Badou Senegalese Cuisine
2049 Howard St, Chicago, IL 60645, United States

Review №1

Very tasty food!! Fine customer service, clean and well maintained facility. I would definitely eat here again!

Review №2

The food was really good. I had the chicken mafe with chicken pastel. I will definitely be coming back.

Review №3

I hope this is authentic as you can get in a Chicago suburb. Anyway, delicious and great way to feel adventurous when you really can't travel these days.

Review №4

Lot of fried food options. Happy that they had salads and I got that! It was good.

Review №5

Delcious food! Halal and definitely worth going to over and over again. Can't complain about any of the food.

Review №6

I had the collards vegan delight. It wasn't seasoned but okay.

Review №7

I ordered a vegetable appetizer, vegetable entree, chicken entree and bissap juice. When my order arrived, both entrees were correct, but the appetizer and juice were wrong. I got pineapple ginger juice instead of bissap juice (it was out of stock, which is understandable) and a chicken appetizer. I'm a vegetarian and was upset when I bit into and realized the appetizer had chicken in it. I double-checked and confirmed the appetizer was only supposed to have veggies in it and then called the restaurant to ask for a refund. Although the person who answered the phone was apologetic and said they'd call Grubhub to issue me a refund, after a few days I didn't get a Grubhub email that I had been refunded, so I needed to call them myself. I understand times are tough, so I try not to ask for refunds unless it is necessary. However, to give a customer a meat dish when they specifically ordered a veggie dish due to their dietary preference, and then not issue a refund for that mistake, is unacceptable. I advise other vegetarians to be cautious before ordering food from here.

Review №8

Incredible food and very friendly service. They are in a state of transition moving to a new building next door but make no mistake, they are still up and running and grilling everything fresh outside. This has become my favorite restaurant in Chicago.

Review №9

First time at this place and won't be my last! I ordered over the phone for pick up and the lady was super helpful and nice. I ordered Pastel which came with 3 and a yummy sauce on the side and Yassa Guinar. The Yassa Guinar was so juicy and love the kick of lime flavor. Can't wait to try other things on the menu.

Review №10

The items on the menu here is so delicious, I love the Jerk chicken and Saffron rice especially. I only wish I lived closer to I could eat here more often. The pastel is another amazing item. I promise you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended!

Review №11

Amazing. The dibi yapp and the mafe are our favorites. We make the trip to Evanston just for this place sometimes.

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Review №13

Stop in to meet very friendly Badou and Paula and try some wonderful entrees

Review №14

This place is food oriented to the point of obsession. There's no ambiance at all, unless you count the reggae on the boom box. But the food, wow. Totally amazing. I can't claim any familiarity with west African food, but what we had here was just outstanding. The menu is a bit intimidating (lots of choices) but you essentially can't go wrong. Don't go (or order) if you are in a hurry. But the upside of that is that the food you get is truly made for you and it is made with care. BYOB, if that is an issue for you. And there is even parking. If you are at all adventurous about food give this place a chance.

Review №15

Amazing amazing dining experience. We ordered the Mafe, Jerk chicken and Djeb with fish and they were all delicious! The fish especially was well seasoned and cooked to perfection. We were hungry so we just dug right in but you can see from our plates that we enjoyed the meal. Badou is also super friendly. Will definitely be back

Review №16

A delightful experience of Authenic Senegalese food. Anyone who appreciate African cuisine will massively enjoy this spot and leave happy and full.

Review №17

Badou is the best! Reasonable prices, wonderful service, and truly incredible food—what more could you ask for?!

Review №18

Yaw trust when I say the food is bomb. I got it top go customer service was good. I pulled over to taste because I couldn't wait and I am loving every bite . Highly recommend

Review №19

Came back 1 year after and quality of food was just as superb as before.It's not surprising that this restaurant has been running for 7 years. The owner came out to chat with us and made recommendations based on our likings. He recognized his customers coming in, asking about their families by name. Just good food with good people overall.Yassa chicken (chicken with caramelized onions and mustard) sounded simple. Just chicken, onions, and mustard? Man, was I wrong.I don't even need to comment on the pastels. Go try them yourself!

Review №20

Hibiscus drink is excellent. I had the chicken jollof rice cabbage. Very good

Review №21

Checked this place out tonight after seeing its positive reviews, and it did not disappoint. We had the chicken pastel, jerk chicken, and chicken mafe (all recommendations from Badou himself), and everything was delicious!!! I will definitely be back. Thank you for being so welcoming and friendly!!

Review №22

This place is no frills but makes up for that in taste. Superb cuisine and the owner/chef is an awesome guy. This place is halal so that's a super plus and plenty for vegans as well.The chef whips up stuff fresh so maybe order in advance.But bottom line you won't be disappointed, never knew Senegalese eats were so good and that peanut based dishes are a norm in many of the countries in Africa, or so the Chef says.

Review №23

Delicious home cooked food at this welcoming family-owned restaurant.

Review №24

The best west African food in the Chi, everything I tried is ssooo dam good!!!This guy can really cook. Looking forward to the next visit.

Review №25

Food is good but their delivery system is quite bad. Majority of the time they cancel and when they do cancel, it happens when I have been waiting already for 30 to 40 minutes. I have had 3 separate orders cancelled. Please don't confirm the order and then take a good amount of time to just cancel it, especially when it takes a few days for the money to return the one's account anyway. Better to cancel sooner. It is a waste of time and a bad customer service practice.

Review №26

I had never heard of Senegalese cooking before I passed by a colourful little restaurant in rogers park, I could smell chicken that the chef, whom I also found out is the owner, cooking outside the restaurant on an actual charcoal grill, Badou's restaurant has some of the most authentic spices you will find anywhere in the closest 500 miles, from the Pastels I had as an appetizer, the main course was Jollof, a bowl of rice with jerk chicken, everything had just the right level of heat and so much flavor that will keep me coming back for years to come

Review №27

Wonderful food, fellowship,& customer service!

Review №28

What a find!! I think there are only two Senegalese places in the city. This place gets my vote because it is so SO Vegetarian friendly. Badou has a great separate vegetarian menu that has foods that you cannot get anywhere else. Especially the Mafe. I have dreams about it. The only problem for me is that it's in the middle of nowhere and I don't drive. otherwise I will be here more often. It's places like this that make living in the city so worthwhile. Pastels are OK. Not as well spiced as the food. Try many things, go with a crowd so you can experience it all. It used to be BYOB. Don't know if it still is. If it is, take Beer to complement the food, and make sure to compliment the chef

Review №29

Loved this cute homey restaurant with delicious eats. Its nondescript from the outside but full of character. We stopped in here after a morning paddling the river for the cleanup day and the Djoloff rice and Yassa veggies were perfect! I also loved how they had hot and fresh plantains ready to go as we arrived. The owner is incredibly friendly and the staff are kind. I felt like I made a quick visit to Senegal! Recommend you check it out.

Review №30

This place is magical! The staff is super friendly and professional, and the food is THE best West African cuisine I've ever had. I usually get the chicken pastel for an appetizer and the Thiebou Djen for the main entree. Again, just absolutely delicious. Also, don't forget to try their authentic West African beverages.

Review №31

The food here is amazing. Badou, the owner is fantastic. I was there this past weekend with a group and there was vegan option. When I told him that I am pescatarian, he made an accommodation, and it was the best fish I had eaten at a restaurant.

Review №32

I had the some delicious food with variety. Jolloff rice and fish was tasty. Like the fried hand pies. Bissap was also good.

Review №33

Incredible food made with love. Wow! The veg pastels were out of this world. Highly recommend. True Chicago gem.

Review №34

Very good authentic Senegalese food. Very friendly and welcoming staff. Will be back.

Review №35

Ever since i moved to rogers park i had this with my girlfriend for a special dinner. We love going there, Badou and Paula are such great host welcoming us to their restaurant, and if you are the only ones there you get to feel like it's going to a friend's home who is dying to cook for you. I get the yassa, it's a mustard chicken, amazingly seasoned with only God knows and so spicy. The appetizers and sauces are great too.

Review №36

Delicious flavorful food. Let Basil the man himself choose your dining experience. A bit of a wait but real cooking takes time.

Review №37

A family owned restaurant business which thrives more on catering. It is highly recommended to call them in advance to check if they are open. Since they have very few people taking care of the business, chances are that they will be closed for in restaurant customer if they have a catering order. We happened to request them to allow us have food in restaurant in our 2nd try. They gladly accommodated and it was worth the effort. Liked the food and loved the hospitality.

Review №38

Guys go and visit this place the best african food i never eat so i will recommand it and trust me the jerk chicken is so good for people who like spicy food or the barbecue one if you dont really like spicy food

Review №39

This guy is the greatest, best peanut butter sauce aROUND

Review №40

As I sit to write this I am battling with myself on posting that this is my favorite restaurant...period. The food is always impeccable with flavors that awaken the palate. More often than not I have my goo to go because the seating area is tiny and in inclement weather can be cold. Badou is friendly and cooks with so much soul. Favorites include the chicken mafe, the yassa, and the national dish. Oh, and the pastels. Highly recommend!

Review №41

Call ahead for takeout at this delicious Senegalese spot. Sometimes it's only one person working the kitchen so give your order plenty of time.I You can't rush perfection.West African faire is reliably on deck from plantains to curry goat. Accepts credit cards. Excellent catering choice

Review №42

The food is really good

Review №43

Flavor explosion!!!We came as a big group so I can't be a thing. But everything was delicious. Tangy flavorful gently spicy. The grouper whole fish was so good. The peanut stew. The empanada like pastries, wow!Just go try it.

Review №44

The food is delicious - it tastes like the best home cooked meal so you know it was made with love. The owner who was there was super friendly and engaging and made friends with my little ones. We'll be going back often.

Review №45

Good menu a few vegetarian dishes also

Review №46

5-star restaurant. Loved the vibe, fabulous place to take a friend and dine inside. The food was outstanding, and the prices were very reasonable. When we visited this restaurant with family and friends, the owner sat at the table and we all talked for hours. It felt intimate, warm and inviting. Clearly a stop I will make when I return to Chicago. Outstanding!

Review №47

Very welcoming and great food. Mafe Chicken is outstanding Can't wait to try more of the menu.

Review №48

The owner Badou is so welcoming and the food is so good.

Review №49

The food was great but especially enjoyed the suggestions from the waiterNot being familiar with the dishes he guided us to wonderful choices

Review №50

It's not bad.

Review №51

It was great! The food was amazing , it was vegetarian-friendly, and the chef was so polite and wonderful! She was happy to tell us about Senegalese food and what she was cooking, and since I didn't know much about Senegalese cuisine it was a great introduction!

Review №52

Can't call the place welcoming, nor comfortable. It's a small casual restaurant with slow and inconvenient services. Their pastel was great and the chicken dish was tasty but I definitely didn't like the lamb dish which it's least of problem was having a lot of cracked bone in it!

Review №53

The food here was amazing! The service was stellar! Baduo and his wife were so friendly. Baduo made great recommendations: Vegetarian Pastels, the Infamous Peanut Butter Stew, and the Vegetarian Thiou. We loved it all. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Review №54

We ordered food delivered, and were surprised when we were contacted by the owner, who recommended some fresh dishes he'd prepared that day, and then personally delivered our food (since it was the end of the evening). He brought many times more food than we ordered, and samples of several juices and other things to try. Everything was delicious, hot and fresh. Our favorites were the chicken pastries, but it was all great. Next time we'll visit the restaurant in person.

Review №55

Going to Badou is like going home, except someone else is cooking for you! The owners are friendly and welcoming. The food is flavorful and the portions are generous. Everything is cooked to order. I love, love, love eating at this restaurant!

Review №56

I went to purchase food yesterday at 2/21/20 6pm and the food was disgusting. The internatinal fish which cobsisted of fish was extremely cold and my irl couldnt eat it.

Review №57

The food is so flavorful and rich. The walls are decorated with art from Senegal and the place has such charm and beauty. The owner and the people who work here are sweet and welcoming. It's a small place and it's a gem.

Review №58

Amazing !!

Review №59

Vegan, left with a happy & full tummy. Empty when I swung by for lunch on a weekday, so no wait. Yay! The food was decent, got the carrot & sweet potato peanut butter stew. I let the server know that I'd appreciate it if they could add/substitute the sweet potato for veggies, since it's also served with rice & that's too much starch for me.The chef just gave me less rice instead, so I guess that still works. It's not a dish worth a two digit price IMO, but I respect it.

Review №60

This place is great,the food is great and the owner as well.

Review №61

Food was delicious!! Took a while, but it's because everything is freshly made. A bit pricey, but platters are absolutely delicious! We will be back.

Review №62

Awesome food, so much flavor.

Review №63

Literally just ordered from them and even though the delivery driver left she still bring me my food herself the food was so good I'm mad I didn't get 2 I ordered the fufu with lamb and tomato stew a little spicy and it was all that thanks guys

Review №64

Every Friday when I'm walking home from work I can smell the jerk chicken on the grill. It has definitely become a treat to add this restaurant to my routine. The plantains are sooooo sweet. That's all I order now is the jerk chicken and plantains. Every Friday. The chicken is so well seasoned (nice and spicy) OMG. I just picked up my food right now and decided it's only right to do a review. The family is so nice. As a matter of fact the first time I came in I was expecting the woman to give me my food over the counter as people typically do in a restaurant but she walked out the door and put my food and my hands and thanked me. These days good customer service is so rare that I am so appreciative of my experience there. One day maybe I will try something new on the menu...but for now I strongly recommend the jerk chicken.

Review №65

Great if you like spicy

Review №66

Great food, great environment, great owners.

Review №67

Went to Badou's tonight for the first time with my wife and a few friends. First off they are incredibly friendly and were very helpful in explaining the menu. The Chicken Mafe is incredible and I will definitely be back. One of my new favorite places in Chicago.

Review №68

Dinner was so good - we got the pastel, curry and Yassa chicken. The owner is so friendly - you feel like you are in his house. Eill come back to try more dishes.

Review №69

I'd never tried Senegalese food before--it was very tasty. It's a small operation so the wait for food was kind of long, but the employees were so kind.

Review №70

Enjoyed the lamb dibi!

Review №71

One of the best places in Chicago. Everyone is so friendly and the food is beyond fresh. Definitely eat inside the restaurant.

Review №72

I never been here. I probably just walked past it. Sorry.

Review №73

The food and experience here was nothing short of amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Best pastels I've ever had.

Review №74

Lovely service! The food was awesome and th ecustomer service wasn't customer service but like being with family having a home cooked meal. You can't compare that to customer service, I highly recommend this place,I loved it and will return.

Review №75

The mafe chicken dish is the reason I drive 40 minutes to eat here!

Review №76

Such a lovely place. Flavor out of this world .

Review №77

I love the food here. And it's like family here.

Review №78

Chicken pastries/empanada type appetizer is a must-try!

Review №79

Just nice

Review №80

Amazing experience and you feel like your right at home. Bring good beer....and a couple extra for Badou!

Review №81

Great authentic senegalese food.Will definitely come back for more of this good tasting healthy food.

Review №82

Good food, nice prices. Very friendly staff willing to answer questions.

Review №83

I cannot describe the extraordinary experience we had tonight. Thank you Badou and Paula for such a wonderful experience. You made us feel like we were long-time friends, and yet we had just met.We called the day before to make reservations. We mentioned two dishes that were not on the regular menu, and without hesitation Badou told us he would make them for us. Just for us. Wow! We arrived and he was ready with the two dishes and said he would make whatever else we wanted. He had made the curry goat stew which was outstanding, and the mafe lamb which was exceptional. Two in our party liked the goat dish best, and the other two the lamb. He also prepared the national dish, but with jerk chicken instead of fish which was phenomenal. Our fourth dish was the yassa chicken which was also fantastic. And I cannot forget the pastels which are perfect savory pastries filled with chicken sautéed in tomatoes and onions and served with a tomato sauce. These were some of the most perfectly fried appetizers we have ever had.The mafe lamb was outstanding with an aromatic peanut sauce that was divine. I love rama chicken in Thai cuisine, and this was as good as the best I've ever had in that cuisine, if not better. There's a difference, but a familiarity as well. The curry goat had a subtle curry flavor which was delicious. I wish I were able to describe these flavors better. The jerk chicken with the national dish was an awesome suggestion by Badou. Please follow his and Paula's lead as you discuss the menu. They helped us pick just the right dishes, and Badou asked us about our tolerance for heat and served the perfect amount of heat in his flavorful dishes.Overall, this was a great experience. It was BYOB, but we also had the bissap hibiscus drink which was delicious. We could not ask for better hosts. Badou, who was leaving for Senegal the next morning, and Paula, who is perfection, were simply wonderful. We felt so special.We cannot wait to go back!!!

Review №84

This fast food place in a small strip mall on Howard Ave. Not really a full scale restaurant, but a small family eatery with 4-5 tables. Food is ok, but nothing special, very similar to North African/Mediterranean fare, albeit spicier. Neighborhood is sketchy, so I would be very cautious at night.

Review №85

Probably my favorite restaurant anywhere any place.

Review №86

I live down the street from this place and I always see them bbq in the front parking lot. So I decided to try them out food is good but spicy

Review №87

A warm place feeling like in Africa

Review №88

The owners were welcoming, the food was good and my friend and I will be going back.

Review №89

Such good food!

Review №90

That was amazingly flavorful food. Had several different entrees, but the peanutbutter stew was our favorite!

Review №91

My first time eating Senegalese food but brought a friend who lived in Dakar and was knowledgeable about the cuisine. Very good food and personable chef. I had the Yassa Guinar (line-infused chicken with onions) but tried a couple bites of a tablemate's Cebu Djen ("national dish of Senegal" made of fish and rice) and will probably get that if I return.Mentioned they are moving to a new location, close to Loyola soon, so check address before heading to Rodgers Park.

Review №92

Delicious food, plenty of meat and vegetarian options. Service can be a bit slow, though.

Review №93

So welcoming! Amazing ambience. Authentic food.

Review №94

The best and only place for Senegalese Cuisine !!!

Review №95

A bit pricy bit well worth it

Review №96

Delicious food and very friendly owner :)

Review №97

Worse place ever!!!! I placed an order online for it to be delivered.We got an estimated time on when when it would get to us.The food NEVER ARRIVED!!!I will never order from there nor will I ever recommend that place!

Review №98

So what do you say about a restaurant that makes you go back home to your fridge and eat some hotdogs and leftovers instead to satisfy...well I guess that is what you would say. I originally stumbled on this restaurant during the arts fest at Rogers park a month or so ago and what I had then was pretty...not bad, it planted the idea that maybe I would want to try what else they had to offer.I had three things from the menu, Yassar Guinar (a chicken dish infused with lime on top of rice with some cooked onions), the Fataya (a beef filled pastry dish cooked in tomato sauce) and the chef's special chocolate cake. Perhaps it was not to my tastes but the chicken dish was way too simple for what it was. I asked it to be blazing hot as I enjoy spicy food but this food was not that delicious spicy, sweet, savory taste. It was more...plain as if someone just dumped a load of cayenne on top of my dish. The chicken was extremely dry (like eating cardboard) but the onions sort of redeemed it a bit. For what it is, I would not pay 12 dollars for it.What was redeeming was the cake and the fataya (beef pastry). The pastry was a great deal as you get 3 for around 4 some odd dollars, well not a great deal but pretty good. It would be great as a snack, the pastry was fried but flakey. The chocolate cake was moist, chocolatey, soft, and had a good cherry-esque drizzle on top and 5 bucks for a slice seems a bit too...much. Sadly, if your entree does not meet up to standard it does not really work out either way but hey, this place could get a 1 star if I didn't think there was hope (although I doubt my review will matter).The good: their pastries and cake was quite the bee's knees.The not so good: the yassar guinar

Review №99

Great food & service.

Review №100

Friendly service, delicious dishes.

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