Servatii Pastry Shop Hyde Park
3824 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States
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Well once again—servatti the CAKE BAKERY has failed to provide the cake requested. I had specifically asked that there be nothing on the top of the cake—completely smooth and blank. And that the flowers typically around the top border be placed on the bottom/base of the cake. Went over it three times with the person taking the order. Sure enough—flowers on the top and nothing on the base. I even asked to see the ticket and there it was written right on there —“around the base of the cake”. I was told at the time of pick up they don't do them on the base. Really? How hard is that to do—or at least tell me so I could go somewhere else. And while it sounds insignificant in the entire scheme of the world today—this is a wedding cake for an Elopement. But somehow-the wedding cakes I have seen offered at servatti have many versions with flowers at the base. I'm guessing because this was an 8 inch cake—and didn't tell them it was for a wedding (pretty sure the price would have doubled) they don't accommodate that. Nor will they put anything on the sides of the cake—unless it's a wedding cake.Two Cakes ago they gave us a cake with Barbie pink icing when I specifically asked for very pale pink. Fortunately, there was time to do that one over. This time it was not an option. That 10% discount is not going to make up for a disappointed couple. Last time for Servatti. Lesson here is if you want something that is even remotely different from their cookie cutter cake offerings —go elsewhere.

Review №2

European style bakery that has been a fixture in the city for 60 years. Fresh breads, pastries, cakes and more. Not quite as big as it once was but always has to be in consideration for that special occasion.

Review №3

Cake was good but not at all like the picture that was sent.

Review №4

Amazing bakery! Truly the best in Cincinnati. German heritage, amazing food and pastries.

Review №5

I called and ordered a cake and was told over the phone $38-$40 for a 10” red velvet. I picked it up and was charged $48 when I asked what changed the girl working the counter said that whoever quoted me was looking at an outdated price sheet and informed me that the prices went up. I was a little shocked that it would have went up that much, she said it's because it's red velvet, which really didn't explain anything. I'm sure that the cake will be adequate but I don't think that it will be worth what I paid. The only reason I went with Servatti is because I was looking for something last minute. Every time I have dealt with them it has been poor customer service. I generally use a local smaller owner/operator baker and I recommend others do the same.

Review №6

Long time favorite place for cakes, cookies and other pastries.

Review №7

Always my first choice for any kind of dessert, and for pretzel bread, of course.

Review №8

They have very good service. They stopped making the cake that i get every year on my b,day so that upset me i only go there for that cake.

Review №9

Very nice and VERY helpful ladies there today on 2/28! Thanks for great service! Will plan to drive further to this location because of it! Also, great job on the up selling - can't wait to make a grilled cheese on the dill bread! Thanks again!

Review №10

The staff was very kind and courteous. It is a very small, quaint place for a Servatii but there were plenty of options. I did feel a bit rushed while I was there and there was only myself and one other woman in front of me. Besides that it was great. The items were all gifts but well loved (cheesecake, cookies, and cupcakes).

Review №11

Best donut I've had in years. Salty rye bread is a hit. The chicken salad with a pretzel stick was also a hit!

Review №12

Many thanks to Jackie at the Hyde Park Servatii's. I ordered a cake from the Fairfield location but forgot to pick it up on my way to work. She offered to have it transported to her store so I would have it in time for an employee's going away event.Jackie went far beyond my expectations and deserves recognition for her incredible customer service.

Review №13

Cherry Danish was a bit dry but the rest of the danishes and doughnuts were fine!

Review №14

Delicious! So Gorgeous inside

Review №15

Was in visenitybut not there .but love the sweets .

Review №16

The ladies who work here are so sweet. They are willing to go above and beyond to find an item if it is not on display. They greet you with a smile and always appear to be happy you stopped in. My favorite are the pieces of cake cut and sold individually. Their cake is moist and delicious and the frosting is to die for. The rolls and pretzels are yummy too.

Review №17

I'm very disappointed in the service I received today. As a former employee be of this company, and location I take pride in the quality of service we provided to the customers. I ordered a Key lime flan yesterday before 3pm, and requested it for a pick up today. My order wasn't able to be found and the ladies behind the counter showed very little empathy, and didn't offer any solution. They explained that they didn't work that day, and didn't take the order. Then one had the nerve to say, "Sorry baby girl, pick something else." That's not how you should talk to your customers. I went to my car to check that I'd ordered from the Hyde Park location, and went to the end counter to place an order, and I was ignored. Mr. G please train your staff on better ettiquite, and conflict resolution. I did pay for my order that is supposed to be picked up this Saturday. However, I'm going empty handed to the retirement party tonight. This is how you lose your loyal customers. Please do better.

Review №18

They have Brezen (pretzels) that are nearly as good as in Germany. It was so wonderful to find this little gem. Their donuts are like heaven.

Review №19

They still got going on, haven't been there in 10 years

Review №20

Great cookies. King cakes offered for Fat Tuesday are super dry.

Review №21

Great place to get local baked goods. Very busy w/ special orders for Super Bowl. Besides baked goods, I also saw preordered cheese/pretzel and fresh vegetable party trays being picked up. Looked quite tasty!

Review №22

I love this place, the pastries and baked goods are high quality. A little on the pricey side, but worth it.

Review №23

Good cake

Review №24

Great bakery, everything is always fresh.

Review №25

I purchased my father a birthday cake from this location and after cutting into it the level of freshness was very questionable due the how dense the sponge of the cake was. In addition the script I asked to be written out was really juvenile at best. I'm very dissapointed, and will never patron here again. *However the Customer Service was exceptional. Those ladies rock!

Review №26

OMG! Lemon cake doughnut was delicious.

Review №27

Everything they have is delicious. And the personnel here were extremely friendly.

Review №28

The staff was wonderful! They gave my kids cookies while we waited and even helped me clean up my toddler from his cookie mess when he smeared icing all over his face

Review №29

Really love this local bakery. It has the best Bavarian style pretzels and the donuts are top notch.

Review №30

Pastries look scrumptious as always but one of the servers seemed angry as soon as I stepped to the counter. Was it my USA flag shirt? Whatever her problem with me was - it made me uncomfortable. Thankfully the other sever was pleasant and professional. Not a way I'd like my brand to be represented- Servatii.

Review №31

Love the bakery. Yummy food. Karen is very friendly person. And most employees are very nice.

Review №32

My husband and I ordered a salad and pretzel with beer cheese from Servatii's and the reasons why we ordered the big salad is because we wanted the ranch dressing that comes in the tub well when my husband went to the store to pick it up our order was messed up when we ordered the salad it doesn't say on the website what kind of dressings to have and when my husband told the lady that there was no ranch dressing she gave him ranch dressing packets and said here you problem-solve no the point of having the salad was to have the ranch dressing with it that comes in the tub they didn't want to take anything off of the order and this isn't the first time that we've ordered something from Servatii's and our order got messed up our wedding cake got messed up before 2 so my suggestion is the Servatii's website needs to get fixed before this happens again having this happen to me and my husband twice has really set us to where we don't really want to ever come to servatii again to order food.

Review №33

We ordered food for a birthday party from this place and they took our money and never delivered the food. The birthday party was ruined. We all sang happy birthday to a 4 year old and she had no cake. Everybody was starved. None of the families will ever go to servatiis again. Please don't give them your money.

Review №34

I love Servattis. I use to work there. The owner's have made this bakery what it is today, fantastic!

Review №35

My go-to for desserts. Their pies, cakes and mousses are the best!

Review №36

I purchased dinner rolls and pretzels and beer cheese dip from the Hyde park location for my family Thanksgiving meal. We were all very dissatisfied with not only the rolls, but the beer cheese as well. It was very embarrassing for me! I purchased a birthday cake from here back in May, and the cake was great!! However, this time around, my family and I were not happy with my purchase... maybe they should just stick to birthday cakes!

Review №37

Best bakery on town!

Review №38

Love me some servaties

Review №39

I love everything here. Everything.

Review №40

They need a bagel warmer

Review №41

Last monute stopping in for morning donuts! Helped me immediately and worked together to get my transaction Complete! Courteous and opened the door for me!!( i'm on crutches.) In & out in only a few minutes. They had less selection compared to openingof the day; but they still had 2 of my favorites , usually sell out early, especially ona weekend. Thier prices are still less that some other donut or pastry shops and just as good as long as you compare apples to apples...yum!

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Wonderful pastries and the best pretzels in town. Great cakes and cookies. Some very German options too.I loved it.

Review №44

Good, but but better than busken's ;) a very solid 2nd place though

Review №45

I wanted to do special cupcakes for my friend , to celebrate her last day of radiation, she has been battling breast cancer , I showed them a pic of boobie cupcakes with cute bras and I was told they don't do that kind of stuff. Very disappointed, they wouldn't even work with me on a different design ... all I wanted was to do something fun and put a smile on my friends face . I will not be back to servatii.

Review №46

Wonderful pastries and the best pretzels in town. Great cakes and cookies. Some very German options too.

Review №47

Do not get donuts! They are stale! Went in early on a Sunday when you expect a place to have fresh pastries but they were awful!

Review №48

Always good bakery items, especially the cheese cake!

Review №49

Went in looking for a pumpkin roll in October as I wanted to use a Servatii coupon I received in the mail. Asked the employees to help and they didn't know what I was talking about. Told me to just look around and that's what they had. They were not helpful and they were sold out of pumpkin rolls in peak season!

Review №50

Great neighborhood full service bakery. Friendly staff

Review №51

Great Birthday cake! Granddaughter loved it!!

Review №52

Everything too expensive

Review №53

No vegan pastries.

Review №54

Good but slow service

Review №55

Great food and their designs on cakes are fantastic

Review №56

My favorite place to shop for sweets

Review №57

Love the pastry, but the ladies that work in there have bad attitudes, everytime i go in there they never say how are you are anything you dont feel welcome!!! So i make the trip to the blue ash one!!

Review №58

Good customer service

Review №59

Best around for baked goods

Review №60

Lots of delicious sweets here

Review №61

There are sooooo many pastries, donuts , muffins and chocolate items that would cause a person with a weakness for these items to their knees.

Review №62

Old salads every time

Review №63

Just because : they act like a watch dog , every time you have to leave your position for what ever reason

Review №64

Great pastries here

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Quality is awesome

Review №68

Hey lime pie cheesecake!

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Review №70

One of Cincinnati's favorites!!

Review №71

I wasn't there

Review №72

Best pastries on town!

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