Boiling Point
13089 Peyton Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

First time visit, I wasn't impressed. Ordered the House Special Pot, the bowl was small and shallow, didn't hold much stuffs, also, requires frequent adding the broth. I also ordered a side order of beef shank, I was hungry in a short 3 hours afterwards. The ice water cup was tiny and no ice in it. The music was overly loud for this small restaurant. Consider how little you get, the perceive value is low.

Review №2

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've been here several times in the past month and will definitely be coming back! The food is extremely fresh, HOT, and stays hot as the fire is on beneath. Order the hot pot flavor you like and within ten minutes you're ready to feast! The pots are decently sized, if you're starving you'll probably finish the whole thing, otherwise not sure if you can take to go. They have a set side of sauces and you can add add-ons for pretty cheap if you want. Everything cooks really quick since the fire is on full blast. The servers always asked me if I wanted to turn off my fire on time and never once forgot despite having a million tables to look after.It's a SUPER busy place, I've waited at least 30 minutes - 1 hour for a table on a weekday around 6/7pm. The easy way to do it is to download their app and check the waiting time. But it changes pretty quick so if you see a few ahead of you, better get there and put your name down. Be prepared to wait in the cold or in your car as they don't let people wait inside. It's an awfully small joint with rapid turnover of tables so no chit chatting once you've finished eating. But the quality is top notch and service is excellent as well. Highly recommend and am guaranteed to return!

Review №3

It's a individual present Taiwanese hotpot restaurant. Overall, its pretty good. However sometime it takes a long wait.

Review №4

Good food and good service. We had the Japanese miso, Korean bean paste, and the Taiwanese spicy with rice. The pomelo jelly drink was fun too.

Review №5

I eat in this great restaurant often! This is my favorite restaurant to have a bite. I visit this spot regularly. The meals are fantastic, the workers are welcoming and the payment is fair. I like being in this place for a tasty lunch.

Review №6

Discusting really dirty, i was take out togo. i never order rice but i found it just little piece of rice in my soup... i was really mad and feel throwing up. i will never get food here. really discusting

Review №7

If you're craving for some soup around Chino, this place is for you. Servings are good for two people and their prices are reasonable. If you like tea, this place is tea haven. Expect to wait if you're coming for lunch or dinner. This small place gets packed!

Review №8

I came to this location yesterday, Thursday the 16th expecting to have a nice dinner with my friends. Paul was my server. It was supposed to be 5 of us, but one of my friends brought his friend, so it became 6 people in total. 2 of us came at 5:45pm to get a table first and then the rest came in later, about 6pm, because of traffic. Paul kept threatening me that he's going to take one of our tables away while we were waiting for our friends. Then, 4 of my friends came in about 15min later and I already started eating before they came. Paul came to our table and blamed us that we could not have an extra person after telling them it's 5 people. He also told us that we could not have the table for more than 1 hour and 30 min, he said it's the policy. While he was at our table, I asked him to turn off the flame and he ignored it. He was kinda angry and confronting back and forth to me during our dinner. We were so mad at him, but we were trying to stay calm to respect other customers. It was our first time having dinner together and Paul ruined our dinner. I will never come back here and absolutely WILL NOT recommend this place to my friends. I would give a zero star if I could. I hope Paul will see this message.

Review №9

Wait time was 1 1/2 hours to be seated.

Review №10

Lunch $28 for 2 people

Review №11

An excellent spot to get quality hot soup! I really enjoy coming here, everything is great (parking, service, food) and also if you want something sweet afterwards 85°C Bakery is across the parking lot.

Review №12

Food is not as good as how it used to be or maybe I am kind of getting bored of it. Still always line out the door and the price is going up faster than inflation.

Review №13

I love Boiling Point, especially this store too because though at first very few workers spoke English, now most of their workers speak English and it's not a problem anymore when trying to get my order correct. I also just love that the company is always making their food taste better and adds more options often. I really like their number one House Special, but all of their options are also really good too. I tell everyone I hate stinky tofu, but over the past so many years, I've grown to really like it, that's why I love the House special that comes with it, feet, Butt hole, and other smells in all!

Review №14

I actually had a very enjoyable experience and meal here. It was my first hot pot dining experience and it left a great first impression for me. The soup was delicious, I got the lamb soup, and not only are the portions huge, but it is very flavorful and delicious down to the last bite.This definitely replaces pho for me when I crave soup, I would highly recommend you give it a try as well.

Review №15

Good is always fresh and delicious, thank you.

Review №16

A go to for soup lovers. The mini wok in the box.

Review №17

Paul was the worst of the worst servers I have ever met in my entire life. My party was 6 people with 1 child sitting at the table for 6. We were trying to fit in and waiting for our friends to come, but Paul kept telling us that they could not let us having our friends coming later. At the same time, they let a party of just 1 person having a 4-people table. Paul was so rude to us and then later he said sorry to one of my friends. He ruined our dinner. I would give a negative star if I could.

Review №18

Regular here. Good food. Fast service. There can be a wait, but I think its worth it. Good amount of food. Get the passion green tea with basal seeds. (1/2 sweet) if you don't want to become a diabetic.

Review №19

Good but the service is kind of slow.

Review №20

Always loved this place. Get there at the right time and you'll get a table. Or you'll be waiting. This place gets super busy.

Review №21

It's good, except wait is too damn long

Review №22

Always great. Nice place.

Review №23

The wait is quite long in the winter because a lot of people go for their hot pot. We usually wait 30 minutes or more. However, you can choose to receive a text when you get a ticket. That way you can move around and come back when they send you a message you that your table is almost ready. Just don't go too far.Other that the wait, food is really good :) it explains why people are willing to wait:P

Review №24

Not so good. Ordered #4 beef. It was shredded like Yoshinoya beef, and NOT much of it. Plus, there was bone cartilage in it!!! The broth is just a miso type, very weak, not much flavor at all, more like water. I notice they dont wash their vegetables before they throw it into the small steel bowl. NEVER AGAIN!

Review №25

Bowls are lacking for price.

Review №26

First time and really enjoyed the food, seafood & tofu, so much and surrounding was enjoyable.

Review №27

Very good place to eat hotpot.

Review №28

This is what you would call Taiwanese comfort food. Taste good going down but not so good coming out. And the service seems to get worst and worst at this location.

Review №29

Delicious warm and Soothing

Review №30

Good food. Good customer service. Easy to read menu.

Review №31

My dish was delicious. Can't go wrong. The waiting was a little too much but so well worth it.

Review №32

Great taste. Loved the beef menu. It's very popular so you'll have to wait for a while. Worth it!!

Review №33

Love the food. 5 stars for the food but 4 stars because the place is small and it gets pack quickly and sometimes you have to wait an hour or more to be seated.

Review №34

I been to Boiling Point in Chino Hills countless times and customer service is better than Arcadia. I love hot pot and Boiling Point gives you a good amount of food to be full. i like that I don't have to cook my food and it comes in a hot pot. I usually order there Beef or Seafood Soup. I've tried all the other soups as well but these are my favorite. i love their bean sauce. It's the best thing ever. There drinks are also great if you haven't tried it. I miss their shaved snow ice that they don't offer anymore. Overall, great place if you want some soup.

Review №35

I must say that the food is delicious. However, it was probably the worst service my family and I had ever experience. Our waiter took our order and after he ignored us completely during our entire dinner. He literally went around us and intentionally avoided our table. I know it was intentional since he would ask everyone else, around us, if they needed anything except for us. He would try so hard not to even make eye contact. My boyfriend and I had to hunt down other waiters for everything. I was so upset with the situation that I decided to complain. After complaint to the manager about the situation, she tried to make excuses for him. I couldn't believe it. I regret taking my parents to this restaurant.

Review №36

Great soup if you like it hot hence the name

Review №37

Excellent food, but not a romantic place!

Review №38

The only saving factor was the food tasted good. Other than that, the service was mediocre. Underwhelming at most. Long waits, no formal waiting area (typically have to wait outside, bring a sweater). Usually only one or two servers on the floor at any given time, expect slow service.

Review №39

Great place for hot pot. Good variety of different broth flavors and ingredients to choose from. Lunch is a good deal as it includes a choice of iced black or green tea. Dinner is about a dollar or so more and does not include a beverage. Friendly service. Almost always crowded, so we try going during off times. Not busy at all between 3-6pm.

Review №40

Alway good + free honey black tea or green tea for lunch special

Review №41

I've been here too many times to recall, and have never had a bad meal. I've tried different options, and my favorite one is the Beef, but it really depends on what I'm in the mood for (e.g. really spicy, seafood, lamb, etc.).The service has been usually good, but on occasions could be improved. The wait can also be a little long if you come during peak hours. Other than that, I'd recommend you to try for yourself at least once.

Review №42

Awesome good Service and great staff and the food was delicious

Review №43

I love the food

Review №44

I must say it's their take of a modern day shabu place. Like Noodle World, it caters different broth flavors to accommodate more customers varying taste buds. One can have Miso broth, while the other may have Curry broth. Doesn't cater just Chinese, but Korean, Japanese and other Asian famous broth as well. Didn't like their side dish selections though. It's just in addition to what you can add to your shabu. Hope they cater seafood and meats that can be grilled as well. It's a great place, but not the kind of place I would frequent or would wait in line to eat.

Review №45

Taiwanese style hot pot. Choose from a variety of options. Lunch specials are $11.99 for regular pots and $14.99 for bigger pots. Each hot pot comes with a choice of either green tea or black tea during lunch. Don't forget to ask for a stamp card. 10 stamps earns you a free got pot!

Review №46

Very fresh food and friendly service. Thank you for always making us smile

Review №47


Review №48

Boiling point is really good. If the weather is cold/ rainy or if you are sick, you have to go here. It will fill you up with .They are known for hot pot, where you put a bunch of stuff in a pot and it's hot like constantly (you can ask to turn the fire down on the pot if you can't handle da scandal).You can remove the contents from the pot and eat it from a separate bowl if your mouth can't handle da .If you think you can handle da scandal, get it extra spicy. Ask for extra tissues because your forehead and your are gonna workout and you don't want snot to fall into your delicious pot.

Review №49

I love rating here when it's a chilly day! It doesn't really get much better than a nice hot boiling, bubbling pot of Taiwanese hot pot. My favorite one to get here is the kimchee one. It's loaded with veggies, seafood mix, and of course tofu. The last time I came here ordered the Taiwanese hot soup, which wasn't too spicy. They do earn patrons that it is quite spicy, but if you love hot food, I would recommend getting this one. The flavor of the broth is really good, which you can't day for a lot of foods that are really spicy. There tends to be a point where the the hotter the food gets, the less flavor it has because it's just so overwhelmingly spicy. The food itself is very hot (temperature wise) so if you don't have a leathery tongue (like myself) then I would ask them to turn off the flame once all the ingredients in your pot are cooked. I would warn some patrons, if there are other diners that have ordered the stinky tofu, the smell cam be very off putting, so fair warning if you don't eat a lot of different foods, the smell can be shocking. The best part of rating here is the basil seed drink you get at the very end.

Review №50

A pot full of the blandest of foods, boiled in a overly salted soup. The Golden Citrus Tea was delightful.

Review №51

Tasty hot pot spot! Typically go with the beef hot pot at lunch, 11$ gets you the pot plus a tea drink. Service can be hit or miss, but typically solid. They refill soup, don't forget! The Taiwanese spicy soup truly is spicy, so be forewarned.

Review №52

Good food but long wait time, debatable on if it is worth the wait

Review №53

We were ignored our entire dinner, while the other guests were catered to as soon as they needed something. Our order was wrong and they never even offered us a refill let alone adding more broth to the hot pot so that the soup didn't burn. I was so disappointed!

Review №54

Love it great service and super hot boiling point soup

Review №55

Always a good place for hot pot.

Review №56

This place was alright the first few times I came but today, I ordered the lamb hot pot and you could tell that the meat was probably frozen because it was in a clump and it was hard. Also, I ordered a drink and they messed my order and my mother's too. Overall, this place is great but needs a few tweaks in their cooking area.

Review №57

Been to better locations.

Review №58

Prepare to wait more than 40 minutes every time

Review №59

Boiling point is a very popular Taiwanese hot pot that specialized one or two person hot pot. Quality is good and is also not expensive. This is great during cold or raining day. They dont give you whole a lot of meat but make up other area.

Review №60

This place is quite popular and crowded. its interior sanitation needs serious improvement. The floors of its dining area and bathroom are unpleasantly sticky -- possibly due to spilled soup and drinks not professionally and thoroughly cleaned. The boiling pots contain generous portion of soup with free refills. However, the food ingredients in the soup are much less than adequate. It's fine if you go there to enjoy a lot of soup, but you would probably be disappointed if you expect a substantial meal in the pot. Indeed, the portion of each food ingredient in the soup is so tiny that it makes us wonder if we should call the food "boiling soup" rather than "boiling pot."

Review №61

Food was good..spicy but good

Review №62

The price is too expensive compared to the quality of the food, and the most important thing is the staff are very unfriendly

Review №63

Waiting time around 30minutes , it's worth , because the food taste awesome

Review №64

Boiling point chain stores are always filled with people during lunch hours and dinner hours. There's not much seating, and people take their time eating, expect a 20minutes to 1 hour wait time during eating time.They have 10 different pots on the menu on the wall, you can choose how spicy you want. It's like the Taiwanese hot pot, only their soup base and sauce is very special. You can also purchase their sauce at $4 each.

Review №65

Too slow... service is very bad

Review №66

The food is great. The one star is for the service. On top of the fact it's already cramp in here you have servers butts in your face as they go in between the tables. My main complaint is how terrible the service is. The servers food runners and host all have rest B face. You constantly have to flag someone down. They never walk around to ask if you need more soup. I understand how busy it can be but Jesús for over priced hot pot the least you can do is provide good service. Another issue I had was they didn't have any clean metal forks only plastic forks. I went with my boyfriend who is Mexican and he doesn't even know how to use chopsticks. Also they served water without ice so it naturally room temperature water tasted like faucet water. I've never left a restaurant mad before. I literally used to go the Gardena location every week and it was always busy but the servers were always on point.

Review №67

Soooooooo good

Review №68

Service isn't that great, but I'll come back for to hot pot soups

Review №69

Wow! Yummy. Perfect soup. Delicious broth, they even come around with a kettle of broth to top your bowl up!

Review №70

Can eat with an acquired taste .. Prob would nt go back byself

Review №71

We come here from Las Vegas at least once a month. The food is awesome. I always get the beef hot soup and the Hokkaido drink with pudding. Las Vegas needs a Boiling Point ASAP !

Review №72

Yum just make sure to go before it gets busy

Review №73

Service is terrible. Very rude to customers. We've been to a couple boiling point locations and loved the other ones. Do not come.

Review №74

Portions are large! That being said the tawainese spicy is soooo good. Those who can't eat spicy be warned! Wait times are sometimes a problem so make sure to check in early. Wash everything with some boba tea which makes the meal perfect. There's a ton of variety in each hot pot and they have something for everyone!

Review №75

Love this place but there is always a wait. Try to come earlier to beat the rush. Food is great. Service is not bad too.

Review №76

I love coming to Boiling Point. My favorite hot pot to get here is the Beef Hot Soup, this always hits the spot. If you come during lunch time it's always a great deal, since it's a bit cheaper at lunch and they give you a green or black tea. Boiling Point always has a line so you may have to wait awhile till you are seated. The service here is great, you can ask for more soup when your pot runs out and they give you this little chia seed drink as a dessert. They also sell ice cream macaron sandwiches.

Review №77

Great food but service was a hit or miss. The people who works here need to smile a little bit. Also the wait is usually long.

Review №78

Sent my card to other table, and house special has not any flavor other than smelly

Review №79

Good hotpot

Review №80

One time I was here. We had the worst experience the server was very rude and kept lying to us. Half the time I am here the servers are usually ESL. So explaining your order and talking with they is a chore some times. That not issue but the one experience I had where we had to argue with the worker for like 15 minutes before they left us alone. Essential we asked if we could add seat to our table when or friend comes she said yes. Then she came later and said no. They gave us no reason why she is saying no too. We asked is if it was fire hazard she said no so her saying yes and then no was a big issue. We would have went to dinner some where else.

Review №81

Good food and good service. Love the little chia seed shot they give at the end of the meal.

Review №82

Crowded, over priced

Review №83

The food is very good.

Review №84

Don't order out! They will get your order wrong.Seafood was what I got. $15 over hyped and under delievered. Two shrimps, two clams, drops of other seafood bits for $15 is straight rip off. Soup was plain.Not good place! Dont get duped! Ive eaten far better resturants that your money worth the taste and food.

Review №85

Always a great spot for hot pot especially for lunch special that comes with tea. Dinner can get slightly expensive and the wait is terrible during busy hours. I would try to avoid lunch and dinner hours and come for the special.

Review №86

Great food but the service at this location is a little bit slow. Their lunch special is great because a pot comes with a free drink, green or black tea.

Review №87

Been here once and I don't remember what I ate and how it was.... am I aging? or is this sign of not so good food.

Review №88

Bad secuces

Review №89

I loved this place the food was sooooo good u can kinda custom make your order depending on the spicy and rice or noodles. This is by far my fav restaurant how ever the wait is sometimes long due to the place is pretty small. The workers there are awesome the custoner service there is 10/10 starts. I totally recomend this place.

Review №90

Delicious, quality food.

Review №91

Have never been there but I heard it's the soup that's the big thing over there

Review №92

Super yummy.. really want to back here..

Review №93

A remarkable experience not to miss!!

Review №94

If you have ever had Boiling Crab, this is the same but without a wait time. There can be a little more flavor added but then again Boiling Crab also only has so much flavor.

Review №95

The food is great but this place is small and has a lot of people for dinner... It takes a long time to get a table

Review №96

I love the food there~ the service is good too!

Review №97

Less and less meat, and food materials are low quality. 15 bucks price requires more inprovement

Review №98

Best Boiling Point agmonst all Boiling Point restaurants.

Review №99

Server's good food tastes good

Review №100

The place that gives international students the feeling of home. My favorite small hotpot restaurant.

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  • Phone:+1 909-591-7888
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  • Dine-in:No
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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