BAPS Shayona Caf
15100 Fairfield Ranch Rd, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
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Don't bother coming on a week day.We came from out of town, really excited to have some good food but we're left severely disappointed. The cafe itself is actually closed. There is no one there.The shop attached to the cafe is open and they had limited food options available, maybe 2 or 3 prepacked things. This was the really disappointing part. We didn't have breakfast, and were expecting a hearty meal. We checked the web for information and it said the cafe opens at 1130.Upon reaching the cafe, we found it abandoned. There was only one person in the attached store, and he informed us they have a "limited menu" on the weekdays, while pointing to the fridge and the food cabinet next to it. They couldn't even offer the tea.As someone who is visiting from out of town, it's really disappointing to see such an established organisation to provide misinformation as such. While we sat and ate from the limited menu options, we noticed a large number of people who came in to have a meal also left disappointed, so this is not unique to just out of town folk.Please update your website and say the cafe is actually closed. "Limited menu" would refer to maybe 50% of the main menu. Not 2 or 3 options from a food warmer.The food would taste nice, but there is an extraordinary amount of cilantro in the dish which overpowers the actual taste of the dish. I understand everyone has different taste buds and preferences, but for anyone who cannot handle cilantro, definitely always ask for the ingredients.

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Great quality indian snacks at affordable prices.

Review №3

This place knows how to serve their customers. Regularly with a very nice approach. The food is conveniently priced, regularly tasty and neat.

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Good food as always. However, compared to other places the food is very limited in variety of options and the shop doesnt carry the spices etc one would want. Food options are also only narrow range and not a full menu. Otherwise very good.

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Great food. Serves only vegetarian food. Awesome variety of snacks for sale as well.

Review №6

On Friday, 7/5, I had one of the plates of different types of curry (that they serve cafeteria style) While it was delicious while I was eating and I am sure prepared with much love, I got very ill 2 hours later and threw up all the food I ate. I am certain I got food poisoning from this cafe. Beware.

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This casual eatery is located within the BAPS Temple grounds and connects to a small snack market.A typical visit would include visiting the BAPS Mandir (which is GORGEOUS) and wandering over here to the Shayona for a snack or meal.This isn't just "Indian food," but more based on a Hindu vegetarian diet and expresses the concept of purity, devotion and nonviolence. You will not find Chicken Tikka Masala here or the typical Indian foods you might be used to. This is a sanctified cuisine where no meat, onion, garlic, or alcohol are used nor have they made contact with the food/utensils.The line to order was long on a Saturday but the menu board is clear and and descriptive, so you'll be able to save time by knowing what you want before you get to the front.We ordered:-- Thali - $10 A little bit of everything. This is great to share as it has yogurt, their version of a flatbread, a mini soup, 2 mini vegetarian stews, and some sweets.-- Cheese Dosa - $6 This was like a ginormous rolled crepe that had delicious melted cheese inside. You dip this in a rich green sauce.-- Mango Lassi - $3 Pretty sweet version. Not sure if they can make it less sweet.-- Chai Tea - $1 for a small cup of spicy milky tea.The wait time for the food could be a little long on the weekends, but half of the fun is getting to people-watch and being within this culture. Out of the 2 food items we ordered, our favorite was the cheesy Dosa and would come back to try more of the other menu items. It's a great way to help support the Mandir financially as well.For those not interested in the Hindu cuisine, they do offer 2 American items, Nachos and (Veggie) Pizza :)

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Great food, great price, nice staff!Most of the food is spicy. All of it is vegetarian!My favorites are the pastry stuffed with spicy potato.The samosas are excellent...especially if you like heat!Shop at the attached market for more excellent options!My favorite personal care item is the balm. It's only $3 and I like it even more than Tiger Balm!

Review №9

Nice veg restaurant, reasonably priced. Their "Dal" under Thali is excellent, but avoid taking it whole lot, until & unless used to having butter/Ghee.

Review №10

Very tasty food. From food to dessert to a store, very good options.

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Really good food.

Review №12

Good food but most of them are on sweeter side .

Review №13

An amazing food experience with the Premvati best Indian sweets & sneak are available here

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The food there is great.

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Get the dhokla!

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Good for salads!!!

Review №17

Very testy veg food

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