Love Letter Pizza & Chicken
3277 Grand Ave H, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
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I came here during the soft opening. Expect to wait a little bit for the food considering it's fried chicken and pizza. Prices were fair and the staff was extremely friendly and the manager came by making sure that everything was okay.We ordered the bulgogi fries and spicy fried chicken. The fries had a really good sauce on top and the spicy chicken was definitely spicy or nothing to overbearing where you couldn't enjoy it. Chicken was extremely moist which made it delicious! I forgot what pizza we ordered but the sauce on top of the pizza was equally good and the crust was very crispy.Overall, friendly service, expect a weight due to the food that they cook, and great tasting food!

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Super mega excellent place!!! A+++ The taste of food and the prices are great! It seems that its the best italian restaurant in the city! I recommend to every body!

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First time to ever try this place.Ordered one day ahead & confirmed 30 mins prior to pick up time. Orders were ready when I arrived. Food still hot when we arrived home. Ordered 1 wholechicken regular, 1 whole chicken sweet and spicy and 18 pcs wings half sweet and spicy; half buffalo sriracha. The sweet and spicy is the best but all were great.Also got the sweet potato gold and bulgogi pizza large. Both pizzas are so delicious.Comparing their chicken with BBQ Chicken Irvine, hats off to Love Letter Pizza and Chicken Chino Hills! Definitely tastier & delicious & worth the money for Love Letter Pizza & Chicken!!!This will be our new fave!

Review №4

This had pretty good pizza and fried chicken I was impressed.

Review №5

Really good would recommend the sweet potato pizza and kowaiian pizza

Review №6

Good service for a big party (FYI automatic gratuity of 18% is added for big groups) and good food. We ordered two sauces, the soy garlic and sweet & mild. Both extra crispy (not sure if it's worth the extra price for extra crispy) and had good flavor. We got a pitcher of beer for a decent prices as well plus they included free corn salad with our order. Make sure you check in for the free drink!

Review №7

I used to go to Love Letter in Rowland Heights, and was very excited to have one open near my house. Unfortunately, its a huge letdown compared to the one elsewhere. The seasoning taste similar (sometimes, bland), but most of the time, the original fried chicken came out soggy and not crispy nor crunchy at all. I was very disappointed the first time but decided to give it a chance many times after, hoping. I hope they can make the fried chicken crispy and juicy like other branches! Pizza is pretty good.

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The food itself is okay, if you like Korean style chicken and alternate takes on pizza. The service is downright terrible.When I went there on a group outing, we ordered separately and to go, due to differing schedules that would force some people to leave at different times. It still should have been a simple enough affair, since we had over an hour free.Despite my order being an earlier one, others in my group got their food far before mine. I waited over an hour, periodically asking about my order and being reassured that my order was coming. People who ordered after me yet received their food before me had sat down to munch while accompanying me.Then I was told that they forgot to do my order. The rest of my group had already finished their food, and it was almost time for the group to head back. The waitress and manager offered a very anemic apology, seeming to believe a free bottle of cheap soda would suffice for a wait of more than an hour for no good reason. This is with knowing that it make me waste even more time waiting for food they hadn't even started making.I demanded a refund. They went through a big production of having trouble reversing my credit card charges. I made sure to also keep pestering for a copy of the reversed charges, to ensure I had a record of what happened, and to see the original signed receipt, so that I could cross out my signature and void it. It took them so long just to understand why I would want to do so.Through all this, the apologies, both about the food and about the refund, always came with a claimed caveat that it wasn't that person's fault. No one was willing to take responsibility.If you like the food at Love Letter, go to a different branch. The one in Chino Hills will likely leave you disappointed at best, angry at worst.

Review №9

Love the sweet potato pizza. Light on the tomato sauce and the crust is stuffed with sweet potato.

Review №10

I'm so glad there's a korean chicken and pizza place in Chino Hills now. We went during the soft opening and was surprised that the entire menu was available. they do cook your chicken to order so be prepared to wait a while for it to come out.we got a pizza with a sweet potato - comes with onion, bell pepper, sweet potato, sausage, corn, pineapple, ham, cheese, white sauce.original whole chicken - half naked and half with the sweet chili's pretty pricey but considering they fry to order, not bad.definitely will be going back.

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I loved their food(chicken chicken and chicken:) ) Food came out quickly and service was awesome. Definitely coming again.

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Came here to order take out. Got the 18 piece chicken wings which took about 30 minutes to make. When I got home and started eating, my wife noticed it seemed short some wings and indeed it was. They ended up giving me 12 wings instead of the 18. Checked the receipt to see if they took the order incorrectly, but they did charge for 18.I gave them a call and told them what happened and they said they would give me credit for the 6 wings the next time I came in, but the wings were just okay so I asked for a refund. I came back the next couple of days to get my refund and they gave me $8 back which was the menu price difference. I asked them if they were sure that was the correct amount and they said yes. I told them they charged tax on that $8 difference so I should be getting the tax back too and they seems a little annoyed that I was right.During the ordering, we asked if we could get half one sauce and half another and they said we could, but didn't mention it would be an additional charge for doing that. Just be aware if you want to do that. You'll be charged for two different sauces.Overall, not impressed with the wings or the service.

Review №13

The pizza is the best I've ever had and I love all their food options. This place is a must for good food.

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A very unique taste on fried chicken. Less seasoning on the inside and focus more on sauces afterwards.Overall good, takes a minute for the food to come out, but nice experience.

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Korean style fried chicken is moist and very tasty. The pizza is not like most pizzas you've had, theres a very slight sweetness to the dough, but still very tasty. Would go back again.

Review №16

Edit: The Love Letter in Rowland Heights is the one I'd recommend. I highly recommend visting the one there and not at this location if you want not only good pizza but also great service and awesome staff.............The worst customer service, even from the "MANAGER"..?Never tried the food because the service was so bad.I came to order takeout and they told me they would call when it was ready. "Should take 30 minutes" they told me. I waited outside instead cause I didn't really have anywhere else to go.After 50 minutes, I came back inside to ask when it would be ready. It was ready 30 MINUTES AGO. Their excuse? "We forgot to call. It was busy." It was left out for 30 MINUTES on the front counter. I can't imagine how much longer it would have been left out if I didn't come in.They apologized and gave me the food. The bottom of the pizza box was near to ripping and it was ice cold.I went ahead and told them and all they said was "sorry." I asked if they could do something about it but all they replied with was "sorry."I was visibly upset and all they could say was sorry. I asked if they could remake it and they told me it would take another 30 minutes despite it not being busy anymore. So I asked if I could speak to the manager. He said that he wasn't here and that there was not much to do. So I asked if I can get a refund and he was very hesitant to say anything until he nodded. I asked again if I could speak to the manager and his reply changed? He said that it was him...?It was like pulling teeth. I won't ever be trying their food.

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Sweet Potato pizzas were BOMB

Review №18

Cheese pizza is a must. Can get expensive real fast, but food is fresh and service is prompt. Will definitely come back

Review №19

The food is good and the people are nice

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It's delightful and it's very good QUALITY “JOANNE PARK” BAN HER

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NEED TRAINING ON CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! There is NONE. Not accommodating customers. Always trying to be in the right. "Not my fault" type of attitude.The food is as expected. A Korean styled pizza (nothing like what we know pizza ) and mildly salted fried chicken. Again it's all about Korean style.To be Frank, OVERLY PRICED! Spent approx 45$ on a cheap quality pizza (like one of those 5$ pizza) and a whole chicken fried!By the way, they charged my bill (which still pending due to discrepancy) without my signature.The worst of the evening caos, after seeing the manager? Kenny? coming out of the kitchen with FLOUR all over his bare HANDS and trying to resolve their order mistake at the counter, I am DEFINITELY NOT going back. Let's hope the white floury powder on his hands is not from the pizza dough he was making in the back. Instead I am praying it is from the gloves... think..!I was anticipating so much for its opening in CH yet this being the secind time giving it a try.... FAIL!! I rather spend 45$ at Buffalo place or WingStop.The service is sloooow and the good does come out slow. It does take time to fry.Their marketing of all natural vegetable seasoning... really? All natural? Hmmmm...

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Food is great and fresh, worth the wait ️

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Good food

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