7400 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255, United States

Review №1

The this place for a quick breakfast or brunch! Good food and great service!Also great prices. Highly recommend, we will be back.

Review №2

Best Ihop I have ever been to. One of my regular stops for breakfast on my days off.

Review №3

Our Waiter was very friendly and conscientious. Our food was very good and served in a timely manner. When a mistake was made with our Bill's, adjustment was made to my satisfaction.

Review №4

IHOP is pretty good, reasonably priced with attentive servers.Their best attribute is dependability. No matter where you go to an IHOP restaurant the food is always pretty good.

Review №5

This place is like any other IHOP. It has the same menu. But the food was not so good. We were a large group and I felt my omelette was undercooked. The service is slow.

Review №6

Selected curbside pickup received email with estimated time with instructions to call when I arrived for delivery. phone was busy, as a matter of fact it is still busy. Fortunately I came with shoes as I had to go in to pickup my curbside delivery. What business in 2020 has only one line unless they took phone off the hook. IHOP don't advertise curbside pickup if you are not willing to accommodate. FYI food was good.

Review №7

DO NOT go here unless you pay cash if you use a credit card the will wait 2 or 3 months to charge your card after it has already been pending to your account and then fall off your account from pending status then they wait 2 or 3 months to process the payment and the overdraft your account. The food is always cold and the service is always slow so Be WARNED and Be aware. If I could give 0 stars I would

Review №8

Came in at 1pm with my wife in daughter for brunch and everything was great up until we were sat at a dirty table. Ok what ever we can clean it ourselves... then they sat a huge group of wild kids 8 total not even two feet from my daughter is is not even to one coughing and everything else like why can they break the heath departments and state order and allow this to happen and put such a young kid at risk and then that large of a group I will be reaching out to the health department today because of people like this we can not get past the situation we are in.

Review №9

Did the curb side p/u. Food was good and flavorful and priced right. They were slammed so when I called they asked me to come in and p/u which was not a problem

Review №10

Made a simple pickup order of two omelettes with crispy hash browns on the side. Got pancakes on the side instead and they shoved a ridiculous amount of undercooked hash browns inside the omelettes. It's like they went out of they're way to do it wrong. Won't be ordering again.

Review №11

I placed a curbside pickup order that was supposed to be ready at 10:12a. 10:20a and it's still wasn't out so I called to inquire and the order was brought out to my car. The food was ice cold and there was a 3.5 inch white hair in the food. So not only did I waste my time and money but I am still hungry. If you like cold food garnished with a strangers dirty hair then this is the lace for you. If you want a hot, hair free meal then go somewhere else.

Review №12

Understaffed and had a dirty look and feel about it. It is so very cold in the restaurant. With new management this could be a really nice place again.. People might come eat here on purpose

Review №13

We walked in took ten min to get sat. When we were finally seated we were not even offered a drink, we were with our 2 year old grandson. It would of been okay if we were offered drink upon seated, but we were not unfortunately. Sat for 12 min and no one staff member even came to us. There were several that walked by

Review №14

Good food (except we thought the steak was dry) but Great servers! Good atmosphere!

Review №15

Food and service are both hit or miss. Sometimes you get great food and excellent service, and sometimes one or the other is phoned in.

Review №16

Terrible, we had a roach crawling in our booth!!! Thank God we had only gotten drinks so far. Discreetly told the manager who didn't really seem to care.

Review №17

Food was good but some staff were wearing masks under there noses.

Review №18

The food was good. There was no wait to be seated. Service was a bit slow to get the check and payment.

Review №19

Nobody was there and we still had bad service.

Review №20

I didn't use to BUT the sheer emptiness and LACK of ANY condiments and when given they are severely rationed. This was after bringing limp and soggy bacon beside ice cold pancakes.

Review №21

Originally went for dine in but it was super slow decided to carry out instead. The food was ok

Review №22

Forgot my cheese on item that was carryout. Not cool

Review №23

It's ok, they try to be fancy, but come on let's be real....

Review №24

It was a nice brunch with kids. Believe it or not, I've not been to ihop before. Even though for 10 years it is around the corner from where I live.The kids had a blast and totally loved the pancakes loaded with syrup, whipped cream and other sugars. Pleasantly surprised to see a gluten free option on the menu.The service was great. All our requests were fulfilled quickly, even though the spot was really busy.I prefer healthier options, this one was too heavy for my taste. But kids liked it so much, we will be back for a treat.

Review №25

IHOP is pretty good for the most part. It reminds me of Perkins. Overall it was a good experience

Review №26

Wasn't really the best meal. Food was odd looking but tasted good. Waitress wasn't the best, she may have been newer or something. There was a different waitress that was more of a help to my group, but running back and forth helping people and doing other work.

Review №27

Fast service. Food was as expected, pretty good.

Review №28

The food is amazing, however, the time frame from order to serve is very slow, poor customer service, not typical of IHOP, customer service used to be great and a pleasure to be there, not sure what is wrong but definitely needs fixing

Review №29

Its my favorite place to eat.

Review №30

It's your typical, standard IHOP. What's not to like? Breakfast and/or breakfast meat served all day. Good food with a fast, friendly staff all situated in a clean restaurant. Need I say more? Apparently I do: Plenty of parking, even through peak times. Enjoy!

Review №31

Good customer service every thing was good

Review №32

Great service and hot food and coffee.

Review №33

Good food and good service for reasonable price

Review №34

Service was fast. Food was good. Price worth

Review №35

I love this place but everything is VERY sugary but SCRWE IT that tres leches pancake is AMAZING AAAAA So good!

Review №36

Inexpensive breakfast. Felt safe with high booths and distances between tables/patrons.

Review №37

Breakfast is so good very good quality

Review №38

Food tasted okay, but within half hour lt came back to greet me. It might have been the over cooked sausage or just bad food. IHOP in mlford I never have this problem. Both times eating here I seem to have to run for the bathroom. Never again.

Review №39

The service was great, the food was great! I will be back!

Review №40

I honestly enjoy their dishes and service, good location to my residence. The staff members are always helpful. Will visit here again.

Review №41

They were a little slow, but it was also like 12 at night, so they were pretty alright ig

Review №42

Hash browns were really crispy like I asked for. Server was excellent.

Review №43

Food was great . I recommend there crepes with fruit.

Review №44

Had to send my eggs back not cooked. They never did get them cooked. Over hard. There was lip stick on my glass. I will never eat here again. NEVER!

Review №45

First I want say this is not a brand new place or location. I have been to it several times since it opened actually at one time I wrote it off because the service and food had been that slow n bad. In the last 2 months I have been back 3 times and have been a very happy costumer on all those times . The only reason I went back because a friend offered it as meeting location. And the sever was very attentive and the food came out perfectly cooked (and warm/hot ) so I have gone back 2 times since and have had the same level of service and food quality. . It is a shame that it had been such a disappointing experience in the past . But they seem on top of everything now .

Review №46

Great customer service...

Review №47

Waited 30 minutes before drink order was taken because we where seated in nobody's section. Food order was wrong and missing items we ordered. This is the second time in a month we received this kind of service. Both visits it was nowhere near busy. Disappointing too say the least.

Review №48

The best IHOP I ever been to loved it

Review №49

Great comfort food (and the best onion rings) and where you can eat breakfast for dinner. Kids love the variety of pancakes and I always get an omelette, unless it's a brunch burger (egg on top).

Review №50

Average breakfast good in small portions. Service was average as well.

Review №51

Food was excellent! Service was great. This place is well kept and the floors are clean. My favorite Ihop.

Review №52

I had their grilled chicken breast for the first time and it was delicious! You will love it.

Review №53

Food was ok and are practicing social distancing at this time. Is not 2nd amendment friendly

Review №54

Good food. Excellent service. Reasonably priced open 24 hours.

Review №55

Our server Jacob was awesome. He seemed to really enjoy his job.

Review №56

Food was awesome came out hot and fast also great server/ service all around.

Review №57

The food was great! We went at around midnight and the service was less than good. Seemed like they didn't care if we sat down to eat or not. Maybe was just a bad night.

Review №58

Great place.. service was awsome. Over medium eggs not so much...

Review №59

I know we went on a Sunday and after the morning rush but I have to say there was a yuck factor on floors and the table was held up with a pile of dirty napkins. Food was ok and service was ok but it was hard to miss the dirt. Would I eat there again...sure but I would pick a better day and time.

Review №60

One of the worst restaurants. 20 minutes just to see what we wanted to drink. Another 20 to take our order. Another 45 to get the food. The food was awesome and the people themselves was nice. Just very slow service. The Beechmont location is the worst IHop. I would rather go to Frisch's. Get more hired help.

Review №61

Horrible service tonight. The server took 3-4 tables orders at once and couldn't remember the orders because she didn't write the orders down so everyone's order came out wrong. This is one of the many reasons I don't eat here much anymore. This place is horrible.

Review №62

The restaurant was clean. We were seated promptly, no waiting. Our server, Jacob, was very attentive. The food was good and adequately priced. I got the classic cheeseburger.

Review №63

It was horrible, service was bad people that got there 15 mins after we did got there food same time as us. Didn't once ask if we wanted refills. And we had to ask 4 different times for food that was incorrect

Review №64

I frequent this IHOP location a lot. Love their French toast!Anyway, this Veterans Day I went and received an excellent breakfast! I didn't go because of the free meal but because I love their French toast on my day off.Jerica L my waitress was outstanding!!!! Thank you Jerica!!!Even though the restaurant was extremely busy my wait was short; food was fresh; taste was great; and I had a nice hot meal. Add the service and it's 5-star plus experience.Since it was a “free “ Veterans Day meal I tipped the price of my meal. IHOP gives to all military and we, military, should take care of those that serve us.Thank you IHOP for your kindness!

Review №65

Love this IHOP. Great help and the place is always clean. Nice quiet environment.

Review №66

Delicious pancakes. The scrambled eggs have pancake batter in them making them delicious also. Prices are good and service is pretty fast.

Review №67

Went at 1:30 AM. 4 tables were filled. Took an hour to get our food. There was a spilled container of serup on the floor when we got there and still there when we left. Bathroom trash was full and running over. No silverware when we we got our food. So. I'm going to say dont go late........2/29/20

Review №68

I seriously must have bad luck with this location because I keep having issues with this one. I have dinner in, and ordered to take out and each time has had everything from long waits, cold food, ajd when I ordered through door dash last time there was a long hair smack dab on top of my eggs. It had to be placed there because there is just no way you could miss that. It was clearly rivht on top of my food! I have never had as many issues with service with any ither IHOP unlike this one. Very said

Review №69

Its was awesome!

Review №70

Cold, great service by Jade!

Review №71

The food was gross...its was exspenve microwave food... The server seem to be high on somthing did not listen to anything. She would drop off food drink ect mumble somthing as she ran away from table.

Review №72

Food was amazing

Review №73

Worst experience ever they show online that kids eat free after 4 and went in and asked and was told no the waitress wasn't friendly and tried hurrying us thru our meal we go to Milford IHOP all the time and no issues we will be making the trip to Milford from now on

Review №74

Had a really great egg white omelette with spinach, veggies and cheese. I haven't been to IHOP in years and was pleasantly surprised. The wait staff was super nice and very attentive! I will definitely not wait so long to return.

Review №75

Our server much better than the 1 we had in Milford months ago. Food was good.

Review №76

Our server was great. But poor guy was pretty much running everything

Review №77

Great wait staff and food was great.

Review №78

Short staffed. Took 10 mins to be greeted. Service was horrible. Over heard 2 servers saying they already had multiple walk outs.

Review №79

There's nothing spectacular about this IHOP it's pretty standard. Diner food, good pancakes, and burgers. The staff are friendly and it's usually pretty empty when we go so we get our food fast. The restuarant is clean and inviting but on the cold side so you might want a light jacket if you run cold like myself. There's a lot of shops down the street so it's a nice place to stop by for some food. The crepes are pretty good and so is the spicy chicken sandwich is good too.

Review №80

It took them a while to serve us after we sat down, but after that service was relatively quick, server was nice, and the food was good.

Review №81

This place was bad we ordered on line said would be ready in 20min went to pick up had to wait 15 minutes the food was there when I got home it wasn't right I ordered a bacon cheese burger it was supposed to have lettuce tomatoes onions and bacon on it some way all it had was a EGG yes a EGG will not go back

Review №82

Amazing as always. I always try to get something different and every time I'm never disappointed.

Review №83

Waited almost 45 minutes for our order, wait staff kept forgetting our drinks, would walk by us constantly and ignored us. We ordered endless pancakes, never got them or even asked if we wanted more. A total disappointment!!! But staff was very prompt to give us our bill....

Review №84

Not very clean table had to be wiped after we were sat down. Service was slow. Food was okay.

Review №85

Friendly and polite. Fast service and food was excellent

Review №86

Food was good. Service unfortunately wasn't.Server seemed in a rush, brought out diet Pepsi instead of regular for my girlfriend. The server wasn't the one who brought out our food, and checked on us once the entire time. Had to then ask for silverware, finally got the corrected drink. No refill on coffee like asked, charged for an item we ordered but never received it (asked for it off the check at the end and got a bit of an attitude and took a full ten minutes -no exaggeration- to return with the corrected check, only to not have brought the to go box we asked for or a to go cup.Overall it's a decent place but today just did not perform to an acceptable level today.

Review №87

Eh....only customers and food was just ok along with the service

Review №88

This place on Beechmont Avenue has always been my number one IHOP in the area of Cincinnati Ohio

Review №89

Always treated with respect very polite very helpful food was delicious

Review №90

Bad service and food was cold

Review №91

Service was very slow and came out piece meal, one order coming out after everyone else had finished eating. Server was pleasant, maybe new?

Review №92

Very friendly fast service food was great

Review №93

Restrpom wasn't clean

Review №94

This place is awful we found hair in our food we found a hungry spider trying to drink my fruit punch and fruit flies.

Review №95

Love it. Always have a good meal here.

Review №96

Everyone was very nice and friendly. The waitress was very efficient but not overbearing. The restaurants and the restrooms were very clean. The food was served quickly and hot. I would recommend this IHOP's to anyone.

Review №97

Very happy with the service we got and the food.

Review №98

Havent ate there in 20 wasn't that great...the little server was good

Review №99

Had to ask several times for refill of water.

Review №100

Friendly staff and wonderful food. Couldn't have went better for taking my son and wife for their first visit.

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:7400 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 513-233-2505
  • Restaurant
  • American restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–12AM
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:12AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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