Bonomini Bakery
1677 Blue Rock St, Cincinnati, OH 45223, United States
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Got there about one, it wasn't busy. Service is consistently great. It has a good atmosphere.

Review №2

They are the best bakery they I've found in Cincinnati. They're also the absolute best paczkis in Cincinnati. If you've never had paczkis before, stop in next Fat Tuesday, you won't be disappointed. I like them so much I buy them for my employees each year. I bought 48 this year and plan on buying them next year too. That said, they produce great treats all year. I highly, highly recommend them for all things bakery.

Review №3

I have been coming to Bonomini bakery since I was a little girl. Anytime there is any kind of special occasion, we buy a cake from here. They are not only beautiful but tasty. I love all the baked goods, but my favorite is their Clunkers!!! They also have good croissants.

Review №4

Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. i will be back with my relatives. menu is similar to a restaurant in el paso i liked.

Review №5

Great selection to choose from. Mom and pop vibe.

Review №6

Bonomini Bakery is the Best bakery in this city! The staff is Awesome! They know what I love and make sure that I am completely satisfied!

Review №7

Does not follow coronavirus health protocols.Cheesecake is weird. Don't Recommend.

Review №8

I loved the desserts. It felt like you stopped by your grandma's house to get some sweets.

Review №9

It was great can't say enough it's a great place an full of memorys

Review №10

Service is typically great. The place has a good atmosphere.

Review №11

Excellent Italian bread. Delicious fresh baked doughnuts, cupcakes pastries. Worth the trip!!

Review №12

The service was friendly and sociable. this place has an awesome feel to it.

Review №13

They're always polite I love all the pastries and the cakes especially my mom enjoyed her birthday cake

Review №14

Friendly and so many options. Respectful staff and customers.

Review №15

Nice little bakery in Northside with a nice selection of donuts and drinks. The staff is very nice and the bakery itself is clean and tidy. Great coconut donuts ️

Review №16

Feels similar to a cafe in Chicago I loved.

Review №17

Klunkers FTW.

Review №18

Fun little neighborhood bakery

Review №19

I have been several times recently. It is delicious. Donuts are great. 5 Stars all around.

Review №20

Great bakery !

Review №21

Perfect small bakery with great service. They have the best lemon squares.

Review №22

The Absolute Best-THIS is what its all about...Forget about your Starbucks; Stay away from your Dunkin Donuts...This is what it is ALL about. This is a wonderful but quickly dissappearing cornerstone of what a Family oriented American Neighborhood should have and treasure.I absolutly LOVE this place and pray it stays open forever!!

Review №23

O don't understand how they have a 4.6 rating when everyone have 5 stars worth maybe a couple of 4 Google some b.s but what I have to say is I used to come here when my children were little and get their birthday cakes she other baked goods lol they are all grown now except for 1 who's 16 it's been yrs since I been there and I swear the smell is still the same the donuts ate still amazing but Anyway my kids father was killed on my birthday this yr 1/10/2020 and if course the hurt for my children with him is unexplainable but his funeral was the 25th. My daughter has started her lol baking business she she was supposed to make the cake but due to unfortunate situations she couldn't make it so the first bakery I thought of was Bonomoni and I called and asked could they donate a cake to my mugs father Stanley Moore Jr repass and it was no problem we wanted a pic of him on the cake and we brought the pic thurs they had it ready to go Fri and it was beautful I had to hold back my tears and of course it waa delicious the most moist cake ever and the butter cream icing oh my goodness they did half chocolate cake and half vanilla I usually don't like chocolate cake from other bakeries but there's is wonderful I just want to say thank to this family bakery and the love and care you put into this cake I will be back in July for a cake for my daughter's birthday/baby shower

Review №24

Bonomini is truly a blessing. They not only have the best pastries and service, they are a blessing to the community. They have supported The A.Morton Food Pantry for years. They continue to be a blessing to people in need. We love you and thank you for your generosity in blessing the food pantry. Support Bonomini Bakery and the A.MORTON Food Pantry!!!!!

Review №25

Great workers just terrible lines and donuts seem to be raw on the inside lately sadly too cuz this was a great place

Review №26

We visited today for the first time. They had a nice variety of baked goods. We had a hard time choosing, everything looked so good. We ended up buying the Hawaiian cake and a half dozen sugar cookies. They were both really good!

Review №27

Go to place for cake! So delicious. Love the smalltown family owned feel, and love their cake even more!

Review №28

I used to work at Bonomini Bakery, and to this day I still get all my children's birthday cakes from them. They do great work on custom cakes! The cake itself is the best I've had in Cincinnati. They are a mom and pop shop, so if you're looking for local this is it! They also a great assortment of other baked treats and breads. The people that work there are always friendly and the owners are nice people too. I recommend them for every day baked goods and special occasions. You will be happy you made a stop at Bonomini.

Review №29

Have been going to this bakery for decades. The coffee cakes are the best in the city and there is great variety. They do not always make every cake everyday so if you have a favorite call in advance and place an order, the cake will be fresh and delicious. Some of our favorites are the apricot filled cinnamon and the candy pecan. The donuts are delicious, favorites include the clunker (a fried glazed sugary treat), the twists, the glazed, and the cream filled iced with chocolate. The loaf of cinnamon bread and the salty rye are also wonderful. They have always been very accomodating and friendly. I would recommend this bakery.

Review №30

Great Cakes!! Baked right at the location in the back.....Not Frozen like other bakeries do now. Has the Old Style fluffy light butter cream icing. The flavor that makes old folks crave Birthday Cake.

Review №31

Their baked goods are out of this world. If you are looking for someone to make you a custom cake you need to look these guys up. Some of the best baked goods I've ever tasted.

Review №32

Huge variety! Not a big store, but that doesn't phase the awesome variety. Delicious!!

Review №33

Love this bakery. Their eclairs are handmade and absolutely delicious.

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Review №35

I really loved this place. Ambience is similar to Fresno's scene.

Review №36

Most bakeries are only concerned with appearance, but their taste is disappointing, mostly just sugar. Bonomini is no exception. In European countries with a reputation for superb baked goods, the taste always lives up to, and often outstrips, the appearance.The problem is sugar. When I taste a baked good, I want to savor the flavors and aroma of butter, the fresh taste of a fruit, or the creamy texture of custard with a hint of real vanilla. The easiest way for a bakery to mask the fact that it isn't using quality ingredients is to lard it up with so much sugar that you don't taste anything else. This describes most this bakery as well as most bakeries in the U.S. Sorry.

Review №37

Good Donuts

Review №38

Bonomini is a wonderful family owned bakery. Everything there is delicious. On Friday and Saturday they make a fruit pizza that is amazing. A very special place.

Review №39

Great donuts and cakes made by great people. Stopped going to Busker(sorry) because of this place. They taste better, they are a small company and the people are courteous and friendly. Love it!

Review №40

Clean facility, friendly staff

Review №41

My dad has lived just around the corner from this place for years and I never gave it a try until last month on a morning walk. Im not a big cake or danish person, so I stuck with donuts - two glazed French crullers, a blueberry glazed donut and a cake donut that came in one large ball (glazed with no hole in the middle). I didn't try the blueberry because that was for my husband, but I tried the other two and they didn't disappoint. French Crullers are one of my absolute favorites, so it's god to know that I could come to this place very easily to get my fix.Four donuts cost just over $4. I visited on a weekend morning. There was just one family in there already, but it is a tiny space and fills up quickly. There were about four women working behind the counter and they aggressively offered to help me the second I walked in. They seemed slightly annoyed that I had no idea what I wanted. The second that first family left, a gentle man came in behind me and knew exactly what he wanted right off the bat. I'm thinking this place stays pretty busy with regulars.

Review №42

The best in town but gotta get your fav before all of them are gone the thats how good they really really are Love them so much

Review №43

Fantastic old fashion bakery, my dad started bringing me here when I was 6 years old and anytime in the area I make sure to stop in

Review №44

Absolutely love this place I've been getting cheese cakes,cookies and donuts here since 2001 always completely satisfied!

Review №45

Wide range of donuts and pastries, as well as cakes. Classic been-around-forever donut spot.

Review №46

Great bakery. Supports Chik Tracks though, soooo....

Review №47

Last minute dinner plans with me getting desserts scrambling around I'd located this bakery and I can say what a hit and I will definitely be back prices were great the desserts were outstanding superb service was cream of the crop

Review №48

Have been going here since I was a child. Always tasty and friendly service

Review №49

I love all of their pastries and they're always so nice!

Review №50

Better smiley face cookies than Busken's and awesome custard filled donuts.I will be becoming a regular and trying everything here.

Review №51

The strawberry donut with the strawberry cream icing is the best donut ever!

Review №52

As part of our Sauerkraut Dinners at First United Church of Christ, Bonomini' will make the night even better with the bread and the apple pies. Thank you.

Review №53

I love this little Bakery that's where I get my apple fritters best apple fritters in town but you got to get there are you getting none

Review №54

Just tried their donuts for the first time and I'll definitely be going back! Delicious! And they were quick and friendly as well.

Review №55

Best bakery in Cincinnati! Local family-owned for years and they treat you like family. Everything is delicious!

Review №56

Best Bakery in Cincinnati!! Hands down...

Review №57

Because they are better than Busken or Servati !

Review №58

Get there early before all the good stuff is gone! Great people and atmosphere!

Review №59

Awesome!!!!! The staff there are very nice.

Review №60

Small locally owned shop. If you want donuts the consensus is that they are they best. Never ordered a cake but their pastrys are bassically to kill for. Seriously these guys could start a cult with their food. Every morning I come by and see at least 2 parked cars outside their shop and I have parked illegally to get at them donuts. The food is really sugary so if your against diabetes then maybe order something less donuty. The fact that they are in the middle of nowhere and still attract this amount of people is amazing and a testament to their baking.

Review №61

Just like the early 70s , great going back in time.

Review №62

I cute quaint family owned the best donuts I ever had! Going to go get a second Box before I head back to South Carolina

Review №63

Found this gem by accident. So happy I did. We'll be back

Review №64

They have a sign out front that says "Bakery" and that's what it is. Their plain glazed yeasted donut is a solid contender, but the real star IMHO is the cake donut "dunker" that tastes like it is made with buttermilk. Juicy and tangy with crispy edges. Top notch.

Review №65

I have never had ANYTHING that Is bad here! From the donuts, to the cakes, breads, rolls, Paczkis, and meringue coffee cakes, there is nothing that is not worth the trip...for us it is all the way from Dayton! The employees are helpful and friendly and always willing to take the time to answer questions. Another plus is that they are reasonably priced for what you get. Definitely a hidden gem in Northside!

Review №66

My family has gone to Bonomini for over 30 years for their "goop" cake. WOW! Fruit covered pastry cake topped with a delicious meringue.

Review №67

Used to stop in every Friday morning for 10 + years, order was always ready. Great people and delicious treats of all sorts.

Review №68

Gotta get there early because everyone knows how good the food is.

Review №69

Great local bakery! I stop by at least 3 times a week !

Review №70

I love this Bakery, the yellow cake are the best. we buy cake all year around... Birthday holidays and family occasions.

Review №71

Loved it! Make my coffee perfect and there baked goods are not too sweet just right

Review №72

We've been going there for decades. It's the best!

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Review №74

They have the best cupckes with amazing frosting. Oh and the lemon bars are to die for.

Review №75

One of the best local bakeries

Review №76

The fruit pizza may be my favorite coffee cake ever. Great donuts!

Review №77

This Bakery is ten times better than Busken and Servati. I give it a five star rating! and they are ebt friendly. If you haven't tried them, you're wasting your money............

Review №78

Great pastry bakery, very polite and patient staff.

Review №79

As usual it was great! Good people and delicious pastries!

Review №80

Well as usual my recent visit was Great. I introduced my Grandson to these Jelly Donuts about 1 MONTH AGO- he's 18 months old and he gobbled down 2 of these without any hesitation. He is the 4th generation of my family to enjoy these donuts along with everything else from Bonomini's. It started with my Grandparents, parents, myself, my children and now my grandchild. Oh and I live about 80 miles from this place- I try to time my trips to Cinti to allow a Visit to Northside and this ICON of Great Gastronomy. PS, These are the only Jelly Donuts he has EVER eaten. I think Bonomni's hooked him.

Review №81

Bought maple donuts, cookies, and bread. It was all delicious. The cookies didn't make it home.

Review №82

I've been enjoying Bonomini Bakery for over fifty years. This is a terrific bakery.

Review №83

Don't have one after visit bakery!I sow show on tv about bakery,looked great,hard working popell!I live 1:45 a way 1day will vizit.

Review №84

I've been getting my birthday cakes here since I was 1, I now get my children's birthday cakes from here. Along with other things.

Review №85

Get there early for the good stuff. The birthday cakes are amazing!!!

Review №86

Great people n super sweet treats

Review №87

May 24th 2016. My dad purchased me a cake from here for my birthday May 24th. I love cake I mean like I love cake can eat it everyday. I have had Donuts from the shop and cookies but never cake. This cake was so f****** nasty and dry so dry. I had never tasted the cake this dry. And my dad eats anything he even said it's dry. My mom trys to take the cake back May 25th. It literally only had two little pieces cut out. They would not give us a refund just a store credit. Do not get a cake from here. Do not this s*** is horrible. I don't even want cake for the next year. And I normally eat cake at least once a week

Review №88

Old style mom & pop urban american doughnut and bakery shop, too much sugar for me but once in a while, hey you gotta get a doughnut. A neighborhood favorite they've been in business for generations.

Review №89

This place is fantastic. I have been eating here since the mid 1980s. The chocolate cupcakes are my favorite - not to rich. I can eat a half dozen at time :) The family favorite is peanut rolls. Only one other place in my life has a place had such great peanut rolls (Bugsy's Bakery on Peete St back in 60s). The danish are great, the cakes are great. Anyone who says anything else, dont know what they're taling about. Anyone who has lived in Clifton, Northside, College Hill, NCH, etc., knows Bonomini. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED *****

Review №90

Last year for my daughters 2nd birthday I called and ordered a Frozen cake. I said I wasn't picky just make it frozen. When I picked it up it was a cute marble cake with purple and blue mixed icing and a frozen topper. (Any bakery could do that so this isn't anything great) but I was really happy with it and it was adorable and the price was fitting. So this year for my daughters 3rd birthday I ordered 40 cupcakes. I told them that I wasn't picky on the design so she asked if I wanted plain cupcakes or the other kind. She explained the other kind had different colored icing and rings on top. The plain was fine. But I was specific on the color. I wanted 20 yellow/white cupcakes and 20 chocolate. I wanted pink sprinkles on one and orange sprinkles on the other. All with whipped white icing. I don't like chocolate and about a handful of the kids don't like chocolate which is why I wanted white icing on them all and thought the difference with the sprinkles was a good idea to be able to tell which ones were chocolate and which ones were yellow. It'd just be easy to say ok kids the chocolate cupcakes have the orange sprinkles and the yellow/white cupcakes have the pink sprinkles. I had my cousin go pick them up for me and when I got them they had yellow and pink granted sugar sprinkles on them ! Yellow!?! Then, they didn't even seperate the chocolate cupcakes from the yellow/white cupcakes. I called and explained my daughters party is pink and orange. She explained that on the paper it says pink granted sugar and yellow granted sugar. What!! First off, I never knew that they were called granted sugar. I just called them tiny sprinkles and I was picturing regular sprinkles when I explained it to her all I said was "sprinkles" so don't tell me I specifically said "yellow granted sugar" the difference of regular sprinkles and granted sugar sprinkles wasn't even the problem anyway. The problem is they used yellow instead of orange. So now I'm going to show up to a pink and orange birthday party with pink and yellow cupcakes. Some chocolate cupcakes had yellow granted sprinkles and some had pink. I explained that I had a pink table and an orange table at the party and one was a chocolate table and one was a candy table. Depending on the cupcakes if the chocolate cupcakes had the orange sprinkles then obviously the orange table would be the chocolate table.. And the the pink sprinkles cupcakes would've went on the pink table. So there was quite a bit planned for these cupcakes and all she could tell me was to call monday. I explained to her that the birthday party is tomorrow (Sunday) so what would calling Monday help do. I had 40 cupcakes that I needed re done on a Saturday night at 5pm. I'm left stuck with them. No bakery is open on a Sunday and they refused to do anything. They didn't even offer for me to bring them back to scrape the icing and yellow granted sugar off and re-do the icing and put orange granted sugar on them. I would've been happy with that atleast! My family and I are from northside and use this bakery for all of our kids birthday parties which we have 3 more birthday parties in February alone. We will not use them again. I'll pay $100 for 40 plain cupcakes before I order anything from this place again. They messed up and I didn't get a sorry or anything, I got an oh well, on the paper it says yellow granted sugar so call Monday. How is it my fault she wrote down yellow granted sugar instead of orange sprinkles!? My family and I will take our business elsewhere. People mess up and I get that, but to not try to fix it or not care because its Saturday night and you get off work in 20mins is ridiculous and they will lose alot of business.

Review №91

Just found this bakery. Although customer service is lacking their Danish is to die for!Going back to try their breads and cream horns.

Review №92

I Ordered A Marble Cake With Whipped Icing For My 16th Birthday. To Begin With The Cake Was Dry And The Icing Was Nothing Like What I Expected Neither Was The Cake Which Was More Yellow Than Anything. This "Bakery " Came Highly Recommended And I Was HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED AND UNSATISFIED With The Results. Second , When We Went To Order My Cake There Was A Fly On The Cheesecake That Was On Display In The Case (Ewww). I Would Recommend Going To Wal-Mart ( Which My Bestfriend Did And It Was A Delicious Cake With The Right Icing ) To Get Your Cake Rather Than This.

Review №93

A must stop in Cincinnati. The klunkers are awesome.

Review №94

Best bakery around!

Review №95

Best donuts in town!

Review №96

Love the birthday cake! Love the cupcakes!

Review №97

Always a pleasant experience

Review №98

Best bakery

Review №99

This place has smiley faces....what more could you want?

Review №100

Great donuts and cakes but a very small space and when it's packed it's very annoying

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