Abby Girl Sweets
41 W 5th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States
Review №1

TOP NOTCH CUPCAKESPRICE 4/5$3.25 per cupcake. Could charge less, but for premium cupcakes, they could charge more.LOCATION 5/5In the heart of Cincy, the downtown location is located seconds from Fountain Square. If the hustle & bustle, traffic, and city parking isn't your style, there are also locations in Blue Ash and Eastgate.QUALITY 5/5Extremely soft and moist. They have both traditional and unique flavors that cater to every taste.

Review №2

Loved this place from the first taste. Nothing but great experiences here. This place has an awesome atmosphere. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I liked.

Review №3

This place was great, order a variety of Abby's cupcake for my wife's .They couldn't be any better the red velvet is to die for; great job Abby.

Review №4

The bill won't break you. they have a lot of positive reviews for a reason.

Review №5

Best carrot spice cupcake have ever had, the texture just perfect for the taste. Priced right to grab a dozen. The staff friendly and the place clean. Next time am trying the Sugar Baby

Review №6

I will be back with my coworkers. the bill was reasonable i would say. menu is like a place in miami i enjoyed

Review №7

The service was very friendly and attentive. this place has a good atmosphere.

Review №8

The cupcakes and cheesecake were delicious. Will definitely recommend this place for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Review №9

Prices are decent. like a restaurant in washington i liked.

Review №10

OMGoodness! This is a must try place. I just had their cheesecake and it was one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had. The shop is cute and kinda hidden and the service is okay. One of the ladies was definitely nicer than the other but it was a pleasant experience. I will visit again.

Review №11

These cupcakes are literally an experience! I always highly recommend these to people who are cupcake connoisseurs. It has a great balance; not too sweet and great texture. There is no wrong flavor. They are a must buy!

Review №12

Always great quality. Always great service. Always a fun selection! Just a great cupcake! Look forward to my visits to Cincinnati a bit more because of Abby Girl's!

Review №13

I'm from Texas, and we visited Cincinnati for a couple of days. We have great cupcakes here in Texas, but Abby Girl cupcakes is better than any cupcake/cake place I've ever had. They're definitely worth putting off my calories for! We got cupcakes on a Monday, was able to take them on the plane back to Dallas. It's now Thursday, and my cupcakes taste like the day I got them. This place is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I don't even want to buy other cupcakes now. I definitely wish we had one here in Dallas.

Review №14

Love the variety this place has. Service was fast, and the cupcakes were great. Will definitely be back next visit.

Review №15

3 words! Banana bread pudding! OMG moment once you take a spoon full. Parking is kinda limited but if you're lucky you can park right in front

Review №16

Hands down the best cupcake in Cincinnati. They have many different flavors and I have yet to have a bad one they are always moist and the icing is not overly sweet. I would have gave them 5 stars but they are expensive for the average size cupcake you get.

Review №17

Filled me up in no time.

Review №18

I love Abby Girl Sweets and would love to give them 5 stars but for their customer service is kinda lacking. Their cupcakes are amazing and presentation is beautiful. The store has a great location and is always clean. I've been there a few times over the years, personally think the staff is disinterested and kind of rude. The woman there on my last visit didn't seem to care whether I was there or not, she wasn't happy to answer any questions I had either. But at least their cupcakes are good.

Review №19

Every time come to Abby Girl Sweets cupcakes they do and extraordinary job at making me look like quite the genius to my wife... The cupcakes and sweets coming out of this place are amazing at any angle. However the best part is, is that you get to make your wife happy, AND more than nine times out of ten get to “taste” it. keep em coming

Review №20

Best cup cakes i had in recent days. I am usually not a cale person, but loved their cup cakes.

Review №21

I think it was called Sugar Baby with the cookie on top, was SO moist, it was the BOMB!!!

Review №22

Kingdom Warriors is a homeless ministry downtown Cincinnati. Every Monday we go down and feed the Homeless. Abby Girl has donated cupcakes on several occasions!! Thank you.These are the best cupcakes I've ever tasted!!!

Review №23

Love their carrot spice and strawberry delight cupcakes

Review №24

Great cupcakes!

Review №25

Was craving a good cupcake and they exceeded expectations !!!

Review №26

You don't often get to eat cupcakes that are moist and deliciously tasty inside and out. These are those cupcakes. The frosting is fantastic and the cake itself is moist and heavenly. We had the orange creamsicle and peanut butter cup, both were amazing.If you are in Cincinnati check out this little piece of heaven. Highly recommended and delicious. The staff is nice, friendly, and helpful. Well worth a trip!

Review №27

Best cupcakes in Ohio or Indiana. It's expected that I bring home a box for the family when visiting from out of town.

Review №28

The best cupcakes I've ever had. We even got them for our wedding a few years back and my family still remembers them. The strawberry cupcake with vanilla frosting is my personal favorite. You should go early because they don't bake them there and they will run out the good ones if you go too late.

Review №29

Abby Girl has the best cupcakes I've ever eaten. Every time I get their red velvet cupcakes, I can't wipe the smile off my face while eating them. All their frosting is lighter than air with amazing flavor. A coworker saved me a cupcake from yesterday, knowing how much I love them, and it was still so moist and soft after being left over. Can't get enough!!

Review №30

Loved the cupcake.

Review №31

Blank stare at us when we came up. Not welcoming. Bought Lrg shake on menu $5.99 received a regular size shake, when i pointed that out she said they only had one size and that was wrong and walked away....

Review №32

My goodness, don't underestimate these cupcakes, taste fantastic. The cake is soft and moist to the point of insanity without crumbling. I am a Lemon Cupcake addict and theirs ranks incredibly high in my book.

Review №33

Second to none. By far the best, my daughter and I have ever had.

Review №34

Maybe the best cupcake I have ever eaten. Fresh ingredients, light texture. Great!

Review №35

I am addicted to this place. I go every weekend.. Very delicious!

Review №36

The lady Marcell I believe was her name assisted me...Well not really because she wasn't really welcoming. I got the red velvet, it was an average size cupcake nothing special about it. This place is not worth going out your way to get there.

Review №37

Nice taste the cupcake and very artistic in the presentation.

Review №38

I love everything about these cupcakes! Presentation is great! Taste is heaven in your mouth! The people are friendly. My favorite is the red velvet... amazing! I have to have a cupcake from there weekly.

Review №39

Very delicious cupcakes. My favorite are the smores and red velvet. Usually i am a picky eater when it comes to cupcakes but the cupcakes are nice and moist and the icing is very sweet and creamy. Highly recommend trying this place!

Review №40

I LOVE cupcakes!! I try cupcake shops in every city I visit and Abby Girl cupcakes are truly the BEST!!!! Moist, delicious and irresistible!!!! I recommend them to everyone I know and often take them one when I visit and they all agree! These are my absolute favorite cupcakes!!!

Review №41

These are by far absolutely the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.I was fortunate enough to sample the carrot-cake, chocolate, red velvet, and the strawberry. Each one fresh, full rich flavor and not overly sweet. If you are in the area you have to visit and sample for yourself.Harold Gibby

Review №42

Some of the best cupcakes I've ever had!

Review №43

Amazing. The carrot cake cupcakes are the best dessert I ever had. Brought to a party two hours away....I am now expected to bring them Everytime!

Review №44

I came into town for business an was told I had to try... oh my goodness it was the best cupcake I've ever had.. triple chocolate! I can't wait to come back..

Review №45

Love the sweets!

Review №46

Delicious!! My favorite!!

Review №47

Wonderful customer service. Fabulous selection for cupcake lovers. DELICIOUS. Worth every penny. This will be our go-to for cupcakes!

Review №48

Best cupcakes I've had so far in Cincinnati! The cake is nice and moist and the icing is just the right amount of richness and sweetness.

Review №49

I love the cupcakes and especially the cheesecake! The prices could be a little better.

Review №50

Bought 50 dollars worth of cup cakes. I ate four on the way home after a long day of drywalling. The absolute best cupcakes i have ever had. I need to go back. Im in love

Review №51

The lady (I think her name was Marcell) that waited on us didn't speak or greet us when we came in. It was my first time going and will be the last. She was rude ringing us up and 6$ for 2 cupcakes are pretty expensive. The least you could do is treat the customer with some type of decency.The cupcake were ok definitely not worth 3$. If I had better customer service I would think about going back.

Review №52

Moist and delicious. I've driven 2 hours for these cupcakes. Can't wait until I have an opportunity to go back.

Review №53

By far the best cupcakes I've EVER had in my life!!!!! I recently went to another cupcake shop in Silverton because it's closer to my home, I was sorry as soon as I took a bit of their cupcakes. They weren't very good at all. So I will make my special trips downtown...maybe to blue get my Abby Girl cupcakes. The Red Velvets are to die for!!!! Love love love love love them...did I say that I love them, yes...I LOVE THEM! ;-)

Review №54

Cupcakes are very good and come in loads of varieties, but the mini cheesecake is why I love this place so much. The cheesecake is one of the best I have ever had.

Review №55

This gal has an inner fat kid that will never say no to a cupcake! No surprise that while in Cincinnati for work my sweet tooth kicked in. Thanks to Yelp I discovered this cute little cupcakery very close to my hotel (dangerous!). After picking up dinner I made my way to this place. It is located in a shopping center with plenty of parking. There was not anyone else in the store when I went. The lady working (who I might guess was the owner) was nice but not overly friendly which was fine. I ended up getting the peanut butter cup and sugar baby.The cupcakes (yes I ate them not judge me!) were pretty good and not dry at all. There was a good amount of icing but not overload. The flavor was pretty good and basic which was fine but I've had better.Overall I'd definitely go back to this cupcakery. They do close what I consider to be early (6pm) so if you get an after dinner sweet treats craving there won't be any stopping at this place. Plan ahead for that sweet tooth craving.

Review №56

Great cupcakes and awesome customer service.

Review №57

The very best!! We love it!!!

Review №58

The very Best cupcakes :)~ Try the red velvet!

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Review №60

Delicious cup cakes!

Review №61

My absolute favorite cupcake shop. And I've tried a ton. Always totally moist and delicious. Do not miss this!

Review №62

I absolutely love these cupcakes so much that I had to get friends and family hooked on them! My Favorite cupcake has to be the banana pudding cupcake! Keep it up Abby girl Cupcakery!!!!

Review №63

Great for any occasion!! Love the peanut butter cup cupcakes!

Review №64

Always fresh! Always awesome when I bring them to someone's house for dessert!

Review №65

The cupcakes me and my wife had were great. Just wish they opened earlier on Sunday so I could get some to go before leaving town.

Review №66

Awesome cupcakes , The best I've ever had !

Review №67

Great cupcakes and cheesecakes!!

Review №68

Some of the best cupcakes I've ever had, and a great variety of flavors!

Review №69

Loved the cup cakes

Review №70

I tried the Red Velvet and Original Chocolate. Delicious!!

Review №71

Excellent quality cupcakes, fast service. Sometimes the Downtown staff is less than friendly.

Review №72

I fell for these cupcakes when I lived here in Cincy. I've since then moved to Texas and whenever I come back in town a trip is never complete until I've stopped here.

Review №73

Great!, them cupcakes are awesome, its worth the long walk.

Review №74

Red velvet cupcake was to die for and the strawberry was so delicious.

Review №75

Just nothing great and the cake was sticky/greasy.

Review №76

Good flavors but the cupcakes are to dense and dry

Review №77

Best cupcakes next to my wife's

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Review №79

Good place

Review №80

Best cupcakes ever!

Review №81

There is nothing I can say but these cupcakes are so delicious

Review №82

Carrot Spice, Red Velvet, Banana Pudding and Cookies & Cream!!!

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Review №84

Best cupcakes ever!!!!

Review №85

Best cupcakes in town!!

Review №86

You are the best place

Review №87

Awesome cupcakes

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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