Chipotle Mexican Grill
2507 W Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219, United States
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Mexican food and the scene here is very good. nothing but great experiences here. the place has a cool feel to it. makes me feel like i am back in sacramento.

Review №2

Kinda tight but the food is good

Review №3

They offer a nice variety of delicious food. I like dining here. Employees are always kind, prices are fair and the place is always clean.

Review №4

I wont order from this chipotle again. Currently mid october 2020 and i have been standing in line for 20 minutes only to found they gave my bowl to a different customer. I was the first person to walk into the shop around 12:50 and from there 10 people were helped in front of me, even though my order time was 5 minutes past ready. The new employees/management here are not very good at their new set up with only pickups and deliveries, and severely lack customer service

Review №5

They moved people through the line quickly. The seating area was nice and clean and the food was great!

Review №6

**insert long amazing 5 star review here**

Review №7

I've been to this location several times over the last few years and they are always on top of it. They keep it well staffed and the staff always seem to be well trained and friendly. I've never seen them run out of toppings without almost immediately refilling them and despite how busy this place gets they do a good job keeping the line moving and keeping the place clean.

Review №8

I meet friends in this great spot quite often! This is the best place to pass a nice evening. I go to this spot frequently. The food is of high quality, the team is polite and the charge is decent. I enjoy eating in this spot for a good lunch.

Review №9

If you are going to require someone to wear a mask then you should supply masks. That was a lost sale for you. The worst part is the guy working the tortilla station had to pull his mask up over his nose before asking if I had a mask. Another employee working over top of the prep station had his mask down under his chin.

Review №10

I always order online from this location and let's just say I'm a little extra I always call in and a few extra side items and they have never failed me

Review №11

Normally great but many people in line today weren't wearing masks or wearing them as a chin strap - this is why Hamilton County has such high covid rates!

Review №12

The information on ways to get food is false. You can only pickup through the app at this location. Please update your policies it is misleading to customers.

Review №13

Terrible when people are hungry let them eat don't turn them down due to a mask let the hungry be fed

Review №14

They need to update there website cause it still says dine in/takeout. Well I went here tonight and now there only doing orders over the phone and you have to go there and pick it up...sigh this is so stupid so ended up going somewhere else that is still doing dine in/takeout.

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Review №16

Wonderful service! though it is busy, staff members are making sure to get what customer needs. Clean and near maintenance.Paid parking available in-front and beside restaurant.

Review №17

Best Chipotle in Cincinnati, you can't change my mind

Review №18

I constantly stop purchasing some food here. I love the prompt customer service and well made food. 5 stars from me.

Review №19

Horrible service. Parking lot is scalped by a guy threatening to give you a ticket. Avoid at all costs.

Review №20

People were very nice

Review №21

Horrible experience. Shift leader on weekends needs to be let go. Will be calling corporate Monday.

Review №22

Great service, food was hot and fresh even at 8:30 p.m. We asked for double portions of steak tacos and they exceeded our expectations. The chips were warm and fresh. **Edited** Sadly I was disappointed when we returned last week to place the exact same order and received horrible service. Our food was cold and the portions were a joke. Maybe the key is to not use the online ordering option?!

Review №23

No social poor package online orders always come late.

Review №24

My husband and daughter love Chipotle. I'm not a big fan only because I don't care for rice. But if you do I don't think you can go wrong. Just saying.

Review №25

Great friendly service

Review №26

The food and atmosphere is great. There's nothing like sharing a burrito with students, colleagues, friends and family!

Review №27

I have always received great customer service at the Chipotle in Covington KY and the food is delicious

Review №28

Its a chipotle likes the others. Just crowded because of college kids nearby.

Review №29

I never get my online order correct from this restaurant. Always get my order late.

Review №30

This Location is Amazing. I Love the atmosphere here!

Review №31

The food is pretty good I always get two steak bowls with white rice, black beans, corn, and cheese.

Review №32

Nice folks and great food

Review №33

Great food

Review №34

Gets jammed up at lunch time. Pretty standard Chipotle, cant complain

Review №35

They put a teaspoon of chicken on my daughters bowl and stated it was a serving and then asked her would she like more which she naturally said yes because it wasn't any chicken in the bowl and then I get to the register and the cashier says 9.30! WTH! They were rushing and it wasn't even anyone in line. How is more chicken half the cost of a bowl?!

Review №36

This is the second time I've ever eaten Chipotle and yes there will be a third, lol. Good prices and delicious food. Also pretty good for fast and healthy eating on the go.

Review №37

I really wish there were an option to rate 3.5 stars.I have frequented this chipotle for the past 4 years and have found food is good but service is really dependent upon who is working. I find that those who have worked there for the longest are usually the most kind and give great service.I love the service given on Friday nights, although the line can get long. I wish I knew all the staff members names so I could applaud those whose service I appreciate.On the other hand, I find those working on weekday nights to have a bad attitude sometimes and don't offer as great service--usually the newer workers. One employee tonight constantly complained about people coming in within 10 min of closing, IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS' FACE. I was in there all of 5 min and had to have heard her complain at least 3 times--each time someone came in. My thing is, if you have a problem with serving people at 9:50 then maybe the close time shouldn't be 10pm. Even still, if it's an issue you need to complain off the clock, not while you're still representing the company in front of customer's face. Its those nasty attitudes that make me want to take my service to one of the many other food establishments in Clifton.Sometimes I find that the food doesn't hit as good when it's not made by the Friday night staff.

Review №38

The customer service is regularly efficient, lovely mood, very welcoming employees. I will return again when I am in town.

Review №39

Great food. Shockingly fast the day I went.

Review №40

It's chipotle, you either love it or you hate it. Personally I love it because I don't have to spend a lot of money to get a ton of food. Unless you get stuck in a long line around dinner time it's usually very fast and friendly service here as well.

Review №41

There usually on point and fast considering the volume of patrons...the food always fresh and good I always get a steakbowl with black beans and cheese...Some times they skimp on the meat...I just simply ask for more and get it....

Review №42

A little expensive unlike Hot Head.

Review №43

The last 2 times I have been there, I paid for over $20 worth of food, both times I got my lunch out and we were missing crucial parts of my meal. The manager, both times was unwilling to correct my order, even with my receipts. I love the food. But the staff at this location doesn't try very hard to get orders correct. Then refused to fix their mistakes. Chipotle is a bit too expensive to not get what you order. Both times I was told by management that they would fix the problem, and would call me back. Never even got a call back. I do NOT recommend this location, Chipotle is delicious, just don't try to get it at this location.

Review №44

Excellent food & service!

Review №45

Absolutely amazing food and service.

Review №46

It's fast, it's bomb, it's not too pricey. Just what you ought to expect from a Chipotle, only this one deals with the high volume of UC students efficiently and flawlessly. 10/10

Review №47

Perfect! Just one thing I don't like is continuous long line, because this place is very popular

Review №48

The prices are cheaper then any other Chipotle but, they are very messy. It be shot cream and cheese everywhere.

Review №49

Very nice ,polite and good service

Review №50

Most locations are about the same. If you like Chipotle's offering and go more than occasionally then it is definitely worth downloading the app. The app is very well done, handles special orders and is really easy to use. The next best part of using the app is the satisfaction of walking by a long line straight to the cashier, not having to pay for my order and walking past the same line on the way out with it!

Review №51

First time eating.. had nice fresh food good impression

Review №52

Nice people

Review №53

Had staff issues in the past occasionally. Now this staff seems to always 100%.There are a few people that have been there a while now that are really great.Food is always good. It's Chipotle.

Review №54

Online pick up is a toss up at at this location. Sometimes they have your food ready, sometimes they only start working on your order 10 minutes after the time, after you get there and they ask you which order is yours. For customers who need to pick up food at a certain time and have a tight schedule, this would cause someone to be late. The entire point of a pick up order is not to be waiting for your food, but you might end up there for the same amount of time it would take to order in person anyway.

Review №55

Steak is always cooked perfectly and the staff is very friendly

Review №56

Love my chicken salad bowls

Review №57

Perfect restraurant for vegans.

Review №58

The service is good.

Review №59

Wholesome, comfort food at low prices! I love their idea of 'Build your Own' bowls and burritos. A similar quantity in other restaurants will definitely be heavier on the pocket.

Review №60

Probably the best service I've recieved at any chipotle

Review №61

Chipotle is the best place to have a stomach full at a reasonable price. The staff at the location are very nice. They actually told me about a 1+1 offer survey online while I was waiting in line. I paid for one but got 2 bowls of awesomeness

Review №62

Always good place for Bowl or burritos.

Review №63

It wasn't good the peppers were cold and they were talking to much cracking jokes non professional.

Review №64

This place is amazing

Review №65

Good food fast.

Review №66

Always love Chipotle. This location does has some rushes that take a little long wait time though.

Review №67

Good food not to expensive clean fast service

Review №68

It Chipotle. It's my life.

Review №69

Ben!!!! Ben made my night. He was so thoughtful and sweet. I have been to this location many times and have been helped by him. He is always in a good mood and happy to be there, even when it's close to closing time. Hey chipotle owner/manager, if you're reading this you should give him a raise. He deserves it.

Review №70

My food was good i love green pepper sauce never really tried it. In and out!!!!

Review №71

I have never encountered any issues with this Chipotle; the food is fresh, and delicious.

Review №72

Not a huge fan of Chipolte. Flavorless and tastes like cardboard. Restaurant is clean and right next to a college campus. I prefer Moe's Southwest Grill 100% of the time.

Review №73

Standard Chipotle, no better or worse than average during my one visit. I generally get salads with double steak, they gave me a decent helping, and the steak was fine - not chewy or undercooked. Hard to say too much else; the location is convenient to campus, parking is tough on the street but easy in the nearby garage, and the storefront is on the smaller side but big enough given the fast turnover. Works for me.

Review №74

Good healthy food ! Good employees with a smile

Review №75

Good place with good food

Review №76

Best chips I've had at a Chipotle in a long time!

Review №77

Best staff. Every one is really friendly.

Review №78

Consistent. Great value. They even have a rewards program.

Review №79

Generally good food & service, but they get a little skimpy on the meat servings sometimes.

Review №80

Food is great when it's warm. Online orders are hardly never on time. You'll get in and out quicker standing in line (which is always at the front door). This is a horribly managed Chipotle compared to others in the area. Cusomter service is typical for a fast food joint.

Review №81

Quick service, helpful staff, and clean. There usually isn't much of a line, so you can get in and out pretty quickly. There's plenty of parking options nearby.

Review №82

Good food, great service, but pricey.

Review №83

Steak was dry, chicken was OK, service was good

Review №84

Came with a large party close to close. The staff was great! Very friendly and accommodating. Food was great, too. Thank you Chipotle!

Review №85

The taste you know and love. However, I had diarrhea a few hours later....

Review №86

Never had bad Chipotle

Review №87

Just finish it was favorite

Review №88

Descent and good to have veggie bowls and sofritas

Review №89

Great place to eat! Always get through the lunch rush in a timely manner.

Review №90

Have always been a fan of Chipotle and this location does just as well as the rest of them. You can never go wrong with Chipotle.

Review №91

Chipotle is always great for comfort food, and at great price. I love being able to make my own meal - definitely one of my favorites!

Review №92

Would like to see it cleaned more throughout the day.

Review №93

I love this place!

Review №94

Great food welcoming atmosphere

Review №95

Great food

Review №96

Love they have vegan options!

Review №97

Parking is small but still great service and food

Review №98

Been eating Chipotle since 2002 and its amazing how their prices havent gone up in this region, considering inflation. For 6.50 you can get a bowl or wrap with chicken and toppings that you like. The value is awesome and the quality is very very good i'd say. I'd recommend staying away from the location next to the hospital though!

Review №99

Love Chipotle and this is my spot near home. Always clean, always fresh, and love the free meals with the new rewards card for the summer. Keep it up, Clifton!

Review №100

Pretty good Chipotle. Nothing special. Staff is nice and friendly

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:2507 W Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 513-281-8600
  • Caterer
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11:45AM–10PM
  • Saturday:12–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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