Brueggers Bagels
3317 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220, United States
Review №1

From the moment you come to that place team give you a good feeling. Very congenial waiters, it is a happy place to enjoy with your friends or with your date. delicious meals, professional chef, comfortable pay and professional service. Warmly recommended.

Review №2

Bagels are amazing!! Coffee is terrible.I ordered the Asiago Parmesan with Jalapeño cream cheese. It was fantastic!

Review №3

I have been going to this location for years. Sadly, I don't think I'll be returning my business. For the past month every time I go in the building is extremely hot. Even if I don't wait long for my food, I am still sweating by the time I'm leaving. I even asked one of the cashiers why it was so hot. The employee looked so miserable and told me they no longer have air conditioning. I was sweating bullets just being in there for ten minutes. I cannot imagine what those poor employees have to deal with during their shifts. It the middle of summer, and it's hotter in the building than outside. My wife refuses to go in and waits for me outside. This is not the first time we have had a problem at this location. If you enjoy their food I recommend just going to a different location. Poor management.

Review №4

I have always loved Bruegger's Bagels and always will! The Clifton location is very nice and always clean. The staff members are friendly and the service is quick.

Review №5

I was excited when my Western bagel sandwich came out super fast, which was my first mistake. Get home, take a bite, it's cold. No biggie, I have a toaster oven. Out of the toaster oven is when I discover a lack of a bacon aroma. They forgot the bacon AND the chipotle sauce. This is just pure disappointment. Also they never give me a receipt. Is that normal?

Review №6

Absolutely love Brueggers. The Clifton store has a great atmosphere and the line moves quick. The staff is polite and helpful. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars... onion flakes (from everything bagels) in the plain cream cheese that was on a cinnamon sugar bagel... ick.

Review №7

If you like to eat hard bread and eggs and cheese and sometime meat for breakfast, this is the place to go. I am not a Bagel Person. I tried it one time. The facility is nice, the workers are great.

Review №8

Bruegger's bagels are the only ones I really like. they were kind and friendly, even though we confused them with our order.

Review №9

Busy location near University of Cincinnati campus, staff is friendly. Service was quick and space felt clean and up to COVID-19 procedures.

Review №10

Fast friendly service. Never made an error, (even though they're human) and always have fresh yummy bagels!

Review №11

I love this place! Get there before 3pm!

Review №12

Delicious breakfast sandwich. I had the chicken, egg and tots on a bagel. I would recomebd this restaurant to anyone that wants a better alternative to DD. Price was reasonable and service was great. For a quick bite I highly recommend stopping.

Review №13

Friendly staff, work fast, make great food!

Review №14

Who wants a cold bagel sandwich??? Maybe I was wrong in my assumption that the sandwich would be warm or maybe at least the bagel toasted?? Or maybe the cashier could have asked if I wanted it warm or cold?? But the sandwich was cold bagel was not toasted Huge disappointment

Review №15

Stopped in and got two breakfast sandwiches for myself and a co-worker which were good but also ordered a cinnamon sugar bagel with PLAIN cream cheese.....I took one bite and asked what was probably a green onion cream cheese spread?....

Review №16

September 2020.......I wasn't aloud to order take out bc I didn't have a mask. And that was despite the large glass shield between me and the cashier. Since virus started last Feb, this is the only time a restaurant turned me away for not having a mask. Not going back

Review №17

She did not know what a bialies bagel was. "Never heard of it!" Didn't get my bialies with ham, swiss, and horse radish. Not a happy camper.

Review №18

My wife and I I just had a delicious breakfast here. For $10 I had a bagel with cheese and egg and she had a bagel with ham and cheese and egg. The bagels are nice and big and we sure didn't leave hungry. It was clean, the service was quick, the bathrooms were clean and it was a delightful time out that didn't break the bank.

Review №19

Excellent bagels and coffee!

Review №20

New York style bagel with many options. Never had any issue with service or food. But the place smells weird

Review №21

Nice and clean, plenty of seating areas. It is a busy place so most of the time there is a wait.

Review №22

Went there on a Saturday. The place seemed to be worked by full crew of 6 teenagers! Oy. And its foods are on the expensive side, but they're good. There's a good variety of bagels and cream cheeses. I ordered one of their specials & they screwed it up. But a young man took of it promptly after I said it wasn't what I ordered. I'll come back, when I get extra funds.

Review №23

Absolutely amazing place to try out new types of bagels. They boast of New York style bagels which have minimum ingredients (no oil). They also customize things for vegans which is great. We went for Honey Grain Bagel with Sun-dried tomatoes and their signature bagel - Leonardo Da Veggie (Onion Bagel with Hummus (substituted against cream cheese)). For the drink, we had a small Chai Tea Latte with Soy Milk.Both the bagels were amazing - not chewy at all and perfectly baked. I loved Honey Grain Bagel more though. Its combination with sundried tomatoes was great. Definitely to be tried. I liked the sandwich - not so amazing - but surely a good option for vegetarians and vegans. They are flexible to change the bread and cheese with non-dairy options - so we substituted Asiago Parmesan with an Onion bagel and cream cheese with hummus. So other vegans may want to try some other combination in case that turns out to be better. Chai Tea Latte was great - after Starbucks, I think this is the next best non-dairy Chai Tea Latte we loved.The staff is amazing - good flexibility to make changes based on eating preferences and also suggesting good options in case you ask one. It looks like they are big time into catering as they were promoting it around in the store.The ambiance is amazing - plenty of seating in terms of tables and booths. There is good natural light with glass walls on almost two sides but specifically, the direct sunlight would be in the mornings since the seating area is facing east. They have many flavors of cream cheese made in-house for purchase available.Overall, great place for quick bites and beverages. Must try if you are in Cincinnati.

Review №24

Tiny size "New York" style water bagel. Tasty but about 1/3rd size of normal bagels at full-sized price. NO REAL veggie cream cheese like NYC. I'm in New York working nearly every day. I get a bagel about once-a-week. I don't think these people have ever been to New York. Almost every bagel shop in NYC/Brooklyn has tofu cream cheese with real veggies.

Review №25

This is my first visit. my wife loves it. The food was great, the staff friendly so that was all good. But, nozzle was off of one of the fountain drinks. I picked it up to put it back on and noticed it had what appeared to be mold on it. I brought it to their attention and they took it in the back and cleaned it. When they reinstalled it, however they didn't even check the others, although it appeared that they had not been cleaned in quite some time. The bagels were great and the people were helpful and friendly. You may have a different experience.

Review №26

Me and my family really the food here and plus the services are also great!

Review №27

Waited in line nearly 10 minutes with six employees and one manager on shift but only one register open to find out the were out of smoked salmon at 10 am on a Saturday. Mayne hire someone who knows how to handle a rush crowd. Totally disappointed!

Review №28

Great service, Great food.

Review №29

We go here a lot. It's always busy and turn around time is longer than you would expect for a bagel sandwich. But the food is very good (and close to the zoo!) So we keep coming back :)

Review №30

Great very friendly got to me my first patriots fan but who Dey

Review №31

Pretty solid. Quick and accurate order

Review №32

Decent food. I keep coming back. However, I often leave before ordering because they're very understaffed during the week around 9:00am.

Review №33

Good food and service!

Review №34

Fresh begal different kinds of cream cheese also has egg and chees, cheopotle chicken all other kinds of combination, coffee, tea, latte, and hot chocolate, nice view and good customer service

Review №35

Such excellent, classic bagels. Perhaps not for all eating restrictions, but man, so so good.

Review №36

Recently renovated space & the bagels were absolutely fresh!!!

Review №37

They are skimpy with the to-go cream cheese (half a ramekin usually) but I love this place!

Review №38

Expensive and wasn't worth the price for the quality. Tables were dirty - like all of the tables. We wiped off a table ourselves to sit down. Coffee is self-serve, but all of them were empty. It might just be this location, because I've been to other locations that were better

Review №39

Great food and great service.

Review №40

The bagels taste good and the variety is sufficient. No lox on the menu though.

Review №41

Without fail, every time I come here the coffee is out or cold and the service is incredibly slow. The bagels and food are okay, but generally not worth the price and long wait.

Review №42

2nd time here it was delicious. I look forward coming here multiple times a week

Review №43

This particular store is in absolute shambles. Almost waited like 40 minutes to get my order even though there were about 6 people working on Saturday morning. The staff looked confused and were not able to handle the orders properly. Perhaps the staff needs more training on how to handle large crowds :(. Totally disappointed with the service though the food is good

Review №44

Didn't ask if I wanted my bagels cut, didn't ask if I wanted cream cheese, didn't ask of I wanted my bagels toasted. Just handed me my bagels. I had to remind the lady that I wanted them cut with cream cheese. She only put cream cheese on one side and slapped the bagels together. This was my first time going and will be my last. Piss poor customer service.

Review №45

Good for quick breakfast, not a lot of options though

Review №46

Fast and tasty. The western bagel is a terrific sandwich they make with a smoky Chipotle. Try it

Review №47

This place always has excellent coffee and chai, and my favorite smoked salmon on an Everything bagel is piled high with fillings. great spot for a quick brunch. get in before the student crowd rushes in at lunchtime.

Review №48

I like the enthusiasm of the manager.

Review №49

Sorry. I have no clue where you're talking about.I didnt went to "Bruegger's Bagels". I'm not familiar with that place.I swear. Sounds like somebody needs to do some tweeking on the dog gone locator thingy.Stay safe, Peeps. God bless.

Review №50

Amazing as always. If there's a better breakfast sandwich out there, I've never seen it! If you get a survey on your receipt, you should totally do it. Super easy, less than 5 min, do while waiting on your order and get 3 FREE bagels too! Their coffee is great too and they have some refill program for fountain sodas. My bff can't live without it. Highly recommended.

Review №51

Good except for dirty tables

Review №52

The only bad thing I have to say is that the store was a bit crowded- and considering it was an exceptionally rainy day, I can't blame anyone for wanting to stay inside. My iced mocha was delicious, and while they were out of the bagel I wanted, the cashiers recommended another one that tastes every bit as good. Everyone working there was friendly towards us, and there were free bagel samples to try. I recommend the Chicken and Tater breakfast sandwich (especially on an asiago bagel)!

Review №53

Great Tuna on honey grain bagel

Review №54

Service was friendly and fast. Food was fresh. However there were no red peppers. Shipment hadn't come in yet. Restaurant was busy and clean. Would definitely recommend.

Review №55

Almost a real new york bagel. They have their good days and less than good days. But usually a good bite.

Review №56

Bruegger's Bagels is a fantastic place to get a quick and tasty bagel. They make real bagels and have delicious spreads to go along with them, unlike Panera and other similar bagel competition in the city's west side. I always purchase the Herby turkey which is a delicious sandwich with turkey, garlic herb cream cheese, a roasted tomato spread and veggies. They also have great coffee and drink selection. A good, dependable, quick, and easy bite.

Review №57

This location is quiet and cozy... I was able to sit in and get some work done on my laptop. Nice views with a store front that faces to Clifton Ave.

Review №58

Bruegger's Bagels have exceptional bagels. The new building on Clifton Avenue looks identical to the original building. There top-notch quality of bagels, sandwiches and soups remain excellent. The staff is friendly even though they are often busy. The restaurant is clean. The bathrooms accommodate handicapped, are clean and they have the latest paper towel dispensers. Very nice. Always a pleasant environment. Bagels baked fresh daily onsite.

Review №59

Good food and coffee most of the time. When the line is backed up, it seems to take forever. But I'm definitely glad it's back. Wish there was more parking. And a drive thru.

Review №60

Bagel sandwich was the smallest I've ever seen with very little meat and toppings. Everything on the menu is overpriced and small drink cup was like a shot glass. Was overcharged for a cheese substitute but they were out of the cheese that was supposed to be on the sandwich. Drink station area and dining room looked like it hadn't been cleaned for weeks. Overall an obvious disappointing experience.

Review №61

Order first then get your bagels? Why did you change this? For people that are just getting simple bagels we now have to wait behind everyone getting sandwich bagels and such. One person working on getting the bagels prepared and 2 people at the register. Doesn't make any sense.

Review №62

Service isn't consistent. Juices and water aren't fully stocked in the mornings recently. The parking lot needs a light replaced for safety in the early morning hours when it's still dark. Kinda miss the female manager...she was genuinely cheerful. Still love the coffee.

Review №63

Great lox and cream cheese bagel. (With capers!)

Review №64

Love their bagels and salads

Review №65

We loved this place because of the smoked salmon bagel, the staff is nice too. But in the last two years sad to say my salmon bagels has turned into more bagel, onion and capers the last three visits we won't be returning. I'll post pictures this timeUpdate 11/6/18Went in ordered same thing showed the manager my review and previous sandwich. They made my new order was perfect and he gave me a discount on my order. Although he had to add extra salmon in order for it to look like the advertisement of the sandwich. I ate it before a picture sorry lol

Review №66

Really good bagels

Review №67

The food was pretty good but I ordered an ice coffee which they were out of. When the employees were notified they did not seem happy to help and they started brewing the coffee. 30 minutes later after we are completely done with our meal there is still no coffee out. Not a great first experience at Brueggers

Review №68

Food is Great. However, the service is terrible. I ordered a half dozen bagels to go, and out of that, I wanted one bagel toasted and buttered. I was told that the 5 would be easy, but because I ordered one to be toasted I would have to wait in line with one of their buzzers. My buzzer was number 19. I waited patiently for 30 minutes, then I found out they were on order number 35. The guy who told me I would have to wait (the cashier) was prepping orders that were taken after mine. Why couldn't he have bagged up my bagels, toasted and buttered my ONE bagel, and gotten me out the door? I have never seen any bruegger's operate this way, not even the one downtown at lunchtime. Their process is SLOW, and undoubtedly the intention was to get people through the line faster. Fail. I went to this location for breakfast at 10am, and then on the way back home, stopped in for more bagels. They were equally as slow both times, so this is not an isolated occurrence.

Review №69

I have to change my review of this location. It's going down hill fast. I've experienced messed up food multiple times here and today, I just stopped in for coffee. Well the Hazelnut was empty, but they were busy so I figured I'd just go with house blend, which I could have gotten better next door at the UDF. I didn't even get a full cup that I paid for as it ran out. The manager was more interested in stocking napkins than checking the coffee. For a place that advertises coffee and espresso, you'd think there would beo mfocus on that than whether or not napkins are full. Admittedly, I should have said something, but still.Update: Today was another miss for this location. Our sandwiches were wrong and they ran out of eggs. Is management non-existent at this location?

Review №70

Great bagels and they have daiya cream cheese!!

Review №71

This review is regarding the location at 3317 Clifton Ave. I will not be returning. I ordered one bagel and a large iced coffee at 9:10am. There was not a lot of business at the time aside from a considerable group of people standing to the side deciding what to order.They ushered me ahead since I knew what i wanted. It still took ten minutes to get a bagel, the cold coffee was luke-warm, there was no ice available, the coffee station had no milk, cream or syrup for cold coffee (they referred me to granulated, which doesn't work for cold coffee. Note to the PEOPLE WHO SERVE COFFEE.) And somehow this all cost me $8. I couldn't even get ahold of a clerk to ask for ice/cream/sugar, which are pretty essential ingredients to a restaurant that sells coffee.I didn't want to wade through the whole process again to complain. I just won't go back. The bagels are very good. But try to find a better location.

Review №72

They have so many offers for free bagels. The unlimited choices of bagels and spreads make me wanna go there often! But make sure you go in the morning, as by the end of the day, few bagels are out of stock and you might miss the one you wanna try!

Review №73

Horrible experience! I ordered a sandwich and wanted the combo (asked for cole slaw per the menu) I paid for my meal and only got a sandwich and a drink. I told the girl that I should get cole slaw too. Then she says that they don't do that (with attitude btw). I told her I ordered the combo so what do I get? She said just a min and I will check. But she doesn't. She goes and gets a bagel and starts another other. She come back, so I ask do I get the combo? She slams down her hands on the counter and says listen I said in a min after all these people get done (pointing to the TWO people in line). I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager. Why is the manager speaking to people like that and how did she become a manager??? So I said I need to talk to someone above you and I need a number to call. She got even more sassy taking off her gloves and saying “I don't know who you think you are?” She went back and got a number for Brett and wrote her name (Niagara). I asked for a refund and she snatched the bag out of my hand and went to get my money. I called Brett and left a message. Also, sent a complaint online. Three days go by and nothing from anyone. So leaving this review. This place doesn't care about their customers. They lie on their menu then give you so much attitude when you call them out. Even worse when you contact them NO ONE GETS BACK WITH YOU!

Review №74

Omg, the bagel and lox with cream cheese and capers is tha bomb!!!! And the rise and shine.

Review №75

I have given this place more chances than I should have at this point. No matter when you go, be prepared to wait -- and be prepared to wait some more, as most of the time they won't fulfill the order you've placed correctly, so you'll have to wait for them to start over and try again. If you have all the time in the world, this is your place. If you don't, you'll regret stopping here.

Review №76

Used to come to this same Bruggers many years ago was nice to sit in coffee/ eat. Sitting here for 30 minutes a want to leave. Still best place in Cincinnati to get a bagel. But loud (crappy) pop music playing, dirty tables & overall mall-cafeteria vibe. Not chill to get any work done. Just get it to go...

Review №77

Bruegger's is always good. The food and atmosphere of the place is great, and it's honestly relaxing in the morning. That being said, this location has issues dealing with the rushes. If it's lunch time or breakfast time, it gets overwhelmed. There isn't a good waiting area for you when you're food is being prepared; they give you a buzzer to alert you when your order is done. All in all, come here if you're not in a rush and want some quality food. Otherwise you're going to be upset that it takes a little bit longer for the better quality.

Review №78

Delicious but very slow lunch service and limited menu

Review №79

Best bagels ever! Nice after the remodel. Very nice customer service and fairly fast even when busy. I recommend the salt bagel with cream cheese.

Review №80

Good quality food and coffee with a decent sitting area to do work.

Review №81

They have wonderful food and service.

Review №82

Forgot most of the the of order, the coffee wasnt what it was supposed to be. Other than that its decent.

Review №83

First time I've been here since they renovated it. Bad first experience. They make you order your whole bagel and pay before they make it. Totally takes away from what makes brueggers great. And of course.... you screwed up the order completely, wrong bagel, no egg, all the coffee was out.... you got a brand new store.... do better!

Review №84

So nice to go to the bagel shop

Review №85

Free parking, open seating, casual vibe and free coffee refills. Slow service though. Don't come thru in a rush. You'll definitely end up late to that meeting.

Review №86

Every time I order a bagel with JUST mayo , mustard,geen and red peppers,tomato, onion and's a different price....ALWAYS.....HOW CAN THE SAME SANDWICH COST DIFFERENT????? ONE DAY $1.89....ANOTHER DAY $3.09....ANOTHER DAY $5.99.....ANOTHER DAY $6.20......WON'T GO BACK .......EVEN THE MANAGERS RING UP DIFFERENT PRICES FOR MY SAME SANDWICH......AND GOT THE NERVE TO HAVE DIFFERENT EXPLANATIONS.....WOW!!! JUST WOW!!!!

Review №87

Great food and customer service

Review №88

My only* favorite bagel sandwich shop!

Review №89

My girl & I had to send our bagels back twice for being cold. The home brewed coffee was gross & cold while the french toast had coffee grains that spilled into his cup anyway it too was cold.It was his first time at BB; needless to say we won't be back.

Review №90

I love them hot and fresh.

Review №91

Good soup. Very busy at lunchtime. Located in between Dixmyth and Ludlow. Parking lot available.

Review №92

I love it very tasty

Review №93

If you like bagels you will love this place

Review №94

Fast friendly service!

Review №95

Very friendly nice place and I wouldn't trade it for the world

Review №96

Great place. the staff and people who work their are always friendly and nice. the bagels and other stuff is pretty good. i usually get a blueberry bagel. i can also walk to it from my house. i like sitting outdoors to and just reading a book or something like that.

Review №97

Great bagels, good coffee, excellent place to meet up with friends.

Review №98

The service and food are great!

Review №99

I typically love brueggars but since the reopening here in Clifton things seem to have taken a dive. Key issues are the coffee - I usually find it is cold, and half and half is scarcely kept in stock. Also now they are using buzzers to let you know your food is ready - because it takes that long.I don't understand how other locations can be so fast as to have a drive through, however here they basically give you the buzzer in a sense to say - go away, we'll get to it.Hopefully it's just short staffing, I hope it gets fixed. Place looks nice, but functionality went out the window.

Review №100

Waited 15 minutes for 1 sandwich. At least 3 after me got their orders before me.

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  • Address:3317 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220, United States
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  • Phone:+1 513-221-2243
  • Bagel shop
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  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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