White Castle
3030 Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45225, United States
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This was my first time coming here, at the boomery age of 32! I went through the drive through, and got a #2, a Dr. Pepper with no ice, and three desserts to try. The service was a bit slow, maybe since it was kind of busy at night, but the burgers were amazingly warm and soft, and the cheesecake bite dessert was incredible. The price was great, and it just sucks that there's no WC where I currently live, in Virginia, but I'd be eating here regularly if there was! ♡

Review №2

Best location to stop at when driving thru Cincinnati

Review №3

Caught salmonella here. As others mentioned the food comes out lukewarm. That night I began violently diarrhea-ing. A week of it. Was diagnosed with salmonella. There are plenty of restaurants around here. Avoid this one like the plague

Review №4

Friendly staff and fast service. I came in early around 8:30 am to have a coffee and kill some time. Since i had 2 hrs before my appointment time and I live over 25 miles away, I was concerned that I wouldn't be allowed to sit inside. Even though the signs on the doors said for carry out only; After they packed my order to go, I sat in the empty dining room, at a small table near the door and they allowed me to stay. Everyone behind the counter had masks and I noticed that they noticed me. I'm grateful for their nice service, since I didn't drive and it was rather chilly that morning. Thank you

Review №5

It was connected to service station. I got gas. Then I bought some regular to put in the car.

Review №6

Cheap food and service at this location is excellent. It was so savory. I will be bringing family next time. This place has a nice feel to it.

Review №7

Love White Castle. Foods always fresh and delicious. Inside is very clean. One of my favorite places to eat!

Review №8

It took way to long to get thru the drive line. Veru poor service. Then once we recieved luke warm food. I normally have no problems from this location, but tonight was very disappointing.

Review №9

Very busy place. Wait a little long but food good

Review №10

This White Castle has gone down hill so bad. I know you can not eat inside at this time but you can order in side so I am stand waiting for my food and looking around at all of the mess on the floor. 4 employees and no one can sweep and mop the floor. Somebody from upper management really need to clean this place up.

Review №11

Rude..rude...rude!! Lady literally ignored me when I asked for a glass of ice water. Just stared at me....unbelievable! I'm sorry but the westside of Cincinnati is really unfriendly anymore. Such a shame.

Review №12

Simple order 4 breakfast sandwiches..why did I only get one..???IS IT THAT HARD NOBODY ELSE IN LINE..NOT EVEN BUSY.

Review №13

Slowest fast food ever. Took 15-20 minutes to get food

Review №14

The double cheeseburger and fries was nice and hot and fresh

Review №15

Food is good every time I go but i give them 3 stars because I was the only person twice and i still had to wait 15mins

Review №16

Tasty food. Fast service, even late at night.

Review №17

Forgot to give us cheese cups that we paid for

Review №18

Nice.. castles been around for a while still holding on.

Review №19

It was great stop in on lunch break service was fast and worker were nice chicken and waffles was great

Review №20

No fast but good

Review №21

The food was as good as would be expected at a White Castle, but the service was incredibly slow. There were two workers when I came in, and neither of them addressed me for five or so minutes. When one of them did address me she was not apologetic or welcoming, she was short and to the point, talking several more minutes, with interruptions, to take my order. After I came back, an older woman, who presume to be the manager, had appeared and was slowly preparing food for other customers. My order took almost 20 minutes to make after ordering, I was at the restaurant for almost 30 minutes to get fast food to go. That should be considered absolutely unacceptable by management, as well as employees. These workers had no desire to provide quality service or to try to finish my order more quickly to catch up.

Review №22

Food is always good and the order is always right, but I'm always waiting for 20+ mins for my food.

Review №23

Great restsurant. Great Food. Great customer service.

Review №24

Open 24 hours ...get yu sum

Review №25

They have one gallon original lemonade for sale. Quite refreshing!!

Review №26

I'm disappointed in WC discontinuing hazelnut and French my coffee is not the same...I frequent less to my favorite coffee spot now.....not a happy customer now.

Review №27

Great fast food.

Review №28

I regularly arrive buying some food in this spot. I liked the efficient service and well made food. Keep up the good work.

Review №29

Sliders are the best. The restrooms could use some cleaning. The food is good and fresh.

Review №30

Horrible. They were rude as hell, when someone in front of us broke down in drive thru. Then my girlfriend went inside to use the bathroom, in an obvious emergency, and the women told her bathroom was closed and there was no way she would be allowed to use it. It was 2am, so she had to go number 2 outside in the parking lot, behind a bush. She was crying the whole time, while I tried to hide my laughing.

Review №31

I don't usually eat white castle but wanted some water. While there I got a breakfast sandwich. It was a slider so you probably need about 2 or 3 but it was delicious!

Review №32

1 star for regular sliders, 3 stars for the breakfast sliders. Just not a fan of whitecastle... and their bathrooms are always terrible.

Review №33

Rude people slow service when i went inside to order

Review №34

Waited at the drive-through speaker for about 4 minutes and still no one was there to take my order. It's not that hard, people.

Review №35

This location is pretty hit or miss. Sometimes you drive through in 5 minutes, other times you put your order in online and wait 45 minutes only to get the wrong order. Pretty standard for fast food.

Review №36

We love it. Fun place to drive thru and take some snacks home after a show or shopping or for lunch. Yummy.

Review №37

Firtst time. Loved the breakfast slider. Perfect size and easy to handle on the go!

Review №38

Review №39

Pretty clean inside for a white castle didn't check the bathroom... Service was above average and friendly. These things are what puts this wc above the rest in my book........

Review №40

Dried ouy burgers and old stale fries

Review №41

Was in drive thru for 30 mins!!

Review №42

Good food, affordable. Drive thru cashier very helpful with suggestive selling. Very pleasant as well.

Review №43

The drive thru was very slow

Review №44

The serve was good

Review №45

Employees are always pleasant even when we show up at 2:30 in the morning. Fast service, impossible burgers just take a while to drop (nobodies fault just the way they're made)

Review №46

Always good!

Review №47

On point and the coffee and Belgium waffles where the bomb

Review №48

I Very Nice Place , Excellent Food & Customers

Review №49

I really like the BBQ brisket on the whole wheat toast.And I love the shrimp.And Chicken wings would be great.

Review №50

It took them 20 minutes in an empty xrivethru to make a cravings case, and the customer service was very poor.

Review №51

Its sad to say but the area and the people in the area reflect exactly whats wrong with this restaurant. The result is a dirty restaurant with slow and unmotivated staff.

Review №52

Slowest drive through in existence. Expect to wait 15+ minutes regardless of how busy it is or what you order.

Review №53

This has always been a White Castle with great service. This trip was no different. The drive thru girl did a great job. She was friendly, got my order accurate, and served me quickly. A couple jalapeno sliders and an order of cheese sticks with a coke to wash it down. I would definitely go back and eat here again.

Review №54

The women working the window was awesome. She explained, it would be a few minutes. They were doing something with the grill. Perhaps a turnover? The wait wasn't bad, the food was hot, fresh and she put a sleeve of fries, in the bag; I guess for our wait. Had I known, I would have agknowledged her thoughtfulness. She provided excellent customer service. It is hard to find quality workers. You have a keeper in her!

Review №55

I don't know if this is a training store or not but they're so slow here during the day ( around 2 PM) I went to sleep in line waiting!!!! Just to place my order!!!!

Review №56

So, my wife and I were in formal wear, it was late at night, we wanted something to eat, we were on our way back from downtown Cincinnati, we stopped at White Castle's and the staff were absolutely wonderful. Typical WC food, but as in most cases, a good staff can make a huge difference.

Review №57

Refurbished good and it served his purpose I got full and then it help clean my system out

Review №58

Disappointed. I ordered a toaster egg sandwich like I have in the past and it was a fried egg on regular size bread. But when I received my order today it looked like a sandwich for a squirrel. It took a long time for me to get my order and I was headed to work so I just took my one bite wonder and headed to work. But I did mention to the lady I just got one a few weeks ago and it was big. She stated they changed them today. I don't order any other items from White Castle so this was disappointing. Now that I know better I will fry an egg at home and just take a few pieces of bread with me. But I sure thought I saw a regular size sandwich on the toaster sandwich photo.

Review №59

Great personality at the window. Robin was great.

Review №60

I Had A Survey And They Wouldn't Let Me Use It Morning Shift Is Disrespectful THIS COMMENT NEEDS ATTENTION ASAP LOCATION: CENTRAL PWY WHITE CASTLE

Review №61

My family and I were visiting the Cincinnati Museum and figured we'd eat somewhere close before getting there. We stopped here on May 12, 2019. Immediately, we were put off by sticky floors all the way to the counter and a building that needed to be remodeled. We made our order to a less-than-enthusiastic (but not rude) cashier. As we waited we noted other problems. The kitchen area was filthy with crumbs and grease on everything. While getting our drinks, the floor was sticky the entire way and the cup lid dispensers were empty. At the table (sticky floor), the tabletop was not clean and none of them looked clean. We'd never eaten at White Castle before, so we expected the worse with the food. Actually, the food was decent, but we couldn't enjoy it because the lack of cleanliness was, frankly, disgusting and we couldn't wait to get out of there. On the way out (shoes sticking to the floor the whole way), I went to get a refill and a cockroach scurried across the drink station. In almost two years of living in Ohio, that was the first cockroach I'd seen. I poured out my drink in the parking lot and felt a little nauseous until evening when I could no longer feel the food in my stomach. I will not eat at that restaurant again and White Castle is now at the bottom of our list.

Review №62

One the best testing Whitey's I ever had

Review №63

Love the Mac and cheese bites

Review №64

Night shift is horrible. 5 cars were turned away as the employees failed to take their orders, btw who ever the female was on 06/03/19 at 02:50am your mic was open, we could hear your entire conversation. Really rude to talk about customers that way, find a different job, warehouse work might suit you better.

Review №65

Fast service and food served hot!

Review №66

Did the drive threw was quick n fast.

Review №67

My daughter loves the chicken rings

Review №68

You either love them or you hate them, there's no in-between.

Review №69

Service was a little slow but the employees were all kind and professional especially A gentleman named Corey he is always very helpful and respectful to me every morning I go there for coffee and he alwAys somehow remembers just how I like it he doesn't even ask just makes it perfectly everyone from the office says the same thing about this man he remembers their orders as well he addresses most customers by name when they walk thru the door it's like going home or a family members for coffee and food in the mornings thank you Corey for making us all feel like family

Review №70

White Castle at 3am....damn it took 40min to get my food good thing there was plenty of entertainment inside to pass the for the long wait they hooked me up with x-tra grub

Review №71

The cashier at the window called me sugar and offered us free water. Very good service.

Review №72

I love the flavor hasnt change much my dad n i. Ate their alot 60s-70s love that place

Review №73

This is literally THE best White Castles in Cincinnati as far as I am concerned. Fast, courteous service and the food is always hot.

Review №74

They have fresh and delicious breakfast sliders all the time. I love their cheese sticks as well. A lot of choices well worth your buck.

Review №75

Fast service & fresh food

Review №76

Good tiny burger. Getting expensive.

Review №77

Normally great service but today employee are super rude since they were short staffed. Didn't even apologize for me waiting 10+ minute in the drive thru.....

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Review №79

I love white castle, however everytime I visit this location, no many how many bbn tomes, my order is wrong.

Review №80

The staff at this location are always friendly and helpful they never cease to keep it offer a smile and they service was quick, correct, and the food always arrives fresh.

Review №81

You're waiting 5 minutes at the order boxAnother 5 mins waiting to pull up to drive thru windowAnd then 3 mins all for a 3pc cheese stick!Slow service even longer waiting time

Review №82

Fast friendly and efficient... I ordered the #2 it was hot and it

Review №83

Restrooms were gross. Employees eating where you could see them behind the counter. Really fowl language from employees and manager. Its just a very nasty place not clean at all. I wanted to take a shower after just walking in there. Started to order food but after what my wife and I saw no thank you.

Review №84

I love the Impossible Burger. Add an egg and a little hot sauce to it and you will thank me.

Review №85

Gotta love the classic #1 with cheese

Review №86

Always great food, at a great price...

Review №87

Waited 30 min for a 5$ meal there was only three empty there this night and waited for a crave case that had to be made twice cause they forgot the cheese the first time and when the people waiting for it to be made again they then try to change the guy and extra 5$ or whatever close to it if not 6$ for now adding cheese to it

Review №88

Food was good and hot. The wait was 20 minutes for six orginal sliders.

Review №89

Was very courteous and friendly it took a few minutes but it was worth the wait

Review №90

Classic WC steakhouse. Friendly, down to earth employees

Review №91

Was very good

Review №92

Chicken rings over cooked, & my inside wait was even longer, but the customer service was wonderful

Review №93

I only eat the chicken rings at White Castles, this on location always give me hot and fresh rings...

Review №94

Service was great. Sliders were disappointing. They were dry. Maybe one pickle per slider and very few onions. Not the flavor that I had learned to expect after eating them for 50 years.

Review №95

Slow slow slow waitedb10 min to get our oder taken then it took amother 9 min to move to the window to pay and 20 min more to get to the window to get your food and waited 12 min before the food came out the window unexpectable

Review №96

The interior wasn't clean. Some employees were without hairnets. There was more than a 3 passing before I was greeted by the cashier. However, once the order was placed I received the order quickly. The cashier was very polite and further asked (or suggest) other items on the menu.

Review №97

Food is still good, but drive through process is as slow as any I've experienced.

Review №98

Staff was very polite and thorough and the food was cooked perfectly!

Review №99

Not only a fantastic selection of sliders, they've added Fried Pickles to their vast menu items. Soooo scrumptious!

Review №100

The staff isn't the most vocal. You walk in, they sort of give you a stare, you give your order and asking for ketchup packets was like I was asking her to do a backflip. Absolutely no diet drinks were available in their fancy soda dispenser. Very lackadaisical and seemed it was ran by kids, rather than people who were clearly adult age. The food is always decent, but I guess if you pay barely livable wages, you're not getting the cream of the crop

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  • Phone:+1 513-861-3222
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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