Take Ur Seat
15871 Pomona Rincon Rd #100, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

Limited seating but the FLUFFY PANCAKES will change your life.Great Filipino style food but servings are much smaller than you might expect for the price.

Review №2

The service and the food was 3xceptional. My only disappointment and no fault of the establishment, is I wish I had known you could call and make reservations. I drove from Moreno Valley to try them out, but they were pleasant and helpful. This is the reason for the 5th star. I call other restaurants and they are not taking reservations. I'll know next time to make one. This establishment is doing it differently and I like that.

Review №3

This place is a must! I'm a fan of pancakes and they did not disappoint me here, the attention is very good. I recommend making reservations before going... we ordered a toast avocado and it was amazing, besides the fluffy pancakes that taste as good as they look. The cappuccino was very good, so small for me. In general it is an amazing place, I would go back whenever I could. Your prices are fair.

Review №4

Good food and nice atmosphere. Everything I had here was delicious. The could pancakes are light, fluffy, and exactly what you'd want if you could eat a cloud. All the other fare was spiced perfectly and very tasty. The home fries were crispy and yummy. I absolutely loved the kimchi omlet with pork belly (its hard to go wrong with pork belly) and this dish was just the right balance of heat and flavor. I'd recommend you make reservations as the seating is limited and it's a popular location.

Review №5

Don't believe the hype. This is one opinion, but for the price of the food and the wait time plus the quality of food in my opinion not worth the price the wait was forever and then our group was seated at two different tables they said it was going to be a 40 min wait for pancakes so we specifically didn't order pancakes but the wait for our food was still 40 mins. I can't remember but the sandwich that comes with an egg on top was very lemonade and it's just weird to have a sandwich that taste like lemon When I come back? Probably not

Review №6

Came here to celebrate Valentine's day with the missus. It's such a lovely place to eat with friends and family! You can't go wrong with whatever you order because THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD!

Review №7

Cute little Southeast Asian fusion brunch place. Owner's very engaged with customers. Decor looks refreshing. Food pricing is on higher side at $10-$15 a plate. Regular coffee is on the lighter side with a bit of acidity (I still prefer French roast flavor that's on the heavier side).I ordered the kimchi fried rice, brown rice to replace white rice ($1.00 extra, kinda pricy). The flavor is heavy. Too salty for me. My friend ordered the Sweet Chick Rice Bowl, brown rice as well. Her bowl is light. I think I would prefer this bowl better. Saw the cloud pancakes and looks amazing. Will definitely try the cloud pancake next time.There was a lot of people this morning so very loud atmosphere for bk so get ready to raise your voice if you're there to chit chat with your friends/family.Overall I enjoy our time there and will come back to try other items.

Review №8

We made a quick stop here before going to a doctor's appointment, while looking for the address I noticed we could put in our order through Yelp. I placed the order while on the road and it said it was going to be about a 40min wait. Well it only took us 20mins for us to get there lol. We decided to get out the car and check to see how much longer it would be for our order to be ready, to our surprise everything was ready and bagged up. Score!!Even though they did have seating outside, it was already pretty full for a Friday morning. So of course we decided to sit in the car lol. My sister wanted to try the Berry Good Cloud Pancakes, they were really good. Nice, light and fluffy good combo with the fruit and whipped cream. You didn't even need the syrup that came with it, well on a side note that's probably because I don't like syrup lol. I tried the Tip Me Over Plate with over medium eggs. The chimichurri sauce that was over the Tri Tip wasn't bad and combined with the home fries and eggs it was a very good breakfast.We were both in agreement that we wouldn't mind returning here to check out what else they have. Probably not on a weekend though unless it's for take out.

Review №9

Pleasant atmosphere. Great customer service and tasty food!

Review №10

Food and service was excellent. Not much outdoor dining space so make reservations ahead of time or preorder and do pickup.

Review №11

It was a fun little place everyone was very polite when I go back out there I plan to stop and get some good food

Review №12

Nice place with nice food, and staffs are friendly too. I will recommend this place but I wish they could ask if we want to separate the food and dessert. Or, just order twice if you plan to stay longer and have the meal first then the desserts.

Review №13

This place was delicious! I came with my mom and younger brother my brother got the creme brûlée French toast it was fluffy. I got the cloud pancakes and they were also fluffy! I don't usually like eggs from restaurants but he eggs here were so amazing! The eggs were soft and it was like they melted in your mouth I also don't really like bacon unless it's crispy but the bacon here was so good! I would definitely suggest coming here and I would definitely come back!

Review №14

Really solid brunch place. They are busy, so make sure you reserve a spot in line before you go. The menu is not boring and offers a nice variety of unique options. Whether you're up for meat and potatoes, eggs and rice or fluffy pancakes, you'll find something to be happy with. Service is excellent. Price point is obscenely good. Visit this palace before they realize they could charge double what they do now and still pack it in.

Review №15

Flipipino or Asian food with a twist. Definitely interesting. Food was good, nothing was bad but nothing stood out either. Customer service is great and it's always nice to try something new. Expect to have a long wait. You can check in on Yelp which is convenient.

Review №16

Ordered a cookie butter latte, and was thrilled to find out they use Arcade beans! Can't wait to come back for brunch. Already a fan of the delicious coffee.Wasn't sure if it would be more of a cafe or coffee shop vibe, it was bustling and is definitely a place for coffee and food, not somewhere to study

Review №17

We loved the service and the food. Very delicious

Review №18

Absolutely love this place! Great food and lovely atmosphere. This family owned business gets it right!! The cookie butter latte and cloud pancakes are amazing! Please visit them if you can.

Review №19

Excellent choices for savory or sweet brunch options, loves their fluffy Japanese style pancakes and their belly to belly bowl. Service was quick and friendly and we had a great time eating here. Their dishes were well balanced with the bowl having just the right amount of everything so I didn't feel heavy afterwards and their pancakes were well complimented with the berries and cream.

Review №20

The japanese pancakes were delicious! Amazing food in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere that invites you to sit your late ever so slowly and enjoy your conversation even more. My wife and i enjoyed it and will definately be back!

Review №21

My wife, baby and I just had the most delicious breakfast there. I had the Creme Brule French Toast and she had the Berry Pancakes. We ended up splitting them amongst ourselves because we both enjoyed them so much. Love the coffee next to/inside. I wanna go again already. BTW the whipped cream in addictive...

Review №22

Food was soo good. Definitely different, but still delicious .

Review №23

The cloud pancakes are like nothing I ever tried. They do require a 20-25 wait but you won't regret it. Their savory dishes are really good as well. Been there twice already and I have not been disappointed. It doesn't hurt to try

Review №24

Good food, good service, decent price, and overall great place. This cafe is a bit popular and can get packed. Use the iPad at the front to put your phone number and party size. They offer a variety of plates, mainly breakfast, and some brunch. The “tip me over” is a popular pick. I personally like their fluffy pancakes and French toast. The coffee is ok, similar to any other cafe. Overall a great place and will be coming back.

Review №25

Accommodating, pleasant staff and delicious (not to mention gorgeous) food!

Review №26

I want to love this place but the food that I ordered this week was not up to par. The beef was really tough and had a smell that just didn't feel it's a good piece of meat. Hope they make their food more consistent since this is the 3rd time I visited this place.

Review №27

Food was fresh, but a a bit bland and underwhelming for my taste. Also, a bit pricey. People were very nice and the place was clean.

Review №28

We are the trip tip, avocado toast, s'mores pancakes. All was very good. The local coffee had a distinct taste. But my favourite has to be the chili sauce. It makes everything so good.

Review №29

I brought some of my family (9 people) here this morning for breakfast around 8am. We were right away greeted with the warm smiles of the staff, and got our seats right away. Ordering was easy. Just walk up to the counter and let the cashier know what you want. We got the food in less than 10 min. They were all hot, fresh, and astoundingly delicious! My kids love the spam bowl, red velvet fluffy pancake, and sweetella toasts. My wife and I love the belly to belly bowl, pandan latte, and sweet chick bowl. My parents love the pandan latte, avocado egg, and my sisters love belly to belly and tofu bowls.If all is available, we will definitely come back next time with my other sister, her husband, another sister, her husband and 3 boys, my 4 nieces, nephew, and his wife to enjoy this one of a kind menu offerings good for breakfast, brunch, lunch, lunner, and dinner! It's true,"Together is a beautiful place to be!"

Review №30

Always a great time here at Take Ur Seat. Friendly environment and great people! it's what keeps me coming back! Well and of course the food too as you can see from the photo. Only available for the Valentine's day weekend Ferrero Rocher velvet cloud pancakes.

Review №31

Exceptionally good, food & customer service! We will definitely be coming back!

Review №32

Update: Went again and got some photos this time! :)Wish I could have taken some photos but I ate it way too fast because it smelled so good!This is my second time going and I got the Healthy Chick Salad so so good. My friend got the pancakes and they were so fluffy!!! My mim got the Creme Brulee French toast and omg so good! The staff is really frendly too thanks Mike for a wonderful time. Defenetly will be a 3rd time :)

Review №33

If you're craving authentic brunch food with an ASIAN twist, you gotta check out Take Ur Seat. You can get almost anything from French toast to pancake to kimchi fried rice omelette. In the mood for organic coffe, they have that too. Want a hearty salad that is both delicious and healthy, they got you covered. I love everything here and the next time you come, make sure to order my favorites: Tip Me Over Plate & Creme Brûlée French Toast. A must have for sure •️ Give them a to order. They have many takeout & delivery options. Enjoy

Review №34

All the food was delicious! The service was phenomenal, very friendly and attentive. Also, the ability to check in on advance on Yelp really helped with the wait. I'm definitely coming back!!

Review №35

Everything I've had from this place is hot fire. Amazing!!!

Review №36

Service was kind and the food was great.

Review №37

What a gem! Great staff! Great food! Very high quality ingredients and the flavors do not overwhelm.

Review №38

Service and food were good. The place also has very trending feel to it. Just very less opitions for vegetarians

Review №39

Love the food menu here. Best to reserve your seat I line before showing up, or you could be waiting for a bit.

Review №40

Owners really nice food is Good

Review №41

Wait was long for a seat, the food was good, but honestly can get the same quality at a wabba grill. People are kind drinks are good as well.

Review №42

Great little spot! Belly 2 belly was the perfect portion. Can't wait to go back for breakfast

Review №43

Love this quaint, little place. Great food, price, and Service!

Review №44

So far so good

Review №45

Recomended good food

Review №46

Always friendly, great service also a very unique menu of delicious food

Review №47

Nice brunch spot but it can get crowded during the weekend.

Review №48

Very unique dishes! Delish with a twist of different cuisine like Mexican, Korean, Filipino, American, & Hawaiian. Gets very crowded in the weekends. You can make reservation via their app. But make sure to let them know you've arrived or they won't know you're there. I highly recommend this place!

Review №49

Great food, great people. Amazing cloud pancakes!

Review №50

The food was great its a small place had to waite 45 min., but the workers have a great attitude and vary kind.

Review №51

New and exciting foods to try. Loved the ambiance! Loved the people! Loved our breakfast ! You have to try there specialty coffees. "Yummy"

Review №52

The French toast is awesome, so are the sausage, eggs and potatoes. For a real treat try the pancakes.

Review №53

Good food. However I had to chase down or ask 2xs for a to-go box. Dislike outside seating.

Review №54

Food was delicious and the service was friendly. The pancakes was extremely fluffy and their coffee was delicious. We also had the tip me over and OMG so so good. This place is a must try. We will definitely be coming back here.

Review №55

The crème brûlée French toast was really good.

Review №56

Delicious and great service! Make sure to check into the Yelp waitlist because it's a busy spot and weekend waits are long. The cloud pancakes also do take a while to make, but totally worth the wait. I got the matcha cloud pancakes (September's flavor of the month) and my bf got the Tip Me Over. I also got a milo dinosaur with espresso. It was great for a sweet tooth. Will definitely come back.

Review №57

Great food paired with great service and a awesome place to sit down and enjoy your meal!

Review №58

Great place usually really packed and sitting outside is a good option if you dont mind the sun/ flies

Review №59

Such good food and the owners are really nice. Took the time to explain the menu and went over recommendations since it was our first time

Review №60

Great place for breakfast or brunch. The food is amazing and so is the coffee. Plus the service is always excellent. Would recommend you check this place out you will not be disappointed!

Review №61

Staff was super friendly they explained their menu and gave recommendations. The food was really good. The fluffy pancakes and pork belly bowl was our favorite.

Review №62

Love their fluffy pancakes and pork belly rice

Review №63

Took long time to be seated but worth the wait..good size portions. Best longanesa ever..good service

Review №64

Different flavor but service was slow had to wave server down for water refills

Review №65

Great food and excellent service every time!

Review №66

Take Ur Seat has fresh squeezed orange juice! I can't believe this is not the standard for all breakfast joints, even the joint with the word "Squeeze" on their name. My personal preference for fresh fruit aside *sigh*, they have one of the best pancakes ever! Pandan Latte is unique and tasty.

Review №67

Great food, just a little bit pricey.

Review №68

Great food!

Review №69

Good food and service, nothing else bad to say

Review №70

Very long wait, but it's well worth the wait. Highly suggest going to Yelp to line up early before arriving.

Review №71

Must try for yourselves! My wife and I loved it.

Review №72

Place is clean, service is nice. food yummie. pay a great deal of attention to detail, they even have baby changing station in restroom.

Review №73

Service was not great. Fluffy pancakes were good. Not a fan of their Belly 2 Belly bowl.

Review №74

Very disappointed with this place, I waited so long just to get my order...

Review №75

Great quality, friendly staff, unique flavors and food offerings, beautiful environment.

Review №76

Good food, good costumer services

Review №77

Very nice place for all day breakfast. I try the cloud pancakes today. It was lovely with blue berries jam.

Review №78

Be prepared to wait!! I put my name on Yelp waitlist, which was fine as I had to make a few stops before our time to arrive. We sat down, guy came to take our order....waited.....waited....waited another 25 min for our food to arrive! (The 2 girls at the table next to us waited even longer...all they ordered were kimchi bowls)! Should you decide to go here and you eat make sure you check your bill. We didnt get out pandan iced teas til the end and I had to tell the guy we never got our drinks. So our experience was mediocre....eh...we wont be back!

Review №79

Nice place and delicious foods. I recommend to this place, you all will eksprerience what I had.

Review №80

Waiter is nice. Salad is soooooo fresh

Review №81

This place is amazing! The sweet chicken bowl is the best! They have a lot of choices of drinks and the brunch there is amazing! The French Toast taste like cake. Yum!

Review №82

I think Chino has a new contender for best breakfast.And that's not a light statement. Off the top of my head, there's Bruxie's, Avocado House, Squeeze In, Rendezvous Cafe, Bravo Burgers, Flinderstreet Cafe, Wahfles, Julie's Cafe, and The Dirty Penguin to choose from. Arguably, however, Take Ur Seat takes the crown for coolest/yummiest/most epic/most fantasmerastic/most your-choice-of-superlative place to get breakfast. Sigh, now if only they were open on Sundays during prime brunch time...When you walk inside, the interior is hipster, minimalistic, and clean. Sadly for us, during the Saturday morning we went, the wait was nearly an hour. A freakin' hour. While we killed time by shopping at the nearby Target, it was neat that you could check your place in line via text message for instant updates.Finally our time came, and after ordering at the counter, we chose booth seating. Per recommendation, we started with the Pandan + Palm Sugar. Absolutely amazing, although I preferred it iced. Their logo on the cup totes that it's locally sourced from the Inland Empire. Neat. This paired excellently with the creme brûlée french toast. The toast itself stood on its own in terms of flavor, and I didn't feel the urge to drench it in syrup because of dryness. With each bite, you get a subtle taste of burned sugar that comes with any good cup of creme brûlée. Finally, the belly 2 belly rice bowl is a testament to great ingredient pairing. The pork belly blends perfectly with the spinach, egg, and rice base. I'll admit it didn't pair as well with the coffee, but near the front door, they did offer a fresh pitcher of lemon water to wash it down with.Take Ur Seat isn't cheap nor outrageously expensive. Although the wait was long (I imagine because Take Ur Seat is only available on Saturday morning for weekend brunchers), it was well worth it. We look forward to coming back here again and again...as long as we wake up early enough to beat the crowd.

Review №83

The first one ordered was not that hot so they replaced it and it was a little bit hotter

Review №84

Cozy place, very good food, very good coffee and friendly staffs. This is one of my favorite place at Chino Hills.

Review №85

So first things first when you come in you order at the register, find a seat, and then they deliver the food and they come and take your plates when you are done (I'm only saying this because if it's anywhere between "drive thru" and "sit down restaurant" I personally get confused as heck)I want to say this my new favorite breakfast spot but I'm definitely going to be visiting all hours of the day. Everything I have tried has been delicious.The decor is very cute too, it feels very open and natural lighting fills pretty much the entire dining area. Very instagrammable if that's what you're into.Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, I love this place.

Review №86

A little on the expensive side, but kinda worth it. Amazing food. And coffee too.

Review №87

Amazing service. Amazing food.

Review №88

Ohmygosh! Cannot say enough about this new café! The cloud/fluffy pancakes are a MUST try. Great service and good prices. Coffee is spot on!

Review №89

We were a party of 7, and tried several items including the berry good cloud pancake, creme brulee french toast, belly 2 belly rice bowl, hot chick rice, and kimchi fried rice. Everyone agreed that the food was good but not excellent.

Review №90

Too many flies outside. Average taste. Food presentation is better than actual taste, No single person seating, service is slow and over priced. Don't recommend going on a lunch break.

Review №91

Souffle pancakes are all the rage right now. Time place gets packed and busy and is a little $$ but the portions are decent and the food is filling.

Review №92

Great food great atmosphere. The staff are amazing! Thanks for a great brunch!

Review №93

This is a small, sophisticated, yet perfect brunch spot. If you have 2 or more children, don't come here. The seating is tight and deserving of well-behaved younglings. Don't add your name to the waiting list and then leave and not come back either. Seriously. This place serves excellent (and I mean excellent, their tri tip is sous vide and perfectly seasoned) food and coffee (shout out to Arcade roasters, they're killing it). The wait time of 40 minutes was well worth it. The owner was very congenial, provided free tea, and spent time talking with everyone. I think this place is here to stay. Honestly, I've seen the dogs behave better than the 4+ children on the patio. Thanks!

Review №94

Solid brunch place.Good coffee. Good food. Friendly staff. Cool environment.

Review №95

Amazing place! Best customer service and best food. 100% recommend.

Review №96

Good food. Good vibe. Friendly customer service. Had the belly 2 belly bowl. It was good.

Review №97

Food is so so, not better than IHOP. Very noisy, music too loud, narrow seatings & CONSTANTLY had to SWAT BUGS AWAY even though it isn't an open air restaurant.

Review №98

Amazing coffee, great quick bites, cute spot to hangout with friends & family. Excellent customer service. I suggest the matcha latte, rose latte or pandan tea

Review №99

Kinda spendy for what it is, but so far so good. had the sampler box of churros and a cup of their swirl ice cream. good taste and the sampler was made to order so it was still warm when I got it.

Review №100

I normally don't wake up early enough for brunch, but this place I made an exception. Glad I did cause it was delicious!You walk in and they take your name down and have you wait outside. Bummer although there's a few seats outside but no shade. I can see that being an issue in summer and a long queue.It moves relatively quick, once you get in you order at the register they give you a number and you sit at your table. We got Belly 2 Belly, breakfast sandwich, and Tiramisu pancakes along with the ice pandan sweet tea. Turns out they have seasonal pancakes. Month of April is Tiramisu and May will be Strawberry I believe.Belly 2 Belly it tasted like something I grew up eating when I was younger and it was satisfyingTiramisu pancakes. Nice fluffy cakes, the flavor of the tiramisu wasn't too potent. Topped with the whip cream and the butter it was a match made in heaven. Very deliciousBreakfast sandwich. Bacon was crispy, eggs was fluffy and the bread was nice and soft. Only took a bite as my date enjoyed the sandwich thoroughly. It was her favorite out of the 3. The potato chips were amazing. I wonder if they bag it and sell it cause I would buy it.Ice pandan sweat tea. Meh tasted like tea, no pandan flavor.Overall it was really good. Definitely gonna come back when i'm in the area. I wish I got to try the pandan pancakes! I heard the coffees good too.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:15871 Pomona Rincon Rd #100, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
  • Site:https://www.takeurseat.com/
  • Phone:+1 909-479-1883
  • Brunch restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–2PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–2PM
  • Thursday:8AM–2PM
  • Friday:8AM–2PM
  • Saturday:8AM–2PM
  • Sunday:8AM–2PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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