City Barbeque and Catering
878 Eastgate N Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45245, United States
Review №1

We love the pulled pork and brisket. The flavor is perfect. All of the sides are great too. We always get the fresh cut fries and mac n cheese. The Eastgate location has done really great with bringing food to vehicles during the pandemic. We appreciate it. Fast friendly and accurate. Always awesome hot food.

Review №2

I had the “More Cowbell” which had some awesome brisket, roasted peppers and onions, and a nice white cheese on top. The bread was my favorite part, to be honest. It was fluffy and buttered to perfection. As for the actual sandwich, the brisket was nice and smokey. As soon as you added the barbecue sauce, it brought the whole thing up. As the peppers and onions fell out, I put them on top of the Mac and cheese and it went right along. The Mac was pretty standard, I wish there were some baked breadcrumbs on top, but what can you do? It was still creamy and cheesy, which is all you can really ask from Mac and cheese. Overall, the service was amazing, good food, decent prices, and I should mention that my order was ready in 10 min. Good work guys.

Review №3

Great food and nice staff. My family and I eat here at least twice a week. We always get the ribs and brisket sandwiches which are both AWESOME!! Great tasting Hush Puppies, not overcooked or dried out and the fries are definitely on point to say the least. Don't forget to try their amazing desserts either . Pumpkin Cheesecake Pudding or the Banana Pudding, both taste scrumptious

Review №4

Tasty and quick! Great service, pulled pork is fantastic. Not as much of a fan of the Mac and cheese (too bad), but the green beans are great!

Review №5

Pricey, but worth it! The best barbeque we've found since moving from NC. The service was fast and friendly. The food came in very generous portions. My daughter didn't care for their pulled chicken, and they replaced it with something else, plus gave us extras! We will definitely be going back.

Review №6

Food was very good. Piping hot hushpuppies and they were exceptionally good. Tea was sour,otherwise great time for a date.

Review №7

Good food. I had the Beef Brisket with Corn pudding and Mac-n-cheese, loved it!. They gave us a little sample of the Cole slaw, Green beans and potatoes salad. Didn't care for the Cole slaw and was just to full to try the other two.

Review №8

I told my friends about this place with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the cooking is yummy and the stuff is very friendly and cooperative. always when we eat in this place we have a delightful time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Review №9

We have always enjoyed city barbecue. However we were disappointed with this visit. Let me start by saying our food was amazing. We loved it and as always they didn't disappoint. The problem for us was the service. When we ordered the girl at the cashier was one of the most disinterested cashiers ever. She kinda just stared out in boredom and as we asked questions we got monotoned answers with almost a sigh in the voice giving a 'if I have to answer' feeling. When we picked the food up we noticed the barbecue sauce (which is now pre cupped for you ) didn't seem like it would be enough. So we requested more. We were told we are now limited on how much sauce we could get and they blamed the covid. The gentleman waiting on us appeared to be a Manager and seemed friendly enough and even gave me one more little container of sauce but When I asked for pickles I was told we were only allowed one container which held two pickle slices. We ordered 34 dollars in food for just my husband and I and we can only have two pickle slices? We eat out a lot and its true many restaurants have changed their menus and services but I see way to many things being blamed on the " Covid " that have nothing to do with the covid. I give you my money for food I will enjoy eating. If you take away what makes it enjoyable I won't be back and it won't be the covids fault. For one thing they give you these little plastic cups of sauce that are supposedly figured out how much you need per so much food but the cups are not even consistently filled to the same levels. Sadly it will be a while before I go back to what was once a favorite spot.

Review №10

I thought it was quite expensive for a sandwich and 2 sides drink was extra. The pork comes pulled it was very stringy and not even hot. The barbeque is served on the side. I had macaroni and cheese which was so bland it really just tasted like noodles with a cream sauce on it no flavor. Then the other side was their baked beans which were very good. The counter service was a bit unprofessional. A c customer came in and complained about something on his sandwich that he didn't want to the manager and she told him he was wrong and she wasn't going to do anything about it. He left mad. Then all the employees gathered around an stood there and talked about the guy for at least 20 minutes. Just what I wanted to listen to when I just wanted to unwind after I got off of work. This was my first time trying it and most likely will be my last.

Review №11

The quality here has never been consistent. They don't have a concern for customer enjoyment. They seem not to have quality control concept. I bought quite a few times here. Most of time, the tip of rib slabs were burned. Urging them to give the not-over cooked ribs almost always fell into deaf ears. Telling the teller about the request to have not burned ribs was useless. Maybe all ribs were burned, and it's useless for the teller to pass the message onto the kitchen staff. I wish they change their cooking and holding practices.

Review №12

This is one of my favorite restaurants to go to because the staff is so friendly, the restaurant always serves food that is hot and fresh! Love it!

Review №13

We've never been disappointed at any location we've ordered from. We always get the Family meal. We have 3 college age kids and, although it serves 4 - 4 buns, 4 cornbreads, the family meal has enough food for all of us.

Review №14

Kitchen staff and managerial staff wore no mask whatsoever during our entire stay. I saw cooking staff wipe their mouths and eyes multiple times on their plastic gloves and stick that hand right back in the food. Asked the cashier why none of the most important workers (kitchen) were not wearing masks, she took a minute to come up with a lie before saying they weren't required to. OSHA guidelines are clear that kitchen staff should wear masks (regardless of how hot that kitchen is) because handling food is a PRIME way to spread disease. An outbreak out of this location is soon to come

Review №15

No frills. The chicken sandwich I had was tender and cooked perfectly. Very fast service.

Review №16

Best food in easgate. I get dinner here once a week.

Review №17

The food was great,really tasty but really pricey to...if u dont mind the price the food is great,and most people don't mind the priceCause when I went by there yesterday it was packed

Review №18

Amazing food amazing management and employees we will definitely be back thanks guys

Review №19

Eastgate- The service was very nice and the people were very helpful.

Review №20

Delicious food and friendly service. My only complaint is that we saw no one cleaning tables in the dining area in between customers. Especially in these times, with the pandemic, I feel that is more important than ever.

Review №21

Very friendly staff with fantastic selection of BBQ, sides and desserts. The ultimate in comfort foods!

Review №22

The food was bad. Taste like day old barbecue. Not tasty at all

Review №23

They did a good job of maintaining safe distances between the tables and limiting contact between employees and customers. All the staff were wearing masks.Of course, the food is good, as per usual at City Barbecue.

Review №24

If you have had true bbq this place doesn't come close to comparing. Smoke flavor is absent from all the meats.

Review №25

I would gave 5 stars and I understand it's rough with how things are

Review №26

First time, VERY impressed. TASTY food. FRIENDLY staff. Good prices. The best collards I have had since my grandma from Oklahoma past away, seriously. The most tender meat, tried the brisket and pulled pork sandwiches. Added two sides, fresh watermelon and Mac & cheese. Several selections of sauce at your table or ladled hot. Your own paper towel dispenser because it's gonna be messy. This was great.

Review №27

Great contactless drive up. Good food.

Review №28

Really delicious BBQ! I had the pulled pork sandwich, Tuesday rib special, Vinegar Coleslaw, and Corn Bread. Everything was really tasty and they had a great selection of sauces to try. Would definitely go back!

Review №29

So I am typically a fan of this franchise, this particular location's brisket was a bit dry for my taste.

Review №30

I love how there set up is. The food smeels good and the location is very accessible I just notice that the parking lot is not that big. I ordered chicken wings with corn bread and baked beans so far I love their chicken wings. It's not dry it's very moist and juicy that I can really taste the sauce and the chicken in every bite. They also have lots of sauce choices and we got apple, borboun and spicy one. I can recommend the apple since its the one that taste great for me. Their baked beans is somewhat like overcooked I dunno coz it doesn't taste like beans but something else. Their corn bread is dry and bit of hard one than usually it should be. The serving period doesn't take too long since we got ours like after 5-10 minutes. As for the price they're really affordable and you can get what you pay. Oh and also the place is quite loud.

Review №31

Food used to be great. Very disappointed. The past few times going here we have been left wondering what happened. The ribs were burned to the point we had to remove the hard shell of jerky covering them to get the overcooked dry meat from inside. The brisket was ok. Not good but ok. Everything else was really not worth mentioning. Not really a picky eater but come on. Highlight was the corn pudding and sauces. No I do not want to email the manager or hear a reply. Will just go elsewhere. Hallelujah and amen to bald eagles and dale sr.

Review №32

Curbside pickup is awesome! Good ordering system, ability to order for a specific pickup time, good handoff from a masked employee.

Review №33

Great barbeque. Order at counter and then you do the waitstaff and bussing. Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages. Enclosed lanai seating available in good weather.

Review №34

They have great food and delicious deserts! They also serve beer too

Review №35

First time here and we will definitely come back. The pork and chicken sandwiches tasted awesome. The homemade fries and beans completes a great meal, this place is great!

Review №36

Just stopped by to pick up dinner. They are still open for carryout. Full menu is available. We picked up ribs, brisket, sausages and some sides plus dessert. The people there are always friendly, pleasant and very helpful.

Review №37

Great food as always and got to decorate our desert for family day

Review №38

The best beef brisket I have ever had

Review №39

Went here for the first time today and had a really pleasant experience. Pulled pork sandwich, Brunswick stew, sweet potato casserole, and peach cobbler were AMAZING. The employee, Joey, is such a hard worker there and is an outstanding employee. I'm going to come back many more times!

Review №40

My second time at this location I don't get what I ordered. Food is good but check your order.

Review №41

As someone who comes from eastern NC, I am telling you that this place has the best BBQ I have found that reminds me of home

Review №42

The beef brisket is good and the fries too. The cake is super good as well !! It didn't take very long to get our food out. The service was good and there is seating inside and outside. The rewards program is good as well.

Review №43

Lots of parking, staff was friendly and the place was clean. All the meats are tender and tastey. The corn pudding is really good. Love all types of BBQ sauces. Highly recommend.

Review №44

The meat selection and barbecue sauce selections were excellent!!! We weren't impressed with the slaw or the mac and cheese. But the atmosphere is casual, self service is unusual for the price you pay...

Review №45

Fast service, large portions, delicious food! They never disappoint. Every time we have been here the meal was great! We will definitely go back over and over! (Don't forget to get lots of pickles too!)

Review №46

My family has been visiting the Eastgate location for the last year. Between my husband and myself we usually order at least once a month. I ordered tonight, knowing they would be busy. They had my food at my door 15 minutes earlier than promised. The delivery person left and I realized I didn't get my large lemonade, or any bbq sauce. The portion sizes on the brisket and pork in my sampler were definitely not the size they usually are. We get this sampler regularly. I called, and waited 20 minutes for someone to pick up. She then put me back on hold to get a manager. The manager put me back on hold to look up my order and tell me all she could do was mail me a coupon for 2 free sides. Cant have my money back for the lemonade. I had asked her to send my lemonade and bbq sauce. I have an entire judge's sample with no freaking bbq sauce! Ruined a 54 dollar meal, but at least I get a coupon that costed me 2.99 (price of a large lemonade). I was told the last time they messed up my order that they would mail me a coupon and I never saw it! So dissatisfied and disappointed.

Review №47

The BBQ is always good here. Has a at home family vibe to it. They also serve craft beer in bottles which is a huge plus. This is my number one spot for BBQ in the East-gate Anderson area. Changed to 5 stars due to the owner replying fast to any issues that needed to be address with this location. Make sure you check this place out if your in the area!

Review №48

Good food. Fast service. Pretty reasonably priced. Lot of different sauces to try, more than most places. As far as bbq chains go, I prefer Sonny's but there aren't any nearby. Just personal preference though.

Review №49

Last week was the first time we went to this good restaurant. But It is definitely not the last. We passed a splendid evening with the efficient service, with the great dishes and fine drinks and with the friendly pay. We will surely go back there soon.

Review №50

Warmly welcomed by entire staff. Orders Cashier was warm and pleasant to us first timers and very helpful in our ordering.My wife had the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw & fries and l has the 2 meats platter with coleslaw & potato salad. To our surprise we were also give samples of the Southwest Slaw & Corn pudding plus a $5 discount because it was our 1st time in the establishment.My wife absolutely loved her pulled pork sandwich and l could not stop raving about the taste of the Beef Brisket and the pulled pork.However the sides are killer...lm going to have a hard time making a choice as to what I want on my plate next time. Potato salad and coleslaw were excellent but the samplers were both amazing.My pick of the night would have to be the Outstanding Beef Brisket and my wife's choice was the corn pudding.And we both loved the peach cobbler.I know we'll return very soon..P.S. Sorry no pictures of our food, which l normally post...l was just to busy pigging out. Pun was intended.Edited review with photos of Brisket and pulled pork sandwiches corn pudding coleslaw and the potato salad

Review №51

First time, but won't be the last time! Lots of food for the price and the only better BBQ we've had was made by a master at his home.

Review №52

Finest place to get food when in a hurry. The customer service is speedy, prices are affordable, excellent mood. Will come back again

Review №53

Get a sampler and share with your partner. Yum!

Review №54

Love pulled chicken! Sweet bbq sauce is awesome!

Review №55

Corn pudding, Greens, Cole slaw all goes so well with the best ribs. We tried the Apple BBQ sauce and it was very good.

Review №56

Excellent spot to buy something when in a hurry. The service is prompt, pricing is reasonable, awesome ambience. Would recommend to others

Review №57

AMAZING AMAZING!! Ordered with GrubHub and the initial driver (Erika) picked up my order and then stole my food!! The manager from restaurant called me directly, apologized and remade my order. I was in direct contact with new driver and he delivered my order very quick!!! Thank you so much CBBQ for your quick response and resolution to my order! Definitely appreciate your dedication to your customers and Service!!

Review №58

Not as good as the real deal, but still pretty good

Review №59

Love this place!!!! The food is amazing and the staff are just wonderful. Thank you so much for such great service and food.

Review №60

Love the. Beef brisket.

Review №61

The prices were alright, but the food and service was amazing

Review №62

No mask on the cook. When I asked at the counter, was told it's not required. No thank you.

Review №63

I go here about once a week on my way to work! Have yet to have any complaints on the food! The employees are always friendly! Highly recommend getting the sampler if you have never been here. Their sides are also very good, especially the green beans with bacon and the baked beans with bacon or brisket. Delicious!

Review №64

Dine-in open. Really needed some good barbeque after the Quarantine!

Review №65

Really good brisket. I would have liked a bit larger portion of brisket for the price. Great caring staff. Def I will be going back.

Review №66

Delicious food at a great price

Review №67

Never disappointed great food great deals

Review №68

I picked up a City Sampler here today and Renee was awesome. She was so nice and accommodating for my order. It was a pleasure working with her. This is a very efficiently ran location with a friendly staff. Well done! Keep it up! See you next time.

Review №69

Luv their smoked pork and chicken, it's the best!

Review №70

Because we just got married, they gave us a free meal. Sauces are delish. People are super friendly & kind. Hush puppies are Wonderful!!!

Review №71

Usually good but our visit this week was beyond awful. Cornbread was burned. Mac and cheese was dry and crusty like it had been sitting out for days. Pulled chicken sandwich was not pulled bar b q but more like a chicken that was boiled. Not sure what happened. Used to be a favorite place but now we are hesitant to ever return.

Review №72

We ate on the patio. Nice!

Review №73

I was in town for business and ordered via Uber Eats. Nothing I ordered really stood out as being great or bad. It was just decent.

Review №74

We got the judge's sampler, with mac&cheese, cheese bacon fries. Everything was delicious, except the ribs had Alot of gristle in them. They have a condiment bar with pickles, onions, jalapenos,really nice!! I would probably go back again, just not get the ribs.,because all the other meat was good.

Review №75

Always great fresh meats! I love that the meat and sauce are separate! Great friendly s ervice

Review №76

I LOVE this place! Not only does it have the best BBQ around, the fries, baked beans & potato salad are amazing! I love how this place is set up. So cute! There's even outside seating if needed. They have carry-out & you always get your money's worth. Prices are also very reasonable. They also do a lot for their community & surrounding communities. So glad I found this place!

Review №77

You can always count on City BBQ! Ribs and were really good! Chicken a bit dry. Corn casserole was delicious! Quick service, perfect quick stop when you need to eat fast, but you're sick of fast food!

Review №78

A little pricey but the food was excellent. This was our first time visiting.

Review №79

This is the best barbeque in town. Thanks for the great service!!!

Review №80

Quick service, tasty food...

Review №81

City BBQ are the most generous business. They hosted MDA's Touch A Truck. Their food is amazing .... Always! Best place for a great meal or catering. If you don't stop by ..... you're missing out

Review №82

I was told this spot was not good by a person that had gone to the one in Beachwood.. I went to one in Cincy and oh my, it was good bbq.. Ordering before you're seated was odd and a bit of a challenge as I was not prepared to figure it out standing.. All in all it was a place I would try again..

Review №83

Love this place. Always got great food and service.

Review №84

I really like this place and so do my picky kids. For ~$25 you can get a family meal for 4. It includes...Chosen meatBuns2 sidesCornbreadChoice of sauceDrinks are extra, but still a yummy deal, different from fast food.

Review №85

It was amazing food, and service was outstanding!

Review №86

Great food fast service!

Review №87

Would have given them 5 stars but they were out of brisket and ribs.

Review №88

At Eastgate location, out of two types of meat, had unsweet tea in sweet tea dispenser, two spoons in "clean" silverware were stuck together with food, left off a sandwich and two sides from our order. Was offered a dessert for the mistake. Saddest part was we had taken friends there for their first time. We had always bragged on the great food and service at the Highland Heights location. This location was disappointing.

Review №89

Great food. Great staff, good food for the money

Review №90

The place serves large dishes and for fair prices. very kind staff. Kudos.

Review №91

Best barbeque in the eastgate area. Its my girlfriends favorite thing to order around here. If you love barbecue ribs and pulled pork and other barbeque food I highly recommend going here

Review №92

Usually very good but this visit was terrible

Review №93

Great BBQ!We enjoyed the City Sampler, excellent Brisket, Turkey,sausage and pulled pork.Sides of potato salad, BBQ baked beans , french fries and Hush puppies !!The kids enjoyed chicken tenders and Mac n Cheese.The sauces are very good smoked green chilies and bourbon are my favorite

Review №94

Great dining experience with short wait times. I call it a typical American restaurant place without the servers and long waits for tables. Whether it's the chicken, brisket, etc you can't go wrong. Excellent sides too.

Review №95

Great variety of sauces and dishes. Generous portions of food (unlike some other BBQ joints).

Review №96

Jim the manager at the Eastgate store is wonderful. I do corporate events and catering all the time. They are easy to work with reliable and super friendly.

Review №97

I love this place well the food mostly

Review №98

So good.. and carryout is even faster than a fast food drive-thru !!!

Review №99

Excellent food and service

Review №100

Great food.

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