Osas African Restaurant - Nigerian cuisine
1027 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640, United States
Osas African Restaurant - Nigerian cuisine

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Osas Restaurant, the food is good no doubt but wow the customer service is trash. You cant call in to order food there just rush you off the phone even hang upon you forgetting that customers make the business.

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Very good authentic African food and service!..

Review №3

Food is. Very good

Review №4

A very authentic take of Nigerian cuisine. Their food is full of spices, be careful cause it can be hot! Try to eat the Nigerian way: with hands to pull on the yam and Amala and dip them on the soup

Review №5

Great, was the best dish I ever had

Review №6

This was a horrible place to eat. I should call the department of health on this place. My husband and I were served "meat" that was so over cooked we could not tell what in the world we were eating. Everything was microwaved. Nothing was fresh. I choked trying to chew good that was old and cooked horribly. I have had Nigerian food many times in different states and locations. This was by far the worst and most disgraceful representation of food I have ever tried. There was no love no effort NO PRIDE in making this garbage they served us. We should have known by all the empty seats that this place was no goo but my husband and I gave it a try. I would give zero stars but that isn't an option.

Review №7

They're very dirty and unprofessional. The utensils are very old and dirty. The owner and the staffs are so rude.. the entire restaurant is a very dirty place.. if you love your health. Stay away from this place

Review №8

Very tasty food, and they make me feel like family!

Review №9

The employees were super helpful. the food was awesome! I would sooo recommend this place to anyone looking for african food! Real casual dinning and affordable eats!

Review №10

Good service

Review №11

My order was taken. I didn't quite get what I ordered, I think it was a mix up, thus my low rating.

Review №12

Definitely authentic. If you want your nyam fufu and sauce grain, this is the place. Order one, two, or three meets along with your choice of a sauce and a grain, priced accordingly. It's home cooking - filling and delicious with a welcoming crew. I'll be back here soon as I've room in my stomach again.

Review №13

Great customer service

Review №14

My 3rd time of visiting. Way way & 10000% way better than Iyanze!

Review №15

Housekeeping/workplace organization in the dinning area was poor. Boxes and containers kept in dinning area. Aesthetically, not pleasing. Noisy dinning area, front door to the street was open. Cook using food processor next to dinning area, couldn't hear myself eat. Food quality was okay .

Review №16

Food was good but that was marred by horrible customer treatment. While I empathize with the fact that just two people were running everything at the place, it was just a unpalatable experience. I went with my lady who had never been to a Nigerian restaurant and I was ashamed. The server especially the younger lady just dropped food in front of us like we were dogs, and barely waited a second for us to say anything to her or her to us. The trash bag was next to the table where we sat and ate, so cleanliness here is bad as well. Food is cheap and decent but the way we were treated ruined the whole experience.

Review №17

Good food and good customer service.

Review №18

Delicious and authentic African cuisine at affordable prices! My husband loved my surprise yesterday and ate so much of the vegetables. Thank you so much for your assistance!

Review №19

You need more dedicated staff who are spot-on.

Review №20

Spent $50 in this place and still paying for it. FOOD POISONING! Should have walked out of there after the server had to change my water glass four different times due to being issued a dirty glass one after the other. My son and I had the tilapia and we both spent the entire night on the toilet. Very sickening. Save your money and your health. DON'T EAT HERE! Plus they microwave a lot of the FOOD! And it's not even that good! 2 stars at best for taste but definitely 0 stars for giving us FOOD poisoning

Review №21

Traditional comfort cooking. It's a hole in the wall place, but that's where the best home cooked food comes from. Come here to experience real traditional delcious Nigerian food.

Review №22

This used to be one of my favorite African restaurants. however over the past year the service & food has declined. The person I was with spotted a "bug" on the wall. The staff looked unsanitary ie improper Footwear also counting money with gloves on which they kept on to serve the food. Unfortunately the person I was with got food poisoning from them and suffered for 3 days. Luckily I ordered something different and was not sick. I hope they improve soon I would love to continue to support them

Review №23

If I could, I would give this restaurant a ZERO. It is not a place for vegetarians. When I ordered my food, I STRESSED that I was vegetarian. I asked if they could make a veggie stew with NO MEAT. They said yes. In the middle of my meal, I found bones in my food. I stopped eating it and I dug further down and I found more bones and MEAT at the bottom of the dish. When I complained, the manager said to me that I shouldn't have found bones/meat in my food because the cook " should have picked it all out". I tried to explain to him that picking the meat out does not constitute making a vegetarian dish. He did not get it and insisted that picking the meat out made it vegetarian. I got sick as I have been vegetarian over 20 years. Vegetarians should run from this place.

Review №24

A good place for real Nigerian food

Review №25

Their egusi n stew is really good and wheat prices are reasonable as well

Review №26

So let me stress that this is a legit Nigerian restaurant, so if you're not Nigerian or used to Nigerian food, you probably should stay clear. However it is amazing, came here with my whole family, and my mom rarely eats other people nigerian food, and even she loved it. I'm all about this place!

Review №27

Delicious African fare. An oasis of home food far away from home. Highly recommended.

Review №28

LOVED IT! I was in West Africa for 6 months and it brought back so many memories. I actually closed my eyes and said out loud " ooooooh man! THIS IS SOOOO GOOD!" Great people. And amazing food. Definitely a treat to have here in Chicago.

Review №29

Horrible service. Employees were talking about been careful with roaches. You walk through the kitchen to use the bathroom (right in the kitchen). You are expected (the customer) to ask what type of payment they accept. And charge you extra to use a card for payment.

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Omg..I have never had such food in my life. We went there and came out walking on our hand. Young bro kept saying the chicken stank. Hahaha..I almost died, inside joke. But I almost died after spending my Easter weekend in the bathroom. I could not be more than 10 meters from the toilet. So my advice to all of you who are looking for a weekend get away vacation for one freaking weekend, just head to Osas restaurant on a Friday and be home in less than 4 hours. Why? Because its all about to get down if you get me. But seriously your body will be dehydrated after a weekend of driving nonstop. So if I were I would buckle up, please.

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Mostly quiet, the food here is really good. Especially the jollof rice. At times, they don't give you the kind of meat you request.

Review №33

Mama Osas Cook good food. Will be back.

Review №34

Home food and very healthy, customers friendly five stars. We eat it again and again.

Review №35

I love their food but they can do better with neatness and customer service

Review №36

Quiet place, very good for dating!Would love to go again for the full menu!

Review №37

This was my first time here to try the famous egusi stew and fufu. I loved the stew but the meat in the stew was extremely tough. The chicken and goat took forever to chew as if it was made in a rush. I thought this place would be awesometacular but it just wasn't. I've definitely had much better african cuisine including the egusi stew and fufu I made right at home. So save your money, youtube a recipe and do it yourself if you want to truly enjoy the experience.

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Nice place

Review №39

The best

Review №40

I enjoy the food and the service is good....

Review №41

The food sadly is not very good. It tastes old or like it has gone bad. Perhaps I am not used to the flavors, but I spent a lot of money and could not eat any of it. :(

Review №42

The food was very very good and it feels just like home with the atmosphere.

Review №43

I love the service, they food is so good.

Review №44

With as few words as possible, here's my opinion:If you ever get into Chcago, make sure you try out Jollof rice here.Thank me later.

Review №45

Good Nigerian food at reasonable prices.

Review №46

The Egusi with fried fish is sooo good.. and i got it spicy which made it even better..and the people are nice as well.

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Good home made food

Review №48

Nice lady. great nigerian food

Review №49

Love the home cook food and great service

Review №50

Good place to eat African food

Review №51

Great place to eat when you are far away from home... far away from Nigerian food.

Review №52

I could not submit this review without at least rating this restaurant with one star. Otherwise, it is a zero in my opinion. This restaurant should be closed down and I intend to send the inspectors there because, it is a den of filth and a disgrace to Nigeria. In this modern day and age! How dare you!I paid for almost $100 worth of food and none of what I ordered tasted like food. The jollof rice tasted like it was cooked and frozen 3 months prior to my order. Even fried plantain (dodo) for crying out loud was tasteless and did not taste like plantain at all - which means it was also frozen for months and just re-heated. The fried Shrimps - no need to even comment on that. I can say for a certain that they never changed their cooking oil once since that restaurant opened its doors.I was supposed to impress my friends with Nigerian meal!The worst part of everything was the filthiness of the restaurant - finger prints on glass doors and window; the cook, a lady sorry, I mean a woman, was in a dark area behind the bar and I guess that was the kitchen. Her clothing was an African wrapper tied around her chest and her hair net was still on her head. I had the impression she must live in the same building as the restaurant.The guy who passed my food order to me, was very friendly and polite. Probably because, he felt sorry for me - knowing I have just paid for food that I will be throwing into the trash can. Everything went into the trash can.Only a wicked person will operate a place like this and pretend to sell food to people whereas you are selling poison - tasteless poison even!I am sending the food/health inspectors there!People should avoid this den of filth!

Review №53

Best Nigeria restaurant ever.

Review №54

Good food and the workers are very good .

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My 1st time tasting African Cuisine and it was delicious.

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Convenient positive vibes.

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Nice Nigerian food

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Nice Nigerian food

Review №61

Great Nigerian food

Review №62

Good food

Review №63

It was good..all homemade

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Really good

Review №65

Home far away from home...

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The food are good

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Nice delicacy.

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Food is so nice and delicious

Review №69

Best naija restaurant in Chicago.

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Delicious food

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Lovely Nigerian dishes

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Good food

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  • Address:1027 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640, United States
  • Phone:+1 773-561-2754
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