J & J Restaurant
6159 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States
J & J Restaurant
Review №1

Cash only, old school diner with the biggest double decker sandwiches and cheesiest fries in town. There is an ATM inside if you forget cash. The quality has been the same great stuff for over 20 years. Not even the interior has changed much but it adds to the timelessness of the place.

Review №2

Omg they give you so many home fries! Delicious taters, though! The rest of the food and the service are both great every visit. My fiancee and I, as well as some of our friends, love eating at J & J Restaurant.

Review №3

Fair prices. If you like your chili with a lot of cheese, this is the place

Review №4

One of my favorite locations for delicious American food. I wish there were more places like this around town. It has a nice feel to it.

Review №5

Used to eat here all the time when i was a kid, I havent been here in a while so we stopped in for a carryout order and our order is completely wrong. Specifically said no onion or mustard on my sons coneys, and its covered in them. This becomes inconvenient because you can't just wipe off onion and mustard when the food is droopy and slopped with grease. even repeated exactly how we wanted them 3x. The waiter took our order was more worried about her tables than placing our order which is rude because were all paying customers. She also forgot her manners as we left, just sat our bag there an walked away. I think this may be our last visit here. It's sad to say how down hill service has gotten here, with the same workers who have been there for years.

Review №6

So very good! Homefries enough to FILL a house. Must visit! Family food!

Review №7

It has been 20 years since my sister and I have been to J&J's. We were surprised to find it still open after so long. The food is just as good as we remember it. Aside from a change in location it is still small and cozy. Able to share a double decker and home fries, have our own drinks, all for $20. Will definitely return every time I return to the area.

Review №8

We love to go out. Last night we arrived in this superb restaurant which we didn't know before. We had a delightful time there with fine cooking and a well-trained team and a distinguished cook. We added this venue in our phone list and we will certainly go again very soon. We highly recommend.

Review №9

-Huge value for the money. Seriously. Too much food, but that's never a bad thing!-Waitress was very friendly and professional. I had no questions unanswered.-The food was excellent.-My only two issues are that it is a little difficult to eat if the restaurant smells like dirty mop water and the men's locker room during football season. Secondly, the cashier was very rude. She seemed aggravated when I tried to pay with a card. It's cash only, but no where is the customer informed. I read every paper and sign on the register. So if it's your first time like it was mine, you better bring cash.

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Review №11

This is a great family restaurant that gives big proportions and everybody smiling Highly highly recommend

Review №12

We started out with sodas that tasted like soap which was quickly overshadowed by how impressively awesome the food looked. That was the problem, though. The food looked great but seemingly lacked any sort of flavor. The coneys just tasted like hamburger meat and flavorless cheese. The only saving grace of this restaurant is the staff. They were all super nice except the older gentleman in an apron. He gave a lot of really mean looks our way. Maybe he had a bad morning? They also only accept cash. They had an ATM, but it popped up a fraud alert and was unusable for me anyway. This place is a never again for us.

Review №13

I love this restaurant! They have high quality food, their menu is rich, The chef in that place is a real pro, I love very much eating all their dishes. The dishes are always tasty, the service towards the visitors is helpful. I visit often this restaurant and I was never unsatisfied. I recommend it to all my friends.

Review №14

We came to this spot for lunch. we heard about this restaurant from a lot of people. Well, it was very nice. the staff members were so friendly and we had an excellent feeling. The food was just great. We had a great time and we will definitely return to this restaurant. we highly recommend this place.

Review №15

Dont get me wrong food is great but went there tonight for a to go order paid 51 dollars and some change tipped 10 dollars and again it was a to go order they forgot a sandwich I went back in and told them the cook said they put it in so the waitress comes out to my car and looks in the bag and sees it's not there so we go back in and the cook was rude I get it everyone makes mistakes so own up to it make the sandwich and I'll be gone the waitress kept apologizing for the cook being rude and I told her I have no reason to lie and that I tipped more then the sandwich cost and she apologized again so I dont think I'll be back for awhile the waitresses are awesome and friendly maybe they need to teach the cooks to have some manners

Review №16

Great portions great prices great food what's up brother what's going on

Review №17

Love this place,great food,wonderful people

Review №18

My 1st time here, I ordered a bit double decker, chefs salad and home fries with chz. The portions are huge. The blt had way to much mayo and egg. The salad & the home fries was enough for 4 ppl. There was a constant flow of customer's dining in and carry out. The service was good and timely.

Review №19

One of my favorite West side restaurants! Awesome staff, great food! If you leave hungry, you might have a tapeworm!! (Lol)

Review №20

Good food. Huge portions

Review №21

Delicious food. Love J & Js

Review №22

Best double deckers in the city, bring you're appetite.

Review №23

American food great place

Review №24

Roaches in their food... waitresses even told other people there were roaches and no one seemed to care as if it was a common thing. Board of health being called soon. I hope I didn't catch something from it and get sick.

Review №25

Great hole in the wall restaurant! Have been going here since I was a kid (even the previous location). Always a generous portion of food on the double deckers. Recommend the mustang or bacon and egg. Waitresses are the same after all these years! Must stop in western hills!

Review №26

Waitresses where great but the older guy that cooks is rude and when he forgets something on your order he gives you dirty looks like you stole something needless to say I wont be back because of him

Review №27

Love j and j When I've had a bad day and I'm really hungry I get a big turkey double Dekker of bacon mayo and fries with cheese and onions always take home a lot of food thank you

Review №28

The largest double-deckers on the Westside

Review №29

The sandwiches are amazing

Review №30

Great double deckers, friendly staff. One of the last neighborhood eateries

Review №31

Large deli sandwiches. Reminds me of Mel's diner from the TV show.

Review №32

My Husband was hungry and while our initial destination was Krogers, I thought why not go to J & J for a bite. I've taken the kids once let's give it go. I forgot how simplistic the menu is. We weren't greeted or welcomed, but I've experienced that in the pass (another Western Hills establishment stuck in the past). Michelle our waitress was honest and pointed us in a better menu choice. The food portions are always massive. We both ordered cheeseburgers and fries with slaw. The slaw was fresh, crisp and just right. The grilled onions still had the other skin on which meant it was not edible, other than that no complaints. Just remember they deal in cold hard cash... ATM right at the door!

Review №33

TERRIBLE.... I paid 24$ for 2 turkey and bacon with swiss double deckers. Got them home and both sandwiches were missing the swiss cheese.

Review №34

Ham and Beef Double Deckers

Review №35

J&J Restaurant never disappoints! Great service and the food is always plentiful and delicious!

Review №36

You will never find a larger double decker sandwich!! This restaurant is a long time staple of the west side of Cincinnati. Their chili is also really good - more homemade Cincy style than the chain parlors. The portion sizes for everything are enormous! It's cash only but there is an ATM inside if needed.

Review №37

Love My grandparents always took us there from infancy to adulthood. They have since passed but I know they're still proud of the good food and friendly service

Review №38

The Turkey sandwich with toasted wheat and lettuce and light mayo, it is amazing. I always use a fork to cut my sandwich up. It is well worth the money and the service is great.

Review №39

Haven't been there for a very long time and wasn't disappointed! We had a great waitress. The food was absolutely outstanding. The prices are a little bit High but the amount of food that they give you I can justify spending more money to go there.

Review №40

Was excellent. The food is amazing, and the service is fantastic. Will definitely be going here again

Review №41

Always pleasant and more food for the money.

Review №42

Good food and big portions at a great price!

Review №43

I had a small 3way. The chili was tasteless and that's probably why they over do it with the cheese-way to much cheese. My daughter's both finished there plates of burger and fries and onion rings and they were very happy with their selection.

Review №44

Went in for a late lunch (3pm or so) on a Wednesday. Staff seemed very distracted. We sat for almost 5 mins before being greeted and then asked if we were ready to order. Very rushed / almost put out. We ordered. Cheese omelet with a side of bacon and 2 eggs with sausage. It took nearly 15 mins to get our food despite not being very busy. When it arrived the omelet looked to have been sitting under a heat lamp, as the cheese had started to congeal inside. The bacon was burnt and the sausage was overcooked and appeared to have been sitting around since breakfast. The toast was warm and fresh as were the two eggs over medium. Our server returned a couple times for refills on the coffee, but never once asked how our meal was. We left most of the bacon and omelet. For $21 it was a real disappointment. Oh, and cash only. Didn't see that sign on the door. I understand CC processing fees are an expense, but for the cost of this meal, it doesn't seem unreasonable to accept a card in today's world. Maybe a bad day? I'll give it another shot sometime.

Review №45

Great place for home cooking. You get a lot for your money and the food is good.

Review №46

Been coming here since I was a kid now I bring my kids.

Review №47

Another Westside staple restaurant that has resorted to deceptive marketing practices and just don't care customers views. A double decker is posted in pics as well as they have single deckers. Adding tomato to a sandwich is 1.00 per their menu. I got a single bacon add tomato and they charged 8.20 instead of 4.40 plus the 1.00 for the tomato. The single decker has double the bacon plus another additional meat. We have went here regularly and will not be back.

Review №48

Great service

Review №49

Best double deckers on the West side. Definitely get a lot for your money. I love their breakfast and cheese fries too.

Review №50

Cash only but there is an atm available. The home fries with cheese are piled high with freshly grated cheese. They are so good that I will make excuses to return as often as possible. The double deckers are huge. I'm not a fan of the steak sandwich and the chili is not my favorite but tasty when used on the potatoes with ketchup added. The servers are wonderful.

Review №51

Excellent food

Review №52

Amazing food amazing severs love this place

Review №53

Service was great. Mary is awesome. Food greatFavorite place to eat.

Review №54

Great food, great service. Mary Kay is so nice!

Review №55

Great place to have lunch! Small town feel with big food portions. Only small downside is it's a cash only restaurant. ATM provided inside.

Review №56

Took my daughter there for her first time and she found a cockroach in our home fries. Won't be going back ever again.

Review №57

Great place for traditional American food. Reminds me of an old time diner. Friendly staff, food was prepared well. All around pleasant experience. FYI - they're cash only. There is an ATM in restaurant though, so not a big deal.

Review №58

Great old school westdide resturant. Double deckers are awsome!!!Great chili.Cheese fries. Awsome place. A staple of the Cincinnati west side.

Review №59

Losing a star because somehow in the year 2019 this place is actually cash only, and the service is pretty rude. But the food is pretty good, the double deckers are giant, and parking is readily available. Can't complain too much

Review №60

The is "down home cooking" & is served in ENORMOUS portions! It's a small, comfortable environment & the employees r so nice. I recommend J & J Restaurant 2 anyone looking 4 a quiet, comfortable place 2 eat & relax. They r also great with large groups too

Review №61

Very friendly staff and portions are more than enough. We always need a doggie bag because we can't finish it all

Review №62

Still best place for quick sit down meal at any time of the day! And great prices

Review №63

Double deckers all the way!

Review №64

I have been going to J and J's for years. I had the worst experience ever on my last visit. We showed up around 30 minutes before close. I get it can be annoying, but there's nothing else in the area that we would have rather eaten. From the moment we walked in we received dirty looks. We could hear the cooks in the back complaining. The employees were cussing loudly with my daughter sitting right next to us. They turned their open sign off 20 minutes before they were supposed to close. The food was good but it's hard to enjoy a meal when you're getting dirty looks. Had the waitress not complained to where we could hear her and the staff not been rude we would have made it worth it. We were out of their restaurant five minutes before they closed. The entire experience was terrible. I will not be back.

Review №65

Double deckers are huge. Friendly service fast.

Review №66

Great double deckers but a little on the pricey side. They eliminated the chips with the sandwiches which I think is a bogus move and they should add them back. It is a ton of food though. Service is always fast and friendly. My wife and I would go when we were first dating in high school so it always is fun for us to go back.

Review №67

Chili is a must here. Also, a very homey vibe from this restaurant. If you like diner foods (and chili), this place is a must!

Review №68

The food was delicious, i will eat there alot. The staff was so nice and always asked if we needed anything and made sure our drinks were full. Thank you J&J you awesome.

Review №69

Always awesome, great food every one friendly, love my visit there..thank you everyone!!

Review №70

Amazing double deckers. Great staff as well.

Review №71

Good food. Great staff. Very clean.

Review №72

Love it there. Always get quick, courteous service and the food is great. If you haven't been there you really need to stop in.

Review №73

Always good. Great food . Great service

Review №74

Amazing ma & pa like restaurant. Although the location is small there is seating and take out. Cash only at this establishment. The food is ridiculously good and the portion size is outta control. It is a mouthwatering super great deal for the money. I recommend for you to try a double decker and cheese fry. The cheese fry is big enough for 2-3 people.

Review №75

Good food good staff cheap

Review №76

Largest double deckers in Cincinnati.Great service. Family run.

Review №77

Best chili cheese fries in town

Review №78

The amount of yummy food for the dollar is phenomenal!

Review №79

This will sound like a rant, but bear with me, I rarely give bad reviews. ... My husband is from the West side, so we stopped at J&Js while we were in the area and hungry- for posterity's sake. He was hungry for egg salad, so he got an egg salad sandwich while I got a fish sandwich and fries. We hurried out to our car to eat. Normally, I would be hearing yummy sounds from my hubby. No. He says, there's no taste! I thought maybe it was an exaggeration so I tasted it. He was right! It was gooey, but NO taste of mayonnaise, no salt, no pepper and no relish or anything! We figured it was smashed up eggs mixed with water! The fries had a faint odd flavor. We won't be going back.

Review №80

Best place in town for great food. Ham and beef double decker out of this world.

Review №81

Reliable friendly service and good food everytime.

Review №82

This is the only JJ'S around and its absolutely the best food. It is pricey but you get big portions of food for the price. I love the ham and beef sandwich it's so good and huge that I usually save half for later. The cheese fries are so good. It's a big portion with lots of cheese. The staff is really friendly and nice. It is small and not much decor but the food is the prize. So if have to say the price is not bad for the portions you receive. They only take cash only no checks or cards.

Review №83

Simply great sandwiches. I'm from Cleveland a big sandwich town. So.... I've a home away from home.

Review №84

Been going tjere for 45 years. Always great service and food!

Review №85

This is a true west side staple. typical chili parlor style place. great food selection, and everything tastes great. negitives are: they are cash only, and for a west side breakfast place to not serve goetta is borderline blasphemous.

Review №86

Love this place. Guarantee you won't leave hungry. Fast friendly delicious!

Review №87

Excellent service and food

Review №88

Be better if they took cards

Review №89

The portions are huge and they are priced good. And the waitresses are great

Review №90

Great! Double deckers are huge.

Review №91

Great breakfast (our first visit). The potatoes were amazing (we split between 2 people and had lots of leftovers). Our server was also great.

Review №92

Great food. Always a treat.

Review №93

Mom and pop style restaurant. Seats only about 150 or less. Jumbo size deli sandwiches, with generous helpings for sides. Breakfast all day.

Review №94

Great home style cooking. Gigantic portions but priced nicely. Great service.

Review №95

Very good place to eat , for your buck

Review №96

Niece took me there told me her mom used to take her to eat the food.

Review №97

Great food, great people, everything on the menu here is good!

Review №98

J&J's always has great food. The chili is the best I prefer theirs over other places. They always give nice helpings of all their food! The service is quick an everyone is always friendly.

Review №99

Great big double deckers and coneys. Friendly, quick and fresh. They only take cash.

Review №100

The food is great and they give you more then your share lol

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:6159 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States
  • Phone:+1 513-661-2260
  • American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:9AM–3PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
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