Inchins Bamboo Garden
4517 Chino Hills Pkwy E, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

This is a nice addition to Chino hills. It is a fusion of two cuisines so some may be confused by the non-traditional taste of certain dishes, but all their dishes are amazingly good. The service which obviously enhances the experience is great. The waiters listen and are not rushing and the ambiance is just perfect for a evening cool down.This is also great for children as almost all dishes are kid friendly.

Review №2

Ordered take out from this restaurant on a Monday night. The order was ready in 15 mins like they said. Ordered street side chow neon with chicken, tomato ginger soup, paneer 65 fried rice and chicken Thai curry which came with complementary white rice. Each and every item was an absolute delight. Each dish had its own distinct taste and extremely flavorful. Hands down one of the best indo-Chinese restaurants I've been to. Definitely recommend!

Review №3

This place sure knows how to treat their customers. Constantly with a helpful demeanor. The food is fairly priced, constantly delightful and clean.

Review №4

This place was a step above Panda Express, but that's not saying much. The decor was really nice and the staff was friendly, but the food was mediocre. We ordered the roti dip appetizer, crunchy chicken, honey chili eggplant and Hakka noodles. The appetizer was a disappointment for the price. There was only one piece of roti for $9. Not a good value at all. The eggplant and chicken were decent, but the Hakka noodles were a bit overcooked. I will say their cocktail menu was pretty impressive.

Review №5

Amazing place, beautiful environment and delicious food. The most amazing part of this place is they serve all 'Halal' meat. They also have complete vegetarian menu. The hosts are very down to earth. Thanks to our host Darleen, we had a wonderful evening.

Review №6

Food was delicious, tried the mango chicken, chicken curry, so good...

Review №7

Friends and I visited this restaurant on a week night. The restaurant was fairly busy considering it was a Tuesday night. We ordered a couple of dishes and all were very tasty and flavorful. This restaurant is part of a brand name chain with locations all over Southern California and in several states. They offer Pan Asian dishes with flavors from street food and popular restaurants in China. We love the extensive menu, customer service and interior decoration at this location. Definitely come back and visit the other locations.

Review №8

We moved to the area about a year ago and have been looking for a go to place. We've found a couple places we really like but let me tell you...we are so upset we did not go here earlier.The food here is absolutely D-LISH-US!!!! We've been there 4 times since February '20, I've ordered something different every time and have not been disappointed either time. They definitely get the, 'she put her ankle in it' top review.Please go support this place, it is a must!

Review №9

This place is really unique. It is kind of a blend of Indian and Chinese and maybe even Thai food combined. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Review №10

Just got home from a great meal at inchin's! They have been giving out these disinfectants wipes since before the pandemic so I'm kinda disappointed only our party and two others enjoyed their services this weekend. ♡ Give them some support ♡

Review №11

We came here on December 3, 2018 with our family members to eat dinner. The idea of Inchin's Bamboo Garden sounded appealing. This is an Indian Asian fusion restaurant that serves halal food, so the people who usually prefer to eat halal food can come here. The ambience of this restaurant is soothing and the overall decoration is also decent. In terms of the service, the staff was polite but the overall service wasn't appreciable. We ordered cauliflower manchurian, chicken 65 fried rice, street side chow mein, Thai curry chicken, steamed white rice and chicken momos as dinner. Waiting time was okay, we didn't have to wait longer after placing order. The best part of the dinner was cauliflower Manchurian and Thai curry chicken whereas the other food tasted average. The price was a bit higher considering the taste of the food.

Review №12

It's an acquired taste. It's been our fourth time here as we're committed to explore the adventurous menu. I didn't know I would like Chinese cuisine fused with Indian spices but it really is enticing to the palate.

Review №13

Good taste and variety of Indian Chinese flavor! Loved the ambience.

Review №14

Jain diet people shouldn't go there as I found piece of red onion in my noodles once , and green onion piece on my paneer 65. Cross contamination of food in their kitchen.....

Review №15

I occasionally visit this place with my family (my husband and two little daughters). I like this place for its taste and service. MEGAN and AMAR are amazing. They are always best at their service.

Review №16

I should have known better. We were looking to try out the new Chinese restaurant in Chino Hills. This restaurant came up on the search with good reviews, so my wife and I decided to try it. It's located is quite convenient, nice setting. We were not impressed with the seater/greeter. The menu has variety of cuisine from many countries. We ordered a noodle dish and a beef dish.The noodle dish was quite chilly spicy. It's supposed to have chicken in it but I hardly could find it. The beef dish, it's appeared to be over fried. The sauce was too thick and had burn smell.The service was poor. After brought us our food we did not see the waiter again until the end of the meal.I don't recommend this restaurant.

Review №17

5 stars are not enough, I wish I could give this restaurant more! The food is amazing, I could not get enough of the Mongolian beef, jalapeno fish, and the spicy mango chicken. The service is friendly and attentive they make you feel at home and like family as well. The servers were so understanding and made sure all of our allergies were made known to the cook so we could get the best experience when dining. I am definitely coming back and can't wait to try more of the items on the menu. It's worth the drive, the food and service staff and owner are wonderful!!

Review №18

Food taste is perfect! Order served quickly! Best indo-chinese place to go to! Food is light on your tummy. Nice ambiance. Must try hakka noodle and Chinese bhel!

Review №19

Atmosphere was okay. Lighting too bright for my mood. It didn't match the food. Food is well prepared. A little upscale for my preference. Not a place i would crave to come back

Review №20

This restaurant is absolutely beautiful inside. It looks like a professional restaurant decorator came in. All the dishes have their logo on them. We came during happy hour and ordered chicken egg rolls, an Indian mojito and a margarita. The egg rolls were so good! The flavors were bursting. The drinks were also delicious and the bartender offered to make us something else if we didn't like them. We ordered the Japanese Curry for dinner and they brought it out in a beautiful dish with a candle underneath it so it kept it nice and warm. The only thing I was disappointed about was I thought the curry would be thicker. I can't knock down the review because even though it was more watery than I thought the flavor was so good. I can't wait to try more dishes here.

Review №21

Great food, wonderful atmosphere, excellent service. I really enjoyed the momos, chicken spring rolls, and the Hakka was out of this world. I highly recommend going to this place, you won't be disappointed. The servers were outstanding and the owners make you feel like family. Definitely an A+ experience!

Review №22

Overall a good place for Info Chinese but as good as some others within the same chain. Egg drop soup and chow mein were served cold and had to ask them to heat it up.

Review №23

Very tasty food. Nice place and good service.

Review №24

So glad my husband suggested this place. It is absolutely delicious. Great staff too!

Review №25

Good Indian food. But other Asian food not authentic

Review №26

The service was amazing the waitress was very attentive and friendly. The sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried rice, and garlic beef was very tasty. Not to mention the food came quickly to our table and it was perfectly hot. My family enjoyed all the dishes we ordered. The food was good however I was not a fan of the chicken corn soup. It was more on the sweet side. Ambiance was great overall a very pleasant experience.

Review №27

Much better for the longest time rice was never cooked all the way. Paneer 65 is a must

Review №28

Great food and service

Review №29

It was first time being there, great food.

Review №30

Its so good fish plates adding zucchini and brown rice and slices of jams .complete my meal

Review №31

Finally I found Indian-Chinese restaurant in Riverside!Ambiance is great for a date or celebration with friends and family.For vegetarians, the options are way too much. Hence, no complaints at all.I ordered schezwan dumplings and hakka noddles love the dishes.I would come back again and again and again.Happy customer.

Review №32

Nothing great about the place. Drive 45 min only to find that it was average

Review №33

Nice but price is high

Review №34

Really good food and awesome service.

Review №35

The ambience of this place is really good. Very polite staff and great service. A great choice for Indo-Chinese cuisine. A little pricy but worth the food.

Review №36

Once again they surprised us with great food!

Review №37

Really good food. Definitely recommend this place!!

Review №38

First of all the health department needs to come give them a letter grade. A business should not be allowed to open up without a letter grade! Second of all they should train their staff better. When I called and asked for the description of the food, she gave me the wrong information. When I got home the food was nothing like she described. I called to complain and to voice my concern about the issue, the owner wants to act like it's my fault. So I paid $20 for something that I I did not, will not, could not ever eat. I was excited about this new restaurant at first but I most definitely will not be back. I advise everyone to avoid this place like the plague. They have way too many bugs they need to work on. I hate giving this place one star!

Review №39

This place reminds me of a PF Chang's, which I haven't visited in years. Our waitress was great but the food was mediocre at best. I ordered the Singapore noodles, and my friend got the fried rice and the curry. Another friend got their fried fish. We would never recommend this place. The Inchin Bamboo Garden is like Panda Express with fancy interior decor and plating. If you like paying for mediocre, overpriced Chinese/Southeast Asia food, this is the place.

Review №40

I went their last week with my friend. The food was amazing. I am wondering how come I didn't come here before. Its an amazing Indo-Chinense-Thai Fusion. Everything was great. I am hooked up to this place now and there are so many options on the Menu to try. Food quality is really amazing. Such an attention to detail. To top of it all, Service was amazing. It was an amazing experience.I want it all. I highly recommend this place.

Review №41

Good family restaurant.

Review №42

Koren take on Chinese food and it's a winner! Had a wonderful lunch experience and my waitress was spot on with her recommendations. The bartender makes a mean long Island Iced Tea. In my opinion you can't go wrong here.

Review №43

Very good food and service.

Review №44

Best Indochinese place in Southern California. Reasonable prices, tasty food.

Review №45

This was the last time I went there. Food was horrible. Everything taste same. I have been there before and food was good when they opened this restaurant. They put chili flakes in all my orders and everything was damn spicy. There is another branch in irvine and their food was awesome I have been there many times. If you really wanna eat indochinese I would recommend the irvine branch.

Review №46

Very good Indo Chinese fusion restaurant

Review №47

Awesome food very friendly and great place to eat. I love the food how it had indian taste in some dishes. My favorite was Hot and sour soup and paneer chili and Manchurian

Review №48

Love this place. Beautiful ambience and the food is always tasty

Review №49

Nice food

Review №50

Nice flavor, affordable prices

Review №51

Kung Pao was not good and it they never bothered to get the replacement quickly. Other food were ok in taste. Overall I will not visit again.

Review №52

Good quality Indian Chinese food

Review №53

The ambiance is really good but the food was below average. We ordered hot and sour soup, sweet and sour chicken, crispy chicken, kung Pao chicken, chili beef, egg fried rice, and chowmein. The beef and kung pao chicken was good, rest everything was 'meh'.

Review №54

The most amazing desi Chinese I have come across in a very long time , you must for sure give it a try

Review №55

Probably best info Chinese food I 've had. Design look service food all 5 star

Review №56

Loved it....So much vegetarian food. Must go for indo chinese lovers.

Review №57

Very unique food and great Hospitality with excellent spicy food within very competitive range of price. Thank you

Review №58

Good Indo chinese place

Review №59

Excellent food. Everything is fresh and tasty.

Review №60

Great place for a family get together

Review №61

Excellent chinese and indian food. The manager is extremely generous, as he gave a free dessert to my father because he saw my dad "sweating bullets." Can't wait to go again!

Review №62

Excellent food and service

Review №63

The whole experience was great! Food in large portions and flavorful!

Review №64

What happens when PF Changs and Panda Express make a restaurant? you get his janky place. Lets start with the Hostess. This excuses for one did several things critically wrong. First starting off with not greeting us, then not agreeing with the client that there seating choice is the correct one, followed by "forgetting" to give us a menus. Her lack of motivation to be at work and her attitude of I just got out of the club should not be accepted at a restaurant. The bigger White guy who failed to acknowledge him self as the manager was consistently flirting with his younger wait staff as if he was looking to get some. commenting you look good today or if you want to go ahead. these comments should be left at home or in the bedroom. Lets move to the business owner who sits in the back watching his fine dining establishment fail and does nothing. If you in the mood to pay for overpriced C- quality Chinese Indian food then defiantly come here. if you have a taste bud in your soul then your better off going to taco bell

Review №65

Pretty good but a little pricey. Would go for BOGO; only counts for one plate.

Review №66

I recently went to Inchin's Bamboo Garden for lunch with some friends and safe to say I'm definitely not coming back.Walking into the restaurant, it looks pretty nice. The decor is modern and the whole place feels like an upscale restaurant. That's where it ends. I ordered the Chicken 65 fried rice and it was nothing special. A lot of rice and what pretty much was orange chicken, except a lot less chicken and about double the price of Panda Express. Service here is also very slow although the server was nice everytime she came through. Less than a quarter of the tables were filled here and it took close to an hour from sitdown to getting food.Bottom line: If you want to pay $15+ for lunch, get subpar tasting food and slow service, this is your spot.

Review №67

Delicious food and super service bt the waitress. The waitress is very friendly, professional and conducting everything like she truly wanted us to feel special.

Review №68

Overpriced so so food but great service.

Review №69

I came to get shrimp fried rice and it was great. the food is not salty at all like the other locations. the service was fast and prompt.

Review №70

Truly indo Chinese taste

Review №71

Too much expensive. Rather I would go to Artesia and have some Indo-Chinese cuisine, that will be cheaper than eating over here.

Review №72

Great food. Drinks are a bit overpriced

Review №73

I went to this place twice. First time I had thai yellow curry. It was not cooked well and look like vegetables inside were stored longer time. Today I went again and ordered tomato ginger soup and chicken 65 rice. Tomato soup didn't looked freshly made as it was promised. Chicken 65 rice was too chewy and chicken inside also was too chewy and hard. Concept of restaurant is good but cooking is not well. Sorry to say this but my dinner was spoiled twice after long working day.

Review №74

The momos were good. The momo sauce was very strong on vinegar so one couldn't have much. We got the szechuan paneer and the burnt garlic rice. The rice was good. The portions of the rice and paneer were very generous. The ambience was good. But in the end I don't think the quality of the ingredients was good enough - I would have preferred smaller portions and better quality ingredients. We had a nice night but I'm probably not going back.

Review №75

This is definitely a place geared towards non-Asians (think fancier looking Panda Express). The decor was nice and would be okay for a date night. Our waitress was great but the food is really meh. I ordered a fish with creamy chili oil - it was okay. The flavor was so so, I was hoping for a little more considering it's an indian/chinese fusion. My friend ordered the Singaporean vermicelli, it literally tasted like nothing. He didn't end up finishing his dish and after tasting it, no one else wanted to help him finish it either. You want to eat food for the enjoyment of taste, not just substance. The portion sizes for the dishes were okay - a little skimpy for the fried rice and vermicellis but okay for the fish entree. We paid about $15 - $20 per person on average for a meal. A couple of my other friends ordered variations of curry but those were also just meh. It was worth trying something new but I wouldn't come back here again.

Review №76

This is definitely a place geared towards non-Asians (think fancier looking Panda Express). The decor was nice and would be okay for a date night. Our waitress was great but the food is really meh. I ordered a fish with creamy chili oil - it was okay. The flavor was so so, I was hoping for a little more considering it's an indian/chinese fusion. My friend ordered the Singaporean vermicelli, it literally tasted like nothing. He didn't end up finishing his dish and after tasting it, no one else wanted to help him finish it either. You want to eat food for the enjoyment of taste, not just substance. The portion sizes for the dishes were okay - a little skimpy for the fried rice and vermicellis but okay for the fish entree. We paid about $15 - $20 per person on average for a meal. A couple of my other friends ordered variations of curry but those were also just meh. It was worth trying something new but I wouldn't come back here again.

Review №77

The food was full of flavor and the Mongolian beef was very tender.

Review №78

Very nice restaurant, very good service, food is ok: Malaysian paratha loses one star needs to be made in restaurant not from frozen, basmati rice is a poor choice , beef was not soft j

Review №79

Nice meal

Review №80

If you looking for service better look somewhere else. They don't even give you a menu

Review №81

Loved the food and flavors

Review №82

Its my fav

Review №83

Good as usual

Review №84

Good food and quantity

Review №85

Food is very salty

Review №86

Servicing is good

Review №87

Great food!

Review №88

Great food!!

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:4517 Chino Hills Pkwy E, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 909-606-1595
  • Asian fusion restaurant
  • Asian restaurant
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Halal restaurant
  • Indian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:4–9PM
  • Tuesday:4–9PM
  • Wednesday:4–9PM
  • Thursday:4–9PM
  • Friday:4–10PM
  • Saturday:12–3PM
  • Sunday:12–3PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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