Corner Bakery
4517 Chino Hills Pkwy Suite - A, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

Cool location to meet with coworkers. I look forward to a return visit. It has a great interior.

Review №2

The Corner Bakery has sandwiches and treats. The chicken sandwich was really tasty and the chocolate chip pastry was really good as well. They have all kinds of different foods and it has always been a pleasure eating here. The staff is also friendly.

Review №3

I want to thank Noah for being outstanding and an important part of the team. Corner Bakery is lucky to have people like him!. Thanks again

Review №4

Very rude at this location. Can't wear mask but employees are so very fearful. Stay fearful and hope customers stay away.

Review №5

Good food, however due to the covid19 I think they were not very organized with keeping track of their orders. But the wait time for our order was 2o mins they didnt even tell us our order was ready. We had to go to the counter and ask.

Review №6

The food was good... Egg's could have been a bit better, as they tasted a bit weird.

Review №7

I love their soups and pasta so much! Great flavor. I really like eating here! Just one thing: please give the pesto cavatappi more taste. It used to taste good but now is kinda bland. Thank you!

Review №8

I appreciate this location of corner bakery and thier friendly staff. They always welcome you when you walk in and are ready to help you. I'd like to point out that I appreciate the way the crew talks to each other because it's so polite and communicative. With a store like this, where you can see everything, it's nice to see everyone getting along and working well together. You won't believe how refreshing that is.... The food is always good, I highly recommend the Power Breakfast Egg Bowl. Packs a lot a flavor and slot of healthy energy for the day with minimal calories. It really kept me full all day! I ordered via mobile and it was ready in 10 min. My biggest issue was thier "Cold Brew Coffee"...... Yuck, gross... Don't waste your money. It's advertised very fancy and says it's brewed to reduce bitterness but that's all you taste when you drink it. They pour it from a jug in thier fridge ....drink selection is kinda "eeh" nothing shmancy. Not even the iced tea tastes fresh.

Review №9

They don't clean out side tables we had to clean them our was dirty.

Review №10

2 different pieces of long hairs in my wife food and she has short hair. Asked for no tomato and mayo on the side. They put both on the sandwhich. About 30 tables available but half of them had trash in them. Reason for a 2 star that customer service was great and been here before with a great experience

Review №11

This place is always clean, food is fresh and the staff is amazing! Our go to spot for sure!!!!

Review №12

Horrible customer service, bad attitudes from the employees, food was given to us cold, and they forgot 2 items on our order....every time i come to this place it gets worse, this will be the last time i eat here.....sad to say but fast food has better customer service and food then this place.

Review №13

Got the banana Foster french toast was pretty good. It was good, very sweet, I would get it again. Also got a cold Brew Vanilla sweet cream coffee with caramel shot. Also good.

Review №14

I always love coming here! Fast service with several healthy options and some not so healthy options . I specially love their coffee and lemon squares.

Review №15

They didn't have a brand new item they were advertising but allowed us to order it. 10 minutes later the manager tells us they don't have the item so we asked for refunds. They couldn't find our order log and the manager gave us grief for not having receipts. Don't come here the management was horrible.

Review №16

Great experience. First time at this cafe. We ordered the Bacon & Egg BLT and it was great. The pastry we ordered was delicious and had a home baked gourmet taste to it, always a plus. Customer service was great friendly staff.

Review №17

Love this favorite

Review №18

They are always out of the basics like Oatmeal and I ended up getting nothing.

Review №19

I didn't like how dirty the outside patio area was. And even inside the was food and trash on the floor. I can't understand why every restaurant doesn't have someone going around every 30 minutes with a broom and dustpan?But my main issue is the outside area, of which is one of the main reasons I like the place. But this Chino Hills patio area. The table tops are dirty and need to be painted. The patio grounds needed to be sweaped and then pressure washed. There are food stains on the ground/tiles that look awful.

Review №20

Took ages to get our food, which came out cold. We got free cookies though, and also the music was good 2 stars

Review №21

Good food, service has changed, food is not delivered to your table, they use pagers now.

Review №22

Really good comfort food. Would definitely recommend.

Review №23

Our first time, really good food, line ti order was long but it was worth it

Review №24

Reasonable price, nice taste

Review №25

Food really good. Pumpkin pecan bundt care was delicious

Review №26

Great options. Reasonable price. Clean. Friendly staff

Review №27

Excellent management at this location. Always clean and fresh food. Chicken pesto is my favorite.

Review №28

Ordered chicken noodle soup for pick up and what I got was 90% broth.

Review №29

Got my typical order just a different restaurant and my “entree” was maybe half full and the bread was totally burnt.

Review №30

Great omelets and breads. Clean restaurant and restrooms. Great counter service and tables were frequently bussed. Sandwiches and baked goods are also very good.

Review №31

Great staff. Love the coffee. I had a blueberry muffin and it only had 3 blueberries. I won't get that again.

Review №32

Restroom dirty. No toilet paper. Food cold. They serve the wrong food. Will not come back. Ask to speak with manager he never showed up.

Review №33

The sandwich was good but They really only gave me one slice of bacon on my sandwich. the soup was very watery and had barely any flavor

Review №34

The food portions are way to small. regular prices of a normal meal but 1/3 the size of a regular meal. seemed more like an appetizer.

Review №35

Super place! Love the coupons.

Review №36

My favorite breakfast Anaheim scrambler...Thanks Corner Bakery Cafe.

Review №37

Normally, I would give 4 stars, because the food is good, but the service is always off. I am giving one star, because one of the customers (an older man) approached my children at our table while I was in line ordering, gave them candy, and tried to talk to them. When I asked him to leave our table and my children alone, he wouldn't! I had to go to the front counter and tell the employees that some guy was harassing my children. They just told him to stop, but he just stayed in the restaurant the whole time we were eating, walking around constantly and making his point that he faced no consequences. It felt so creepy and horrible. Just the thought of seeing that guy again feels so gross.

Review №38

You cannot go wrong at this place, it is soooooooo good!!!!!

Review №39

I ordered oatmeal with a plain bagel. The oatmeal was yummy but the bagel was stale and old. The orange juice was warm. The people were nice.

Review №40

This place fell off over the years. It used to be good, but now the food is blan. Ordered pasta and they forgot to drain the water out of it. Would of had a better time eating the crayons they gave us.

Review №41

Well....when you pick up an order, then take it back home, you expect that the people working there are doing there jobs.... unfortunately missing item.Called & they said, sure stop by & pick it up. Drive a 2nd time??? Had the charge reversed, which took 2 phone calls.They have lost my business.... can't even refund the charge on the spot for the item they didn't include!

Review №42

Good Coffee & Great Oatmael. Actual REAL steel cut oatmeal that takes over an hour to cook. Easy & (very well portioned) smaller breakfast sandwiches are great, but sometimes they're extremely buttery (not good for eating in car on way to work) This place is great during slower hours, but they seem to drop the ball whenever it gets busy. Staff seems scattered and ill trained. Management is hard to find, usually stuck cooking in their understaffed kitchens. Also the menu says "homemade soup" but I saw them pouring it out of a plastic bag. Pastries are hit & miss, I recommend the Raisin Pecan Sweet Crisps. Many Vegitarian option. Some vegan options. TOO much plastic and packaging on to go orders though. And when its busy, they run out of dishes and serve in to go containers... NOT Eco-Friendly.

Review №43

Very good value and good people i love going there

Review №44

Totally disappointed...I ordered Homemade Shrimp Scampi pasta (garlic roasted shrimps, fresh persily, tomato, lemon juice...) but I got plan pasta with "3"shrimps and nothing else... for me looks like I got someone's leftover...

Review №45

First time here, food ok, service from cashier Abree not so good, provided my food on a wet tray. WTH at least dry it

Review №46

I ordered the turkey sandwich and broccoli cheese soup. The sandwich was delicious and the soup was ok. The place was clean and staff friendly. I will be back.

Review №47

Takes a long while for the food to show up and every other week they get my order wrong WHICH TAKES more time while im waiting for them to cook up another meal the correct way but the food is GREATT and worth the wait.

Review №48

Love it. Great food.

Review №49

Very disappointed. I got a half sandwich with a cup of soup, but I got a cup of cold soup & my sandwich had a long hair in it when I took a bite out of it. I took my plate back to the counter & the girls working there were angry at me for taking it back. They were very rude to me they ask me what do l want! I asked what do you think l like? They said fine! We'll make you another plate. Wow! I deal with customers on a daily basis & never treat them like this. They didn't even afford a dessert or comp my meal. I will never come back to this place.

Review №50

I absolutely love this place! The California Grill panini is the best! Just know this place is very popular during lunch time and the wait can be long. If you're in a rush, anyways call ahead. They have a separate line for call ahead orders. This place is $$ but it is a healthier option for people trying to stay away from fast food. Corner bakery cafe is clean and the people who work there are pleasant. The coffee is great and they have fresh brewed coffee all day.

Review №51

Everything was great, however,the cold brew coffee was a little too soured.

Review №52

Great food, always fresh and fast WiFi. What else do I really need to say.

Review №53

Bagel was okay. Blubery muffin was so sweet.

Review №54

They used to be really good. Now the food and environment is just fair.

Review №55

Good place for breakfast.

Review №56

Good food, awesome coupons, and great drink choices!

Review №57

This was my first time here and I enjoyed it. I ordered a flatbread avocado sandwich and it was so good!

Review №58

Great FAST friendly service & great tasty sandwiches

Review №59

Other than the price I really like this place. They have a lot of healthy and not healthy options. Salads, sandwiches , tons of desserts. It has something for everybody. The coffee that I got with strong and had a great flavor to it. It's a nice place to meet a few people for coffee and dessert. It also has a nice outdoor seating area. Easy to get to straight off the 71 Freeway

Review №60

Pasta with shrimp was not the great

Review №61

First time visit to the Corner Bakery in Chino Hills. Great service. Very friendly, and really went the extra mile. I just stopped by for some coffee, and ended up ordering a Power Flat combo that included a avocado spinach and egg flat bread sandwich, with coffee. For less than $5.00. Both the sandwich and coffee were excellent. The service from the staff was just as good. It's a very comfortable place to be.

Review №62

Great food, great atmosphere, great service, worth the money.

Review №63

Very clean very good food fast service

Review №64

First time visit. Will definitely go back. Loved the Panini.

Review №65

I love the breakfast especially if you have coupons

Review №66

Horrible service. Was given a buzzer that never went off as I watched everyone get thier food and mine just sit there in a bag. Soup is cold. What's the point of this buzzer then?

Review №67

Good for lunch. Don't get the new shrimp pasta.

Review №68

Unassuming chain shop has plenty of choices to make the entire family happy. Great healthy choices and delicious treats as well. The staff is friendly and helpful at this location whenever we go. Free Wi-Fi!

Review №69

Great selection. Prices are ok, maybe 2 to 3 dollars more than other places for the same item. Gluten friendly options keeps me coming back! That and the A/C!

Review №70

Busy location, great grub.

Review №71

Several times when I picked up the take-out, I asked the waiter for the receipt and invoice, but they said no. I want to ask:? No? How do you file your taxes?

Review №72

3 cheese Bacon Mac n Cheese is Amazing

Review №73

Soups are not on point lately for some reason

Review №74

Got my order correct, catered for a big party. Bread did not taste fresh

Review №75

Great food!

Review №76

Nice relaxed place to eat,or meet,relax and enjoy a selectiveacceptable menu.Has a friendly ambiance.

Review №77

Great customer service great healthy food

Review №78

Love the chocolate chip cookies

Review №79

I really don't like this place. Nothing is exciting on the menu. However the kids and their grandparents love this kind of food.

Review №80

I love their lunch sandwich soup combos. Their Roasted Tomato Basil is so good. A cozy spot for lunch.

Review №81

ONE STAR IS ONE TO MANYI am not one to review restaurants but when you eat at a place that is this bad the general public should be warned, or at least given the opportunity to spend their money at a place that will give you something worthy of eating.We were there as a party of 10 witch included two toddlers. The toddlers ages 2 and 3 each had a bowl of pasta which was buttered.I ordered the Meatball pannini approximately 9 dollars, the "pannini" consisted of I would estimate two meatballs which had been sliced approximately 1/8 inch thick and laid in a single layer on some sort of dry bread which had been pressed in a pannini press. In this "sandwich" was a very little splatter of what is described as marinara sauce. Basically what I was sold was two slices of dry bread pressed with "pannini" grill marks. This thing was the worst food item that I have ever spent money on. In our party of ten we ordered unfortunately three of these of which one ate.My wife ordered the mac and cheese, this sounds great but where is the cheese, the toddlers pasta and butter had more flavor and was moister than the Mac and cheese that was delivered to my wife.I realize that this is a franchise and they prepare the food as per the franchise standards so that takes one wonder how Corner Bakery is even in business.The food here is nothing but reheated SYSCODO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!With any luck corner bakery will close and stop stealing from the public

Review №82

They've got a nice breakfast, my sister loves the cold oatmeal. My favorite is the cake.

Review №83

Great paninis, not enough service in the dinning area

Review №84

I did not personally eat there.But my girlfriend got a soup . But the place was very neat and was kept clean.

Review №85

Drove all the way there, for loaded potato soup, and they didn't have...

Review №86

Wonderful atmosphere. Big patio.

Review №87

It was quite lively very popular during lunch time where you can catch up with family and friends. Food was good I can't complain.

Review №88

Very large lunch salad.

Review №89

Great food.

Review №90

They don't seem to get anything right..

Review №91

Enjoyed the food and the atmosphere! This store is very clean and friendly

Review №92

Such a cute spot and the coffee is delicious

Review №93

Can always count on whole some food at Corner Bakery

Review №94

One of my favorite places, Jeff the manager is very nice and polite, the girls need improvement on customer service

Review №95

Breakfast was good everyone was very nice

Review №96

We love this place. The pretzel sandwiche is fantastic. Try it with turkey instead of ham. Sign up for their eclub and get some great coupons.

Review №97

Got a sandwich and requested no mayonnaise. The sandwich ended up having mayo!Where I am sitting in the dining area I have a clear view of the kitchen prep area and the kitchen staff is scratching their facial beards.This is disgusting! The lady who took my order didn't care to make up for the mayo mistake, she didn't want to listen and just walked away. The kitchen staff should not be touching their faces without gloves on standing above fixed meals.

Review №98

Was there, first time, Sunday 11:45 a.m. Great food. Ate on their patio. Foodserver brought out food to our table.

Review №99

We generally like the food and atmosphere but we've had numerous problems with food being made incorrectly or not hot. This time we both ordered roast beef and cheddar sandwiches, mine with the Mac and cheese(which wasn't especially hot). Funny thing is that the kitchen was OUT of cheddar squares! We didn't know when we placed our order so when our sandwich arrived without said cheese we brought it up to the server who said that the kitchen was currently out but offered shredded cheddar or anything else. So we got whatever cheese and to make up for it he brought us a couple of cookies which we appreciate. Point is, there are constant issues with food prep at almost every location we've visited. The food is good but this just tarnishes it.

Review №100

Food is good and service is great

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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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