The Drowning Taco
777 N Arizona Ave UNIT 7, Chandler, AZ 85225, United States
Review №1

Being from El Paso and missing Chico's Tacos a lot, this place really hit the spot! I actually liked it more than Chico's! The sonoran dog and corn in a cup were the bomb as well. The prices are so cheap as well.

Review №2

I had no idea what I was walking into. If you like great street tacos and Sonoran dogs, you'll love this super chill and local taco shop. The drownkng tacos are rolled tacos in a homemade style soup/sauce that is amazing when served hot with melted cheese on top. Order them up and sit down quickly to eat for best results. Lol...but for reals!!!

Review №3

I loved everything ( but the drowning tacos-not my thing). It was a bit pricey for a family of 5. I would definitely go again with just my husband and I.

Review №4

I orginally found drowning taco next to a local business. They had a tent set up.Food was fantastic then and fantastic now.Customer service is top notch and the food is really goodDefinitely highly recommended and a must try.Great food and good prices and you won't leave hungry.We are definitely coming back.

Review №5

I highly recommend it. The food is great and the customer service amazing. I work in the plaza and they always bring my food over to my store. Love it. The owner is the friendliest person EVER

Review №6

If you're from El Paso, I highly recommend this place. You won't be disappointed. The food was fresh and delicious.

Review №7

I am very impressed with the Drowning Taco! The food is very delicious! I have been here twice and have always been greeted with a smile, excellent customer service! The owners take good care of their customers and ensure satisfaction. The Chico's style tacos are excellent along with the sauce and and cheese. I also had the carne asada fries which was the best carne asada flavor I've had in a long time. I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often! I will definitely make the trip to return for more! Thank you Alma!

Review №8

Had the Sonoran dog with carne asada. It was so good. My son had carne asada fries which were also excellent. The horchata was the best I've had.

Review №9

Super! Known for their yummy drowning taco. This place definitely has some El Paso flair to their cooking. Quesadillas are really good too!

Review №10

Place is really good, we go 1x every other month just for the drowning tacos. Reminds me of El Paso, brings me back memories. My wife gets street tacos and my kids get the hotdogs. You have a loyal customer now. Good people, great service.

Review №11

Would rate 3.5 stars. Food came out quick and it smelt good but the flavor of the meat was flavorless. Still good tho but since the price increased I don't think the price matches the quality

Review №12

It was my first place ordering here and I was really excited to try it as an EP native. They forgot the avocado sauce on my burrito (extra charge) & it was pretty plain but good- not great. I also ordered cheese fries and I got fries with no cheese (also an extra charge). I don't think the cheese would have made them any better though. Fries were not good at all! The only good thing was the tomato broth sauce. It is much better than the original Chico's in my opinion.

Review №13

Went here for the first time and was not disappointed! The Carne Asada street tacos are fantastic. I love that they come plain and you put whatever you want on it at the salsa bar. The salsa bar has so many choices. We will definitely be back!

Review №14

Always clean. Never have to wait in long lines. Great produce. Bulk foods easily available. People are very helpful

Review №15

This place is so good! And the people that work there are always so pleasant. They have a salsa bar that is really good. I always get the drowning tacos.

Review №16

This place is tasty! Right by my house too! I'll be back for sure.

Review №17

I can't get enough of the drowning taco! My go to is a double drowning taco (so good) the carne asada tacos and the Sonora dogs. You can't go wrong here. The food is so flavorful! Best part about it is that the food sits well with me no matter what I eat. It's fresh and as close to home made as you can get! My kids love it just as much as I do.

Review №18

Tried the Sonoran dog at this restaurant, it was very well made and tasty. A little on the high side as far as price is concerned at $3.99. but worth the extra money.

Review №19

Good Morning,I am responding to you email regarding my 3 star review. Although the email was not valid so here I am.It was our first time ordering from The Drowning Taco via UberEats. I was originally looking for nachos and say Elotes and was sold. My husband and I have been looking for good authentic elotes, based off the description on the menu it was exactly what we wanted. We went about our order. Great!Order arrives contact free so delivery driver was gone.1. The horchata I ordered was not delivered. So either that was the drivers fault for not checking my order or the server for not giving it to her.2. The elotes were NOT what we ordered it was a cup of buttery corn soup. I again looked at the menu did see it sometimes comes in a cup. Ummmm never have I had soup elote. No chili power, mayo, cheese. Literally buttery corn soup. The two orders went to wasteThe rolled tacos were okay the meat was dry. The bacon chili thing my husband had was okayThe mixo burrito was AMAZING.Thank you,Deatra Crow

Review №20

Best tacos! FAMILY LOVED THEM! BROTH IS TO DIE FOR!! ended up ordering more just to drink it out of the cup!

Review №21

Love the drowning taco so worth the drive ️

Review №22

One of my favorite places family owned and operated! Amazing Drowning Tacos!!!!

Review №23

They stole the idea from CHICOS TACOS in EL PASO TX..

Review №24

Really authentic and great mexican food.

Review №25

Extremely friendly staff and delicious tacos. Highly recommend the drowning tacos on the menu, just eat them fast. They get soggy (obviously) if you sit around too long.

Review №26

Just bad phone skills they need help in this area!

Review №27

Really great food, meat was a little grisly and greasy but all around solid flavors and ingredients appear to be of good quality. I have been back a couple times already.

Review №28

Good food good prices i love it will be back for more

Review №29

This place is amazing. I got the drowning tacos which were so good and I got a breakfast burrito for the next morning. Best breakfast burrito ever perfect ratio or potato, egg, and bacon and all mixed together so everything wasn't in one section so you get the perfect bite every time. Their salsa is flavorful. I can't wait to go back.

Review №30

My husband is from el paso I am not but I have been there and I have tried chicos tacos and also ate home made chicos tacos because my husband family makes them and this tacos are no where near chicos tacos in taste they are good but not chicos tacos. Carne asada tacos are horrible they have no flavor what so ever.

Review №31

Sonoran hotdogs r bomb

Review №32

Great food! Great family service!

Review №33

This place is fire, the green sauce needs a little work though. Still, this place is amazing. Great customer service.

Review №34

We were excited to visit the day they opened. We were not disappointed. I had their signature "Drowning Taco" my wife the Burrito bowl and my son the tacos. All were, "most excellent". Thank you for opening in down town Chandler. The area needed an affordable, good food, option.

Review №35

Delicious new spot! The drenched tacos and street tacos were my favorites. Salsas were everything I'd hoped they'd be. The owners were hilarious and super sweet people. We will definitely be coming back!

Review №36

Good food, very clean establishment and friendly service.

Review №37

I love the drowning taco! An ode to Chico's tacos in El Paso. It is not the same, but it is delicious. Their Sonoran hotdog is absolutely amazing. The customer service is great and the employees are attentive on making sure you are enjoying everything there is to offer.

Review №38

The food was so good, there was something there the whole family liked. This place has the best tacos drowning or not, they are very good. Even the baby had a blast eating cucumbers from their salsa bar. I am definitely remembering this place the next time I am hungry.

Review №39

FINALLY I made it here! Been seeing all the reviews etc, ladies and gentlemen, it lives up to the hype! Jamaica was refreshing, my brother had the horchata and said it was the best he's ever had. Sonoran dog was great, but them drowning tacos though boy! Kicking myself in the butt for only getting a small order! We will be back!

Review №40

My husband and I work near here and go nearly everyday since it opened. Delicious, fresh and so addicting! We would highly recommend this place!

Review №41

The food was good for the price.My Husband and I ordered:2 of The drowning tacos (3 taquitos)A mixto burrito2 asada street tacos.2 drinksWe paid like $20 bucks so that was good!I would give five stars but the tortilla on my tacos de asada were super greasy.The Mixto Burrito was really good but definitely greasy.The Drowning Tacos were ok not as delicious as I have heard it to be. I would of loved for the juice to have been really hot and savory.The vegetables and sauce display also looked very old like it was there all day unkept.CUSTOMER SERVICE ️️️️️The staff was over the top friendly!They kept checking in and making sure we were good. Definitely got a great service from this location!

Review №42

Everything is good but their always closed

Review №43

The drowning tacos are amazing! A must try! The carne asada is some of the best I've had in Chandler and the green sauce is addicting. I highly recommend trying this place if you love good Mexican food.

Review №44

Another great Mexican food establishment for the neighborhood. Great prices and bomb food.

Review №45

This place is absolutely phenomenal. Best Sonoran dogs around especially the one with the Carne Asada. Helotes fantastic! All of it delicious. I've been here every week for the past two months and I've tried everything on the menu and it's all good.

Review №46

Best place to get elote ever!

Review №47

Not what I expected. It was a 1 time experience. I edited my review and am giving a little more info. I drove about 30 miles from the city of Maricopa. To be fair I thought the food was really tasty. I was looking for the bigger tacos with the same concept as your drowned rolled tacos. What I found was a little strip mall shop that seemed to be more of a hot dog place.i did meet up with another 6 ladies from my family. We all ordered so.ething different, and enjoyed what we ordered.

Review №48

Carne is hard do get wrong, but amazing when done right, and ohhh their carne burro awesome!

Review №49

Very nice people and very good food! The "drowning tacos" were pretty good! Pretty close to the original chicos tacos. I will definitely go back when I'm craving Chico's!

Review №50

It's hard to order just one thing because it's all incredible! The new menudo is the best my dad has ever tasted, and he's tried a lot!

Review №51

I'm from El Paso and I LOVE Drowning Taco! We found their ad on Facebook and tried them the next day. The rolled tacos are amazing and I can honestly say, I like them better than Chico's. The price is right too. I plan on being a regular. The service was welcoming and prompt.

Review №52

Really good , the drowning taco needs to have the option for Hot or medium sauce for people that love spicy food.

Review №53

Amazing!!!! My boyfriend took me here a week ago and I still find myself thinking about how great their food was. For sure have the drowning tacos and some elote. I seriously cannot praise this food enough, taste like its straight from Mexico.

Review №54

Cool new taco place! Sonoran dogs were great and dont forget to try the drowning Tacos get the 6pack because 3 is not enough!

Review №55

The food was really good. They were friendly and came to each table to make sure everything was okay. The prices are very reasonable.

Review №56

Great staff, fast service. Being from EP i can say its a Great Chicos rendition!

Review №57

Can't go wrong with anything on the menu! My favorites that I've tried were the carne asada burrito bowl And the elote (on the cob ) it's such good food! Super fresh I was impressed with the salsa bar always being clean and stocked!

Review №58

Great food with the authentic Mexican taste anyone will enjoy! Perfect for a meal or to satisfy a craving!

Review №59

How do you like your toritos cooked? Crispy? Soggy bacon? shrimp? No shrimp? Well I can tell you when we had went the toritos was wrapped with uncooked bacon and with cheese in the middle. Not cream cheese just plain cheese. Not extremely melted or anything. My husband said his tripe taco was good. He said he doesn't like to eat a lot of them though you can only have like one he said. My carne tacos were okay. Nothing that i had stood out enough to make me want to return. If there's nothing drawing me back i won't go back for round two. Not even the horchata wasWorth mentioning. I'm giving them two stars because of the tripe taco and the variety of hot dogs. The guacamole sauce they had in the salsa bar was very odd. It reminded me of filibertos guacamole. Lots of red flags. Including whoever reads the reviews/IG posts etc. Everyone has a right to their opinion and I felt like my original post on IG like I was being harassed so i removed it and restricted them from viewing my page. You have been warned. There are so many great places around the valley for great Mexican food even close by that we frequently visit for taco Tuesday's. To each his own this one did not impress us all that much.

Review №60

This place does it as A El Paso native this place is great to have it's like having Chico's tacos foods great and the owners are friendly will always come to this place

Review №61

I got the large order and almost forgot to take a picture. Obviously it was delicious and the green salsa made it great! Very comparable to Chicos tacos from El Paso.

Review №62

Simple menu with quality food. Everyone in my group for something different and everything was good.

Review №63

Really yummy food. Will have to go back soon.

Review №64

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! We love visiting the Drowning Taco. MUST try the Sonoran hotdog and the Carne Asada Torta. Bomb happy hour is 2pm-5pm during the week for $1 street tacos The owners are so friendly - check their Facebook page for daily deals!

Review №65

Awesome place! Carne asada is excellent! Great hot dogs and the drowning tacos are really good!!

Review №66

Heard about this place right by my house and wanted to check it out. Decided to check out the Carne Asada tacos, 1 flour and 1 corn. The meat was amazing and cooked to perfection. Great flavor and texture, not over cooked like a lot of taco places. If I were to compare this to something it tastes similar to backyard tacos carne asada.This is my new goto spot for tacos.

Review №67

They claim to make the famous Chico's Tacos from El Paso TX. But they are not even close. They didn't taste good at all. The carne asada fries were decent.

Review №68

I didn't dislike it, I just wouldn't go back. I anxiously sampled multiple items off the menu and drove all the way from Surprise to be let down. After having had the original (growing up with it) it doesn't compare.

Review №69

The chicken drowning tacos are amazing ! the salsa bar is clean and has just the stuff you need and the give you big fat limes ! been waiting for this to come to chandler . I bet you guys need a bigger location before you know it!

Review №70

It was delicious! The Carne asada is so good! Drowning tacos too of course!!

Review №71

Super delicious and I'm so glad we live close! Impressed and in love

Review №72

I'm from El Paso and these tacos where amazing ️to me definitely filled the craving of Chico's Tacos. It doesn't stop there, the carne asada fries are great and tacos are a good. The manager is very nice and helpful. Would definitely recommend to friends and family

Review №73

Better than The El Paso Chico's Tacos!El Paso Chico's Tacos lost their famous taste and price a long time ago!Used to eat their Chico's Tacos 35 years ago and now they aren't the same.These Drowning Tacos are much better and at a better price.Thank God we found you again since your move from Mesa Az.

Review №74

Always double DT

Review №75

Going back again for the second time in a week! AWESOME!

Review №76

Best authentic Mexican food ever!

Review №77

Food was great for a quick bite and real good prices. Cant wait to go back soon, owners were really nice too!

Review №78

Got some amazing food with an amazing customer service. I'll be back here!

Review №79

Great food owner is awesomeBest sonoran hotdogs around and the drowning tacos are great

Review №80

I am from El Paso, they claim that thier drowning tacos are better than Chicos tacos. The drowning tacos are good but they are not "Chicos Tacos" was a little disappointed..

Review №81

My friend is from El Paso and he showed me what a drowning taco is and they are amazing!

Review №82

Tastes like Chicos Tacos. Delicious!!

Review №83

Great food, excellent service!

Review №84

Excellent friendly employees and the food is even better.

Review №85

Bad customer service

Review №86

Very delicious!!

Review №87

It a good place to est growing tacos

Review №88

Great food, great prices!

Review №89

Soooo good!!! Best tacos!!!

Review №90

Tacos were good but the dogs were very good

Review №91

Good food

Review №92

Drowning Taco is the bomb!! Rolled tacos, Sonoran Dogs and street tacos were incredible.

Review №93

Food awesome, customer service even better.

Review №94

I had a lot of mixed emotions about the drowning taco itself!

Review №95

My new favorite place!

Review №96

Closest thing you'll find in the Valley to Chico's Tacos from El Paso!

Review №97

Great food and friendly service

Review №98

Good spot

Review №99

It was good and great service

Review №100

Was pretty good

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  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
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