing. Best breakfast burrito I've ever had. Amazing friendly staff

Review №79

Very good dinner tonight. Meet you there Saturday morning for breakfast.

Review №80

Its okay ,we order two tacos and we always order something small before we try anything else, the tacos were over price and the veggies tasted old so that's all we got they get two stars for service, bring your prices down to match your food ,

Review №81

Great authentic Mexican restaurant! The owners son waited on us very friendly and great at explaining the menu and the different food options. My husband went with tacos his favorite were the carne asada and el pastor. I went with the surf and turf burrito super style. It was phenomenal and the homemade salsas on top just made the food that much better. Great tortillas! Will definitely be back! Our new go to Mexican restaurant

Review №82

The staff was super friendly and the food was excellent! My carne asada super burrito was $9.50 but I could only finish half. Parking is a bit of a challenge as the lot is small and there isn't a lot of space to navigate around. Overall an excellent experience!

Review №83

The new Tasty place in Chandler. Highly recommended

Review №84

My husband and myself would come and have the pozole for brunch every other Saturday. They have recently became under new management and the pozole isn't the same.

Review №85

The food is delicious I go there all the time I totally recommend it.

Review №86

Nice family owned mexican food. Also has excellent home made tortillas!

Review №87

Bought 3green Chile burros and each burro had a small amount of meat, lots of rice and beans. 2 carne asada tacos and the meat were reheated. For the price I was very disappointed.

Review №88

Basically inedible food. Great service.

Review №89

They aim to please. Great friendly people.

Review №90

Gave this place another try after new management and they've made big improvement great place with great environment the menudo was excellent and the rolled tocos were perfect a bit pricey but that's quality for you

Review №91

Great service with the best salsa.Food was very good and fresh

Review №92


Review №93

Food is very good. Food is like my mom makes.Staff are friendly. Feels like just like home.

Review №94

This place is so good! I've been a few times now and I'd def recommend them.theyre a little pricey but worth it for good authentic mexi food.

Review №95

Good Service, and the food tast like homemade food from mexico. I highly recommend this restaurant, the prices are not expensive, and the service is really Good, and also is the food.

Review №96

OK Mexican food, Clean, good service, but nothing special. Street tacos are good!

Review №97

Menu needs to be updated, but overall good food. Very great and attentive customer service.

Review №98

So my boyfriend and I had heard many good things about this place so we stopped in on Thursday evening (yesterday) and we waited about 10-15 mins. just to order our drinks. Then we sat there for another 30 mins. to try and order as other orders were being taken as we just sat there waiting, so we left our drinks, paid and left. We went back today to try again and we did get to order. My boyfriend ordered the steak nachos, chicken taco and I ordered Pozole, Barbarcoa taco and I can say the Pozole was tasty but cold!!! The nachos well I'll say it was just tortilla chips. Needless to say both of us were very disappointed. Service needs to be taken care of as well as food items. Not sure if we will go back.

Review №99

Come here and eat, before they are forced to close their doors. They need business, and it's amazing food.

Review №100

They had great customer service and equally amazing food!

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  • Address:691 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225, United States
  • Phone:+1 480-474-4651
  • Mexican restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6PM
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:11AM–6PM
  • Sunday:11AM–6PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
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