El Barco Mexican Restaurant
318 Northland Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45246, United States

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Everyone that has been doing the bad reviews YOUR RONG!!! This place is AMAZING they serve really good food ONE OF THE BEST FOODS!!!!for sure will come back and Taste the delicious food they have again

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We came to eat at another place around the corner. However it was an 3/4 hour wait. Came across this place Mi Familia Mexicana Cuisine. I love the food & great prices.

Review №3

The Margaritas are excellent, service is great, and good food too, chips and salsa

Review №4

Price of food expensive. and poor rations there's better restaurants than this one. Don't recommend it.

Review №5

Loved it! Good customer service, food came fast and it's a nice spot

Review №6

Food was good. Pretty much real deal Mexican food. Rare in Cincinnati. The Camarones a la Diabla were very spicy. Almost to much for this gringa. Very nice to have this dish as it was meant to be. Would have given 5 stars but music was to loud. We'll do this one again.

Review №7

This restaurant is a must. If you live near here definitely check it out. I met the owner Alex while I was in ordering and he was very kind and 100% about my satisfaction as a customer. Great environment top bring your family or even a margarita night. Great job with your restaurant Alex I'll be back!!

Review №8

Great service and awesome food

Review №9

Amazing food. No oversized monster portions. Perfect sizes of amazing food at a perfect price. All together just a great place!

Review №10

This place is awesome. Had my go to meal (fajitas lol) and my companion had a really great burrito. The ingredients were very fresh. Casual and fun atmosphere

Review №11

Love their tacos! $0.99 each on Monday and Tuesday(chicken and ground beef) $2.00 each every other day!

Review №12

The food is good. The service is very efficient and polite.

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Review №14

Delish food!!

Review №15

Amazing food, very quick service and is a 100% family owned. You can tell from the moment you walk in, it's not like any of the major chain restaurants, they all the same, this place is on of a kind, at least that I found. Be ready to eat though, portions are huge, burritos are massive, the fish is simply amazing. I order carry out now all the time for lunch, and a few employees are now onboard too. Try it, the menu is massive, endless options of Mexican food. And always cook to order freshness.

Review №16

In my experiences, I've found that they have lovely service, incredibly friendly staff, and absolutely amazing food! You should definitely give the tortas a try, they are quite tasty!

Review №17

They always take forever to give you your food. We were a 1 family out of 3 tables. No party tables and it took them like 45min -1 he for our food. Also we didn't get our chips and drinks right away. Don't get they're cheese, served cold.

Review №18

Ordered huevos rancheros for lunch. I have to say that it was the worst that I ever had.

Review №19

Great food and great service. Tasty margarita and delicious fish tacos. Nice young man at the bar and the waitress was very friendly and smiling. Definitely recommend. A+ 100%

Review №20

Good food, decent service, very affordable

Review №21

I picked up lunch here for me and a three coworkers. They were not busy. I got cheese sauce that was cold (it had been put in a Styrofoam container should have remained hot while I drove 3 minutes) . three meals had been spilled in the bottom of the bags when we got them, I know how to transport food. The chicken on two orders tasted like it had been reheated. My steak chimichanga definitely tasted like leftover reheated food. It was so gross. Did I eat it. yes. I was hungry. The taco salad was great though! My coworker had it with ground beef!

Review №22

The salsa had to be from a can and the queso was nasty. Will never go back to try anything else. Yuck!

Review №23

Delicious food! Great service! Nice authentic atmosphere. Try the whole fish.

Review №24

Wonderful food and great service!

Review №25

The wait staff was very pleasant and attentive. The food was good but the chicken chimi was dry and tough inside.. Great place for lunch.

Review №26

This place sucks the food very poor quality. Few years ago was much better. No wonder it was so empty no customers.

Review №27

Excellent atmosphere, friendly staff, and awesome food! Definitely will come back.

Review №28

That's a good place for a dinner.

Review №29

I have no clue why this place has such low rating! As a Mexican who was lucky to be raised by an amazing cook I criticize "Mexican" restaurants quite harsh. I am always looking for the authentic flavor, something close to home and after trying so many restaurants including "La Piñata," "Los Pericos," "El Rancho Grande" among many others around Ohio and California MI FAMILIA RESTAURANT is by far the BEST place!!! As soon as I had my first bite of their Camarones a la diabla I was beyond satisfied. My second visit I tried their red enchiladas and I couldnt believe how delicious they were. But def have to give their green enchiladas the best rating! Those green enchiladas have the exact same taste of those my mother used to cook. (SIDE NOTE: My mom is a native of Michoacan Mexican - some of the best cooks out there!) Yes ofc the food is spicy, ITS AUTHENTIC for a reason but if you ask the waiter for it to not be so spicy they will fix your dish! JUST ASK. And if you do not want it to be loud i would suggest to stay at home and cook, i have yet to go to a restaurant thats "quiet." Last go during the week when they do not have the karaoke event.As for the waiters, all of our waiters have been rather polite and always make sure our orders as exactly what we expected. They are have an amazing sense of humor and can be quite funny. I love this place and cannot wait to dine out again. I am looking forward to trying their flan next time im out and about!

Review №30

Food was authentic but not much flavor and was kinda pricy

Review №31

Is one of the best food I ever tried I fully recommend it

Review №32

Awesome friendly ownership and employees!!The El pastor tacos are the best.. A must have!!

Review №33

Absolute crooks. $50 for 2 rum and cokes and an order of queso

Review №34

Fried fish was delicious. Karaoke was fun for my wife and nice to have a choice to sing music in Spanish.

Review №35

Food was really good

Review №36

As implied by the name, this is a very family friendly restaurant. Great food, great service, good price points and gringo friendly too.

Review №37

Really great and authentic Mexican food for a good price

Review №38

Gordita was hard and meat was over cooked...Chorizo taco was overcooked..Al pastor taco over cooked...All meat tasted old and over cooked...

Review №39

Freshly prepared lunch, great guacamole. Timely and friendly. Just need more napkins!

Review №40

The absolute worst do not go here- food took an hour to come out and we were 1 of 2 tables DONT GO HERE

Review №41

I only had Tacos for light dinner but boy were they delicious and authentic. Great atmosphere. Can't wait to go back.

Review №42

Great service, very plentiful and great tasting food. Music was a bit loud and hard to talk to those you are with. BUT, we loved it.

Review №43

I used to love this place, but recently every time I have gone it just gets slower and the quality of the food has suffered. On my last visit I was the only person in the restaurant I ordered my entree 25 minutes into the wait nobody could come back to my table and the food hadn't come out yet so I just left

Review №44

Great for the price which is very reasonable. Excellent staff, good margaritas.

Review №45

The food is awful, the worse Mexican food that I have never eaten

Review №46

If you don't speak Spanish don't eat there. Server was very unfriendly. Food was slow & came out separately. Music/singer was extremely loud. Walked out with heartburn.

Review №47

Ordered a gyro while watching the meat right in front of me, waited 15 minutes only to be told that they don't have it and to order something else, so I ordered a pita sandwich (similar to the gyro) and waited almost an hour for it. I definitely wasn't pleased

Review №48

Don't go to this place if you don't speak Spanish they will overcharge you rip you off be rude won't give you what you order put alcohol in your drink then argue with you. Chips are stale salsa is awful food is okay but got overcharged by about $15 and was given a virgin drink not one bit of alcohol in it watched it being made. Worst Mexican place in town I've been to

Review №49

Just go to Mi Tierra... here's the address 11625 Chester Rd Cincinnati Oh (you'll thank me later)Honestly I do not like the service here. I waited 40min to get my food, the tables smelled like they were cleaned with a dirty cloth, and they were out of tortilla chips, which was not a big deal but they could've at least give us free refills on our water. They were not short staffed and they were not busy at all, plus the guy singing although he sang well he sang some song with a lot of curse words and there were kids around.On top of this the waitress took my order and after the 40min she came and told me they were out of tortas as well instead of telling me right away, so here I am 40min later trying to choose another menu item.Definitely not kid friendly, awful service, and I'll be thinking twice before coming here again, very unpleased.Again Just go to Mi Tierra where It tastes better and the service fantastic

Review №50

Not that great. The food is ok at best and the atmosphere was a bit stale.

Review №51

Been here quite a few times and food is always ok. Today, food was thrown together and overdone. The margarita had no alcohol in it. Still got charged. Won't return.

Review №52

The service was lousy in the food was worse

Review №53

I like the chips but the tomato salsa no, at the have a sour taste, my husband ask for a chile relleno and they use the same tomato salsa tho cover it, use a different cheese we are not use to, and was cold. I ask for a carne asada, and I do not feel any flavor at all. They do have good service, but that's about it.

Review №54

The burrito too small and less fries can do better next time.

Review №55

Avoid the tex mex items like Nachos. Stick to Tacos, or traditional Mexican faire and you'll be happy. This is where local Spanish people eat.

Review №56

The food is great!!

Review №57

Go on taco day or taco night. They were great.

Review №58

The food is awful but they have a good kareoke on Saturday

Review №59

Great food and live music on Sunday afternoon.

Review №60

Best mexican food best service best music

Review №61

Excellent place and food. The service is acceptable

Review №62

We eat there regularly, often on Wednesday, for Dollar Taco night. Yum! Great tacos!

Review №63

Margaritas were ok, got a top shelf. Food was excellent best rice I have had in a long time. Chicken chimichanga was loaded with chicken! mi familia says it all. It's a local mexican family resturant.

Review №64

Don't waste your money on shrimp soup! $15 for rubbish. 5 shrimp with spicy water with half cooked potato and carrots. If you want mexican food, go to the border. The beef soup is ok. Still not worth the price.

Review №65

Love the food and atmosphere. Great service.

Review №66

Superb service and some of the best Mexican food ive ever had.

Review №67

Authentic food. Great taste.

Review №68

Nice quiet place! Friendly staff!

Review №69

A little loud but exellent food!

Review №70

Food was delicious, its just like going to mexico and eating their

Review №71

Best Mexican food in Cincinnati. Many authentic dishes!

Review №72

Fantastic! Both taste and presentation of staple items along with great service.

Review №73

Love the food and atmosphere and the servers are so nice

Review №74

Killer ceviche, nice staff. Excellent food

Review №75

Order w as not correct nor the service

Review №76

Exquisite mexican food!! Excellent Restaurant and Very delicious food! The burritos are amazingly good and my favorite "El molcajate" and " shrimp a La Diabla"Definately worth the drive from columbus. Great place to grab dinner or go with friends for a karaoke night and drinks!!

Review №77

Relaxing, quiet atmosphere, family oriented, superb service, really enjoyed

Review №78

Portions during lunch special was ridiculously small for the price. It was something you'd feed a child. Taco Bell has bigger portions in their quesadilla.

Review №79

Good food nice service

Review №80

Service was slow, food tasted okay but doesn't settle well.

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Review №82

Best Tacos El Pastor ever!!!

Review №83

Very good

Review №84

Great service. A lot of food!!

Review №85

Amazing tacos

Review №86

One of the best restaurant I've ever been to!! Service was amazing and food was fantastic!!!!!!!!! If you are ever in Cincinnati u need to try!!!!!!!

Review №87

It's alright. Tooooooooooooooo expensive tho.

Review №88

Best spot

Review №89

Just ... really ... yucky.There are authentic places in Cincinnati. Find one. Said Obi Wan about Mi Familia: "This is not the Mexican food you are looking for."

Review №90

Excellent food, traditional mexican, highly recommend

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Review №92

It is fine

Review №93

It's noice

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Review №95

Authentic Mexican food

Review №96

Great place and food

Review №97

Wonderful food absolutely delicious

Review №98

Great staff and ownership

Review №99

Is good food

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  • Phone:+1 513-772-1200
  • Bar & grill
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  • Live music:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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