Pho N Mor
3233 Grand Ave A, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

Came in and ordered egg rolls. They skimped on the fish sauce. I asked for more and they said I had to pay. Since I was in a hurry, I decided to pay the 5 for a large container (far more expensive than instore). When he saw I had cash but was only going to use my card, he took a while to ring up the price. When he asked for my card, I said $5? And he responded hastily with $5.36. The young guy tried to swindle me after seeing I had cash. For just decent viet food, his service was shady and lackluster. Just give extra fish sauce for free, and if you want to charge $5 only for a couple of ounces, dont try to secretly swindle for a credit card fee since you want the cash.

Review №2

Ordered here to go even though some of the places are starting to open up with Covid-19 going on. The ordering process was a little difficult as it seemed like the person taking the order was busy doing other things as well, and managed to get one of my orders wrong. I can tell you to be ready to say some of the numbers for each order instead of the actual name of the order, and hope that they did not change the menu order. Besides that, I think the food was decent.FoodEnded up ordering a few dishes to try. Total was about $50.Chicken Nugget w Mango Sauce - the chicken was ok, but the sauce just felt like they squeezed mango syrup into it combined w sweet and sour. Def do not Rec thisBun Bo Hui - I ended up getting a Vege version, that had tofu and small amount of mushroom. The broth was actually pretty good, and wished that I actually got the original one.Bun Vegan beef w Egg Roll- this was ok, the imitated meat had a curry taste to it, I would say the highlight of this would be the egg rolls, as they were pretty goodPad Thai Vegan- this in my opinion does not taste like any pad Thai, not sure if the person who cooked it forgot to add sugar or if it was just the way they made it. We just had a craving for it, should have not ordered it here.Me and my family really liked the fact that there was many vegan options here, I guess we were just thrown off by how some of the dishes tasted. They do not accept Apple Pay, so make sure you remember to have other payments. At the end of the day this was an decent place to eat, just not my cup of tea.

Review №3

Always awesome. Fast service, great music, fresh ingredients. #1 place for pho in Chino Hills

Review №4

Mushroom/Tofu Spring Rolls, Soy "chicken" Coconut Curry, and Vegetable Phở with Soy "chicken".It's hard to find a food place that can veganize popular dishes. But it's even harder to find places that can veganize them and make them taste good. This place succeeded in doing that.

Review №5

Decided to branch out and try a new place last night when I was feeling sick. I've been to a few others around town and have seen this one tucked into the corner. I got the #4 steak and flank and an iced tea. They were super busy on a Saturday night and the 2 waiters had their hands full for sure. The pho came and it looked good, smelled good and seemed to have a decent amount of goodies. Then they brought the well done flank in separate little bowls so we added it. Meat was way better than others we've been to, very flavorful. All in all some great pho and our new go-to

Review №6

Great food and great service

Review №7

Love this place. Food is amazing. Definitely a must try.

Review №8

Great food and service! Will be back. The soy chicken that's not really chicken tastes just like chicken it was delicious!

Review №9

Great service and large portions!! Also a really clean and nice bathroom.

Review №10

The Best service, the Best Pho and the best cold drinks in town Thank you.

Review №11

They have a good selections for Vegan/Vegetarian

Review №12

Food is amazing and great environment and very clean definitely will be back

Review №13

The food was fantastic. For its price, they gave a large quantity of food. Definitely will come back.

Review №14

I am not a picky diner but the last time I visited this Pho House , the pho was so bland , almost like boiled water in a bowl of noodle. It was so terrible. Hopefully the owner needs to do improvement of quality of their food better.

Review №15

More expensive than other Vietnamese restaurants

Review №16

Best pho in chino hills, island pho is a close second, but you cant beat pho n more

Review №17

Delicious vegetarian Vietnamese food at an affordable price. I haven't been here in a year and their food tastes even better than before.

Review №18

The food was great, the service was friendly and quick and you have to try the soda lemonade. It was so satisfyingly delicious!

Review №19

Good service good food

Review №20

Good food. Quick service! Parking is not a problem. Consider parking near the recycling bin when lot is busy.

Review №21

Good good good, highly recommendomend the vegan pho.

Review №22

They put more meat items compared to other pho places I go to.

Review №23

Love this place! Their pho is delicious ! Rice plates have a nice combo of rice, meat and veggies - a complete meal! My favorite is their spicy fried rice with chicken or shrimp or both and you can choose the spiciness too.

Review №24

Quite good Vietnamese food. Have only been there once and enjoyed its price

Review №25

Delicious and very reasonably priced. Specialty of vietnamese noodles. I had the rolls this time and like the other things it is fresh and good.I like this place, will go there often..

Review №26

I got vietnamese coffee here!! If you have not tried it, you are missing out in life!! One of the best coffee I ever drank!! Although I dont recommend drink it all at once but whenever I want to focus on studying that is the beverage I must drink! Have not tried the food yet but the place seems nice and clean! I also notice the ingredients near the cashier!! It looked extremely fresh therefore I really recommend it for anyone to eat there!

Review №27

Great vegetarian options and good service

Review №28

Very cute little restaurant. Great service. Hands down the best vegetarian pho I've ever had. The broth was outstanding. We also had the egg rolls, which were delicious. They also deliver on door dash!

Review №29

Pho N Mor is a decent Vietnamese restaurant. My personal favorite in any Vietnamese restaurant is bun bo hue. A spicy broth with thicker noodles. Normally, you would get a pig's ear and pork blood but this establishment does not put them in the bowl (which is great news for the less adventurous eaters).This is a smaller restaurant and tend to be busy.

Review №30

This is my favorite pho place. And I have tried so many. Staff is always welcoming and nice.

Review №31

Chicken Pho my fav. Real delicious here

Review №32

Great broth! Knew it would be good when I see mom and pop in the kitchen. Did not dilute when I mixed up the noodles. Very nice work. Had the No. 2, beef eye round, very generous with meat. Noodles were soft and not clumped together. I will return.

Review №33

Great vietnamese food, the phos are really good in this place.

Review №34

Favorite restaurant for pho! Very delicious, quick service, pleasant staff.

Review №35

Super legit vegan and vegetarian options and good sized portions. Friendly staff and a trendy atmosphere, my go to when I am in the area

Review №36

The food was okay. Eggrolls were amazing.. I ordered a vermecilli bowl and it was ice cold noodles. Maybe that's how they eat it but it sucked eating warm chicken mixed with cold noodles. But I'm giving them a 3 star rating because the customer service was lacking. No one ever checked on us, or even offer for my son to pack up his Pho. I even had to startle the server to look in our direction so we could get the check to get going.

Review №37

This place keeps getting better each and every time we go. If you are looking for some really good Pho' give them a try.

Review №38

Its great to see the vegan and Veterinarian options available. Food tastes good and hits the spot !!

Review №39

Absolutely loved it. There are reviews out there that say this place is kinda pricy. But for the amount and quality of food, it's definitely worth it. I ordered the large size and I was able to finish it but i should've asked for it to go! Total after tax was $10.51 (pre tax is $9.75). Extremely overpriced? I don't think so.The flavor of their pho is more on the sweeter side with more notes of cinnamon rather than MSG. With all the aromatics added in, it's much more balanced and flavorful.There is a bit of a wait if you come in when it's pouring rain and cold outside.

Review №40

Love this place good food

Review №41

I always go here and I bring all my friends it's so good. one of my favorite phó places!!! the vermicelli is to die for and I also enjoy the combo plates they have of rice ball, veggies & bbq chicken it's a really good price for everything also plus the service is amazing!

Review №42

Such a great place to eat on a cold riany day with your family or even friends! ️

Review №43

Surprising vegan options!

Review №44

Consistent food quality. Clean enviroment good service and reasonably priced

Review №45

Great food great sevice nice enviroment

Review №46

Nice Vietnamese food with modern style.

Review №47

Better than expected. Better than traditional Garden Grove. You can taste Quality.

Review №48

Whoa. Wagyu Pho? Count me in. The broth was clear and refreshing S rank. Spring Rolls also very delicious~ would visit again

Review №49

Trust me when I say that this place will beat you usual pho place. The broth is go flavorful and good. Their egg rolls are also so good.

Review №50

Very friendly service but the food is little blend.

Review №51

One of the few places that serve Bun Bo Hue as well as in Beef!Customer service is fair. It's a relatively small place, few in staff. Nonetheless, once order is taken, you're good to go unless you want to order more things.

Review №52

Great house special!

Review №53

Little slow on cooking, but good food comes from careful cooking.

Review №54

Great costumer service, great food and wait time for food was short. Thank you!

Review №55

The pho here is lovely, but the spring rolls (all the rolls, really) are spellbindingly good.Okay, maybe not THAT good. But pretty good.Friendly service in a fairly standard small, cozy setting (which some might could call cramped in the busy hours).Not my top pick in the area for pho, but still absolutely deserving of a visit.

Review №56

A casual establishment but the food was wonderful!

Review №57

Tasty good for a reasonable price

Review №58

First of all, It is very clean and service is excellent. If you think pho noodle is pho noodle,no!! It is different compare it yourself. I really recommend you try!!! Every time I go there very impressed for every thing.

Review №59

Absolutely love this place!!! I've tried many Pho restaurants but this is by far the best one. My fiancé and I come here almost every Friday.

Review №60

Taste good

Review №61

One of my favorite local pho restaurants. Great food and sometimes I like the option of combining my noodles; for instance, fish fillet pho combined with beef ball is my favorite.

Review №62

Du mah best pho in the nine

Review №63

Very good. The egg roll is the best. No one make like this restaurant.

Review №64

Broth so smooth compared to other pho shops. Nice cuts of meat and noodles have never been soggy. May look like an Americanized pho shop but to me it is not.

Review №65

This place has awesome authentic Vietnamese food! The only place I go to for Vietnamsee food around Chino.

Review №66

Best egg roll in the area.

Review №67

Good noodles but don't forget both fried and fresh spring rolls!

Review №68

This place is the daughter restaurant of Pho Rowland, I believe. The food is great for Vietnamese but not quite as good as the OG restaurant in Rowland Heights (pho is less herbal; less complex flavors); however, the quality of life of driving 5 mins to this location compared to braving the Rowland Heights traffic and a 30 min drive makes this place worth it.

Review №69

Spicy Pho!!!

Review №70

Always the best service and vegan food!

Review №71

Food is okay but customer service...don't expect too much, rude attitude

Review №72

... ️ ...

Review №73

Pho N Mor is definitely a premium pho place. I ordered a regular pho tai, spring rolls, and a something strawberry virgin green tea. The pho tastes great with perfect sized pieces of tai. It seems like premium meat. They put a lot too. The veggies are really fresh and clean. I liked the springs rolls. The only thing I suggest they fix is add some mint to the rolls and it'll be absolutely perfect. The waitress is curteous and checks up on the table in an timely matter. The drinks available are a great addition to the menu. This place can easily be my top favorite pho place. Too bad I'm just visiting from San Diego. Rock on Pho N Mor!

Review №74

Okay pho restaurant. Better restaurants in the area, the servings are smaller than expected and the meat did not seem as high quality. Price is standard for local pho.

Review №75

Favorite pho restaurant in the Chino Hills area. Great pho and great service.

Review №76

Best Pho in the area.

Review №77

I really like this place !!! The food was great and really tasty

Review №78

Very good

Review №79

Really excellent vegetarian options.

Review №80

I love this place!! So fresh and delicious!

Review №81

Great pho. Service gets questionable when they get busy.

Review №82

You can get a large bowl of photos here for less than ten bucks and it's a good hearty bowl of noodle soup.

Review №83

Great pho, great service.

Review №84

It's pho nothing special

Review №85

Closes at 9pm on Sunday. I drove out of my way to get soup and they were closed. I need my soup.

Review №86

Bad costumer service, and the pho did not taste good. Wouldn't go ever agian

Review №87

There was bad costumer service rude dont say exuse me and foods not good

Review №88

Love the food

Review №89

Verry good food

Review №90

The phone is good

Review №91

Great Vietnamese food.

Review №92

Bad service

Review №93

So good

Review №94


Review №95

Very delicious!!!:)

Review №96

Plenty of food given

Review №97

Good food

Review №98

Good food.

Review №99

Pho N Mor is a yummy place.

Review №100

Probably the best pho i have had in Chino

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:3233 Grand Ave A, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
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  • Phone:+1 909-248-0163
  • Asian restaurant
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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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