Yassa African Restaurant
3511 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60653, United States

Review №1

Love love love the food I order from Uber eats my food was fresh and so tasty I would definitely recommend them.

Review №2

Some of the best lamb chops you could imagine. The meat is delicious and a good large portion. I will be coming back - even if it's far from my usual places I go to. Cool ambiance

Review №3

The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the menu, and they are following all COVID safety precautions. The food was incredible, the portions were large, and the price was fair. I'll definitely be going back :) Don't miss out on this incredible family-owned business!

Review №4

Some of the best lamb chops you could imagine. The meat is delicious and a good large portion. I will be coming back - even if it's far from my usual places I go to. Cool ambiance

Review №5

This was my fifth time at Yassa and as always it was great food. The server was nice and friendly. Quite friendly that he managed to convince us to get juice by sharing some samples. Enjoyed the vibe too as one of my fave songs by Asa was played. Overall would recommend and will definitely be back

Review №6

The service is very good. The staff is friendly. Family environment. Food is excellent. This restaurant is recommended, if you have a taste for something different.

Review №7

The food is great, but the service is not so great. My mom ordered food at 4:15 and it's now a few minutes to 6:30 and she still has not received her food. This is not the first time we've had extremely late deliveries from Yassa. Even in the restaurant sometimes it takes forever to get your food. The food tastes amazing but the fact you have to wait 5 years to receive it is very off-putting.

Review №8

Gave us old refried fatayers because we ordered close to closing and then didn't even fully compensate for such an insensitive move

Review №9

I finally got a chance to stop by. The food was ok. They gave literally 8 French fries. Customer service could have been better. He couldn't find my receipt I had left mine in the car. Instead of saying could I go get it he had me waiting then asked if I could go get it. Extra 20 minutes of the 30 I had already waited.

Review №10

THEY ARE NO LONGER "BYOB" ... Authentic and delicious food. The staff was very courteous and friendly. I had an amazing meal and a wonderful too e with friends. The restaurant is clean and the music makes you want to get on the dance floor. Great place!!!

Review №11

The flavor of the food was excellent. You can't find food that tastes so good like this place any other restaurants in town. They give you a good portion of food and the price is good. The service does take longer, I can see why it takes longer, they cook everything from scratch.

Review №12

Swift service, very courteous and friendly. First time experiencing Senegalese cuisine and it won't be my last. Flavorful, spicy and very tasty. The djollof rice and plantains was amazing along with the yassa chicken. This is a spot to check out!

Review №13

This place was unique. It's a bit of a hole in the wall with with an authentic feeling. The service was great and the food was even better. I tried their lamb Yassa lamb and it was delicious. It was so flavorful with every bite. I will say it was a bit spicy, but just the perfect amount. Make sure to also try their apetizers, and a fair warning that the ginger drink is spicy. It was a nice change to try these Senegalese flavors and I highly recommend to try out this gem.

Review №14

The food was great, service needs a little bit improvement."

Review №15

Absolutely delicious! Best African food I have had in the USA. Excellent service and staff as well!!

Review №16

The service sucks, 4 tables and we still had to wait an hour. But when the food finally arrived it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately we came on a day they had a planned event so we had to eat in a rush. Will give them another chance or maybe order to go. Ok, So i went back, different day and the service was worse. The food was still delicious but the wait time is like an hour, so never go here hungry or you just might snap out.

Review №17

Really really good chicken, like it falls off the bone and is seasoned to perfection. Didn't like that the front desk person wasn't wearing his mask.

Review №18

If you enjoy cultural food, this is a must try Senegalese spot on the south side of Chicago in the Bronzeville neighborhood that I frequent. The preparation and taste of the dishes is not lacking, and the jollof rice is my favorite! You can even BYOB. Prices are nominal. They even have live music on weekends.The business is receiving 4 stars only because I think the ambience and decor can afford improvement. Other than that, it's perfect for a casual dining experience.

Review №19

Fresh and flavorful food; excellent service. I highly recommend the dibi lamb. However, the restaurant should be better ventilated as you will smell like to food when coming out of the restaurant. Also, some of the dishes should be served in bigger plates to unable cutting the meat and not have half of the dish fall on the table.

Review №20

Wonderful customer service, very family run vibe. The drinks are amazing and like none you will get anywhere else. And the food is will not leave here hungry, and the flavors play with each other so divinely, it's like nothing I've found anywhere else.

Review №21

This low key Senegalese cuisine restaurant is Filling and Delicious. Though a little pricey in my opinion, It's negated with the large portions. I recommend trying the Fataya. It's best described as a spicy salmon empanada. It comes with a spicy sauce that pairs together wonderfully. I also recommend any of the lamb dishes.

Review №22

Everything about their food is mouth watering. So much flavor that I eat there everytime I'm in Chicago

Review №23

This is the best!! When you visit Chicago don't forget this place YASSA AFRICAN RESTAURANT!!! SMALL QUIET PLACE WITH GREAT FOOD AND OTHER CASUAL CUSTOMERS. I cant lie i was expecting a much larger place but this was just right for my family. My daughters 18th birthday she chose the place. But Oh my God the food is so great. I could not believe it. . With out me spoiling anything. They let you sample their drinks firsthand forget it here go the pictures great time bring your kids

Review №24

Very nice place with great menu...the wait time could be shorter though. My eyes almost plucked out

Review №25

Friendly staff. Good food. Would definitely dine here again. Bring friends or a book, good food takes time. $15 entree average, good portions.

Review №26

A unique cultural experience with delicious food. Service was warm & friendly and we will definitely be returning.

Review №27

This place has superb service and delicious food. One of my favourite places in the area. The food and drinks served rapidly and the prices were fair. I recommend this place.

Review №28

Staff is UNBELIEVABLY friendly. The food is very straight forward Senegalese food, with no shortage of spice. I wasn't as much of a fan of the yassa lamb (the lamb flavor was a bit too strong for my liking) but really enjoyed the chicken (albeit a little hard navigating how to eat it). The plantains and ginger drink are good. I loved the salmon as well.

Review №29

I ordered cabbage and I wasn't informed that they didn't have the cabbage until 1hour later after I called back in to add to my order. But the young man did try to compensate with just adding more onions and olives to my order how sweet .lol

Review №30

I love this place my favs are the fataya, brochette with djolof. It's spicy. It's always generous portions. It's heavy. But so delicious and comforting

Review №31

I always visit for the lamb and ginger juice. Yummy

Review №32

This is a spot you definitely want to have the time available to enjoy your meal and not feel rushed, everything is made to order with the freshest of ingredients. I went during lunch and an hour was not enough time to really sit and enjoy my dibi chicken, rice and cabbage plus a side of plaintains...I know, my exercise regime hadn't started yet. I ordered more like dinner than lunch oops. Everything was well seasoned not too spicy or salty which was important. We also ordered an appetizer, our bill was about $41 for two entree's and our appetizer. Look forward to going back.

Review №33

My appetizer of salmon patties was delicious, it came a spicy dip. I enjoyed a Yassa lamb plate. Tender lamb chop, smothered with a seasoned onion and olive blend. It included Joloff rice and steamed cabbage with carrots. A wonderful lunch and reasonably priced. Good service.

Review №34

Friendly for those who are new to Senegalese food! We went today and they were so kind and helped us pair the right sides with the right entrees. It felt like such a nice way for them to share their culture.Freaking awesome food that's all I can say. Good portions and customer service is so sweet.

Review №35

I couldn't give it 5 starts only because its needs a interior decorators. I wanted them to set a mood of Africa. However, it was great kind of slow but the food was great I got that yassa tilapia fillets and it was so flavorful. The jollof rice seemed to be microwaved but still tasty. I watch Gordon so I could tell. Lol

Review №36

The lamb was cook well taste great

Review №37

The food was amazing, the serving sizes are great, the place is clean, well-maintained, and has a cozy, down-to-earth, yet cultured and interesting vibe. And they must have the most accommodating and most attentive servers. They went above and beyond for us. It feels like they love their job and have a mission for the costumers to feel that we love it there too.

Review №38

Our group had a terrific experience last week at Yassa. Food from Senegal was new for all of us. The service was outstanding and the staff was really helpful in teaching us about the food and drinks available. Everything we tried was very good. It was a great evening and experience. Very momorable

Review №39

The food and service is excellent. You get a really good portion of food. Thanks

Review №40

Nice place great food.

Review №41

The food is excellent. The ambiance is very relaxed and easy going. It is noisy with background sounds of other conversations. Since they cooked the food upon ordering, I've learned that it is best to quickly order an appetizer so that your wait for your food does not seem to take long. Enjoy!!!!

Review №42

The son of the owners stopped by our table to chat with us a bit. Really wanted to get to know us, not just a “did you enjoy your meal?” In passing. We all enjoyed our orders, the portions are generous for the price and the people that work here really want you to let them know if there is anything they can do to improve the meal. They made sure we had enough water, and checked in on us a few times, but not too much that it annoyed us. Really great experience, highly recommended.

Review №43

Wow wow wow the food was amazing. I had the Red Snapper with Cabbage and Carrots. My husband had the maffa which is a Lamb Stew and Yassa Lamb. The fataya (salmon empanada) was also good. The service was welcoming. We left with full bellies and very sad that we have to leave and go back home tomorrow. Oh also you have to try their specialty drinks two of my favorites was the ginger drink and one was made from the Baboa root.

Review №44

Walked in to an abundance of different spices and smells. The decor in the restaurant is nice. Very authentic feel. During the lunch hours, they have a $10 special where you can get lamb, chicken, or fish with two sides! Very much a bang for your buck. The waitstaff is very friendly. I came here after finding the restaurant on groupon. The food is amazing ! Very filling and flavorful!! I will definitely be back!

Review №45

Food and atmosphere were delightful.

Review №46

Modest kabre was the one who took care of us, nice guy ever. I recommend this place to anyone who want to try African food

Review №47

The food was really delicious! Flavors were very satisfying and we really enjoyed trying new things, including the baobab drink and fufu. We also ordered chicken brochette and lamb maffe with djolof rice and plantains as our sides.The frustrating part was waiting so long for the order to be ready. We ordered through Yassa's website (since we learned how much $ sites like GrubHub and DoorDash take from the restaurants) which stated food would be ready in about 30 minutes. I placed the order 30 minutes before I wanted to pick it up, and I didn't get home with it until 2 hours later. Also, by the time our order was ready, they had run out of the ginger drink we ordered. They gave us an extra large baobab drink and swapped in their hibiscus drink to make up for it, which was appreciated. We'll give them another try in the future but will have more realistic expectations about the length of the wait next time.

Review №48

Food was greast service was exactly how i thought it was going to be, amazing love the everything

Review №49

The food is made with love

Review №50

This place is a truly a touch from home. Its family run and you can tell everything is made fresh to order! I had the yassa fish and it was well seasoned and tender

Review №51

This is an amazing Pan-African spot. I tried their chicken and their lamb (sorry forgot the name of the dish) with their fried plantains. AMAZING!!!! Staff is very friendly and you get a ton of food for the cost.

Review №52

The food is authentic and absolutely delicious

Review №53

I didn't get a chance to take pictures because I INHALED everything. I had thiou curry with lamb, djolof rice, aloco, fataya, nem....I literally need a dozen nem for myself. I can't believe I've gone my entire life without this food, but I'll never forget this meal. I'll be back again. Soon.

Review №54

The food is fire here Money well spent.

Review №55

Had the beef stew and fufu. Was good flavor but fatty meat. Really enjoyed ginger juice

Review №56

We had an awesome time in this restaurant. We loved the nice environment and the menu. The waiters were super affable. I'm happy we ultimately decided to visit this restaurant.

Review №57

Service and food are really great!

Review №58

Amazing food!! Great customer service!!! Love the environment!!

Review №59

Great food! Nice environment! The wait time is long but that's because they make your food to order! It's fresh with very nice size portions!

Review №60

Nice and low key

Review №61

Good African food Great customer service . Had help from the attendant with choosing from the menu though,it was worth it.

Review №62

Friendly and attentive staff. Food was flavorful and I enjoy my choices of red snapper and lamb chops. The cabbage and plantains complimented the entrees very well. Already planning my next visit.

Review №63

I'm assuming I always come on they're busiest days, because the couple of times I've gone they had a packed house. And having a packed house usually results in longer wait times for your food. However, the food has always been worth the wait.

Review №64

The food is delicious. Amazing customer service. Love this place

Review №65

Excellent and authentic Senegalese food

Review №66

The nem tasted so good but was so small...The maffe tasted very good but I asked for mild yet it was spicy..

Review №67

Great Senegalese food. Very flavorful. Chicken, oxtails, jollof rice, cabbage, and lamb are the standout dishes. Very reasonably priced as well

Review №68

Excellent food! I had one half chicken with cabbage and plantains. Chicken was moist and flavorful.

Review №69

Delicious delicious delicious! Good service too! They never let me down and the owners are the best! They really make your experience memorable.

Review №70

I actually enjoyed the food and service, fantastic location right next to my house. The staff members are always helpful. Will visit here again.

Review №71

Great customer service

Review №72

Great place to enjoy a great meal. The server was very attentive and informative. Will be returning!!

Review №73

Hello, on 03/06/20 I had a BAD EXPERIENCE, we place a order, going on two hours ago, we waited patiently, as I observed four others that enter after us had to been waiting, and two others before us that verbally told me they two had been waiting, and haven't got their food, I ask the server(a guy) how much longer would it be, he says it's coming out, gentry minutes passes by, so my party and I left, telling the server we got to go back to work, I left dissatisfied disappointed and hungry, the server/employees showed no care, or no concerns, they didn't attempt accommodate us, they were more concerned about the call in ORDERS. I tried calling the manager , but the server hung on me.

Review №74

You should always open up your mind to other cultures and different foodd CusineOne of my favorites on the menu has to be the lamb chops couscous and the cabbage and also I'm absolutely the love the ginger juice which by the way is homemade go check this place out see what all the fuss is about

Review №75

Served food quick no to expensive and the food tasted amazing. They had great service. I would 100% recommend. I will definitely becoming back

Review №76

You all are foul for having this so called Dr...."Umar Johnson at your facility..will never come back here again

Review №77

Served food quick no to expensive and the food tasted amazing. They had great service. I would 100% recommend. I will definitely be coming back.

Review №78

Will definitely recommend this place. We went there as a group of over 10 people so the wait was a few extra mins. I advice to probably call ahead if you are going as a group and don't like to wait. The people are super nice and friendly. Great experience. Food was delicious. Ask to try their drinks, I bet you'll add one to your order. Will definitely check Yassa's anytime I'm in Chicago.

Review №79

Friendly people and great food. I ordered the maafe. It tasted great, and was very filling. It was nice that the serving was a good size. As you can see from the picture, I ordered the maafe with fried plantains (my friend did the same). A woman came to ask how we were doing (owner?) then asked why we ordered plantains with the maafe. She said that we were supposed to eat that with rice, so she brought us rice to go with our meal for free and even showed us how we were supposed to put the stew on the rice. It was like we had our Mom there, which was great. I would definitely return.

Review №80

I got the yassa lamb. Good seasoning, good portions.

Review №81

Food was a absolutely delicious

Review №82

The food is really good, takes a little while to prepare but it's worth the wait.

Review №83

Food wells season and the servings were large. Waitress was attentive .There was a nice home type atmosphere. I recommend this place.

Review №84

Very good food, decent prices and prompt service. It's quite large with some great artwork displays and seemed quite busy that weekend with couples and families as most of the patrons. I had the yassa chicken and my friend had the yassa fish (yassa is a caramelized onion sauce). Delicious! We both had sorrel beverages. The portions were huge and we were stuffed when we left there was no room for dessert - couldn't eat anything else for the night! LOL!! Great neighborhood spot!

Review №85

Excellent food excellent service everyone was very polite and welcoming great vibes this was our first time here and will definitely be back and tell our friends about it.

Review №86

The Yassa chicken white with jollof and plantain...delicious!!!

Review №87

Delicious tasting food and the service was great

Review №88

The food is always fresh and delicious, employees provides good customer service. I love how neat it is and mood. Keep up the good work.

Review №89

Always the most well prepared and succulent food. The decor and television stations both on point. And the staff very personable. This is the place to be for Senegalese

Review №90

I love there nicely served African food. It such a nice place with culturally diverse customers.

Review №91

I had the Yassa Lamb with cabbage and side of rice.Date had Yassa Fish with Yoloft (spelling?) Rice.Both were excellent dishes. Then had Ginger Juice to compliment the meal.Service was excellent, staff very attentive to our needs. Always a pleasure to eat here.

Review №92

Great food at reasonable prices. The maffe is excellent and the yassa fish (with red snapper) is another favorite. They also serve plenty of homemade juices that you should definitely try.

Review №93

Great food and great service. Owner was very friendly. Try the fatayas!

Review №94

The food gives you Life.

Review №95

Friendly and attentive staff. Food was flavorful and I enjoy my choices of red snapper and lamb chops. The cabbage and plantains complimented the entrees very well. Already planning my next visit.

Review №96

1st time,,,,,food was the BOMB...Homemade drinks are Excellent. Spicy and well seasoned...I will be going back...

Review №97

Very good food, service was spectacular

Review №98

I loved the food. Yassa was great and I really loved the plantains. It took a little more than expected to get our food but we weren't disappointed.

Review №99

Friend took me there and loved the food

Review №100

Two stars for management nasty attitude! The employees are great and usually the food is great as well. Just this one time my carry out chicken was not the greatest. It tasted like it was yesterday's chicken and dry. I brought it back as told and the manager had an attitude towards me. Customer service skills were terrible.

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