Chef Jose Salazar Goose & Elder Findlay Market Restaurant
1800 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

Review №1

Always impressed with Chef Salazar and his restaurants! We always order the shishito peppers no matter the location since they are fantastic and something we can'tquite replicate at home the same way. Tonight, we also enjoyed the wings, avocado toast, duck confit and pepper crusted steak. The chocolate cake with salted caramel drizzle was amazing too! I tip my hat to the bartender for the elderflower mocktail. It's always nice to have some nonnie options too.. I even liked it a lil better than the elderflower margarita.

Review №2

Really comfortable, wonderful space with delicious American comfort food. It's bar food made with a lot more care and passion and much better ingredients than elsewhere. And it is absolutely not too expensive!We had the house salad (best vinaigrette, but the shaved carrots were the highlight), the disco fries (wonderfully light gravy ans perfect crispy bacon), and the fried bologna sandwich (decadent). I'll be going here a lot!

Review №3

Burgers at this location - excellent. I think I might become a regular. Prices are reasonable. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I liked to visit.

Review №4

Very cool restaurant/bar next to the Findlay market. The “Goetta Hash” is probably one of the best brunches I've ever had. It's like a German potato salad with a poached egg, green onions, and thick bacon. This place has a great vibe too!

Review №5

A top scene for Burgers. Fell in love with this place from the 1st taste. It has a good atmosphere.

Review №6

Sunday brunch was amazing! the restaurant had a nice setup, beautiful decor and friendly attentive staff. also being one of the only sit down restaurants in findlay is a huge plus!! a true hidden gem and cant wait to go back :)

Review №7

Burger week. Basic burger was excellent. Even after transporting home, the bun was great, soft, and not soggy. Crinkle fries were good and plentyful. Tried the curried veggies. Seasoning was not overdone and it was tasty.

Review №8

The best place in Cincinnati to have an all day Happy hour on Sunday with a 5 piece fried chicken special only on Sunday and the rest of the food is greattttt

Review №9

Goose & Elder is another one of Jose Salazar's babies. I'm a fan of this restaurants and they serve good food. This location is no different. I came here on a Sunday morning with my husband and two daughters for brunch. The space is larger than I expected. There is seating in the front right when you walk in and it extends to the back of the building. This is nice. We came in and were able to be seated immediately.Because I'm a foodie and I love to try things, sometimes when I come to places I order two dishes. *shrugs* I ordered the Stone-Ground Grits with shrimp and the Goetta Hash. My husband ordered the Cubano with Krinkle Cut Fries. We ordered our daughter sausage and eggs. The shrimp and grits was simple yet flavorful. It had all the right stuff that I like on my shrimp & grits. It had tomato, bacon, scallions, poached egg, Kerry gold butter. This dish is such a classic! The Goetta Hash was also very good and flavorful. It consisted of onion & potato, bacon, gravy, mozzarella, poached egg. I took most of this home and it was great leftovers for breakfast the next morning. My husband loved his Cubano sandwich. It looked very simple but it was packed with flavor. The fries and goose sauce were also good.Overall, we really enjoyed Goose and Elder for brunch. I want to come back on a Sunday night for their Fried Chicken & Biscuit special.

Review №10

The grain bowl was delicious, healthy, and filling! Fries came out warm, crispy, and well seasoned

Review №11

Walked to Findlay Market from home. 3.3 miles with my partner. Easy walk on this beautiful Saturday morning. Hungry now. Stopped at Goose & Elder for breakfast right across Findlay Market. Quick seating and the waitress was so nice with a big smile that just lit up the room. We ordered 3 eggs omelette with figs and cream cheese and French toast. Amazingly tasty and so beautifully created. Thank you!

Review №12

This was our first takeout order from Goose & Elder. We had the fried chicken (which was about the best chicken we've ever had) and my old standby, their bologna and egg sandwich which was as good as ever. The staff and management are great and the place is always clean. It's located right across from Findlay Market and there is plenty of parking.

Review №13

Burgers... yummy. The service was very welcoming and observant. This place has many reviews for a reason.

Review №14

Carried out Thanksgiving this year for something different and it didn't disappoint!

Review №15

What a wonderful place! Syd was so awesome- she sure knows her food! Thanks for one of my best dining experiences in Cinci!!!

Review №16

Unplanned Brunch after Findlay Market ShoppingIt had been more than two months since we were last at Findlay Market and found ourselves standing in front of Goose & Elder and we could have sworn it wasn't there the last time which is correct since the waitress confirmed that they had been open for a month. We decided to have brunch after looking at the menu and eyeing the Stone-Ground GritsTomato, bacon, scallions, poached egg, Kerry gold butter. This was a very simple but spectacularly delicious meal and very filling. I had to have help from my husband. I didn't know what to expect from the grits since I rarely eat them but these are stoned ground so there is substance and flavor. We now look forward to our trips to the market with the added bonus of future brunch at the Goose & Elder. BTW we are traveling 3 hours round trip since we love shopping at the market. If you find yourself in Cincinnati and at the market you really should treat yourself to Goose & Elder. Staff was attentive, food excellent and the coffee good.

Review №17

We stopped in just to check out the brand new Goose & Elder in OtR. It's amazing. So beautiful. We sat in the bar and had a White Russian. Delicious. We tried just two little sides, the watermelon and mac&cheese. Both were teriffic. We can't wait to stop back at Goose & Elder very soon for dinner. Everything on the menu sounded amazing.

Review №18

Chef Salazar has done it again! Delicious food, wine selections, desserts and coffee. It hits all the marks in our books!

Review №19

Really good food, solid cocktails, though heavy on the ice. Decent (though few) taps and bottle beer list. The ambiance is fine but not the best reason to come here.The best reason is really reasonable pricing for amazing food. The menu is small, but I wanted to order all of it.

Review №20

I'm not a "review" person but my experience I believe is worth noting. My only objective in doing so is that it is read, considered and that it doesn't continue to occur. I worked in the service industry for 18 plus years. Anyone that has, knows that there is alot more patience in these matters if you've worked them yourself.This past weekend (8-8-20 to be exact) we visited Goose and Elder for the first time. My girlfriend had a friend in from Chicago so we thought we'd check out the Market and try one of the "hip" newer places for a brunch/lunch. We were kindly seated outside per our request after temps took, which we appreciate the safety measures taken btw. The Server brought water and took our drink order. Great! Came back in a timely manner and took food requests. Great! Drinks and waters seemed no problem on refills but about 35 minutes in we started to wonder when the food would arrive. 45 minutes still nothing and we asked our server when we might expect it? The response was "it will be out momentarily." Literally an hour after we placed the order the food finely appeared. In fact, the 2 tables that were seated after us had received and finished their meals before ours arrived. Just happened to be that our food was delivered by the manager. She was kind but still no acknowledgment of a kitchen crash, a dropped order, or simply forgot to ring in. So we asked, and made her aware of the situation. She assured us that what "needed to be taken care of would be." It's also important to state that The restaurant wasn't that busy, it was afternoon. My opinion is that a solid hour on ticket time is unacceptable. It's one thing to acknowledge the problem and try to right it but this was not the case by the server nor the manager. Atleast not until we spoke up. Not ok... The server returned with the bill and they had deducted roughly $7- from 3 meals and drinks.. (They bought me a beer basically.) Not sure what policy is here but in my opinion paying full price for meals that took over an hour to get with NO owning up to is a bit absurd. This didn't really seem fair. 50% off maybe. We have also been to Salazar in OTR and enjoyed our experience there..Goose and Elder, Probably won't be back nor recommend..Bummer

Review №21

Cheese burger & the mac n cheese was awesome! Service was a little slow.

Review №22

Great sharing portions, and great vibes.

Review №23

First time here. Amazing food and friendly service. Highly recommend.

Review №24

I really like this place! Great menu, great service, lots of atmosphere and character. In my last visit we went for Sunday brunch. Had a tequila sunrise and the shrimp and grits entree. Both were just all kinds of good. My dining companion had the goetta hash and it too was awesome. Will definitely return.

Review №25

Perfect brunch menu (until 3pm on Saturdays, btw). Great atmosphere, with great a decor and artistic style. The service was friendly and helpful. The food was spectacular...and those fries with Goose Sauce!

Review №26

Che is one of my favorite restaurants in Cincinnati!! The empanadas are always so good (my fav is the Korean bbq) and brunch is delicious as well!! Also the truffle Mac n cheese is a must!!

Review №27

Food is always delicious! Service is nice too. Beautiful space. Small but nice cocktail list plus beer and wine. Always a great experience!

Review №28

The food was delicious. Very nice atmosphere.

Review №29

Love the Findlay Market area. Food was above and beyond delicious. Very hipster hangout but service was solid and in touch.

Review №30

Went for Sunday Brunch. Sunday's they are only open until 3pm and only serve a limited menu. However I was pleasantly surprised to find the chef working throughout the restaurant from greeting people to serving food to expediting the kitchen.Would definitely recommend making a reservation as it was very very busy at 12:30pm. Our server was friendly but inattentive. It took about 10 minutes to get their attention and they only came by to take my order and bring my check.The wait for our food took about thirty minutes which wasn't ideal. I flagged down my server who I asked if they knew how long until our food arrived. They simply replied no and quickly walked away. They didn't offer to check on the status of my food nor were they the one to bring me my food.Service aside, the food was well worth the wait and saved the experience. I had the Goetta Hash. It was AMAZING. For under $15 I received a decadent, indulgent, and rich meal. Words do not do it justice.I will be back for brunch and more. While waiting, I got a good look at other diners' meals and everything looked delicious. Only reason for the four stars is the wait and lack of service.

Review №31

I have now been here twice and one can definitely tell that it is a newly opened restaurant, but they have delivered great food both times. While it is my belief that the service side of this place will get worked out, I am encouraged by how good the food has been. The burger is great, as is the duck leg. The sweet potato chips, avocado toast, and mac and cheese are also quite good. The one knock on this place is their cocktail menu. While their old fashioned is well made, the cocktails are rather uninspiring and do not really compete well with other cocktail lists in Cincinnati. I look forward to returning and enjoying more of their great food.

Review №32

Food and staff are excellent! We visit every week

Review №33

Stopped in for brunch and ordered a pair of salads, a warm grain bowl, and a goetta hash. all of them were fantastic, the service was very attentive and handled all our little request very well, unfortunately the food took a really long time to get there. And then not packed environment it took 30 minutes to get anyting, now we were very happy when the food arrived, and I would definitely go back, but I probably wouldn't be hungry when I showed up. One other note it is a very loud environment, there's not a lot of soft surfaces in the tables are pretty close together. But the food is great me

Review №34

Furst time experience. Excellent menu, makes sense and had great selection of small and large plates. Value and food quality will definitely have us making a return trip.

Review №35

The bartender seemed to be very aware of the rideshare/delivery partner procedures. He knew which order to get, quickly and efficiently. On the downside, there was very little room to maneuver in the bar area where delivery drivers are expected to pick up food.

Review №36

The food was fantastic (duck and grits), but what really lacked was the service and atmosphere. We had a large party and were seated right next to the door. Once we ordered our food took almost an hour to arrive. We saw tables be seated and receive their food multiple times before ours came out. The manager came out and apologized and they even gave us some cake at the end as a condolence, which was very kind, but I still can't seem to understand the hour wait.Additionally, the facility was very loud. I couldn't hear my girlfriend who was right next to me. There were a few contributing factors here. The walls were relatively bare with hardwood floors, by nature, loud. That's all fine, but the music is what killed me. It wasn't terribly loud, but the bass was turned up, so I never heard the song that was playing but steadily got the baseline the whole time. In a naturally loud space, I really dont think music of any kind is necessary.I digress, the food was excellent, but I won't be going there again to eat in. If they order carry out, I'm all over it.

Review №37

The experience of this elevated fried bologna sandwich with housemade chips was magical!

Review №38

Great food and people. Jose does great stuff at all his places. Gotta try them all!

Review №39

The Sunday fried chicken deal is fantastic: $13 for four pieces and a biscuit. The chicken was beautifully cooked (not greasy), tender and moist, and accentuated nicely with the dusting of pimenton.

Review №40

Everything we had was great. You have to try the Shishido peppers and the pumpkin hummus.

Review №41

Enjoyed the brunch options. Good service and tasty food.

Review №42

Food was phenomenal, Sarina (my server) was phenomenal, it just took a while to get my drinks and food

Review №43

Unfortunately didn't meet any expectations. Dinner started off by our waitress telling us to order everything all at once, which, in hindsight now makes sense. They were extremely understaffed—everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. We ordered everything at once and got our drinks. Flat draft beer. Sent back and got a new one. Still flat. Get our main courses.. ordered the steak medium and it came out cooked rare. I have never sent food back in my life until this restaurant. The whole experience was just, well, unfortunate. The manager did come over to apologize and did give us his business card to email him when we come in on our next visit—very sweet, but, I don't think that will be happening. Save yourself some time and energy and skip out on this place. I'm sure anywhere else would be better.

Review №44

Not bad, but nothing special. Most dishes were fine and one did not work at all (bone marrow). Overall was expecting much more based on his other restaurants - it can be missed for now, maybe if both the cocktail and food menu get revised I would give it another go.

Review №45

Everyone was so nice there. However, the pancakes were a little burnt. The potatoes in the hash were undercooked and very short on the goetta. Good bloody Mary! Will try again, maybe just an off day

Review №46

Very tasty grain bowl and BLT. They also did a great job accommodating our young children

Review №47

The veggie burger was great and service was fantastic, it was a very pleasurable dinner

Review №48

Excellent brunch. Will definitely be back for dinner.

Review №49

The falafel burger is to die for! The bar staff is friendly and it's definitely our go-to hangout.

Review №50

The fried chicken was super good

Review №51

This place is delicious. I want to try everything on the menu, but I'm going to struggle not to order the chicken schnitzel every single time.

Review №52

Great location right across from Findlay Market. Food and service were both fantastic. Great place to stop for any meal or a drink.

Review №53

This is another great restaurant from our favorite chef, Jose Salazar. The food, service, view and ambiance are everything we expected. We will return often.

Review №54

Shoulder to shoulder seating in front of restaurant. Extremely loud music. Could not hear what my dinner companion was saying and we were sitting at a table for two.Food ok, not memorable in the least.

Review №55

Comfortable bar area. Limited menu but interesting choices. Duck confirm a nice take on European favorite.

Review №56

Excellent food. Great service.

Review №57

Service was good. Food was okay wasn't blown away by anything.

Review №58

Really stellar, simple dishes. We enjoyed everything we ate.

Review №59

Just went w/work for appetizers - OMG! Going back for dinner - Delicious.

Review №60

Love the Disco Fries!

Review №61

We had the omelette and pancakes and both were delicious! Definitely would come back!

Review №62

Weird smell in the building when I went but good atmosphere and great pumpkin beer.

Review №63

Everytime i have been I have had a wonderful experience. Food is very fresh(big salad, spinach salad), sweet potatoes hummus is amazing, both desserts (crème brûlée, chocolate cake) are perfect. The staff is amazing, the location is very pretty and the view/windows on the market. Really a great place !!

Review №64

The bar is my favourite, but sit anywhere and enjoy the menu because no matter what seat you're in it's just fantastic

Review №65

Simply outstanding meal. Marrow bones, burger, peppers, wings.

Review №66

Nice bar, great wings, and cheap beer!

Review №67

Love the bar space. Very comfortable and inviting. Will be back

Review №68

What a classy little find by Findlay Market! Great atmosphere, great food, great prices!

Review №69

Great burger, bone marrow, and happy hour prices.

Review №70

Really good burgers and wings.

Review №71

Very nice, Excellent food and staff

Review №72

Really enjoyed the fried bologna sandwich

Review №73

Loved the spinach and kale salad!

Review №74

Great place!

Review №75

So good!

Review №76

Great brunch

Review №77

It dope

Review №78


Review №79

Didn't try anything

Review №80

Fresh food

Review №81


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  • Phone:+1 513-579-8400
  • Hamburger restaurant
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  • Monday:11:30AM–9PM
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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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