Gore Cuisine
1126 E 47th St, Chicago, IL 60653, United States

Review №1

We went there on a Saturday evening for dinner. We were promptly seated. The ambience was really cool. The lady there was very nice and kind enough to explain the menu.We ordered a Yassa Chicken and a Saka-Saka with a glass of cold Bissap and a glass of Gingembe. The two drinks were very tasty, potent and refreshing. They definitely didn't cut corners in making those drinks. The Yassa Chicken was very tender, tangy and paired really well with rice. The Saka-Saka (lamb, shrimp and crab meat in cassava leaf gravy) was by far one of the most savory and well balanced dishes I have ever had. The lamb was very well cooked.The portion sizes were huge and so the cost of around $15 for dinner is well justified. We were full to the brim by the time we were done. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to try something new. I will definitely visit this gem of a place again.

Review №2

I stumbled upon this little gem when the pangs of hunger hit while out running errands. I called to make sure they allowed dining in, but was told only with reservations. So, I promptly made a reservation and told the nice lady that I was already parked outside. She chuckled and said, "well come on in". The restaurant has a somewhat small dining area, which seemed even smaller due to table spacing. We were greeted warmly and seated immediately. The hostess was gracious, welcoming, and downright friendly. Service was a bit slow as they seemed short-staffed, but that is my only negative comment about the place.After perusing the menu for a while, (so many tempting options), we made our selections and ordered. It took a while to get the food, but upon it's arrival, the wait seemed more that worth it. Clearly this meal was freshly prepared when ordered. The flavors and aromas of the dishes we chose were absolutely amazing. I have never been to West Africa, and cannot speak with authority on what food from that region tastes like, but if this is authentic West African cuisine, I'm now a huge fan.I highly recommend giving them a try. Just make sure to have a reservation. Even if you call it in while parked out front.

Review №3

My bestie brought me here to eat dinner, the freshest food, Had a great time,wonderful atmosphere, fantastic menu selection

Review №4

The Yassa tilapia was mind-blowing. The meat was so tender and flavorful and juicy and PERFECTLY seasoned. This was one of my first times trying Senegalese food but certainly not the last. The portions are generous and the rice was amazing too. Highly recommend!

Review №5

The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the menu, and they are following all COVID safety precautions. The food was incredible, the portions were large, and the price was fair. I'll definitely be going back :) Don't miss out on this incredible family-owned business!

Review №6

Some of the best takeout food I've ever had, let alone African food! Every dish is well seasoned but not overly so and doesn't put you into a food coma. The best part however are those thin grilled lamb chops (Dibi Lamb). The tenderness, the juiciness , the smokiness is all present in this dish. The Yassa chicken is also a must with a side of that Djolof rice. If you're looking for something different for takeout or craving African food, THIS is your spot.

Review №7

Just a wonderful experience here for the first time, and just learned more about Ethiopian food, a lot of history here at Sheba.Really great food and live Jazz music!

Review №8

Gorée! What delicious meals you have! This place is intimate, laid back and the service was extremely nice. The lamb and chicken was grilled and seasoned, perfectly! Price was moderate versus cheap but we'll worth every penny. If you have a itch for Senegalese food, please, check out Gorée.

Review №9

Yvette greeted us with a warm welcome and a smile. It is my Wife's birthday today, and she wanted to try something new and this was our choice.First off, the service was perfect. She was friendly and ready to help us with any request. The food is affordable and the menu is easy to navigate.Portions are perfect and I am still satisfied from a wonderful brunch!

Review №10

Absolutely fantastic food, great and friendly service. Food is big portions and super flavorful! Can't go wrong! 10/10 would recommend

Review №11

Made fresh to order delicious Senegalese good, friendly staff and decent prices! I highly recommend as I am addicted.

Review №12

Smells really good here black owned check them out

Review №13

Getting food to go and traveling back home for dinner isn't ideal, but it was all worth it for this Senegalese cuisine. My boyfriend and I wanted to try something different and we fell in love. He got the salmon dinner and I the shrimp (pictured) we also added on the jollof rice and plantains. Love supporting our own black-owned!!

Review №14

Food is always delicious. Services is superb. Will definitely ea try from here again.

Review №15

Goree cusine is the best african food i have ever tasted.I have ordered the lamb maffee several times and ive never been unhappy.They make it mild as i asked and it has the perfect peanut flavor.I also love their alloco, it has the perfect sweetness.MY GOTO FOR AFRICAN FOOD

Review №16

First time visiting and customer service was great but not a fan of the food.

Review №17

It was very Unique taste. I enjoy . Recommend it!

Review №18

Very good food Gracious staff. I'll definitely go back.

Review №19

The food was absolutely delicious! The flavors blended so well. My pallet danced to a new flavor. If you feel like having something different, take the risk. It's worth it. I'll most definitely be back.

Review №20

The food was so good I came to eat two days in a row. Yesterday I got the Soupe Kandje and their ginger drink called Gingembe and today I ordered Tiebu Dejun, Nem, plantains, and the mint tea. Everything is delicious.

Review №21

Tasty food. Warm staff.

Review №22

Had yassa lamb just now, Jesus christ its unbelievably good

Review №23

Real Good Food, even better value, good portions, tried the Lamb, chicken and Salmon.

Review №24

Without doubt, one of the more unusual restaurants on the South Side, Gorée being an island off of the Senegalese coast with a rich history, but under 2000 inhabitants. I have been here serveal times over the past few years and always enjoy the food and hospitality.Some reviewers comment on the speed of service, but let's remember that this is a low-volume, family-owned business providing a unique product. If there are certain attributes lacking, you will be rewarded instead by the unique experience and warm, personal touches of the proprietors.As a strict vegetarian, I am so pleased that the restaurant can make some accommodations to my dietary restrictions. Furthermore, I was thrilled to learn on my recent visit that there are several more vegetarian dishes being developed.The only critical comment I will provide is that the vegetarian options would benefit from a more robust set of constituent ingredients. The flavors in the sauce are pleasantly bold, but the ratio of sauce to bulk items is high, leaving a tinge of a "where's the beef" feeling. Perhaps this speaks more to my lack of competency in Senegalese cuisine than anything else, but I personally feel that the simple addition of more bulk vegetables would take these dishes to the next level. This is, in fact, what I do when I take the food to go, adding additional carrots, yams, and potatoes; I find the dishes very rewarding this way.I hope everyone in Chicago will show their support for this small but vital addition to our South Side community. Also, pay a visit to the complementary Gorée Shop next door when you visit.

Review №25

I was in Chicago on business and decided to try Goree Cuisine. I was NOT disappointed. The food was tasty and fresh. Our waiter was good natured checked on us regularly to see if we needed anything. I ended coming back 3 times that week. I recommend ending your meal with the mint tea. Delicious!!

Review №26

Do yourself a favor and visit this place often. The food is AMAZING. The herbs and spices they use get your mouth buzzing. It's hearty, soul pleasing food. The drinks are good too! Get the Gingembe while you wait for your meal!

Review №27

LOVE this spot! Went there for the first time recently. I was having a challenging week and the Senegalese mint tea made everything alright for a while. I had the Dibi Lamb with Djolof for my dinner. I swear, this is comfort food at its finest. Went back the next day for lunch and i'm so glad some one recommended this spot. It will be my new go-to everytime i'm Chicago!

Review №28

O-M-G!!! I can't believe I had deprived myself all this time from such delectable and delicious meal. First its a BUNCH of food. I ordered the Red Snapper w/jollof rice and cabbage. I had more than enough for lunch the next day. The snapper was cooked to perfection. The desserts looked just as yummy but I couldn't make it. If you're looking for authentic Senegalese cuisine look no further. #TopPick:-P :-)

Review №29

The grilled tilapia was superb!!! I'm so glad I found this restaurant to get Senegambia cuisine. Grilled fish was delicious and the rice and yassa side was great as well.

Review №30

The food is fresh and good also good service!

Review №31

Had lunch with my brother and daughter there this afternoon and the food was good and price was great.

Review №32

It was awesome. First Senegalese restaurant I've ever tried and I'm definitely going again. The lady was so nice and friendly.

Review №33

Beautiful restaurant, amazing food and Halal.

Review №34

Wonderful service accompanied by deliciously flavorful food...The diner's my wife and I had here tonight we're really, really, good. This place is a must try if you haven't been here yet don't forget to get the sweet mint tea it was very tasty. This is the dish I had which is lamb.

Review №35

Don't know much about Senegalese cuisine, but I do know what wholesome food tastes like. This place is incredible. Friendly, helpful staff. Clean, open restaurant. Awesome spot!

Review №36

Dont ever order through uber. Food never fresh through uber. The best when you go to the restaurant

Review №37

After Gov. Pritzker's and Mayor LIghtfoot's prudent covid measures and not experiencing a restaurant for about a hundred days, I'm so glad we chose this one for our 're-entry". It was midafternoon on a Sunday, we called ahead, parked right outside on the north side of 47th st. and except for a number of take-away customers we were the only ones there. The staff, especially Kat, took social distancing and mask wearing seriously. That being said- could not get those masks off quickly enough once our food arrived because IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!At Kat's suggestion, we had Yassa Lamb, Yassa fish, Dibi Chicken, Veg Maffe & Atieke (a side) and all were robust and splendid. The grilled meat and fish were especially tasty, but having said that, so was the maffe. I can't remember a meal where all of the dishes were so roundly complimented. Service was wonderful. The owner stopped by and talked a bit also. My daughter and I enjoyed a gingembe - an invigorating ginger based drink. Next time we'll do a bit of shopping next door. Thanks!

Review №38

Amazing food... Great flavors from a very authentic Senegalese restaurant. My favorite is the Yassa Lamb...phenomial. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating. It is always a treat when I go. The Mint tea is also a most have... Great finish to the meal.

Review №39

This restaurant is one of the best in the south side of Chicago, I have visited there three times since I came to Chicago. The owner and the workers there are one of the best I have ever came across and the tilapia is well marinated and taste so good, I will always visit this restaurant anytime I come to Chicago.P. S keep up the good work.

Review №40

We have dined in, ordered take out, ordered delivery, ordered catering, and have tried almost everything on the menu. Everything is fresh and delicious all the time (and Zabiha halal!). Huge plates. We order plantains with everything. The ginger and hibiscus drinks are so good. My favorite is the Senegalese latte (they make it so well) and the fataya :)We recommend Goree to everyone we know and always bring our friends and family here!

Review №41

Great food, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

Review №42

Great lunch, and the people there were amazingly friendly. Mint tea had an abundance of actual mint, best I've had outside Africa. Recommended highly!

Review №43

This place has Zabiha halal options for Muslims and the owner was so kind. Since it was my first ever time she took a moment to explain different options to me and that helped me pick what I wanted. Definitely great food with a warm ambience!

Review №44

Hibiscus & Ginger mixed drink.. Excellent!!

Review №45

Me and my wife came here today for the first time because we saw the restaurant on Check please I ordered the red snapper my wife ordered the Dibi lamb the food and the atmosphere were great I had the bissap drink and my wife had the mint tea we will definitely be back

Review №46

Accidentally stumbled upon this place The best food ever. Everything was nice and freshly prepared. The chef is excellent. The atmosphere was great.I went after work nice place to unwind on that fabulous mint tea.I will be going back. The waitress was awesome as well. Very accommadating and pleasant.

Review №47

Food was amazing. And bought some clothing from the boutique. Thanks for being so welcoming today.

Review №48

I can't remember how many times I've eaten here since it has opened. The food is perfectly seasoned and absolutely delicious. They provide enough for you to take home for left overs unless you are really hungry. The Dibi lamb is my favorite with jollaf rice--but I've also tried the red snapper and the chicken skewers and both were amazing. The mint tea is really really good. Pretty affordable for what you receive. It's a small intimate atmosphere and staff is wonderful--especially the owner.

Review №49

Very nice and clean restaurant. Great food. Vegan and veggie friendly too! Rice and plantain are on point. The gingembre drink is awesome and strong! Fantastic. Will definitely be back regularly!

Review №50

Fantastic lamb and the server was warm and welcoming. Oh and can't forget the ginger juice!

Review №51

The decor was nice. Ceiling fans and windows that open to let the breeze in. Not a large area but not too small. The restaurant has a large amount of seating but not a large amout of space. I imagine if it gets crowded the seating arrangements may become uncomfortable.I ordered the vegetarian maffe. The sauce was very tasty. My complaint with my meal was the amount of veggies in the dish. There were hardly any! My entree contained 2 very large carrots, half of a huge potato and maybe some cassava. I have no problem with root veggies but the large chunks were a turn off.The djolof rice was good, a little dry but good. I did not feel as if my money was wasted. The food was not awful, but I've had better. Good and friendly customer service. I waited a long time to get the check.

Review №52

Good food and service

Review №53

What a gem. Excellent food, staff and ambience. Highly recomend the whole tilapia, but look forward to trying much more.

Review №54

The food here is beyond delicious. Atmosphere is great, and staff super friendly. Everything we ordered was delicious and we will be back again.

Review №55

The food was delicious and the service was great. You can tell they have a deep respect for their food and it is incredibly tasty.

Review №56

Food was beyond DELICIOUS, quick service and GREAT Hospitiality

Review №57

My husband and I were so lucky to have an opportunity to make a stop at Gorée Cuisine yesterday as our first stop on our getaway trip to Chicago. The reviews and photos online assured us that we were in for a treat but we had no idea just how much. The food was to die for! As previous reviewers have mentioned, it was a such a complex, multifaceted blend and infusion of flavors like none we have had before. Add friendly staff, fast and quality service, and a beautiful dining atmosphere to it, and you have a recipe for an unforgettable dining experience.Hubby and I pulled all the stops and ordered a cup each of the Gingembe juice, fataya salmon patties as an appetizer, I had grilled red snapper that was served with caramelized onions, my husband had the Yassa Shrimp served with the caramelized onions and rice, and we shared sides of aloco (fried plantains), atieke, and cabbage with carrots. Needless to say, with so much beautiful and delicious food, it was a meal fit for a King and a Queen and we ate like such, with food left to go!To top it off, we were able to meet the restaurant owner who ensured that we had a pleasant experience, gave us some interesting facts about the ingredients of a few things on the menu, and made our first experience with Senegalese cuisine one that sets the bar incredibly high for any others to come. We plan to stop back by before we return home to North Carolina and wish that we could find another Senegalese restaurant in our area (which I highly doubt exists). Gorée Cuisine is in the Hyde Park/Kenwood area that is a short and scenic walk to Lake Shore drive (near our VRBO apt). Anyone in that area or in Chicago in general truly has a gem amongst them in Gorée Cuisine. Looking forward to doing some shopping in the owner's fashion boutique Gorée Shop located right next door!

Review №58

Anytime I have a chance to go to Chicago I must stop by Gorée Cuisine

Review №59

Foods oh so good the owner and his best friend who is a waitress there are just the best! The peppermint tea is to live for! He grows it you know!

Review №60

Fantastic food and wonderful people! The grilled chicken and lamb chops are amazing. Can't wait to come back!

Review №61

Goree has great customer service, and the food is delicious and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I Highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №62

No real Nigerian dishes out there

Review №63

Absolutely delicious we have a take out yesterday the food was great

Review №64

My first time here with my wife on our ten years of marriage anniversary. We were there for almost 15 minutes before someone came to ask us what we would like to eat. I suggest the owner hire more people.

Review №65

Great hosting staff and excellent food

Review №66

We came to Chicago for the show "Hamilton" and were told to try this restaurant. I'm glad we did. The food is amazing and the staff friendly. I only wish they had some of the items on the menu available after 5pm. As a native of Senegal, there were some dishes I wanted my family to try but we got there after 5pm. I'm not complaining but it would have been great to have the options. Great food. I definitely recommend this place.

Review №67

Outstanding food that'll warm your heart- just like the familial atmosphere at Gorée. The perfect place to refuel on a cold, gray day - you'll leave with a full belly and lifted spirits.

Review №68

Stellar food, great portions!! I came to Gorée with my girlfriend and some visiting family. I was overly impressed by the food, reasonable prices, and wonderful service. The waitress even gave us free drink samples. I ordered the Dibi Lamb and Grilled Fish. Very satisfying, highly recommended.

Review №69

Very, very good food; attentive service; reasonable prices. What more can you want?

Review №70

Very good restaurant, the food and ambiance feels homely. Would definitely recommend

Review №71

Excellent food, relaxed friendly ambience. No frills just great, flavorful food

Review №72

If you want authentic West African food in a chill environment with great service, this is where you need to go! Don't waste your time anywhere else (trust me)... -And when you go, tell 'em Tav sent ya! ;3 )

Review №73

Food was amazing(!!!) but service needs some work.They seemed to be understaffed when we went and a few of the customers were annoyed (us included). However, the food was unbelievably great.My recommendation to the owners is to focus on the easy stuff such as customer service, ensuring there is enough staff to attend to people's needs. It took us a while to get our drinks when we ordered them, so that's something that can be worked on without sacrificing quality. I'm definitely willing to wait for the food if it means it's being made from scratch, but things such as taking people's orders timely, serving drinks, giving them cutlery etc. is not dependent on the food and can be improved. Overall, I will recommend; however the customer service aspect needs some work.

Review №74

I enjoyed this experience authentic West African cuisine.

Review №75

Okay people. Here's the word. This place was amazing! We came late to dine in (45min before closing) and we were able to sit, order anything off the menu AND cooked fresh, no worries! We had the Yassa snapper and Yassa shrimp. simply put, simply delicious! They offer a wide range of beverages, hot and cold and the fataya appetizer was my fave! We placed fataya order to go while we were eating it! Try give this place a try!

Review №76

Good food, nice people! All halal as well. Highly recommended!

Review №77

The food is very flavorful and tasty. This is my third to this place. They have the same excellent quality and flavor.

Review №78

Very good food. I enjoyed the vegan dish and my wife enjoyed the salmon. It really was excellent quality and well spiced. The staff was very friendly too, but unprofessional, however. They didn't use trays to bring the food at all and our waitress didn't know how to serve a plate on the table by having her thumb too much inside my plate. We saw someone from the kitchen drop one box on the floor from an order he was attempting to carry to the counter. this could have been avoided by using a tray or even a bag. The waitresses we encountered looked like anyone from the street. It's nice when a waiter or waitress has an apron or uniform of some kind. One of the tables had an unpleasant smell, so bad that my wife, who is West African, wanted to leave, and we had to move to a different table. It's all these little details that make the difference. Please get your act together because I would like to return.

Review №79

The waitress we had was very informative and welcoming. She walked us through the menu and gave a breakdown of Senegalese cuisine compared to other African cuisines. She recommended dishes and brought samples of the drinks!I got the vegetarian maffe and the plantains and mint tea. The tea was very fresh, sweetened with honey. The maffe was thick and creamy. The Jollaf rice was delicious and had a bit of a kick. Which was great!Must try!No byob

Review №80

Incredible place! Amazing food (dibi lamb was ), great service and nice atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Review №81

Great food!

Review №82

One of my favorites on the Southside...everything on the menu is great.They will occasionally run out of something, but that is only because everything is made right there...nothing prepackaged here.I am craving their food right now.

Review №83

Very nice customer service and good delicacies. I kept the maffe soup to eat eba all week. Thanks

Review №84

Great food, very friendly place. Very exciting to have this in the neighborhood, authentic and delicious. C'est tres bien!

Review №85

Excellent food at a nice casual venue! Love the ginger drink and the maffe; both are new dishes to me, but I can't wait to get more of them.

Review №86

Everyone one thevsix of us thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. Try the grilled lamb, or the fish dishes for a real treat.

Review №87

I've been going to Gorée since they've first open their doors and they have constantly provide flavorful food and warm customer service. A few dishes that have in been in constant rotation for me have been the yassa lamb, fataya, mint tea, djolof, and brochette chicken which hands down is one of my favorite thing to eat in Chicago. You would be doing your friends and family a disservice by not bringing them here and sharing the love.

Review №88

Absolutely loved it!Food was amazing.Vegetarian friendly

Review №89

Good flavorful food.Positives: They updated the seating by adding tufted bench seating and a new countertop and coffee/cafe where you pay for food (no seating at counter). I saw a new face and she was pleasant as our server. The food came out much quicker than last visit even though the restaurant had a full house.Negative: We were seated in the far corner where the greeter nor me and my child could barely fit through. That area needs one of the 3 tables removed so the patrons and servers can sit and move around the area comfortably. Or remove all of the tables to have a place for people to sit while waiting for carryouts or while waiting to be seated.

Review №90

Clean, nicely appointed, well lit. Open only 4onths and they are in their groove. Truly African style prep, VERY nice servers, all of who are invested in the success of this place. Snapper was amazing, lamb stew excellent, sides all flavorful. Reasonable pricing for reasonable portions. An absolute on the list of ethnic gems.

Review №91

Really good food. They play music as well. If you go u will have a great cultured experience.

Review №92

Do not pass up on the mint tea after your meal.

Review №93

Very good experience. I took myself for my birthday due to a recommendation. I absolutely loved the salmon. Very fresh and cooked nicely. I loved the flavors. All of the food was fresh. No complaints. I'll be back soon.

Review №94

Every food I tried was AMAZING! I highly recommend this restaurant. The service is excellent and the food DELICIOUS!

Review №95

Nice food

Review №96

Excellent food & customer service! This place is the TRUTH

Review №97

I never felt closer to home by eating food in Chicago until I found Goree Cuisine! Authentic Senegalese/West African cuisine. I would highly recommend

Review №98

My friends and I have decided to go to Gorée Cuisine and give the African cuisine a try; well, we were amazed. We walked into the restaurant while a family was celebrating one of its member's birthday but that didn't stop the receptionist to quickly find us some seats and take our orders. The food was delicious, tasteful and fresh, from the appetizers to the entrées. To give you a hint for entrée we had the "Diby lamb" and red snapper all served over freshly made "djolof rice" plus "attiéké and alloco ( fried plantains)" as side dishes. The lights, the ambiance and the foods all came together in such a great harmony that I will always recommended this place. And if you are on a low sodium diet just let them know when you place your order. Did I mention the special tea made by the chef Adam himself? Give it a try and you will be pleased.

Review №99

Loved the whole fish/tilapia!!

Review №100

The food is incredible. The staff is incredible. Goree is a great little spot in Chicago that is a definite must stop if you're in the area. Staff is quick to answer any questions you have and offer great recommendations. The Dibi Lamb, Maffe and Fateya were all super flavorful. The Gingembre was a nice refreshing drink next to the spices of the meal

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