4200 Chino Hills Pkwy #870, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

Came here last night for date night. Food was served quickly! It tasted good. Rainbow roll and the popcorn chicken are definitely in the top rolls of what to get. There was a three roll special even for a Friday night (for the person not to hungry, but also teeing to save some money). They also have all you can eat! Which I think comes with a drink special if you get the all you can eat. Buy one beer get the second for a dollar, but I'm not a hundred percent sure on that. Definitely a must try place.

Review №2

I placed my order 45 mins before they closedand 10 mins before they closed they cancelled my order saying that they were already closingSo irritateing!

Review №3

I have been coming to this place for years!! Even when I moved out to Lake Elsinore, I still made my way down here just for their sushi.. I do recommend all you can eat. So worth it!! Now that I moved back in town I've already came here 3x this month . I just wished there was a way to do all you can eat to go since we can no longer eat inside

Review №4

I came here with my girlfriend who is from the area and told me about this gem in Chino Hills, we got the all you can eat and it was well worth it. The tuna and Salomon lover rolls were superb, as well as the jalapeno roll. The mackerel was delicious , and the chicken kaatsu made perfectly the all you can eat for 26.99 was a great deal, we would have spent more buying single rolls. The sercive is wonderful they really cater to you there. Only try to get there early on the weekends to avoid long waits. You must try Tomo 7 Sushi!!!

Review №5

This place used to be very good. My order was wrong and sushi was not fresh at all.

Review №6

The food is good. Great price and convenient to order over the phone and save if you're looking to eat at home like my wife and I did.

Review №7

Good customer service and feels cozy great place to bring the family and good prices.

Review №8

This is absolutely one of my favorite places to go there well-priced and the buffet when it is open is amazing and the people are very friendly I highly recommend Tomo 7 sushi

Review №9

The sushi is so fresh and the the chefs know what they are doing. They have an all you can eat menu that is amazing. Will be back soon

Review №10

Pleasantly surprised. We ordered delivery and many sushi spots are horrible for delivery (horrible period here in the IE/Chino Hills area) but the food here was really great. Fresh and generous portions. Will definitely be back.

Review №11

Oh yeah, great sush!! Went nuts with the office crew, and boss ordered too much for AYCE. Super tasty, specially the Green muscles.

Review №12

This has become my go-to sushi spot. I typically share the 3-roll special with my husband. Some of our favorite rolls are the New Mexican, Crunch Caterpillar and the 71. We are selective with our sushi and they hit the mark every time. I do wish they still accepted call ahead orders but overall it's my favorite sushi around!

Review №13

Such yummy sushi

Review №14

I had a ramen miso which was very flavor some due to the gyoza, hard boiled egg, and rich, scrumptious broth that brought all the ingredients together.Would definitely order again also because it was a hefty portion size!

Review №15

It's a favorite restaurant!On this day, we took guestsBy the way, the fish smelled fishy and the salmon tasted like it was soaked in water.Sushi was just old man riceI couldn't eat anymore, so I had to pay for the leftovers separately.I don't want to go againI still want to vomit if I think about it

Review №16

The sushi wasn't great. We ordered a spider roll and you could barely even so the softshell crab. It was however loaded with cheap imitation crab

Review №17

Pretty nice. This pic is bento with sushi, roll, beef teriyaki

Review №18

Love this place! My now husband and I used to come when we lived in the area; we now live in Orange County and we still come back to this place because it's just that good. You must try the pepper salmon! It's not in the menu anymore but they still make it for us !!

Review №19

Food is always good there

Review №20

Awsome sushi good deal on the all u can eat sushi i would definately recomend this sushi

Review №21

I don't understand all the good reviews. Is there something I'm missing? The quality of the sushi here is comparable to a fast food restaurant. There was no presentation...felt like we were at the mall food court. They douse their fish and rolls in too much sauce. How can you even taste the fish whether it's fresh or not? The salmon nigiri smelled very fishy, it was not edible at all with the overpowering stench. They are also overprice, ayce is $30 a person! The quality of food does not match the price. Sorry, but we will not be returning.

Review №22

Despite price. It is worth it. Will satisfy you big time.

Review №23

This place will always be one of my favorites. It's like coming home to eat. Very friendly service from Chefs and Management. Fresh fish at all times. Happy hour specials is a plus. 3 years!

Review №24

Great service! Great food! Loved this place

Review №25

This is the place you would go to if you were expecting great sushi. The sushi chefs did a great job when making the sushi. Although i don't really have much expertise in fish, I know the food was excellent to my taste. They also currently have a 50% off deal for sake, spirits, and certain types of sushi in the late hours. I paid for the all you can eat. It's a bit high on the price, but you get the quality that you pay for as well as you can eat a large quantity to get your money's worth. Overall a great place for sushi.

Review №26

Had happy hour lunch here! It was so delicious! And so affordable! Will be back.

Review №27

Food here is ok, not the best but also not the worst.Our issue with this place was with the service we received.We went here last night, Saturday 10/5/2019.The restaurant was full but it appeared they had enough staff working.The waitress we had seemed to be overwhelmed with the amount of people she had to serve. She also seemed to have a hard time understanding our orders and what we were saying to her. My wife had ordered off the regular menu "Pork Katsu" but the waitress didn't understand this and asked to be shown in the menu the picture of what she wanted (does she not know the menu?). My brother and I had the AYCE sushi. She took our order sheet for the 1st round but was nowhere to be found to pick it up after that. My mom had asked for water several times before actually getting it.Most places come by every once in a while asking if things were ok, I don't recall her doing that with us at all...My biggest gripe with her service though was in how she was placing plates and removing them off the table. We were having dinner with my 1 year old who was sitting in a high chair. Any time she brought in food to the table she made a habit of serving the food DIRECTLY over my sons head. She also took plates away and again went over his head with food. Some of the dishes she took away were stacked and pretty heavy. If she were to drop them they would've fallen right on to my sons head, BIIIIIIG NO NO from a restaurant server (most other servers are aware enough to avoid serving/taking plates over a baby's head)....From what I could see it appeared that the other servers were picking up some of the slack from the one waitress, they definitely did at least for our table....

Review №28

Food is delicious I give a two thumbs up on their great customer service

Review №29

Love the sushi here large portions. Prices are responsible.

Review №30

Phenomenal...just plaintiffs. Delicious and Phenomenal! Thank you...again!

Review №31

Beef noodles are really good.

Review №32

Quality sashimi at a very decent price. Restaurant is busy in the weekend, during the weekday the service is also excellent!!! Will definitely go back.

Review №33

Decent sushi. We go maybe twice a year. Our old sushi play in San Dimas, O Sushi, drew us out for at least 5 times a year, so I would say Tomo is really like a 3.7 star. The discount days are a good value for decent sushi, but I wouldn't pay full price much. Service is mediocre. Tables are a little sticky. I prefer my sushi places to look medical office clean.

Review №34

Disappointed and I will never come back here again. After being a long time customer, I show up and sit at the sushi bar. About 1-2 minutes later someone sits next to me one chair over. The sushi chef, a Hispanic kid starts talking to this dude in Spanish (no problem there). Well he's actually taking his order, looks straight at me and ignores me to help him first when I was there first and he saw me sit down first. I'm am truly dissapointed. The saddest part will be that you don't care.

Review №35

My go-to all you can eat sushi place in Chino Hills. Nothing can beat it. Maybe Michael Jackson though. Rip MJ

Review №36

The Cajun Seared Salmon is pure heaven in your mouth! Totally reccomend this place for sushi.

Review №37

Does sushi chefs have a great story. Tomo 7 was amazing!

Review №38

Great sushi and great service. Tip ask about what deals they have

Review №39

The place is small, but I enjoyed it. They have a good selection on their menu. Good customer service. I would recommend it!

Review №40

Awesome service very polite young man and awesome sushi. 5 stars

Review №41

Good for sushi beginners, not for the advanced palate. They don't serve uni or toro... just the typical salmon tuna and plain white fish. On the up side, their fish is fresh.

Review №42

Very nice environment with great costumer service!

Review №43

Bad food, bad service! No good! Had lunch time is the worst!

Review №44

Great deals, great food, and amazing service

Review №45

I found this place be ause of my daughter. I told her i feel like a good sushi and she told me Tomo7 youll like it. Oooh yeah i did their oopcorn shrimp is Amazing oooh but wait their own signature Tomo7 rolls are a taste of heaven full of flavor warm and explosive. I love it i had the 3roll special and wanted more so i got anothet set and ofcourse I got another Tomo7 roll. Fast friendly service waiters are very nice and prompt.

Review №46

Great! Savory rolls, and good deals for lunch and happy hour. Place is dated, but food is tasty.

Review №47

One of my favorite sushi restaurants. Been going for over 8 years.

Review №48

New Mexican is incredible. Everything is good but crunchy Philadelphia and New Mexican are my favorite.Prices are fair, lunch specials are really good deals.Big screen to catch all the games and some good beer options.

Review №49

Fresh Sushi and great service. Very nice experience every time I visit chefs Jose and Andy. Can not complain about this place. I have brought my family and friends here to enjoy it all.

Review №50

Awesome food, need a little help on service.

Review №51

Incredible and fun. I was in the area on business and stopped in solo. Sat at the sushi bar. Late on a Tuesday and got excellent one on one service from the sushi chef. I ordered the all you can eat and the chef made me plate after plate of delicious, fresh off the menu items. Plus three deserts. Awesome experience and good company. Highly recommend trying this place.

Review №52

It took my dad here for father's day and we both loved it! It was really busy when we got there, but the servers were on top of it, we never had to ask for drink refills or wait long for our food to come. Everything was delicious.

Review №53

Best cheapest sushi

Review №54

The sushi is fresh and delicious and you can't beat the price at this place! Service is very courteous and helpful! If you love sushi this is the spot!

Review №55

Great food. Period. Great service.

Review №56

Good experiance, happy hour price was good

Review №57

We have been there several times. Good service, good food and reasonable prices.

Review №58

Terrific sushi. Lots of good no rice options. My new favorite sushi restaurant

Review №59

Just recently went there with some friends. Loved the food. We came right before the evening crowd hit and we were happy. Service was great. If you purchase so much you receive free rolls or appetizers. We like always were seriously loud and our "men boys" behaved like our kids. We had a great time and enjoyed wonderful sushi.

Review №60

One of the best sushi places in town. gets sorta crowded at peak times like dinner, but still not as bad as ojiya across the street. service is good, clean and fast. raw fish is decent. prices are ok. they have specials all the time too.

Review №61

Great Service &Fresh Sushi

Review №62

Love tomo! Every time i go it is fresh and good! Their baked rolls are just as good at the others as well!

Review №63

Love this place best sushi in town and cant best the price!!Bang for buck!!!

Review №64

This is the 2nd best Japanese restaurant in Chino Hills. The best one is across the street, but it's a bit pricy and at times I've felt ripped off for what you get. We've stopped going there because of that. This place comes a very close second, so we don't mind coming here often. Their prices are more reasonable and the portions are generous.

Review №65

Very good service and food. Happy hour os awesome will be back!

Review №66

A hidden gem! This place rocks. We went there last night and had buy one get one free rolls for labor day along with some drinks. We ended up with 4 rolls and beers with saki and our bills was only $35.00 without tip. Also, happy hour Monday - Thursday has $1.99 Rolls and cheap booze. Honestly one of the nicest bargain sushi joints I have ever had the pleasure of going too. What makes it even greater is its right by our house that will we will be riding bikes down there every Thursday. That is how much we enjoyed our experience.

Review №67

I got to love sushi in this place. They know how to make delicious baked sushi. The only place I go for sushi

Review №68

Happy hour is the business! Will be back

Review №69

Very high quality and tasty sushi at a reasonable price!

Review №70

Always good. Good happy hour

Review №71

Service was slow because they only had 2 servers for the entire restaurant. Food was good.

Review №72

I love it is one on my favorite list

Review №73

I Live right down the street, This is my SPOT! Great Sushi, sashimi, service, atmosphere. prices are reasonable. All you can eat option as well. 10/5 great job

Review №74

Great quality food, Perfect Customer Service, price is good, love it

Review №75

Great sushi and affordable.

Review №76

AYCE is it. They have a nice yellow tail collar that's cooked crispy. That alone us a meal...!

Review №77

Great sushiNice staff

Review №78

Best deal in town and the sushi is top notch! All you can eat or 2 and 3 roll deals are they way to go depending on your appetite.

Review №79

Our go to sushi place. Good value and nice people. Service can be hit or miss tho

Review №80

You can't beat the prices. They always have specials going on. Just make sure you go here on a Tuesday or Wednesday when they get their fish fresh from the market.

Review №81

3 roll special is a great deal

Review №82

Loved the people and food!

Review №83

The sushi is decent. They have a lunch special for $12 you get 2 rolls and miso soup. Fridays and weekends it can get pretty busy and hectic, so the wait for ur food will take longer.Some waitresses are on top of the game, and some aren't and u have to keep reminding. But not terrible.I do hold a grudge against the fact that they automatically charge 18% gratuity for a party of FIVE or more. Really?! That's pretty ridiculous. 18% is a lot for lunch and 5 people isn't that big of a party.

Review №84

My family loves this place . Excellent good and service

Review №85

Fresh and tasty sushi. Clean store. Friendly staff.

Review №86

Great sushi, good service. Would go again!

Review №87

Excellent food at great prices with fast and friendly service

Review №88

Awesome food! The Crazy Roll was the best! But everything else was great tasting and fresh.

Review №89

Everyone here is friendly and the fish is very fresh.

Review №90

My sister and I go here often. Love the cozy atmosphere... is off the hook..

Review №91

It was really good!! Kudos to Juan the chef!!

Review №92

Really good food all around. My kids love it

Review №93

Great rolls and cheap during happy hour!

Review №94

I did notice staff was different behind the sushi bar. Wow. How it did affect my dining experience. What a difference a year makes. This place offers all you can eat sushi and then never brings you food. Just refills on iced tea. And an occasional beer. An hour and a half later i was upset by the amount of food being served to a table that was only occupied for half the time i was there. Maybe less. Will not be going back. Apparently with shameless blunt favoritism for other tables . reasons of vip seating or racial favortism. I have not ever experienced such a display of blunt and obvious favoritism. ...night and day from a year ago when i wrote this....oh and did i mention favoritism.Always a great place. Fast service. Beautiful and delicious food. Recommend you sit at sushi bar and watch the food being prepared. Then when you go back... Because you will. You feast like so good. Im local but i would drive a way to get here if i had to. Good food. Big screens and for the games. Cant beat it. Al you can eat is the way to go. Variety is stupid crazy good. Enjoy.

Review №95

Good sushi, good service.

Review №96

Best sushi in town! big portions for an affordable price. Great taste!

Review №97

Love this place. Price is good and food delicious, Very Nice Services.

Review №98

We love the Nigiri here. They don't pack it with a lot of sushi rice like how the others do. AYCE is very good here!

Review №99

Been going here for over 7 years now and through 3 owners the food has pretty much stayed the same which is great!

Review №100

Love eating here. Fantastic service and everyone is always smiling and happy!

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  • Address:4200 Chino Hills Pkwy #870, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
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  • Phone:+1 909-606-7866
  • Asian restaurant
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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