6495 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States

Review №1

Fast, efficient and friendly. They came out to get payments and even to deliver orders throughout the lines to help the process go faster. I have never experienced that before but it was definitely an added bonus.

Review №2

One of my favorite restaurants but today was horrible. There was a change in the atmosphere. Alot of the tables were dirty and my chicken strips were small and undercooked. Things really have changed now that Mike Calloway is no longer there.

Review №3

We arrived at this place for dinner. we heard about this restaurant from many people. Well, it was a winning. The staff were extremely nice and we had a great feeling. The meal was fresh and delicious. We enjoyed every moment and we shall absolutely come back again. Recommended.

Review №4

No parking. Circled the building four times. Food was just sitting on the counter while other customers were looking and touching the bag and sticking their faces in it. Got back to work only to see two large fries with only being half filled. I've had other experiences here that were better. But not by much.

Review №5

We found something in a large waffle fry that appeared to be a strange long piece of something that had been cooked with the potatoes. We took it back and got another waffle fries. I asked to speak with the manager but the young lady just said that they couldn't take the food back in and there was nothing else they could do. Well be careful about this place. I won't be going back to Chick-fil-a anymore. Not good customer service.

Review №6

I tried their Cobb Salad it was great. If you don't eat pork be sure to tell them no bacon when ordering your salad. It has chicken in it and I love that there's boiled egg in the salad. Very filling and taste good. If you like dressing other than ranch, you'll need to buy it, they only have ranch.

Review №7

Michelle and her staff at this location are the best of the best! My company orders lunch here frequently and when there were mistakes with our order, Michelle had someone drive the Chick-fil-A sauce to us!! I would highly recommend this location and truly appreciate this extraordinary service!!

Review №8

Its chick fil a.... I dont recall ever hearing much negative reviews from any branch, which is what I love. Says a lot. The triple drive thru during rush hour is a bit discouraging until you take the chance and fly 4ight through....WITH everything correct and tasting wonderful. It's always my pleasure to do business here!

Review №9

First, I have tried it 3 or 4 times and just don't like it. Friends and family kept urging me to try it again, saying how crispy and delicious it was. Well, I still didn't find it delicious and it definitely wasn't crispy. The waffle fries were barely fried, much less properly browned. And the prices were high. I won't go back again. One plus, the drive thru line was very long. Two employees were taking orders from alternate cars in the line. They were fast and accurate. Our order was ready by the time we were near the pick up window. Someone brought the food to the car and the order was completely accurate.

Review №10

Cheap food, very tasty. The service was very welcoming and observant. Not close to my job, I wish it was.

Review №11

One of my favorite locations for Cheap food. Good place to relax and unwind. The staff was very welcoming and observant.

Review №12

Great food. Great service. SUPER BUSY LOCATION.Drive thru line was backed up with 3 cars still on the street. 745pm. Dinner rush. Better times and quicker service are around ³pm.

Review №13

I would give them a 0 Star is I could. My sisters nuggets were burned and my husband took them back, they remade them but when they brought the new ones out they were still burnt. Kathy the manger, refused to give us our money back or remake them again. Our bill came to over $40. Who wants to eat nuggets that are burned, it make them both sick!! Absolutely disgusting, definitely do not recommend ever going here ever!!! Rude customer service. PSA if you don't like your job don't work at fast food places!!!

Review №14

My preferred location for tasty Cheap food. do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. i had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here. my apartment is far from here, so i can't visit often.

Review №15

Cheap food and the atmosphere here is quality. Food was so delish. I will probably become a regular. Menu is like a place in Miami I enjoyed

Review №16

Don't let the long line discourage you. It moves really fast. Plus the food is worth the wait.

Review №17

One of the quickest and efficient set ups for drive through during covid that I've seen. Same great service as always.

Review №18

I'm definitely not a fan of the lines here but obviously they are very popular and thier food is always very good. They do the best job they can and are always extremely courteous and efficient but sometimes it can still take over 10 minutes to get an order placed. If you're in the mood though it's worth the wait :-)

Review №19

Cheap food and the atmosphere at this spot is very good. Good place to hang and eat some good food. I will be bringing family next time.

Review №20

Always long wait maybe work on that.Food always great. Thank you

Review №21

The best chicken in town,I don't know how but it is spectacular.

Review №22

Very busy location but I always receive great service.

Review №23

Must be the longest line I've sat in. But once you begin to eat your food, it all pays off. I sit for about 15-25 minutes in the line. I never have had a bad experience. I would rate 4 stars if this place wasn't so genuine. They stick to their religion and close every Sunday as it is a rest day. This is not a religious establishment. The reason that so many people go there is because it's the best fast food. Now if you are looking for a chicken sandwich, Wendy's is the place to go. Anything else, go here.

Review №24

Always a joy to go to this store when door dashing there fast clean and the workers are always nice

Review №25

I appreciate the setup to place your order as soon as you get in line; by the time you arrive at the window your order is waiting. Very efficient!

Review №26

Love Love Love this place. I wish all restaurants were like Chick - fil-A .. Honoring their mistake and replacing with No problem when wrong.. If all businesses were like My FAV Chick-fil-A the world would be a better place. On top that of that there food is always delicious, and hot. Ready to go!! Great Job team!!!! Keep satisfying the public as customers...

Review №27

Thought I was going to be in trouble when I got there they had a line around the building but they had a great plan and the line moved fast and they had excellent quality and service. Great job guys!!!

Review №28

The food and service were beyond our expectations. We really loved the environment of this restaurant. Fantastic place to take my family out for lunch.

Review №29

Everytime I come here it is either a ridiculous wait time or terrible attitudes from the employees. You're better off driving to the Colerain location where they can actually handle large crowds and do so with a smile.

Review №30

Great customer service always! Even when they seem backed up, they get you up and out as quickly as possible!

Review №31

Food is fairly consistent. Line is always outrageously long.

Review №32

Delicious! I've never had an issue with my orders here. I wish more restaurants were as accurate as them!

Review №33

Wrong sauce, cold fries and chicken sandwiches were the worst I have seen from a Chick-fil-A. Won't stop eating Chick but definitely from this location.

Review №34

Not the best service this time. Fries cold chicken sandwich not fresh. Cobb salad missing eggs an chicken old and dry. Very disappointed

Review №35

The design of the parking lot and drive thru make this place naturally back up. Staff is quick and friendly though.

Review №36

Food was fresh and hot... line always around the building but moved relatively quick considering how long it was... 15 seconds at the carryout window at the most.

Review №37

Fast food that is actually fast and good! Love how friendly their staff always is. Always trying to make customers happy.

Review №38

Chicken is excellent and moist very tasty and waffle fries are good as well! Staff is very polite and on top of their game!!!

Review №39

Fast, courteous service with a smile. Loved the waffle fries and chicken bites. They have long lines but don't be dissuaded, the lines actually move quite quickly

Review №40

This place is pathetic!!! Waited in line for 22 min to move 3 cars. Worst service of any chic fil I've ever had. Canes had my business now

Review №41

Great saladsEfficientGreat fresh lemonadeGreat waffle friesGreat vanilla ice cream cone

Review №42

Always organized and taking care of business. I will say this though, there was about 6 women all in the drive thru area with masks not on right, no gloves, and absolutely zero social distancing...

Review №43

Chic-fil-a has never disappointed me! Any time I have ever been there, I am so pleased with the professionalism of everyone who works there and the quality of my food! If I could rate them highe , by all means I would.

Review №44

This place was packed and still got through the line fast. They are drive thru only right now. The quality was still there and the staff is friendly even with dealing with the heat.

Review №45


Review №46

Ran through the drive through for dinner. Everything was hot & fresh and the folks working were friendly. We'll go back.

Review №47

Great service and food every time ! Been here 15 plus times with no issues, every order was spot on .

Review №48

If chicfila did school pickup/drop off lanes, there would never be another complaint in the world abt said pickup lanes! Always great food (sometimes the grilled chicken sandwiches have less chicken than desired though) and always great service! It may be fast food but it always tastes delicious and real unlike ur typical fast food and it's actually speedy unlike what the lines can sometimes be like at McDonald's

Review №49

I have never been to a Chick-fil-A that is slower than a McDonald's at midnight until I visited this Chick-fil-A.

Review №50

Awesome experience! ️

Review №51

Check your food, EVERY SINGLE TIME. They used to be they are just as bad about a quarter of the way filled fries and wrong orders as.every other restaurant in the area. The food i get does taste good though hence the 2 stars.

Review №52

The nuggets are a perfect crispiness and the milkshakes are why I go so often!

Review №53

This restaurant is my number one restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this place. Whenever I I need a superb lunch, this place comes straightaway to my head. very good and all sorts of food and a large list of dishes.professional staff members, and good mood. And very important, the expence is fair. I praise this spot with pleasure.

Review №54

Worst Chick-fil-A we've been to. 25 minutes in drive thru, 4 cars in the other lane were finished before we given our food. Milkshakes ended up coming out melted, fries cold and one of the chicken sandwiches was hard and only half the size of the bun.

Review №55

Found 3 bugs total in my Cobb salad today from Glenwsy location. Thank God the first one was upon first bite, then I started looking further! Called them and they tried to jenk me with a credit for 8 count nugget because I didn't want a credit for another buggy salad! Keep your five dollar 8 count and give me a credit for my salad price at least!

Review №56

I like to go with friends to this place with my warmest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is flavorable and the stuff is attentive and cooperative. always when we go to this place we enjoy a delightful time. warmly recommended.

Review №57

Slow service and terrible customer service. I would have gave it a 0 star but wasnt an option

Review №58

I've always heard about the wonderful customer service but I have yet to receive it. I needed help with a situation involving a gift card. The manager Jeff nor anyone who answered the phone at the restaurant bothered to help me. I will never eat at this establishment again.

Review №59

Website says open at 6 AM for breakfast. I've been by at 6:09, 6:35 and other times when I get off work at 6 and they are never open. Sometimes I'm greeted blank faced employees who just stare and dont even have the courtesy of letting me know they are closed for some reason.

Review №60

Delicious and they move you through the drive thru lane quickly

Review №61

Great place to eat there food is fantastic and their employees are friendly and do a great job definitely want to keep going there

Review №62

Busy Sunday evening, the place was hopping and my order was quickly ready!

Review №63

Fast service friendly staff great location

Review №64

Well the Spicy sandwich with pepper Jack I got today I was disappointed with it!!! The chicken was so small it only took up 1/2 the bun. Wasn't happy about this...

Review №65

Team lead or manager Sarah wouldn't give me her last name, very rude, and inconsiderate. I waited curbside for 30 min they never brought my food out, I had to call for them to tell me no curb side... To go through drive through and wait a additional 15 to 30 min

Review №66

The food tasted great and everyone was very cordial and helpful, however we got our food home only to discover that there was no ketchup included or any dipping sauce for the chicken tenders. It's the first time I've gone through the drive-thru and I did not think about the fact that we weren't asked if we wanted any of these condiments. I think in this time of covid 19, that should be a standard procedure.

Review №67

The absolutely slowest drive thru in Cincinnati, the worst service I've ever seen, There is always a waiting line clear around the store, they have got my order wrong three of the last four times. This store desperately needs competent management, which they do not have at this time. I won't be going back. EVER.

Review №68

I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich, which was delicious, hot and fresh. My only issue was some cookie crumbs from previous drink made was left inside my cup and they didn't exchange it. The cashier explained what had happened and said it should be fine. I ordered a frozen lemonade and the cup had Oreo crumbs inside

Review №69

Good food but almost always a long slow line

Review №70

Line was not moving . waiting 30 min still wasn't close too order

Review №71

Great customer service.

Review №72

Prefer the Newport, KY location. The way they have this set up is a disaster. Very long wait and then tried to give us someone else's order! We then had to wait all over again for our order, and were not compensated for the mistake, trouble, or apologized to.

Review №73

They forgot about my macaroni and cheese... then gave me a bag of sauces and STILL forgot about the macaroni and cheese AGAIN!! I need for y'all to pay more attention to your orders.... and we'll be happy

Review №74

Still no inside seating, but they have a great system to try and get every one through the drive thru as fast as possible. The employees are still as nice as ever and the food still delicious!

Review №75

As usual for Chick-fil-a the food was good and the employees were friendly. The only negative is that the store is very busy, both inside and at the drive through. It may take a few minutes to get your food. It's worth the wait.

Review №76

I admire this place a lot. It has a great spirit. The kitcen is superb. the service is effective and the waiters are well trained. The price is decent. I definitely recommend.

Review №77

Order was incorrect and no one answers the phone at this location as if they're that busy, the whole staff. I know every location in the city and this one doesn't seem to be fully staffed.

Review №78

Great fast friendly service! It was very busy inside and drive thru but I could tell that they had a great team mentality to get thru the rush! Chicken sandwich, nuggets , and waffle fries were perfectly cooked! They have amazing shakes and just plain ice cream!

Review №79

Always friendly and get you through a long line quickly

Review №80

Delicious like always with friendly service

Review №81

Soooooo SLOWWWWW! Get it together!

Review №82

I fell in the bathroom and had to get stitches. The workers and customers were very heart felt and concerned about my well being and care. Though I wish it never happened, I am glad it happened at this restaurant. A restaurant that first honor God before the might dollar on Sunday. Is ok in my book!

Review №83

They mixed up my order with another Chris (easy mistake) but rapidly fixed it and everything was great. One of the very few fast food places on Glenway that delivers exceptional customer service. Thank you.

Review №84

Black had to represent! Fresh food and good service.

Review №85

Ordered a deluxe chicken sandwich with pepper jack with extra pickle. I received American and 2 pickles

Review №86

I had issues when visiting this restaurant on the 16th. I tried to resolve and even email the email on the site. Love this restaurant but these issues and now lack of respect by no response has me making this comment. Maybe they should follow up and address the issues head on.Latest update. Email to contact on website to explain any issues. To this date no response. 1-28-20. So so disappointed. Still visit other locations with no problem with and special request. Also most of those stores are even busier so don't understand the process.

Review №87

Chick-fil-A just does a great job with hospitality. Absolutely slammed and they took it in stride. Everything is fresh and the staff was very pleasant.

Review №88

I come and eat here daily. Everyday there's an inconsistency either my hash rounds only have 9 in the box or the most egregious offense is to the chicken minis. The yeast rolls are either hard, which they never should be or the chicken is warm and soggy. I came today to get my order corrected and Sara Kent was rude, unhelpful, and dismissive. I don't make the food, I pay my money for edible food to be made is a consistent fashion. I am highly disappointed this morning. I am a RED Star status so you know I eat there a tremendous amount.

Review №89

When it comes to door - orders they do not bring the food out to you even if you park in the to go curbside location even though they have to walk across there any way

Review №90

Simply the best all around restaurant from customer service to the food!

Review №91

Double line drive-thru. Staff was outside taking orders and collecting money. Very smooth operation.

Review №92

Always long lines but quick service and correct orders.

Review №93

Great food. Great service. Great christian morals taught by owner and training crew!

Review №94

Quick car service, food fresh

Review №95

We ordered 3sandwiches, 2 fries, and 2 Cokes for dine-in. Two of thesandwiches were wrong. The fries were cold. Not lukewarm, not tepid..cold. The only thing the pop dispenser puts out is orange drink and water. If I order a Coke.. I want a Coke. If you know the dispenser doesn't work then tell your customers when they order. It was not a fluke, this was my second visit the first was about a month ago, same thing then. The restaurant is greasy and dirty. I will not be going back. You ask why I went back a second time? My first visit was through the drive thru. I never saw the inside of the restaurant, if I had rest assured there wouldn't have been a return visit.

Review №96

Food was delicious! Sauces were forgotten but that was a quick fix! I love Chick fil a! The only issue was that it was freezing in there

Review №97

Would certainly recommend trying this place. Exceptional mood, flavorful dishes, good service. Great work.

Review №98

Oh good food. Great place for grandkids to play.

Review №99

Overall the food was amazing but that should always be expected and I got the food in a timely fashion. The only problem I had was the cashier pretty much not looking at me during the entire ordering process and it seemed like she wanted nothing to do with me. Pretty much the opposite of what to expect from their customer service! Update: took the rest of my food home for the next day and there was a long hair in my food!

Review №100

I was very disappointed. The chicken was uncooked with pink spots. This place used to be great. New management has been inefficient and the workers are low quality and rude. I have gone here 6 times in a row with missed items. I have not been to a worse location. It makes me sad.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:6495 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 513-598-9400
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Caterer
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Delivery service
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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