4645 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Review №1

Please open back up it has been my fav restaurant for years

Review №2

Pls pls pls open up pls

Review №3

This place is my favorite place in the world to eat. Please open back up, I miss all your tasty morsels already!

Review №4

Veggilisious vegetables!! All you can eat veggies for around $10..... Sign me up. Really tho, always fresh always feel incredible when I leave.

Review №5

Only reviewing because people don't know the company declared bankruptcy, they'll never open again

Review №6

I've rarely gone to a BETTER spot!! There are many and lots of people all the time, but this one has great service, is clean, and very comforting. The wall designs aren't complicated and the servers are very kind and helpful. The food, too, is familiar and very delightful. Fresh and light or deep and true, this is my favorite of them all!

Review №7

Great place to buy sweet bread best in town and the menudo is on point no homany

Review №8

Great food! The manager, Melissa, is very nice and SUPER helpful! She is very attentive and greeted me as soon as i came through the door. Friendly staff. Would definatly recommend this restaurant.

Review №9

Perfect place to eat healthy!

Review №10

Nice cozy spot, not too crowded, plenty of options, clean, kid friendly, and excellent service. It was a great middle of the week experience. Even my kids enjoyed the dinner and want to come again.

Review №11

It's a newer establishment so you will see better decor. Staff tries to clear tables as often as they can. Parking can be a challenge at dinner time since it's next to Lucille BBQ. Fresh and healthy selection.

Review №12

I had been to this place a couple of times when it was just open few years ago. At that time the salads and service were terrible. I didn't go back again since then. Recently my brother went there to have lunch with his friend and he told me the food and service are great. I decided to give it another chance last week. I am so satisfied with their food and service this time. Highly recommend it for people like salads and soups!

Review №13

Uesd to visit at least every month for healthy diet, but it's gone...!!!!! I wish this kind of veggie + light meat, other dishes restaurant could open again later on.

Review №14

Souplantation salads are almost always fresh, and the rotation soups means there's something for everyone. Only thing about this particular location is that the bowls and plates are not always clean enough, but it seems to have made improvement since they first opened here a few years ago.

Review №15

Excellent restaurant for various kinds of delicious and tasty salads,soups, desert's, Cake's,pitzas, soft drinks, coffee and what not.You will enjoy each and every item of food spread on the table.Very popular place with overwhelming family crowd with young children and and parents and grandparents!!!They compliment each other while enjoying the food.Had a lovely time with my wife and our family friend.

Review №16

Love it here. Great variety of salads and vegetables as well as soups. They also have pasta, pizza bread and muffins.

Review №17

Food is good but in the soup section they need to have some good Gluten Free soups. One can only eat chili bean soup a few times. A simple pot of chicken broth and vegetables would be simpler and better then chili bean soup. The rest is great but now Im gluten intolerant. I'll stay away for a while.

Review №18

Closed for covid-19.

Review №19

The food is very fresh and tasty, good for vegan too

Review №20

Very nice location parking was easy. Dishes were pretty dirty. Make sure you wipe them off.

Review №21

As usual the decaf coffee was luke warm, choc muffins great. Clam chowder good, corn bread yummy. Love tuna tarragon.

Review №22

My all time favorite rest ever cant get enough the new cauliflower soup and spicy Bean soup and of course the broccoli salad.

Review №23

Seniors get a really good value at this store lots of choices that are always pretty fresh

Review №24

Great as always. They must have changed the blend for the big chunk chicken noodle soup though. Hardley any noodles and chicken

Review №25

I love this place, the staff is very attentive and kind, it's a busy place but you'll find a table.

Review №26

They have a great variety of food, but if you're a meat eater this is not the place to go! They have great salads and soups. Their cheesy bread is wonderful and yummy!!!

Review №27

Fresh ingredients and an attentive staff. Great place to grab a meal.

Review №28

Excellent customer service. The creamy cauliflower soup was the best.

Review №29

It was my first time and I was impressed .I really liked the clam chowder....almost forgot soft serve ice cream for dessert yup!

Review №30

Yum yum yum. The best service. Such Happy staff members. Very attentive and at your service. Smiling. Best food. Try the brownies.

Review №31

Great food. Salad was good, Soup and Bread was hot. Perfect for Families. Meet up the great work!

Review №32

Overall experience was good! There was someone who would come to our table often making sure if everything was ok and to clear our tables when needed. Location was clean (only suggestion to improve would be to take care of the bathrooms) and food and soups would be refilled as needed. Would come back!

Review №33

Our first time...Excellent food and customer service...will definitely be coming back

Review №34

Great place to eat with family, no matter what time of the day. Lunch and dinner hours can get pretty crowded though. But it's always worth it. Everytime I go, I always have to get the blueberry muffins and clam chowder soup.

Review №35

Good selection for salads. I would have liked more soups.

Review №36

I brought my family to the Souplantation Chino Hills last week for some soup and salad (clearly). The inside is relatively new and appealing. All food items were stocked correctly and we did not have to ask for service. Probably the standard for most Souplantation locations. The best part of our meal was the strawberry muffins! I would definitely recommend taking the family or friends here for whatever occasion you like.

Review №37

Giving this restaurant 5 stars is a true understatement! Best clam chowder, best ranch dressing, best strawberry lemonade! All the buffet items are incredibly fresh and tasty and the pasta, soups, and prepared salads are made fresh daily with fresh ingredients. A must go when I come to the area from across the US.

Review №38

Great selection of salad plus quick service

Review №39

Great place,depending on whos baking you might get somepretty bomb muffins with crispy muffin top,the issue is the place isnt that big so somedays you got people waiting in line at the salad bar with their food but no available seats

Review №40

Love this place. Food is fantastic. Only deal I have here, is the coffee is never HOT! It drives me nuts. Just that one thing and we will have perfection.

Review №41

I love the mushroom soup. Lots of options to choose from. The cornbread is great

Review №42

This place was busy, but excellent service, food is good

Review №43

Love the salads and soups, most of all senior discount.

Review №44

Was in search of soup for the cold weather. I was not disappointed! Clam chowder to my heart's content with corn bread muffins. Of course I made my own salad too, so many options!!

Review №45

Very good food wise. Disorganized a bit. It was also very crowded so that probably explains a lot. Great bus guy though. He worked his A off.

Review №46

Very good! Will be back real soon!

Review №47

I love this place . very good service , clean and always fresh a big variety of a lil bit of everything . great for lunch and or dinner . can't go wrong . great price and value

Review №48

Quiet. Great food.

Review №49

Very open and all the ingredients are kept full. Never lacking an empty plate or bowl to fill. A good place for dinner. Except at peak times, there aren't enough tables and definitely not enough parking spaces. Outside of that, it's on the short list of places to go when no one can make a decision of what they want.

Review №50

Normally this place is really good. Today the lettuce was brown and wilting. The bread was stale and the service was lacking. Hopefully next time will be better.

Review №51

Mediocre at it's best. Food is very bland, but it's all you can eat.

Review №52

Love the salad bar and great soup, etc.

Review №53

Absolutely superb. Great food. Clean store. Wonderful servers and prep perdonnel.

Review №54

Met a friend there and we both love this restaurant. We can each get exactly what we want. Great salad selections for everyone. Many different choices for soups too!

Review №55

The best a must go for and salad loves

Review №56

This is a more modern location, very cool and clean atmosphere.

Review №57

This place has poor quality food, old food, is extremely dirty and definitely not inexpensive! Menu is extremely limited and is strictly vegetarian, there is no meat of any kind so you better just like salad. Not worth the money! This place should be shut down! Absolutely a failure!

Review №58

Ok clean .. great chicken soup

Review №59

Where shall I start...the salad bar doesn't have any kind of meat(chicken, turkey, ham)..There wasn't any black tea so they said they would make a new one(31 minutes and counting as the finished tea sits there behind the counters..out of reach..see pictures). And finally there was some kind of chocolate lava cake which was labeled as apple caramel cake(see pic). Expected more...

Review №60

I've been to this location several times . The service is fast and friendly and the place is very clean. Obviously, if you ever been to a soup plantation you know and understand the setup. All the stations are always well maintained and fresh.

Review №61

Great place, great food. I come here often and am always satisfied.

Review №62

One thing I'll say is that this is a very family friendly place to eat. The lobby is very large and has room for large parties, as well, as room for strollers. I have to say that I really enjoyed this place. All of the food appeared fresh and clean, and even tasted as such. They even have a good selection of dessert options for after the meal. So take your family and enjoy.

Review №63

Great family environment. Friendly and efficient staff. The mac and cheeseis a little bland (Just add cheddar cheese and bacon), but all other dishes is very tasteful.

Review №64

Very disappointed with selection and quality.The best part were the servers.

Review №65

What can I say soup is my all-time favorite buffet and restaurant period.

Review №66

It was dirty, the food was not fresh the pasta was old n dry the soups were cold

Review №67

Everything here is awesome . The only issue is the sanitary feeling, as it's hard not to receive an empty plate with some very light but present food markings.

Review №68

It was busy saturday night so things weren't as good as they could be. But still good.

Review №69

The Chino Hills location is nice, clean and I prefer their setup as opposed to others I've visited. The only downside is that this one is small - less seating and table options

Review №70

Awesome prices and solid food. They got soups, they got salads, and they got pizza. Soft serve is on point though maybe different toppings wouldn't hurt.

Review №71

It was our first time. The food was decent, the staff was friendly. Not to crazy about the cafeteria style setting. But overall a good experience.

Review №72

Soups and salads were fine. Dishes could be cleaner really...

Review №73

An excellent family restaurant with reasonable prices, excellent foods, and friendly service.

Review №74

This is where I go to make my own salad. Souplantation has a vast variety of foods to make a delicious salad, and it's all you can eat. I'm not too fond of restaurants that make your salad for you, where you have to accept their concoction of a salad.

Review №75

The dood there is great. There is a big selection of soups and pasta. It is luke Olive Garden but it tastes differ.

Review №76

Excellent food every time.Never had bad experience.Vegetable is always fresh and soup is always warm.Restaurant is always clean.Staff is good too.

Review №77

Relaxing place for a fresh salad and a warm soup.

Review №78

Food was as expected. Bathrooms and restaurant was dirty

Review №79

Vegan ginger broth is AMAZING

Review №80

This was my first time at Souplatation and was slightly confused on what to do at the beginning. It was unique to wait in line and also pick out your choice salad and toppings to start your buffet style experience. It was about 14 dollars per person without a beverage! (cheap considering its a buffet!) and $16 with a beverage!The soups were delicious and extremely appetizing! I had the chili which was delicious with the different breads, the chicken noodle soup had really juicy and yummy pieces of chicken with short noodles that tasted towards the flour-y side of noodles. The clam chowder was very good, especially with the crackers, a scoop of cheese, and a few scoops of bacon.I was stuffed when walking out of the restaurant, with about 8 empty bowls of soups, a cleaned out plate that had a salad on top, and delicious dessert!

Review №81

Really love their soup and salad bar. Love the chicken noodle soup

Review №82

Enjoyed the food, drinks, and company. Staff did a good job dealing with the busy fathers day crowd.

Review №83

It was great. Stopped for a meal before taking my trip Washington.

Review №84

Place not very old but some of the seats left worn out unrepaired​ dried spaghetti in the bowl most of all plates and cups placed less than a foot from the floor

Review №85

Very good and at a fair price.

Review №86

Good & Bad.Good: Our server was named Matt, he was outstanding....Bad: We head not been to Souplantion for many years and found ourselves quite disappointed.For the price the quality seemed to have suffered since the last time.I do not think we wil be back.

Review №87

Not as clean as usual. Prices keep going up quickly.

Review №88

Nice healthy light lunch. The tiny blueberry is so delicious

Review №89

Great food and a very convienent place to eat. Three courses available.

Review №90

The bread was dry and hard to butter ice machine was not working and some of the employees seemed to want to be elsewhere

Review №91

Amazing clam chowder soup!

Review №92

Food was good not great huge selection though.

Review №93

Clam chowder soup and salad! Delicioso!!

Review №94

Can't really going wrong with this place. Fruits, veggies, and soups... Just like the name promises. There's also desserts and ice cream.

Review №95

My son just loves this place so much!

Review №96

Always delicious!! Really nice place to eat clean and catch up with friends. Friendly staff, and a lot of selections to choose from:)

Review №97

Good place to dine with family. Crowded most of the dinner time.

Review №98

Souplantation will forever be my favorite place because of their chili soup. They also seem to handle big rushes very well making their wait time for seating very minimal

Review №99

Love souplanrationI have been a patron of this restaurant for years. I have visited different locationsn have never been disappointed.

Review №100

1st time to any souplantation. Kind of threw me off at first how you walk in grab a tray serve your salad then pay. It didnt help that they sat me and my boyfriend on a very crocked lop sided *(mini)* table. We asked for a table change and everything was better then. Soups were yummy and rich. Breads were delicious and the small selection of desert was okay. I will definitely be coming back.

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  • Address:4645 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
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  • Phone:+1 909-315-5265
  • Buffet restaurant
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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