Chili Time Restaurant
4727 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45217, United States
Review №1

Their food and service is always great. I pass by three Skylines and Gold Stars just to get an order of their good!.Yes a little on the high side on price, but worth it. In response to another review. These are not new owners. The Vidas family has owned this since 1963. I also like their cousin's place "Annies" in Norwood.

Review №2

This baby gets FIVE stars because it excels at what it purports to be - a Cincinnati Chili joint with a thick patina of storied decades.I'll be honest - I'm no fan of what is known as “Cincy-Style Chili” - having first tried it at the SkyLine Chili in Naples, FL years ago. The notion of cinnamon in chili rubs me the wrong way - and spaghetti not al dente has never been my jam. Nonetheless, this place serves up a spectrum of Chili concoctions to please various palates.Service was cheerful and swift. Open-air kitchen very clean, as well as the dining room.I asked the server to surprise me with an order - something that they would stand behind as a “signature dish”. She said she had just the thing.“Just the thing” turned out to be two chili dogs with heaps of cheese, and then a heap of quite good French fries with larger heaps of shredded cheese.I applaud those among us who can take in that much cheese - the photos don't provide true justice. It's a magnificent amount - and given that in the old days, this sort of cheese may have been called “Government Cheese”, I suspect it's easy on the bottom line. I'd wager food costs here are well below 20%.Definitely come here - it's a charming diner in the most classic sense of Americana. I'm happy I came!

Review №3

I worked at all the Chili Time location even Chili Town Downtown when one of the relatives moved there, but have never worked at the St. Bernard location. They have the best food in the small Chili restaurants. WAY better than skyline or goldstar

Review №4

Always get a double Decker sandwich there and it's always good and so big. It is always good

Review №5

One of my favorite lunch time go-tos in St. Bernard! I work close by and most of our company comes here for some quick diner food. I will occasionally meet my wife here as well (she loves the Chef Salad). I'm a big fan of the TimeBurger Platter with fries and chili, or the Western Omelette with a side of Goetta. Friendly atmosphere, good fast food, and easy to get in and out of. Parking can be five or take but depends if you are a true noon lunch goer or come after 1pm. Highly recommend!

Review №6

1st time here...Style/Taste is Soooo different but AWESOME!! Will DEFINITELY be back

Review №7

Normally we really like this place. Today however we brought a guest and their meal had a hair in it apparently from the cook. They remade the meal but he was so upset he didn't eat it. The proper thing to do would have been for them not to have charged us for that meal... Especially since I paid for it. Deano

Review №8

We eat here in a regular basis. Unfortunately Saturday night between 7:30 and 8:30 they were a little busy. There was only a few table open but they were all dirty, they wiped one off for us. Our food came with no napkins, forks or crackers. While we were eating two young women came to eat in and were told by the waitress that she wasn't cleaning any tables right now, she was trying to catch up. They did have a line but they just turned paying dine in customers away. This was totally rude, needless to say they young women walked out.

Review №9

The food was good and the waitress was awesome- Martin & Norma

Review №10

One of the best places to eat in Cincinnati!! Everyone is so nice. Just good hometown cooking at great prices. One of my absolute favorites!

Review №11

Drove over 30 minutes to get chili time (typically my favorite chili place) and go to the park around the corner for a little picnic with my husband, daughter and mother in law. We got 6 coneys and some bowls of chili. At the pickup window, I asked for hot sauce and she gave me TWO packets which was laughable. When we got to the park, we started getting our food out and realized there were no utensils or napkins... Why can't I trust that they'd just put the proper things in the bag? So two people couldn't even eat their food. So disappointing. Not to mention the coneys were completely smashed because they put everything on top of them.

Review №12

I've been eating at a chili Time restaurant since I was in elementary school. Going there sometimes just reminds me of what was and what is.Both service and food was great.always nice to go to a small family restaurant.

Review №13

Diner fare at its best. Had the 2 egg breakfast with goetta.... highly recommended.

Review №14

Stopped today and picked up 5 chili cheese sandwiches and fries. Haven't eaten the chili cheese yet. 3 for hubby, 2 for me, but they look and smell amazing. Fries are for grandson for when he gets home from work. They smell so fresh and good. I'll just crisp them up in my non-stick skillet and they will taste freshly made. Hadn't been there for several years due to hubby's serious health situations, but he had a hankering. We will definitely be back soon. I asked for a carryout menu, but they said they were out. That was disappointing.

Review №15

Really good chili and alot cheaper then other chili restaurants

Review №16

Literally no meatless options and didn't care to suggest anything else. My husband said chili was ok

Review №17

Fresh hot chili. Other items on the menu like breakfast and sandwiches. Plenty of seats and fast service.

Review №18

Fast service, friendly staff. Classic chow!

Review №19

Just your typical little diner. The prices were very reasonable. My friend got a threeway and it was more than he could finish. I got onion rings and they were very good.

Review №20

There was only 2 waitress working an they pulled together help each other. Service was great. Food was wonderful had a 3 way x xcheese had the best flavor it's had n years. My husband and I prefer chili time then skyline or gold star.

Review №21

Love this place, breakfast lunch or dinner, food is always good

Review №22

Guud food an friendly Pples i ben n Cincinnati 4 15yrs an Chili Time was duh first Cincinnati food i ate

Review №23

Was really good! Have alot to offer. Fries with cheese and gravy!!!!

Review №24

The food is awesome. The people are very friendly. Prices are ok not the best but also not the worst. Their cheesecake is the best that I have ever had. Highly recommend the pancakes and cheesecake.

Review №25

Always good .one of my favorite spots for breakfast and late nite munchies

Review №26

Too long of a wait for our food. Not enough help and a total waste of time!

Review №27

Man that was slapping o my gosh!

Review №28

Great establishment. Never had Cincinnati chili before but now i wish i could get it back home.

Review №29

Great services good food and quick service

Review №30

This place is still great and never disappoints. Great breakfast, unique chili flavor compared to other chili parlors. Just wish the had the old 0600-0400 hours 7 days a week that they used to. Great for us third shift workers.

Review №31

This was my boyfriend and I's favorite place to go for the start of our date nights before moving further away. Thankfully we still find time to go every once in a while! Such a cute diner feel, and always good food!!

Review №32

Chili was a bit bitter and "off" tasting. Prefer Skyline. Other menu options however including double deckers.

Review №33

Our waitress Dee was fantastic. She was super friendly and made everyone laugh many times with her jokes. Food was great and came very quickly. We had 9 people all together and they accommodated us amazingly. Love this restaurant. One of the best in the area.

Review №34

Absolutely awesome hometown eatery. I've been there over a dozen times and have tried a vast array of their dishes. I have never been disappointed. Delicious, love this restaurant.

Review №35

Great breakfast I've never ate lunch r dinner there but I know there food is great in the morning and usually always under 10 bucks 2 eggs home fries bacon about 5 pieces of bacon and biscuits and gravy is like 8.99

Review №36

Strictly with this virus going on is only take out enjoy yourself

Review №37

The chili has lost its flavor. It doesn't taste as good as it did years ago. The kids cheese fries cost just as much as the regular ones. When you get your check, it only has the total amount. They don't give you individual prices! NO OTHER PLACE DOES THAT!

Review №38

It's okay to stop at if your family is dragging you along. Not somewhere I'd pick personally.+ There's something for everyone there almost. It's been around for years.- It's pretty unclean throughout. The food is generally served cold/soggy, and it's bland. Service can slog along to the point where you question the tip you're leaving behind.

Review №39

Chelsea, our server was sweet. Food was good. Friendly staff.

Review №40

I had not been to Chili Time for over 20 years... It's just as good today as it was then. The food was great and the cost of the meal was great also. I ordered a double decker and an order of hash browns with onions. That is what lunch is like in heaven. I will be going back more often. I definitely won't wait another 20 years.

Review №41

Great service friendly

Review №42

It's a great place for people who like small local diners, but not that great food in my opinion. I prefer a Bob Evan's over this place anyday but it is still good for basic type meals.

Review №43

Good home style cooking. Friendly clean great spot.

Review №44

Friendly staff and big menu. Just not my taste.

Review №45

Always great. Delicious food, prompt and friendly service. Can 100% recommend as a must if you come to Cincinnati.

Review №46

Awesome portions. Decent food. Just wish the chili had more of a Skyline taste. Some of you may enjoy that, some of you may not.

Review №47

The staff is excellent, but the food is just ok for a quick bite.

Review №48

Homemade chili, it differs from any other chili in Cincinnati that's a very good flavor what is unique in this own way. If you're looking for gold star or Skyline this is not the place to go but if you're looking for a good wholesome hot bowl of chili you want to stop in and try it's not too shabby. Also one of the best old fashioned through the garden Deluxe cheeseburgers I've had in a very long time.

Review №49

So, in Cincinnati it seems like you're either a Skyline or a Gold Star fan. But in a blind taste test I wonder if I could tell the difference. But Chili Time is where I first had Cincinnati style chili way back when I was at Roger Bacon High School. Chili Time is still there in St Bernard, although in a newer and larger location. Could I tell the difference between Gold Star, Skyline and Chili Time in a blind taste test? I don't know, but who cares? I like to support small local businesses.

Review №50

Havnt been here in 14 years and they still have the best there chili fries and big time sauce

Review №51

Great chili and great service! Great plate lunch as well! Give them a shot if you appreciate a good value meal, you won't be disappointed ...unless you seek gourmet!?

Review №52

Secretly the best chili in the city, obviously the best staff too. A number of people frequent this establishment it's easy to tell why, it is an excellent stand-out on the diner scene

Review №53

Love this place. I stopped in for breakfast. I was surprised to see that it was nearly empty at 8 am. Fast and friendly service. My order was correct and tasty.

Review №54

It has a neighborhood vibe. A piece of Americana

Review №55

Friendly people in good food

Review №56

I've been there once and I won't go back. The food was not good. I mean the chilli was ok but pancakes definitely tasted like it came out of ah box.. The breakfast sandwich biscuit tasted bland. The guy cleaning was dirty, nice but dirty. He was sweaty and had a smell. Any restaurant worker should be clean. It looked as if he hadn't washed his clothes in weeks. We came here cause of all the good reviews and I did not get it. I had hair in my food. Server was not attentive. I guess the orange juice was nice. And walking in seemed as they weren't use to seeing black people.. Made it as if we didn't belong

Review №57

Great coneys and onion rings

Review №58

Good food. Good value. Good service.

Review №59

The 4 way was nasty AF and they purposely forgot my hamburger.... My guess from the all white Confederate looking staff is they did it on purpose.... I felt out of place as soon as I stepped in... It barely had any noodles in it

Review №60

Courteous and swift service. Food also very good!

Review №61

Best chili in Cincy.. Although it is in ST Bernard... More for the money also... Great Service.

Review №62

Brings back memories..... Bummer the closing time it's sooner but I understand.

Review №63

One of my favorite places to eat. Love the staff. Family atmosphere

Review №64

Had breakfast with the Tuesday morning group

Review №65

Waiter had an attitude I will not be going there anymore the bathroom was nasty. I need to clean up. Thank you,

Review №66

What's Cincinnati chili was Great!!!

Review №67

Very good diner food and chili.

Review №68

Little hidden chili gem in the city. We've been here multiple times and the wait staff is really friendly and the food is really good. If you want something different, or a small town feel, this is the place for you.

Review №69

Going down hill. So sad been going. I have been going over 50years.

Review №70

I Love Chili Time. Awesome food court and waitresses. Breakfast is So Good

Review №71

Food was so good.Always good

Review №72

Too many places try to get too fancy with breakfast. This place has a solid breakfast at a decent price. Good service too.

Review №73

Good old fashioned over stuffed double decker sandwiches

Review №74

Great food and service good prices

Review №75

Food use to be good but now it's disgusting. I had a grilled chicken salad and the lettuce was brown and everything just tasted old.

Review №76

I have been going there or previous locations for over 50 years! And it was always five stars in my book. But over the last year or so something has changed for the worst with their food. I used to say the best Coneys in town were at Chili Time, but the taste has changed and I don't really like them anymore. I hear these comments about the overall food from many people. Some people in the family won't even go there anymore.

Review №77

Waitress was friendly and provided great service. Breakfast was tasty and inexpensive. Can't beat Chili Time!

Review №78

Service very poor no siverware didnt come ask if we needed anything or check on us we never recieved our coleslaw had them take it off almost dont want to come back with service like that

Review №79

Every single meal I have ever had there has been immensely satisfying and exceeded expectations. Highly recommend.

Review №80

Wonderful staff

Review №81

This place will always be remembered long after I'm gone it's a traditional type kinda place food and people are great

Review №82

Sadly used to love this place is still great in the morning when gary is there but after he leaves the whole kitchen staff should be fired great waitresses but cooks are horrible and the owners refuse to hire new cooks used to be my favorite now horrible!!!

Review №83

Food was good. Service excellent.

Review №84

Great Breakfast. An above avg greasy spoon spot.

Review №85

The service was horrible...the waitress got our orders wrong and to avoid coming back to our table she sent the guy that was bussing tables to bring the rest of are food and he had been cleaning tables and sweeping....very unsanitary....smh.

Review №86

Great food

Review №87

It was good but wouldnt be my 1st choice

Review №88

Great classic Cincinnati style chili restaurant.

Review №89

Fast, friendly service, great food.

Review №90

Great food and service at a reasonable price

Review №91

I love this place never had a bad meal or sevice.

Review №92


Review №93

Great service and an atmosphere that makes you forget you're in the city. Kim was fantastic!

Review №94

So good ! I hope chili time will always be there!

Review №95

Top 8 Cinci chili, enough said

Review №96

Great service and good chili

Review №97

Amazing food selection. The chili is some of the best I ever had.

Review №98

Great standard breakfast food! I always leave feeling stuffed and happy.

Review №99

Great food, I always enjoy going there. Definitely one of the better Cincinnati chili establishments

Review №100

I've been there since I was a kid but sometimes they take a while to get to you even if there aren't a lot of people sitting. The food is really good though.

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