The Littlefield
3934 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223, United States
Review №1

Our experience at The Littlefield was superb, despite the trying circumstances. We were driving through Cincinnati and wanted to find a good meal in a location that allowed dogs/outdoor (pandemic-style) dining. We were able to sit in the super-cute courtyard and ordered the burger special - which was superb. 10/10 do recommend for any and all for an awesome vibe/great service and food.

Review №2

Solid brunch experience overall. Chicken and biscuit tasted well, though added egg was a little overdone. Shrimp and grits was unique, liked the addition of the pesto, paired well with the bacon. Will definitely return and try additional options. Also have had dinner here, had an excellent burger special. Great neighborhood eatery with good cocktails as well.

Review №3

New, cute intimate space. Not to pricy. The roasted pork tenderloin was very good. Rice crispy dessert was delicious. Our server Katrina was super friendly and attentive.

Review №4

Great stuff! We went to brunch and delicious. They were running a French toast special with blueberry syrup. Super yummy! I had a side of bacon, served crisp, which is excellent. Limp bacon sucks. Great drink selection, beer and cocktails. They have wine, but I didn't look at the wine list. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

Review №5

Wonderful staff, amazing food that is high end yet affordable and not pretentious. Casual atmosphere. The owners really have a passion for the industry.

Review №6

Beautiful, spacious patio, amazing food and drinks. Still on a limited menu though.

Review №7

Delightful place, a bourbon bar with lots of atmosphere. Great range of food for lunch with different and fun drinks. Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks with ginger beer and ginger based drinks featured. Not big but handled a full house with ease. Recommend, will come again when I can use their outdoor patio.

Review №8

My second favorite restaurant in Cincinnati and I stand by that. Occasionally the ingredients sound strange or unusual BUT they are always AMAZING! The food that they translate to Branch is the food that's been distilled from the deliciousness that is served and created at Littlefield. Anyone who does not experience the food at Littlefield is missing out on some of the best culinary experiences in the greater Cincinnati area. Plus, there's always a great playlist and a nice special. I recommend trying whatever your server suggests.

Review №9

We visited here before going to the bar across the street. There is a lot of outdoor seating, and indoor seating can get a little cramped. The atmosphere is very relaxed but it can get noisy when it starts to get packed and I could barely hear my bf. Service was prompt and efficient. We were seated straight away and our server paced really well to get our orders in.The drinks are . At the suggestion of our server, I got Fleur de Bee because I'm not looking for anything too strong. It is very floral and sweet with a very slight kick. The edible Hibiscus flower was also delicious!!! It was basically like candy. Bf had Mad Anthony and it was smokey, smooth and strong but not overwhelming.We got fries, chicken dumplings and burger. They are all great solid food. The fries came with smoked ketchup which is pretty interesting but the fries can definitely stand on their own.Chicken Dumplings came with three generous dumplings under braised cabbage. Everything was well balanced with comforting exactly what I was looking for.The bf's burger looked great and he was happy with it. I had a small bite and it had smokey meaty flavor but it was tad bit bland for me.We shared the Bourbon Chocolate Brownie, and it was a great way to end the meal. It was moist, rich and very very chocolatey. No taste of Bourbon whatsoever though.Overall, the place is great and I will most definitely be back!!

Review №10

The vegetable curry soup was so amazing. The bahn mi was delicious, and I had the best Bloody Mary I've had in a long time. The staff is incredible and well educated on the food and alcohol.

Review №11

It is small but cozy bar....good for couples. It has outside tables also which are nicely placed

Review №12

The food was good. 3 reasons why it gets a 3. First, somewhat underseasoned, I love when I go somewhere and never have to pick up a salt/pepper shaker. The chicken was well seasoned, I think the gravy was lacking. Second it didnt seem like I got a whole biscuit, if I did, their biscuits are very thin. Lastly, not please to see a ton of lint in the bottom of my glass of water. I can only assume I drank a bunch in my OJ as well. I think it's great to hand dry your glasses, just do it with a lint free cloth.

Review №13

Best restaurant meal I've had in a while! Each entree we ordered had original and bold flavors. Good spices on the fries with what looked to be a house made sweet chunky ketchup. The burger was absolutely perfect, juicy but not sloppy. If you don't like spicy, skip the red sauce decorating the plates, but if you do, it has a flavorful kick! Pork sandwich with great thyme flavor...I could go on and on!

Review №14

Drinks are fantastic. Food menu was varied but good. Only one dollar off cocktails for happy hour, which was a bummer, but still well made drinks.

Review №15

Excellent service and drink selection including seasonal mulled wine. But the best part was the FOOD! I saw fresh greens delivered while I ate a stacked BLT. Silence set over my table as we dug in. 10/10

Review №16

Great seasonal risotto, and the burger with sliced beets and havarti is out of this world. Locally sourced. The patio is a great spot when the weather is good, but the cozy interior was the perfect respite on a late January night. Highly recommend.

Review №17

One of my favorite places in Northside. They have delicious food, great cocktails, and amazing service. The waiters are all super friendly and attentive. There's a wide selection of bourbon and other liquor, and I love their monthly special drinks! They change the menu around every once in a while, and there hasn't been a meal I've had there I didn't like. Not to mention the delicious desserts! It's a fairly small space, but there's room outside on the patio during warmer months, and it's such a cozy place. Love bringing people here when they visit Northside.

Review №18

Great food, great staff. Visited the city for a few hours and was so happy we stopped here. Had the salmon club.

Review №19

They seem to be known for their bourbon, but all of their mixed drinks are good! The "moody blue bourbon butter and bread" is amazing. It's quite hard to describe, so just pay the $4 and try it for yourself.

Review №20

Food is fantastic! Smoked pork katsu is wonderful. Intimate space but not stuffy. Great bourbon selection.

Review №21

I went to The Littlefield to grab a drink and food. I can always expect unique food options. I had the hummus platter and was not dissapointed :) the seasonal drink was amazing too!

Review №22

Wow! Our first of many meals to come. The food was amazing!! After a long week what a great place to have dinner and a few drinks and relax. Great staff looking forward to coming back!!

Review №23

Very beautiful environment and no body is rude! Everyone is very gentle and kind i would LOVE to eat here again!

Review №24

Where do I begin? Waitstaff was utterly incompetent. No sense of time/urgency. Had to force our appetizer order on our waitress. 45 min later she remembered we were her table and decided to take our order. Bar staff had absolutely ZERO knowledge about their cocktails and spirits inventory. As long as it took to pour a glass of wine, I wouldn't have been surprised to hear they were fermenting it behind the bar. Food was cold but by that point we weren't surprised. The biggest surprise of the night was hearing the chef have a meltdown in the kitchen. Save your money and your time and hit the nearest drive-thru

Review №25

The food was excellent. I had the special. It was eggs Benedict with hollandaise and ham over potato cakes. Wait staff was helpful and always at hand. Parking was an issue. The pay lot next door wouldn't take cards and didn't give cash back when it was overpaid. I realize that isn't the restaurant's fault but it was a factor. Also, the food was excellent and made well and had a price tag to match. So with the parking and the price tag, it kept me from giving a 5 star review.

Review №26

Fantastic local restaurant! Great wait staff. Great mixes drinks. Short but inspired menu. Highly recommend!

Review №27

Really neat place, highly recommended. The Kreplach was insanely good.

Review №28

Great service and my husband's food was really tasty but my risotto was undercooked. Which was disappointing. But great atmosphere. We'll give it another try.

Review №29

Outdoor beer garden and patio are a relaxing place to meet with friends.

Review №30

Delicious food! My fries were perfect, pecan pie was delicious! Great atmosphere! Cozy space with friendly service. Dined tonight and a portion of proceeds went to a great cause!

Review №31

Love the food and LOVE the cocktails! Great place to go in for a nicer then normal date night or just getting together with a few friends (done both somewhat recently)! The fries are better then they should be, same with the wings. The Pork Tostada on the lunch menu is GREAT! Wife loves the floor de bee (sp??) and I like the mad anthony. Great food!

Review №32

The drink flour de bee had an edible flower in it and it was delicious. The swordfish special was well balanced and was garnished with edible flowers. We will definitely be visiting again!

Review №33

The Littlefield was excellent. Contemporary food choices; fresh ingredients; great beverage choices; courteous wait staff; accommodating for group parties. Highly recommended.

Review №34

Great food. Service in the heart of Northside

Review №35

A Northside gem. Check their Instagram for their daily specials. ps. Everything at Littlefield is terrific. Everything.

Review №36

We went here for after-dinner drinks because they were supporting a charity we care about, Save the Animals Foundation! Which is cool of them to do. It's a great spot for craft cocktails. It seems like they hand craft mixers for drinks and use only quality ingredients. And they have outdoor seating too! Don't come here if you are looking for cheap drinks; do come here if you are looking for GOOD drinks.

Review №37

Went as part of the Brew Bus Bourbon Tour. The owner was great at descriptions, as well as knowledge of his Bourbons. The proclaimed largest selection of Bourbon in Cincinnati! Amazing food as well!

Review №38

Cozy. Good food. Lots of beer and other alcoholic drinks choices

Review №39

Fun drinks, love the small plates and staff.

Review №40

Best outdoor seating around!

Review №41

Delicious food and cocktails. Love coming here!

Review №42

Good food well prepared with unique touches.

Review №43

Good food. Good service.

Review №44

Nice patio!

Review №45

Serious kitchen, good food, great specials. Excellent cocktails.

Review №46

Expensive. Portions are small, but good. We are from out of state, there was smoking on the patio where we where eating that just destroyed the experience. I did not know this was a thing anymore? Maybe only in ohio.

Review №47

They gave a great vegan dinner option and the wine is really good

Review №48

Intimate venue. Excellent food to match well made cocktails. Down-to- earth enough for blue jeans with snow boots

Review №49

This place has a lot going for it, and is well worth a visit. The atmosphere is small and simple, there is lots of wood decor contrasting white walls and black trim, fleshing out a comfortable modern rustic vibe.The bar is very well stocked, and they have a good sense of flavor. There is a monthly cocktail that is themed after and supports a local nonprofit. February 2017 was a delicious bourbon, cherry, and chocolate bitter cocktail called "glass of menagerie" which supports a local theater group.The food is delicious, though some of the servings are quite small. They definitely take the tapas approach tempting you to get many different things as a group and share. If you are not fond of that approach, they do keep several items on the menu that are filling all by themselves. I recently had the meatloaf sandwich, which was a large portion of very flavorful meatloaf served open face on a ciabata roll, smothered with onions, peppers, and a delicious spicy Sriracha gravy.All this with fantastic service makes this a must try place.

Review №50

Great experience good food knowledgeable staff large variety of adult beverages. Went there on a bourbon tour and had a great time

Review №51

Great atmosphere, food and service.

Review №52

Fantastic cocktails and the best hummus I've ever had

Review №53

This used to be my go to spot. Since opening Branch, it's clear where this restaurant groups focus has gone. Too bad ️ as I've tried several times since then and won't again as every aspect has gone way down hill.

Review №54

Coleslaw not great.

Review №55

This place is too cool to review.

Review №56

We love this place! A very good and curated menu off cocktails and food. Cozy and low-lit atmosphere with a hipster (maybe it is the cocktail ingredients I have to ask about) vibe.

Review №57

Great food and very friendly staff

Review №58

The staff was super nice, these Manhattans are from a cask with some special blend of bourbon and rye. I got the shepherd's pie it was great!

Review №59

Love the owners, the ambiance and drink selection. The food is also crazy on point!

Review №60

I've used Littlefield for a few events and love how accommodating they are. John and Drew are awesome!

Review №61

Its a cute little spot the food was okay. The service was good the portion sizes on some meals are questionable.

Review №62

Staff's awesome. Patio is awesome. Bourbon selection and cocktails are awesome. That alone is enough to go.But to top it off, their small, unassuming menu is packed full of some of the most flavorful dishes ever. I remember the first time dining there taking a small nibble of what I assumed was an accent salad (aka garnish)- and it was so flavorful and great I gobbled the whole thing. Def recommend. I've gone many times and have never been disappointed in anything I've tried.

Review №63

Delightful place! Friendly pleasent staff. Great food. Lovely atmosphere.

Review №64

It's good. Little pricey and can take awhile to get food.

Review №65

The cocktails were fab and the bourbon moody blue butter was delicious!!! They make their own grenadine which is very yummy in their drinks!!! Nice bourbon and rye selection. Nice outdoor seating and fairy lights. Good beer on tap selection too. You wony get bored here!!!

Review №66

Best restaurant and bar in Northside.

Review №67

Great food!AMAZING Bourbon selection.

Review №68

Awesome brunch! Really good veggie options!

Review №69

Best Chef Salad ive ever tasted! And im a Chef ..

Review №70

Always fantastic people and great food. Never disappointed

Review №71

A great place to hang out and have a few drinks and some tasty snacks. Entrees can be hit or miss, but their drink specials are solid, and they have a great patio to sit on a warm evening.

Review №72

Mad Anthony. They've got great artisan food, friendly staff, a solid bourbon and cocktail list (again, Mad Anthony), and a great vibe both inside and out. Their patio is really nice when it starts to get cooler outside and they've got the fire pits going. Good place for Sunday brunch as well.Mad Anthony. When you go, try this first.

Review №73

I had the pork loin with sweet potatoes. It was absolutely delicious.

Review №74

Had my daughters bridal brunch shower here, back today for Sunday brunch so my husband could experience, the food is beyond excellent!

Review №75

Unusual cocktails and good food in a comfortable setting.

Review №76

Small but cozy and beautiful place. The cocktails are good.

Review №77

Over 300 bourbons. Awesome cocktales... local produce...

Review №78

Odd service good food

Review №79

It's literally the best

Review №80

It's overpriced. Portions are too small. Tofu scramble was bland. And they were out of 1 of the only 2 vegan options available, only an hour into opening. Probably won't be returning for brunch again.

Review №81

Was very disappointed in the food quality. The salad was awful and the flatbread has very little as far as toppings go.

Review №82

This place was good overall. I felt that the food was really good but the choices were a bit limited. They have a great liquor selection, good cocktails, and a good selection of beer. The atmosphere is nice and I look forward to coming back when the weather is nicer because their outdoor patio area looks great. Definitely a place worth trying if you're in Northside.

Review №83

This quaint Cafe is fantastic for lunch. The menu is very small but there is a daily special. The food is hand crafted, very flavorful and delicious. A unique spot.

Review №84

We had exceptional service. The food was delectable. One of our party is kind of hard to please and that person is raving about the place.

Review №85

Amazing food... Consistently amazing. Cocktails are on point. Mid range pricey but worth EVERY penny. It's our favorite place for big and small celebration. Highly recommend the Manhattan... But all of their cocktails are fantastic.

Review №86

Nice bourbon and scotch selection. Food is delicious!

Review №87

The Old Fashioned was excellent.

Review №88

One of the best restaurants in Northside

Review №89

Great atmosphere, great service, great food and all at a good price. We brought a party of almost 30 and they let us use the upstairs area for ourselves. Will be back soon!

Review №90

Great food and cocktails, but the engaging staff is what really makes it.

Review №91

Simple menu, with simple food that hits the spot. Everyone probably knows Northside as the taco capital, but this is a great 10 dollar burger to break things up.

Review №92

Feels like a trendy spot with good ambience and an impressive bourbon selection.

Review №93

Absolutely lovely presentation, edible flowers/garnishes, and delicious!!!! Charming wait staff and outdoor seating. I'll be going back for sure!

Review №94

The food was really good. This is a cool place, definitely worth checking out. They have an awesome bourbon selection.

Review №95

Wonderful Shepard's pie

Review №96

I've never had a bad meal at The Littlefield. Easy, shareable small and large plates with something for everyone. The menu is constantly changing to take advantage of what is seasonally available, though there are a few favorites -- shrimp and crab cake sandwich with buttermilk slaw, french fries with smoked ketchup, the bread with moody bleu butter -- that stay on the menu year-round. The rotating cocktail menu is killer. Their laid back service can be a bit slow at times, especially on busy days; they seem perpetually understaffed. But if you're in the mood for consistently delicious food and you're not in a rush, this is a great choice.

Review №97

Great little joint. Creative craft cocktails. Small but diverse menu. Nice options for the Vegan and Gluten free.

Review №98

Service was great. Food was good and $ was okay but seemed like it was a bit pricy for what it is. They definitely need to clean the air vents in the dinning room. The sight of them was a bit off putting.

Review №99

What a great spot. Food was fantastic (I smelled the special as soon as I walked in and it lived up to its beautiful aroma) and the special cocktail to support the local PTO was well worth it!

Review №100

Enjoyed this quaint restaurant in Northside! There is a nice outdoor patio which is perfect in the evening, and the drinks are great! Portions are smaller than "normal" for the area, but they are well-made and delicious.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:3934 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 513-386-7570
  • American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Cocktail bar
  • Gastropub
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:5–8PM
  • Friday:5–10PM
  • Saturday:3–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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