Vee-Vees African Restaurant
6232 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660, United States

Review №1

Amazing jollof rice, completely delicious, so scrumptious, I had to get four more plates. Even, Barack Obama ate here. It's just amazing.

Review №2

Both meals I ordered as carry-out were bad. My mistake was not checking before leaving the restaurant as I was in a hurry. I ordered goat meat pepper soup but got assorted (beef, tripe, liver), didn't even taste like pepper soup more like beef stock. Also ordered Nkwobi but received trash as it did not contain cow leg but cow skin and taste was horrible. It's like the cow skin was boiled until tender, then sautéed in palm oil with some sort of vegetable that gave it a bitter taste (see attached). Got charged at higher price than what's listed on the menu. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK

Review №3

This is most worse Nigerian food I've ever eaten in United States of America or anywhere outside Nigeria. First time and worst food wasted money. Rubbish!!!

Review №4

Great service and good food. The owner/manager was very accommodating and answered many questions about Nigerian food and culture. Turns out many foods I thought were Caribbean actually originated in Africa. I look forward to my next visit to try more things on the menu.

Review №5

The people are nice and that's why I gave them a two star but the food is pure TRASH.

Review №6

First time try and food not tasty. Very disappointed.

Review №7

Great food and personable service. They have a great buffet on Sunday but I recommend coming at 1pm or later

Review №8

I ordered goat meat but I was served beef

Review №9

This place is absolutely horrible ! My husband ordered light soup it tasted like plain tomatoes and way too much oil .. it was not well cooked and give him a runny stomach .. the jollof rice I ordered was days old and very dry and so was the meat . I took it back up to her and asked her for something else. Which she gave me an attitude about . She's very rude and unprofessional.. stay way from this place!!

Review №10

Vee-Vee has gr8 food but, they charge seperately for food that should be sold together as a meal unless they are just cheating some customers. Too high.

Review №11

I called at 7pm and placed my order. I was told the order would take 35 minutes (I already thought this was a little extreme but I ordered anyway). I came in at 8:15pm and proceeded to wait for my order after being acknowledged a good 5 minutes later. It is now 10pm and I STILL DONT have my food. This is clearly a joke. Next time I will make time to cook my own food. It doesn't take 3 hours for jollof rice. On top of the fact that these folks are rude. Customer service not great at all.....Don't make no sense how terrible it is. To add insult to injury I wasn't given my entire order. Omg.Edit.....The food was good. That's why I'm giving more stars but next time be honest about the wait time

Review №12

I my goodness their pancakes r so delicious, stroganoff is out of this world. Staff is so accommodating. U can always find something good on the menu.

Review №13

I so love going to Vee-Vee's African Restaurant. A great place for fantastic Nigerian food. Ask Barak Obama as he knows how great the food is!!

Review №14

Love the food here. Parking near by. Pleasant Customer Service.

Review №15

Just went there this Sunday 7/21/19 around 1pm when i walked in the buffett was right by the front door. There we about 7 catering pans with the flame underneath them. Everything looked majority eaten and what was left looked dry. There was no one in there except 3 men who looked comfortable and full. As if maybe they owned the place. No one greeted us at the door they sat in their seats and began to yell "How may I help you?" Everyone in my party left. Nothing was replenished nor stirred there were no lids over the food. The buffett doesn't end to 6pm so I figured it would have been in better shape since it open at 11 am.

Review №16

The cow legs were like leather. The fish was over salted and dry .the goat was alright,but I soon tasted that it was old. The cashier was a little rude and inpatient; the owner or manager was rude too talking to me like I was his child. I had to remind him that I was-not.

Review №17

SCAM!!!!!! Our server was extremely uptight. The other person at the cash register was polite and understanding. Honestly not worth it coming here. We sat down and the server gave us bottled water without even asking us what we would want to drink which later we were charged for. I ordered chicken and received fish after 40 min of waiting. Then my friend received his order but after another 20 min of us waiting. We were also charged and extra side dish we never ordered, and the icing on the cake was that you need to be careful and read the whole menu because on the bottom it says that prices are subject to change in the restaurant in typed letters. The guy said that it was an old menu.... ok why would that be typed at the end? its extremely easy to just update your prices, I've worked at a restaurant and we typed daily specials each day. Not worth the wait and food is edible if you are starving.

Review №18

A trip to Chicago without visiting Veevees Restaurant is regrettable. Quality service with well-prepared food. Above all, a center for African congregation.

Review №19

The people were super nice and willing to explain the food choices the only thing is the food was cold.

Review №20

Went in last year to sample food and was considering bringing students there after we finished reading 'Things Fall Apart' (Chinua Achebe) in my English class. Well, a mouse brazenly came into the dining area and began munching on something on the floor. It was over and I left before even being served. It's amazing that they continue to show up at Taste of Chicago yearly.

Review №21

I always enjoy my food and time at VeeVees.

Review №22

Different price than what was on the menu. Other than that, the food and service were good.

Review №23

Wonderfully authentic West African food! Very reasonable prices. Buffet on Sunday. Free street parking on Sundays.

Review №24

The cow legs was like leather. The fish over salted and dry. The goat was alright but, I soon discovered it to was old meat like the other to servings. The customer service stunk and I will never to that vee vee's again!!!!

Review №25

The Sunday buffet felt like an open house family dinner.

Review №26

Custom made, nice

Review №27

Friendly place,good african buffet on Su days

Review №28

Poor service. They didn't have what we ordered but it took 20 mins for them to come back and tell us. Never brought our drinks. After we asked they gave us frozen malt we couldn't drink. Coconut rice was just plain white rice. At least the jallof rice was decent.

Review №29

Great food and plenty to satisfy. Need more help though. The day I visited the owner was the only person serving customers.

Review №30

Excellent place for African cuisine

Review №31

Love the food even though it took forever to make. It was worth the wait; it was freshly made.

Review №32

Food takes too long. It's also a bit on the pricey side

Review №33

Visible, free parking behind the restaurant but metered parking in front, delicious African cuisine that encourages repeat customers, and excellent staff.

Review №34

Moi moi to slap your momma! The Chief is pleasant, fun and engaging.

Review №35

Not such a great idea, but manageable especially considering that 4 to 5 dishes presented as a buffet

Review №36

I was charged a higher price than the menu.. which was real shady. Food was just ok not worth the price. I've had much better African food.

Review №37

Horrible suya. They don't have most things on their menu so I cant comment on how good the other meals are

Review №38

Fantastic is all I can say. The food is wonderfully made!!

Review №39

Great service and fresh food

Review №40

This place is one of the best Nigerian places for food. Fresh Egusi soup with th right taste. It also very clean and airy with good staff. Also took a pack of the Jollof rice and goat meat. Had it for the next day and it was spicy and tasty just the way I like it.

Review №41

You gotta love the peppersoup for this weather,its heaven!,the moimoi is to die for,and the egusi?...OMG,you havent visited chicago if you havent tried veevee's,its worth every penny spent,best believe.

Review №42

Lovely atmosphere and great food. Would definitely recommend.

Review №43

Five stars for the fresh, delicious, authentic Igbo cuisine. Please do something about the decor!

Review №44

The best professional restraunt great food, on time,friendly I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. Go Africa Go. Vee vee is simply the best

Review №45

Great pepper Soup & suya! The owner is really nice. Ive eaten here for 2years !

Review №46

The service was awful, the prices were not what was written on the menu, the Suya was dry and the coconut rice had no flavor and tasted like white rice. I would not recommend this place to anyone

Review №47

Nice place , good food

Review №48

Lovely place and lovely staff possibility the best Jerk Chicken I have ever had.

Review №49

Customer service is poor especially phone etiquette and the food, let's just say GO BACK TO NIGERIA FOR THE REAL DEAL. See my attached photos of what I ordered Vs what I got including compensated for

Review №50

Food is good, just very spicy. People can be very loud.

Review №51

I spent tickets for a goat bone. I got one piece of goat "meat", which turned out to be bone and fat, inedible. The other patrons behind me and in front of me got the same portion size as me (same number of tickets spent), yet got three pieaces of meat. I hate to feel like this but I can't help feel like I was discriminated against.The funny thing was that I was really looking forward to this place more than any other booth and was most disappointed... Don't waste your time or your tickets or your hard earned money on .a waste of time like this.

Review №52

PHONE NEVER WORKS !!!!! so annoying !!!. Buy another phone

Review №53

Very good food, definitely different.

Review №54

One of the best african restaurant in chi-town. love d place, u need to try the egusi soup and pepper soup.... delicious. my favorite spot for food anyday.

Review №55

Great African food

Review №56

Great nigerian food clean place great cook great atmosphere

Review №57

Love them!! I've been going here for a few years now and the closest place to Africa is VEE VEES!!

Review №58

Great Service and delicious food!!

Review №59

Scams!!They double swiped in my card and took more than the amount,also since then series of unauthorized withdrawal has been done with my card...Food was good but that was my issue

Review №60

Excellent Nigerian food in a friendly atmosphere!

Review №61

OMG! The Moi Moi is perfection. I almost are myself to sleep.

Review №62

Some of the worst food around.

Review №63

I go for the all vegetarian egusi and garri (cassava)

Review №64

Great food

Review №65

The best nigerian food in Chicago

Review №66

Good food

Review №67

Excellent friendly services.

Review №68

Great place

Review №69

One of my favorite places

Review №70

The decorations were minimum. I had jerk chicken and I've had jerk chicken all over Chicago all over the United States and in Jamaica this was the worst suppose to be jerk chicken I've ever eaten. Service was poor.

Review №71

Africa cuisine

Review №72

The food was great

Review №73

Authentic Nigerian quesin

Review №74

Food is excellent

Review №75

Best Nigeria dishes.

Review №76

African cuisine at its best.

Review №77

No words.

Review №78

I loved the food, especially the meat pies.

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  • Address:6232 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660, United States
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  • Phone:+1 773-465-2424
  • West African restaurant
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  • Healthy options:Yes
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  • Small plates:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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